#73 PHI-losophy

We are familiar with the idea of limits to our sensing. We humans can usually hear sound in the 2 – 20kHz range. Wave frequencies in this range are detected by our hearing apparatus but not by our other sensing mechanisms.

Science would have us believe the the speed of light is a universal constant and is therefore by definition, the same everywhere and experienced universally by every expression of cosmological  life.
WRC teaches that the complete opposite is true. The only universal constant is Stillness, and all physical expression is simply a measure of separation or division from that Cosmic baseline. The apparent constant 432² miles/sec, or 186,624 miles/sec is simply the limit of our human 3D perspective. There is no reason to impose this ‘straight’ mathematical constant to the entire cosmos.

WRC also teaches that there are no straight lines in Nature. Curvature is a necessary property/characteristic to facilitate physical expression within this particular 3D perspective of the universe. To impose straight line constraints impairs our ability to correctly interpret our observations.  If we now apply the simplest curvature (1.152) to this conventional speed of light measurement we discover that the speed of light can also be expressed as 162,000 nautical miles/sec. Curved miles/second.
Also, if 432 Hz is defined as the A note on the piano, then 162 Hz is a E note !

But, 162 has other implications suggesting a much deeper connection between mathematics, Nature, music and PHI-losophy. Science has always believed the mathematics is the language of God. If this is true the phi (162) is the fingerprint. Throughout all of Nature this repeating spiral pattern is evident. The note E is the perfect 5th interval of the keytone A which is the most harmonious marriage of two different notes.

Our sensed reality is constructed with patterns. These pattern stimulate and sometimes confuse our sensing apparatus.

But, to impose these limits beautiful as they are to the entire Cosmos is a mind-set we need to transcend and return to the trinity of perception.

We need to reestablish the harmonic relationship between science, spirituality and PHI-losophy to our exploratory endeavors  and desist from the current isolationist rational.

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