#74 Seriously

I came across the presentation recently. It is 3 minutes I will never get back.

Please be aware the word ‘theory does NOT mean ‘fact’ even through the unction of the scientific elites.

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  1. HI Guys,
    Why not think of Simplicity rather the Complexity like ………….. a 45 to 54 Balance of say Male to Female……….. with the final 1% for the W/HOLE, consider the Esoteric meaning of the 1% Sign, for the remainder out of which All Manifestation Comes, …….. dare we call it a PHASE CHANGE of Sine Waves or OC’taves when the Both Sides you speak of cancel each other out? Top Yogi’es can rightly say, “There in the World….. but not of it” How many Top Scientists can Rightly say this??????
    What in essence does this sign ? Mean? R.

  2. Seriously is right……..as well as pathetic. It must be humiliating for some of this guys to appear on the media and defend this nonsense….at least one can hope. Tragic!

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