#78 Sour Note

Imagine a perfectly tuned piano upon which a performer can express their musical talent. When certain rules are applied to the playing, the notes ring out in harmony and an overall pleasant experience is had by the audience.

In terms of the periodic table of elements this tuned harmonious condition can only be applied to carbon, the most perfect of elements. The best indicator of this balanced condition is evident in its high melting point.
Every other element in the table has some degree of disharmony cause by some notes being flattened and others sharped !
The greatest degree of disharmony is displayed by the radioactive elements of the higher octaves. Here, the instrument is so badly out of tune that despite the talent of the musician only a dissonant piece is the result.

Every element can thus be made to manifest provided the correct degree of tuning is applied to each of the 18 dimensions which define one element from another.
In fact, if one of these dimensions is altered then the others will react accordingly. Therefore, almost perfect control over our desired elements may be obtained by control of rotation/revolution.

Can we now take the piano tuned to nitrogen and make the adjustment necessary for hydrogen ?

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  1. In the incoming post you used the US date configuration. Which is off the International Norm and a provocation. Only US and Liberia use this extremely “disharmonic date display”.
    This is frappantly out of tune to any person thriving for harmony.

    • Thanks Dr. RO.
      It was a vision of WR to create an infinite energy supply by manipulating the abundant nitrogen and converting it to hydrogen on demand with no requirement for storage 🙂

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