#79 In the Mix

WR describes how each elemental expression of this carbon based physical reality varies from one to the other by subtle manipulation of the
18 dimensions/properties/characteristics which define that material body.

Every sound engineer knows how to best balance the output of the recording in order to achieve the most harmonious sound profile. Likewise too, Source is the consummate frequency mixer.

Imagine there exists only one single Cosmic symphony which unpins all of Creation. By varying the mix, one can now manifest any of the perceived physical elements. The most important sliders on the ‘carbon based’ mixing board are 12/13. These control the degree of expressed gyroscopic rotation/orbital revolution. When these characteristics are adjusted all the other (16) characteristics will adjust themselves accordingly.

Some composers may decide to stimulate an inert gas to unfold their musical contents, while others may decide to manipulate an existing expression, forcing nitrogen to unwind to hydrogen for example.
Nitrogen is electro-positive relative to hydrogen. So, we need to move that nitrogen expression away from the anode and closer to the cathode and hold it in that new electro-negative environment. Then we need to….

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