#80 Squirming

Why do I do this to myself ?
It is absolute torture to listen to this and it is even worst to read the complicity in the comments. I really wish the planet would stop for a moment so I could get off. Do you dare watch it ?
Remember, this is NASA, that ‘never a straight answer’ organisation.  They have a brilliant technique of presenting information which appears as indisputable fact when really…

Some of the immediate issues this raises (first 15 minutes) for me…
  • @3:00 – it turns out that what they found was completely different to what they expected !!! The same old story. This is because the models and their understanding of the solar system is incorrect.
  • @ 3:30 – if you want to understand how solar systems form then Jupiter is a really good place to start ! There is no accounting for Jupiter is a predominantly dying body. 99.5% of the mass of the solar system is the sun, with 0.75% of the rest went to make up Jupiter which formed (next) after the sun. So when did Saturn Uranus, Neptune form ? This is wild speculation devoid of any understanding/inclusion of a EU perspective.
  • @4:30 – all the other planets formed after Jupiter !!! This makes no sense. NASA’s dogged adherence to a mass model is severely hampering their understanding of the origins of the solar system. Jupiter formed from the ‘leftovers’ of the sun, and all the other planets formed from the ‘leftovers’ of Jupiter. Give me strength !
  • @4:40 – Scientists have a myopic understanding of water. They believe water on the Earth is the SAME as water on Jupiter. All physical elements perceivable on the Earth even if they are present on Jupiter can only exist is an expanded state. so, they won’t look or behave the SAME at all. Iron for example, would be gas/semi liquid on Jupiter.
  • @5:00 – Jupiter is mostly made out of hydrogen and helium might be true. WRC predicts all bodies will radiate and unwind via helium. All bodies will come into existence via hydrogen. Hydrogen on the way into existence and helium on the way out !
  • @5:11 – Planets have dense cores. That bodies have dense cores relative to that bodies atmosphere is predicted by WRC. In Jupiter’s case, a hole is boring into that core to dissipate its potential as rings. This is why the surface appears striated. Each band is radiating at a different rate. Maximum at the equator, and minimum at the poles.
  • @5:25 – oxygen is the third most abundant element in the solar system. Therefore, hydrogen+oxygen must mean water! Oxygen as we experience it, cannot be the same oxygen is the lower pressures of the outer solar system. This lower pressure must significantly change at least one of oxygen’s earth properties to make it behave so differently.
  • @5:40 – 6:20 – ‘our theories’ are not the same as facts. Listen for yourself the theory of how Jupiter was formed. Mumbo jumbo and nonsense, I mean seriously…
  • @6:40 – Jupiter has mass ! Jupiter is suspended held buoyant in its own orbit. As it radiates it loses potential, changes it electric signature and moves further away from the sun. The concept of mass as is experienced here is earth is a poor model to follow.
  • @6:50 – 7:20 they are not the criteria one needs to understand how Jupiter is structured and formed. WRC can predict the condition of any body depending on its rotation/revolution relative to other bodies around it.
  • @8:00 – there are no magnetic field lines. These are electric field lines which are 90° out of phase with the electricity that ‘shocks’. E-field is a electric field that shocks, but the B-field is an electric field that does not shock. They are the same thing !
  • @8:37 – high radiation fields that can fry the electronics on a space…and you still believe they went to the moon in 1969 !!!
  • enough already 🙂
If you’d like me to review this content in more detail and to put my interpretation of WRC to the test I can do so if there is sufficient interest on the main site rather than through a blog.
Please try and spare me the onerous task 🙂

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  1. Alan, you are a good sport to undertake a WR teachable moment to the video. How frustrating it must be to witness MSS leading us astray. The real powers-that-be are quite happy to have the established scientific paradigm dominate because it allows their covert programs to yield advancements they do not have to share with the planet. Our souls have indeed written a very challenging scenario for our selves. Thank you for toiling away. You have made, are making and will make a difference for all of us. Many blessings and breakthroughs.

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