#82 Good Vibrations

We all have at sometime or another experienced a heightened mood during and after a concert because we melded with the collective vibe of the gig. The overall feel good factor being greater than the sum of the individual contributors. There is a sort of in-phase coherence or vibrational entrainment between all those oscillating bodies.

We know also, that multiple clocks on a wall tend to entrain themselves to one another so that they all tick more or less in time !

Tesla’s induction motors and resonant coils show clearly that vibrational patterns can be transferred without any physical connection.

Tesla also taught us that if we ping an oscillator at just the right time in that swing cycle then we can enhance the output with very little input. Every oscillating body has a unique resonant frequency.

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I agree with WR that electric current does not flow in a wire as one might envisage water running in a river. Tesla’s ac version doesn’t even flow continuously in one direction but oscillates back and forth 50 – 60 cycles per second.

All of science, including electrical engineers, battery developers, national grid managers, computer designers etc, all talk about their particular field of expertise in terms of movement of electrons. WR teaches that there are no such bodies as electrons to move in the first place !

Here is an alternative perspective…

Every polarised condition regardless of the potential difference (voltage) sets up an intervening oscillating field. If we set up a simple circuit the field between the energised poles is set into oscillation.

Every physical body in the wire, resistor, energy storage unit is set into oscillation/vibration but not a flowing river type of motion. This field pulses as if were alive, which it is, due to the potential difference.

The field acts like the concert venue and the bodies inside vibrate to the field potential (music). Each body induces their energy to their neighbour, the overall effect is an in-phase entrainment, but no forward/backward motion or flow of electrons. The internal electrical pressure of the field increases above the applied voltage !

Electricity is inductive coupled resonance and not a flow of non-existent electrons.

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