#87 Middle Man

WR teaches us that, we humans, are far too reliant on our senses to inform us on the nature of the reality in which we are all immersed. The true nature of All reality lies in 100% Stillness. This condition is undetectable by our sensing apparatus. We can instead Know this condition.

It is our duty and life goal to understand what it is we are looking for, to learn how to Know omnipresent Stillness and devote all our energies to return home from a very turbulent world of polarity and motion.

motion exposes stillness

The purpose of this physical reality of motion is not primarily to stimulate our senses but rather to expose the framework of Stillness from which that motion emerged.

Imagine for example, that from this omnipresent, homogeneous, 100% condition of Stillness that 1% was set in motion so that some detection was possible then our sensing/ego selves would become totally focused and consumed by that 1% set in motion. When the level of polarity is increased so that 50% was set in apparent motion then we would perceive our entire physical reality and believe that the only true reality was one of material and form.

The purpose of WRC is to show you the correct perspective of this apparent physical material reality, a reality which is built as a series of fleeting images then we can better understand the true nature of its characteristics such as heat, light, and of course motion.

At the very heart/center of every polarised condition lies that unchanging plane/point/axis/shaft of Stillness. All the fuss and motion is only there for show. To expose for you the Still center. Source is making itself visible not in the direct expression of motion but in what that motion exposes, i.e. Stillness.

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  1. One mr. Russellโ€™s most brilliant and immediately useful insights … many thanks for the wonderful post and reminding us of the beauty of this image….

  2. The world we inhabit is a condensed form of infinity. Infinity moves at absolute speed,
    beyond space and time, yin and yang. Movement at infinite speed also equals absolute
    stillness. Infinity is the constant an unchanging source of the spiral.

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