#91 You’re not my type

We humans simultaneously exist as two bodies. A compressed physical and an expanded metaphysical body. The physical body is the (5) sensed aspects while the metaphysical Knowing aspect is our invisible selves, the domain of wisdom, desire, and inspiration. We use our physical bodies to express the qualities and characteristics of our metaphysical bodies.
We are the product of our own thought, thinking and desires.

In this physical reality every single expression is seeking to minimise its electrical differential with the surrounding environment. Every body is seeking balance.
Balance can be found with balanced mates, sodium and chlorine for instance.
The fact that NaCl forms cubic crystals is an explicit indicator  that balanced mating has occurred.
In the case of human attraction, we perhaps unknowingly seek to find the physical expression that best matches OUR own metaphysical self !!
This is how we find a stable and balanced relationship. We ‘see’ in the opposite mate a physical representation of our own metaphysical selves !

3 thoughts on “#91 You’re not my type”

  1. Makes perfect sense to me! The older I got ,the more I seek a partner who shares my thoughts and beliefs.Maybe sometimes we just are not attracted to someone physically because our higher selves knows better with who we should be with.

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