#93 Turning the Tables

We are familiar with the arrangement of some of the elemental expression within the electrochemical series.

The electrochemical series, is a list of metals listed in order of decreasing reactivity or in order of decreasing ease of oxidation. The metals at the top of the series, such as the alkali metals and the alkaline earth metals, are more reactive or are most easily oxidized than the metals found at the bottom of the series. The elements in the electrochemical series are arranged in order of their standard electrode potentials. Electrode potential is the potential of a cell having an electrode acting as a cathode and the standard hydrogen electrode (SHE) acting as the anode. Reduction always takes place at the cathode, and oxidation at the anode.

Lithium sits at the top of this table which indicates why it was selected as the basis of Li-ion rechargeable battery cells. WR teaches that we live in a carbon based reality. He argues that, rather than there existing different elemental entities, each element is just another expression of carbon.
Carbon is a remarkable element being the most stable elemental expression, possessing the highest melting point of any other element at 3600°C. It also has some intriguing electrical and thermal properties. Since the isolation of graphene, a single flat layer of graphite, it was discovered that this (hexagonal) structure possessed a very low resistivity or very high conductivity making it an ideal candidate for battery/energy storage research.

Many armature researchers have discovered that any modified carbon structure also possess remarkably high conductivity characteristics.
This implies that a new electro-chemical series is just waiting to be complied, one based on carbon structures only. For example, when table sugar is hydro-thermally carbonized the basic structure of the sugar is retained but it resistance to electric current decreases. This carbon structure can now be activated to increase the overall surface area while doping the structure will also introduce more current carrying capabilities.

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We are surrounded by carbon based structures and chemistry. All bio-mass, grasses, sea-weed, fruit etc., can now be hydro-thermally carbonized/doped, and arranged to find the optimal carbon electrode pairing to maximise energy storage and delivery without the need for precious metal extraction or typical copper wiring techniques. Nature has provided us with an abundant energy source hidden in plain sight.

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  1. YES, well written, and I too am a Carbon Based Being ……… with the inbuilt – God Given Capacity to “Modify the CON-ditioned Thoughts” heaped upon me from all of the given Die’rections that Society in General is Con’ed into be leaving – is the Acceptable Norm.
    SO, I TOO posses a Remarkable Capacity TO BE a Carrier of High Conductivity ………
    Characteristics…….. of Increased Frequency in my CHAKRA’S as TRANSFORMERS of the Divine Cosmic Energy Factor – [into my Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies] that ARE MADE OFF. exactly the same Elements

  2. Your genetic code utilises minerals to give protein a 3D structure. The book ‘Minerals for the Genetic Code’ by Charles Walters explains how these minerals all have a very specific vibratory frequency and DNA expression. The author integrates his understanding of how the minerals in the food/water we consume effect our DNA and electric body. His ‘Olree Biological Periodic Chart’ is based on ‘Walter Russell Periodic Chart’. He also references Johnson F. Yan book on ‘DNA and the I Ching’.
    A summary of his presentation (on Youtube): Dr. Richard Olree on Minerals for the Genetic Code can be found here: https://ntischool.com/dr-richard-olree-minerals-genetic-code-part-1

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