#95 The Hutchison Effect

John Hutchison is a Canadian researcher who has taken some of the proposals and ideas inherent in WRC and has created some unusual effects. He has reported that by application of a  focused high energy beam, metals thus exposed begin to soften to a jelly/jello like consistency. The energy seems to be affecting the fundamental nature or structure of the metallic atoms.

I have always suspected that such an energy input would be the most efficient way to modify some if not all of the 18 dimensions which WR uses to describe any elemental expression. This cymatic albeit high frequency wave is a very promising approach to transmutation. Science tends to think in terms of discrete energy levels and assigns electrons to a particular level depending on the energy supplied to the material.

But, an equally valid perspective is to describe the dynamic movement within an atom/molecule in terms of a changing cymatic pattern. We know how these pattern align to stepped frequency changes. The pattern increases complexity with discrete frequency intervals.

If you study closely what actually happened to the twin towers in 2001 you will notice evidence of the Hutchison effect in action. The towers were ‘dissolved’ and never hit the ground !!

Manipulation of matter has always been the goal of the alchemist but perhaps this technology rather than put utilised to help and uplift mankind has be commandeered by groups would don’t have our best interests at heart.

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  1. I’m sure you’ve seen this… but in case you haven’t, the discovery seems related and supports your suspicions.
    ” You can melt gold at room temperature, if you only have the right equipment. The surprising discovery has been made by researchers at Chalmers [University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden]. One needs an electron microscope, and very high voltage.

    The discovery has been described in the journal Physical Review Materials, and is considered to be a breakthrough in the science of different materials.
    The high electrical tension had caused the gold atoms to release their connections to each other. Further experiments showed that the surface of a gold foil can be switched between a molten state and the usual ordered structure.

    The report published in the journal Physical Review Materials is available at: https://journals.aps.org/prmaterials/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.2.085006 The full text of the article is only available for paying subscribers.

    Just found your website, will explore more in coming weeks. Thanks for your contributions to Electric Universe theory.
    Are you familiar with cassiopaea.net forum? Great discussions between knowledgeable folks on a well-moderated forum.

  2. The trove of Hutchison data and experiments that was his personal YouTube page has been lost ! Does anyone know where else to find his work ? His website was primarily fed by the YouTube links, now defunked

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