#94 What if…(#1)

We have come to learn that light, motion, cymatic pattern and lensing are all important aspects of WRC. What if we made one assumption and then combined these different aspects into the following technique.

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Full spectrum sun

Let’s assume that the sun provides us with a full spectrum fingerprint of every elemental expression, or at least provides us with the full pattern for hydrogen.
What if the sun’s light was filtered to only allow the hydrogen spectrum to pass through. This spectrum would need to include the Lyman (UV) and the Paschen (IR) as well as the visible Balmer series of spectral lines. Let’s say there were 18 lines in total !

If this collimated isolated hydrogen stream was now recompressed into one single focal point what might we expect ?

a) hydrogen could manifest directly at that focal point or
b) the focused hydrogen stream could serve as the vibrational (cymatic) pattern to vibrate hydrogen out of any suitable hydrocarbon substrate including water.

This technique if applied to water could potentially provide man with his unlimited fuel source negating the need for further fossil fuel consumption.

How difficult might it be to construct such a filter ?
Filtering could be achieved in stages, UV separate from IR/visible !
If successful other scarce elements could be isolated and ‘condensed’ as desired. If we used the spectrum for NaCl the potential is there to vibrate salt out of sea-water.

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