#96 What if… (#2)

In the previous post, a technique was presented as to how man could isolate the entire cymatic pattern for hydrogen.

In this article, I would like to suggest that instead of isolation the hydrogen pattern from sun light, it may only be necessary to generate the interval pattern rather than an exact frequency match between the lined spectra for the elemental expression.
We are familiar with the idea that a piece of music can be played in different keys. It doesn’t matter how high (x10¹³Hz) or low (3 Hz) that key is, the important consideration is that the interval between all the notes/lines of the piece referenced to the key-tone is maintained.

This would explain why focused Tibetan chanting could impart unusual vibrational effects such as levitation on physical objects, particularly if the chant spanned many harmonic tones.
The pattern for hydrogen is not a single note or chord, rather it is more akin to a choir (18 members !) each member contributing their own unique tone/frequency to the overall ‘hydrogen piece’.
One can now envisage that if the appropriate pattern for lithium was focused on a container of helium which is the inert gas for the lithium group, then there is a very good chance lithium would make an appearance on the ‘physical’ world stage, emerging for its helium seed condition.

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