#97 First Steps

WR teaches that this is a universe in motion. Every expression of matter dances to its own vibrational tune. Every expression of matter in motion has its own unique cymatic fingerprint. Matter is related to all other matter by the harmonic intervals of their differential cymatic pattern, which in turn is tuned to the Cosmic fundamental frequency.

Recent blog articles have begun to unfold a potential avenue for exploration of these cymatic patterns which underlie each expression of matter. In the case of hydrogen, it was advised to include the absorption lines detected in the Lyman, Paschen, Balmer, Brackett, and Pfund series to obtain the overall cymatic fingerprint for elemental hydrogen.
If WR’s scientific perspective is correct then we should be able to provide an alternate explanation these series of absorption lines and offer a equally valid explanation of those findings as that suggested by main stream science.
The atomic absorption spectrum for hydrogen is a harmonic cymatic pattern, a pattern which does not require complicated mathematical formula nor immersion in vague quantum mechanics.

Let’s look at some musical connections.
The main absorption lines in the Lyman UV section of the spectrum occur at 91.175, 93.780, 94.974, 97.254, 102.57, and 121.57 nm.

The spacing between 91.175 and 121.57 is a perfect 4th (1.3333) interval.
That is (do) to (fa).

The spacing between 91.175 and 102.57 is a major 2nd (1.125) interval.
That is (do) to (ra).

The spacing between 91.175 and 97.254 is a minor 2nd (1.0667) interval.
That is located between (do)/(ra).

The musical relationships are perfectly aligned.

show cubic relationship

Let’s assign 91.175 nm as the fundamental wavelength of hydrogen. The 3½ octaves below hydrogen described by WR occupy the wavelengths below this 91.175nm  value.
The visible lines of the Balmer series sits (x 4) below (longer wavelength) the Lyman hub series !
The outer Paschen series sits (x 8) below Lyman !
The outer Brackett series sits (x 16) below Lyman !
The outer Pfund series sits (x 32) below Lyman !
Coincidence ?

There is an obvious double octave relationship between each series, there is no coincidence, this is design !
What would really support this argument is an obvious relationship between the lines of the Lyman series and the harmonic appearance of lines in any of the other series !
Does such a relationship exist ?
You bet it does !

The following image indicates how the Lyman series is harmonically reproduced in the other spectral series.

show cymation pattern

The relationship is derived directly from music theory. There is no requirement for an ‘jumping’ electron model. The lines do indeed indicated a discrete interval but, that interval is a quantised cymatic pattern which creates a clear patterned image at the appropriate frequency. There is no need to invent quantum mechanics!

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  1. The duality which bisects nature originates within the wholeness or oneness of the
    infinite universe, and comes into being when the oneness of the universe polarizes
    itself into two complementary and antagonistic forces. The creation of these two forces
    is without beginning or end, and occurs in the form of a spiral, which is the most basic
    form of everything in the universe.

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