#100 Cosmic Battery

Imagine releasing a sphere/ball from 100 ft below the ocean waves.
You know the sphere will rush to the surface as fast as it can apparently overcoming any force of gravity which may be present!

bouyant globe

The ball seeks buoyancy or balance in its own electric potential environment. The electrical pressures acting on the sphere are too strong at 100 ft and thus the less dense accumulated potential will be forced to rise.

A gas will do exactly the same thing, falling from the earths surface towards the heavens. The gas is seeking its own buoyancy.
What would Newton have said if the sphere was that apple?
Would he have invented anti-gravity.

This is how the uni-E-verse works. All matter is electrically conditioned. It either falls towards a cosmic anode or the cosmic cathode. Science believes this IS the force gravity.

cosmic cell

Do you think a new source of energy could be accessed if helium was assigned to the cathode and a suitable form of carbon to the anode?
Would it be ‘goodenough’ – Get it?


John Goodenough invented the lithium-ion battery 🙂

Think of the universe as an OCEAN of electrical potential, and all matter will continuously adjust its position in a N/S direction within that electric field, until it finds its balanced position of rest and buoyancy where it will continue to move E/W.
If Newton had thought of all material bodies moving to find buoyancy, rather than being ‘attracted’ by another body, he would have realised that a balanced body has NO WEIGHT associated with it, and therefore he could  not have pursued a gravitational model.

Weight is not a property WITHIN matter, rather it is an effect of the interaction a body has with its surrounding environment. Look what happens to one’s weight when you climb a mountain !!
The greater that potential difference between a body and its environment the great is the dimension expressed as weight.

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