#102 Silence is…

I would like to close 2019 with the following thought.

Silence may be golden but it is not nothingness.

WR describes our reality of motion in terms of opposed forces and we know that silence is an omnipresent property of our reality. In fact, just like sound our entire reality unfolds from silence, stays in motion for a time then as that ability to maintain motion declines our reality refolds back into silence.

WR also describes how curvature is the root cause of all physical effects which in turn create the illusion of a moving reality which our senses believe is so real as to be impossible to be anything other than a solid physical reality!

Silence is not nothingness it is balance. Balanced Forces.

Rather than thinking of silence in terms of nothingness think of it in terms of balanced opposed forces.

Mind can never stop Thinking, but can rest for active Thinking through balanced Thinking.

When that Thinking appears to be divided then curvature is introduced. Curvature implies polarity. This is why we live in a uni-E-verse.

Polarity is the first direct physical manifestation of our physical reality. This is an electric effect from which ALL other physical effects arise.

Curvature create the effect of gravity which science continues to misunderstand.

Let’s hope 2020 is extended to vision and perspective !!!

2 thoughts on “#102 Silence is…”

  1. Hi everyone! I wanted to post a general comment about Axiom# 4. At the end there is a graphic about a bar magnet. I don’t think there is another anode. It’s the sun and space and that is it. Well I guess the answer is the other anode is another sun. Cheers!

    • That is exactly it. All points of maximum compression are by definition an anode = Sun, while all expressions of expanded potential manifest as the cathode = space. Remember, space is an expanded sun, while a sun is compressed space !

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