Fig : aha1

The above image is in my opinion clarifies so much of WR ramblings and vague explanations. Nowhere, as far as I am aware does WR adequately explain the difference between the negative condition and femaleness. He often refers to the radiative half of the cycle as female which for me is complete nonsense.

So, what does the image above actually describe and how might it help to unlock more of WRC.

Cosmic Polarity

Within this created universe it is impossible to have a unipolar, or homogeneous condition only. In other words, the universe CANNOT start at the boundary condition as a nebulous expression and simply condense to manifest as solid matter. Likewise, the universe CANNOT begin as a sphere of compressed potential which then expands or even explode out towards the cosmic wavefield boundary.

Main steam science asks a great question but due to systemic myopia cannot allow themselves to believe that space is something other than a vacuum. If the universe is expanding then what is it expanding into?

Our sensing is design for a polarised universe. This is a two-way universe moving in opposite directions. Each opposite needs the other to express itself. The universe began from a cosmic seed condition where the entire Idea was divided into two. The expanded half completely surrounding the spherical hub center. Each half was balanced. The negative cold expanse which complete surround the positive, hot core held that core in place and prevented it from exploding. This is how cold creates heat.

We are familiar that the refrigerator creates cold from a hot compressed condition. In Nature cold nebulous space performs that role by freezing the hot core in place.


The dynamic universe comes into begin as a result of curvature. As Mind Thinks the universe into existence flat, straight plane of Source Idea appear to curve creating a polarised condition. Positive on the inner arc and negative on the outer arc.

Matter in motion hates being in motion. It desires to return to Source as soon as possible. In other words, all matter is motivated to lose its curvature and return to plane, a plane with no curvature or a plane of zero curvature. This is the condition of our metaphysical existence. This is where all created things are ONE with Source.

While matter is moving to find a route back to the Source, balanced opposite can do each other a favour by geometrically interacting to attempt to achieve a straight dividing plane between each opposite. This geometry offers each opposite half an acceptable connection to Source as as such will remain happy in this balanced condition over any further desire to unwind itself back to the boundary condition.

Opposed Forces

There are two ways to generate a straight dividing plane between two opposed forces. Their balanced condition can pull away from one another in a tug-o-war fashion or they can push towards each other in a rugby scrum manner. Don’t confuse the pull as negative and the push as positive as you might surmise from reading WR.

push and pull of physical matter
Fig : aha1

A positive push is achieved by a negative pull. These opposites make up one physical body. Male and female physical bodies are EACH positive and negative.

Condition B+ can only push because it is being pulled by condition B-. Likewise for conditions A+/A-.

When these opposed forces are perfectly balanced then a straight vertical dividing plane is exposed. We can become aware of Source manifested in its own crystalline geometry. Opposite +/- (x 2) balanced conditions will thus exhibit cubic crystalline structures. All crystalline structures are thus a measure of the degree of balance in opposed opposites.

Spherical Matter

WR drawing

All matter is a union of two halves, male and female. Notice, how the core geometry is arranged. The forces are inverted as indicated in WR’s drawing.

WR indicates that core are formed through the interpenetration of opposed cones.

This is why both the north and the south pole are frozen and of course why the earth’s has a molten core. All physical bodies are in oscillation as indicated in the image above by the lumberjacks. This is why the earth has experienced poles reversal and will do so again.

The conditions A- and B- will compress, while simultaneously conditions A+ and B+ will expand. A- will compress to become B+ on the opposite side of the equator. B- will compress to become A+. B+ will expand to become A- and A+ will expand to become B-.