Age-old question

Age-old question

We have all bee taught that the speed of light is constant. Have you ever considered why everyone ages at approximately the same rate. Everyone in the world who was born in 1970 is and looks today pretty much like a 48 year old body should. Why is this growth rate so constant?

Imagine, that in our great desire to grow in one direction, there is a ‘unseen’ force pushing back against you which prevents your body accelerating from your birthday to 20 years in a single week?

Could we describe that force as the backward flow of time?
Are there location in the universe when this backward force is reduced, so that light could accelerate further ?

How might we manipulate that backward force to retard growth and development… no, not with an anti-aging cream 🙂


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  1. Dean
    20th January 2018
  2. Irene
    20th January 2018
    • John
      24th January 2018
      • Irene
        24th January 2018
  3. WalRuss
    22nd January 2018

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