aha144 vs WR

aha144 vs WR

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I have decided after many years of in depth investigation into uncovering the feasibility of incorporating
WRC into our daily lives that that task it is for someone else to reveal.
I have zero interest in continuing my support of WR tenuous electric universe theory and how those
insights may be applied to the fabric of our society.
This page is really for my benefit, a cathartic exercise.
I would like to point out the holes and there are many in the WRC philosophy and to critique why
WR didn’t address these issues in a more clear and concise manner.

Perhaps, a better use of your time could be spent dedicated to plasma physics, cold fusion, electrical engineering or indeed Tesla himself. At least he spent his time doing and not just talking about ‘doing’.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “those who can do, those who can’t teach”.

Personal Note

I am sure you have all known or met people who exude a radiance or vital energy, an aura that makes you want to remain in their company and enjoy their ‘buzz’. You can see and feel the joy they have for life. One can marvel at their creativity as they project that inner aura out as physical world as actions and objects for us all to admire and be inspired by.
I have to say, WR does not fulfill that expectation for me at all. If I were to meet him casually I  don’t think I would immediately warm to him as I don’t detect any semblance of joy or illuminated radiance from any image I have seen of him although I can appreciate the artistry and creativity in his sculptures and painting. I find this image of him cold and devoid of any vitality. Perhaps this was the style for the time, but a Cosmic radiance is not obvious to me.

Why I continue do this work is a question I have no real answer for. I must have a big debt to pay from a previous life. I have to assume the overall message is of more importance than the messenger himself. I would have expected a body who has been touched by a Cosmic Light to radiate that Light in a more succinct way and articulate the information/Knowledge in a more coherent manner. For me, WR fails in the task given to him. I have since reconsidered what Tesla meant when he suggested to WR that he should lock up his work for 1000 years! What purpose had it served being open and available to all to investigate.

My own experience is that the insights I once documented throughout this site were largely of my own construction. I uncovered each building block for myself, piecing together the scantest of clues to construct what I believed to be the best explanation of WR teachings. I have reached my limit and have no further interest in promoting WR work. In fact, I am just as well equipped to dismantle much of his teachings. You are of course free to walk your own path guided by WR. Perhaps, you will be more successful in unlocking a practical solution from his teachings.

My goodness where to start.
I hope this content will eventually evolve into a coherent piece, although it may begin in a haphazard manner.
But hey, this is my time, and it’s good to vent…occasionally !

I have always been frustrated by the number of times WR writes ‘ohh this topic is too big to discuss here. Later volumes will disclose more details…’
Needless to say, those additional volumes never appear. Below are just a couple of examples from Atomic Suicide.

Page 32 : Pressures in electric matter are dominated by the geometry of space wave-fields, which are based upon the cube. We recite this fact in passing, to explain the use of the word, but its further explanation would require too much space to record here. We will lightly touch upon it at the end of this book, however.

Page 38 : In the radium octave these pairs of efforts are detectable on the red side of the spectrum, but not on the blue side, for reasons which would occupy too much space to tell here, and not sufficiently necessary to this story.

I can now only conclude that WR himself had no idea what the significance of his insights were and had little understanding or ability to convey those thoughts and ideas for others to disentangle.

I will offer my thoughts on some of the descriptions proposed by WR in ‘Atomic Suicide’

Atomic Suicide

This paragraph for all its importance is very poorly constructed.

"It seems strange that this octave of the highest maturity has three below zero elements on its blue side and high ones on its red side, when the dying elements have very high melting points on the blue side and less than half of those points on the red side. It is more strange still to metallurgists that many of the elements in the radioactive half of the chart are heavier and much more solid than carbon, the heaviest element on the living side of the chart. Tantalum, for example, reaches 3,400 degrees, while its close neighbors on the blue side, reach 2,900, 2,700, 2,250, 1,750 and 1,063. The answer to this is also more clearly defined later, but, very briefly, the reason is that the red side of the spectrum represents the fatherhood of Creation, which seeks the inside of forming spheres where the fires of Creation are centered, and the blue side represents its motherhood and seeks the outside to fashion bodies in her womb, and cool them into form.

In the first half of the electric creating process the blue half is compressed out of the generating body, by exploding from within, while the red half gains its center, by compression exerted from the outside. In the second half the situation is reversed. All Nature is constantly reversing, and in doing so is constantly turning inside out and outside in. This conspicuous and obvious fact of Nature has not yet been sensed by observers."

While I understand all the words, the explanation makes little sense. This could not be offered to non-WRC students as an explanation of anything. I would have handed this paragraph back to WR with the proviso 'must do better'.

You can understand why any conventionally trained scientist looked at his work and said "yea right!".

In addition to all of this, I believe WR consistently confused the concepts of male/female, fatherhood/motherhood and generation/radiation. He flipflops the terms adding to the confusion of his underlying message.

Chapter 3 of Atomic Suicide, is a complete waste of time/space. It is my opinion that a more detailed explanation of the cosmology could have been offered rather than these repeating ramblings. All too often, there is too much rambling waffle at the expense of technical content.

I really can't express this sentiment any better. 10/10 for rambling waffle and a poor 2/10 for potentially significant content.

There two expressions commonly used by WR to describe the universe. They are, 'the cosmic vacuum' and 'magnetic light'. It would be better if he didn't use such language mainly because of the assumed meaning of 'vacuum' and 'magnetic'.
If WR is to be believed then there is no force of magnetism with this dynamic universe of motion. There is motion and Stillness. ALL motion is electric. Stillness may be termed magnetic, but it has no physical manifestation in this reality. I would have preferred if WR replaced every reference of 'magnetic' with 'Still' or 'Source'. But, ever here I believe WR is confused! There is an noticeable 'magnetic' effect evident in this universe of motion. Would it not have made more sense to describe this 'magnetic' effects as the 'non-shocking' form of electricity which is orientated at 90° to the 'shocking' form of electricity.

When you think of a Cosmic vacuum it must be thought of in the following way. The earthly vacuum only removes the air (at best 98%) from the container. The physical contents remain within the container. A Cosmic vacuum implies that all the curvature (100%) is removed from the container. In short, there must be no aspect of the image making facility remaining within the container. A cosmic vacuum implies that almost all curvature has been removed.
Vacuum implies a condition of 'nothingness'. This cannot be part of the physical expression. The far reaches of space has still some degree of curvature. Curvature implies heat, heat implies motion, and motion implies physical expression. Like gravity, universal vacuum is one of the more misused and misunderstood conditions. Unfortunately, WR is guilt of this particular faux pas. I would have preferred if WR replaced every reference to 'cosmic vacuum' with 'Still' or 'Source'.

In short, the vacuum of space and the 'Cosmic vacuum' cannot be the same thing. The vacuum of space has a heat signature and is thus part of our physically sensed reality whereas the Cosmic vacuum can only be the metaphysical realm of Mind itself from where the physical reality is projected. Once again, I think WR made a very poor effort in making this distinction and constantly interchanged the meaning during his writings compounding the work necessary for the student to decipher.

This is a section from page 82,
The supreme effort of this book is to have you comprehend that Creation is a division of The Eternal One into countless twos of sex-conditioned opposites, which eternally seek to void their division by uniting as One.
Creation is a Mind-imagined journey of electrically divided male and female opposites in increasingly greater speed and power in the direction of each other, where they unite in rest to re-divide, and return with ever increasing speed and decreasing power, to the zero of rest in the Magnetic Light of Mind from which they sprang into action. Creation is an illusion which stimulates substance by multiplying the speed of centripetal motion, and loses its appearance of substance by multiplying its centrifugal speed...
...We herein print two diagrams to symbolize both ends of the compression-expansion pump

In one breath WR mentions dividing into two sex-conditions pairs, but then refers to those pairs are compression/expansion. This is an error.
It is no surprise that student would think male bodies are predominantly compressing, while female bodies are predominantly expanding or dying. This is ridiculous.
All physical expression comes into being, reaches a maximum and then decays back to Source. This is the action/reaction cycle. The action is generative, and the reaction half of the cycle is radiative. The action is compressive and the radiative half is expansive.


Both male and female physical each experience a growing generative cycle and EACH follow a decaying radiative cycle.
Each of the sex-condition grow and decay. They EACH compress and expand. Maleness is both compressive AND expansive, but so too is femaleness. In fairness, WR does correct this is his Fig : 10, but why there is a lack of consistency with the text is inexplicable. Actually, it is more than inexplicable, it is inexcusable.

This is a section from page 83,
The greatest thinkers in science have repeatedly said that matter emerges from space and is swallowed up by space in some unknown and mysterious manner. The word space is rather a casual word to use in place of the Creator. Likewise, it is a misleading word, for space is not an expanse of something outside of matter. It is as omnipresent within matter as it is without, and it is in control of matter from within as well as from without.
Here, WR drifts between one meaning for space and another. On one hand, WR attributes space to the Creator or Stillness which centers and surrounds all physical expression. On the other hand, he seems to attribute the conventional meaning of a nebulous void which lies both inside and outside physical matter as we might observe a sun surrounded by space.

The problem here is that, WR implies that space is something different from matter. Having spent many years with WR I thought I had understood that matter is compressed space, while space is expanded matter. Two aspects of the same thing. WR needed to be more consistent and not imply metaphysical qualities to physical matter in motion. The Fulcrum of Stillness is not a sensed aspect of our physical reality.

Future generations of enlightened men will cease thinking of this electric universe as being matter and substance. They will know it for what it is, which is motion only.
Here, WR introduces the word 'substance' as if it were part of the physical universe. SUBSTANCE is metaphysical. It is Source itself. Motion simulates substance, but substance NEVER comes into the physical reality as a physical thing. It would have been better if he had stated the idea as follows, 'this electric universe as being matter and form.'

You may be thinking how if the universe is electric can it be an effect of motion. This does actually make sense if you consider the properties and characteristics of the following concepts.

The metaphysical realm of God, Source, Stillness is best explained in terms of parallel STRAIGHT planes with ZERO curvature. The physical reality is generated through curvature.

  • the process of Cosmic Thinking manifests as curvature within the physical realm
  • the degree of concentrative Thinking determines the degree of curvature
  • curvature is thus the result of ELECTRIC Thinking
  • curvature is the cause of ALL physical effects, heat, motion, matter
  • space is diffuse matter and as such has a small degree of curvature
  • Stillness, Source, Fulcrum, Substance and Straight planes are all aspects of the non-physical universe of God
  • our sensing has been designed to only interact with effects of curvature
  • our Knowing Spirit can become acutely aware of Stillness
  • all physical aspects of the universe in motion have the One Cause
  • light as experienced in the physical realm is MOTION and not the Cosmic Light of Stillness
Fig : 10

The Creator is the Supreme principle of Unity in His Oneness of Being. The supreme urge back of His divided pairs is to seek unity in each pair. This is as true of the elements of matter, as it is true of living organic beings. Since all matter is divided into mate-pairs, is it not time that the Father-Motherhood principle of Oneness in the Creator, be recognized as the desire to attain that father-motherhood oneness by all of the divided mate-pairs of all Creation?

This is fine as far as it goes, because it defines the concept of union. Mated pairs seeks union in one another, e.g. NaCl. In short, the pinnacle of generative growth is union.
The problem for me arises later because WR also uses the the term 'union' to describe the completion of the decaying cycle whereby all motion re-unites with Stillness. Two very different aspects of the cycle.

In my opinion either WR himself is totally confused or his editors were. For the moment I'll give WR the benefit of the doubt.
When Na and Cl 'unite' they do so on the ZERO AXIS. They do not produce offspring. They produce a salt which is the best manifestation of the metaphysical condition of Stillness. The individual properties of both the sodium and the chlorine are lost. The cubic crystalline salt structure bears no resemblance to either sodium or chlorine. This union represents a  death of sorts.
This cannot be the same UNION which is necessary to create the physical dynamic universe. The obvious question is how is physical sodium (alone) created ?

Sodium can only come into manifest as a result of a generative union between the male expression of sodium and the female expression of sodium. Where in all his writing does WR address this issue.
WR does mention that carbon is bi-sexual and suggests these sexes could be separated and a new metallurgy developed with both a red and a blue carbon. He does not attribute this characteristic to the other elements.
This might seem like a small point, but for me, it undermines his teachings on the wave. His theory is weaken to such an extent that his entire work is easy to discredit not just by MSS but by your truly 🙁
IF WRC is correct then we need to find a better and more robust explanation of his proposals.

If we give WR the benefit here and take on board one of his main teachings then we can say that Stillness or zero curvature is the only true reality and every effect of curvature is the abnormal condition although this constitutes our physical reality then we can infer that matter is motivated to lose its curvature or at least find ways to minimise its own physical expression.

This would explain why all bodies are content in their ground states and why balanced union is very desirable if the individual effects of curvature are somehow offset to imitate or mimic straight planes.

Union + Growth
Union + Voidance

Let's assume the following is correct and see if we can then back engineer a coil design and indeed reveal more robust clarity as to the true processes of Nature.
When male lithium encounters female lithium there is wave enhancement. The wave cycles are in phase and as a result a unit of physical lithium manifests within this dynamic universe.
Lithium is a +1 elemental condition and as such the displacement away from the zero horizontal axis is small.
This is how Nature grows and develops all her physical expressions.

When male lithium wave form encounters female lithium wave form in such an orientation that the wave forms are out of phase with one another then, cancellation and voidance occurs. This is why LiF is a stable condition. Each of the opposed wave forms have found balance in one another.
Remember, the balance they are seeking is one of low potential, and very low motion, loss of curvature. This balancing of opposed potentials creates a 'flat-line' condition of peace and calm which cannot be improved upon because lithium and fluorine are perfectly balanced mated pairs.

This in/out phase concept has never to my knowledge been discussed by WR.
This now begs a number of questions namely, how do we define a male version of lithium

from a female version of lithium, and what determines whether their opposed approaches are in/out phase ?

WR begins by describing how suns are formed. They are the result of a resistance to compression. This resistance generates a cauldron at the hub center. The planets form as a result of radiative emanations from a cooling sun. Those emanations condense into hard crystalline planets. This is all fine and well, but I cannot then apply this model to the periodic table of elemental expressions in a satisfactory manner to explain the physical appearance of elements like, lithium or boron.
We don't observe galactic bodies which are growing to become a sun. We certainly do observe all other galactic bodies as condensates of a sun's radiation. Now, if WR is correct and our sensing does not respond to the generative half of the cycle, but only to the radiative half of the cycle, then how do account for the physical presence of lithium, beryllium or boron ?

Carbon is the elemental sun, while elements like lithium, and boron are the growing phases through which carbon is created.

WR teaches that there is only two types of motion. There is the centripetal compression which generates heat and density in towards a central hub, and there is centrifugal expansion which redistributes any accumulated potential radially back to the rim source. From these two directions of motion the entire universe can be constructed as pulsing two-directional wave forms. Centripetal motion is offset from centrifugal motion by 90°. Imagine throwing a bucket of water against a pane of glass. The reaction to the resistance of motion is latterly at 90° from the input.

This could make sense of WRC if we now assume there is a male/female interaction which is 180° (opposite) which causes a reaction at 90°. This now implies a hub center is the result of opposed male/female interaction. The question now arises from where this male/female structure comes from!

However, on page 131 of  'Atomic Suicide', WR suggests an alternate mechanism for the generation of heat and density which is at odds with the centripetal/centrifugal model. This is a very significant difference, which has caused me much confusion, and I am not convinced that WR himself is entirely clear about the message he is trying to convey.
He suggests that when a copper wire is coiled into a series of loops with a common focal shaft, that heat and density generates in the direction of that shaft because the loops of force surrounding the coiled wire are fanned, being in closer proximity on the inside and further apart to the outside !

The inner arc of the curved wire is somehow constrained to a inward centripetal focus, while the outer arc of the same loops is focused outwards away from that same focal hub. This could make sense if curvature behaves like an optical lens as suggested by WR himself. This makes sense if you only consider the curvature of the physical wire, but WR takes it a stage further.

All current carrying wires are surrounded by loops of force. Science generally calls these loops magnetic force lines. They in fact believe that these loops constitute a new a separate force of Nature.

My own work indicates that these loops precede all effects of the physical realm. These loops are the source of the MOTION which in turn are the cause of ELECTRICAL effects.

Remember, Tesla always said that electric current travels around wire and not in those wires!

Fig : 1
Fig : 2
Fig : 3

Fig : 1 implies that the loops of force are in fact rings with a central hole. The electric current is expressed in spirals, which are loops with varying radii. Remember, a spiral is a continuous loop. Man makes his spiral coils with a common radius/diameter, while Nature utilises compressed radii which produces a spiral compressing geometry. This is how Nature multiplies potential. Nature resists the closing of these central holes. This is why heat is produced towards the central hub. If the loops of Fig : 1 were shown with a conical geometry, then the anode (small central hole) would manifest greater heat than the cathode with its larger central hole. The heat being focused in towards the hub indicated by the red line in the image.

WR hints that it is the circular/spiral/compressing motion of these loops which CAUSE motion in the copper wire. This is a known characteristic in electrical engineering. Matter which finds itself inside the influence of those surrounding loops will experience an accelerating force. WR suggests in the direction of the positive anode. I believe this is the most import concept to grasp if you wish to explain an electric universe in terms of motion. Motion within the loops causes electric effects (output) to materialise at right angles to the applied input.

Parallel loops interact like clutch plates to reproduce left/right motion.

Fig : 2 introduce another heating phenomenon. WR's explanation suggests that it is the change to the parallel geometry of the loops which is the cause of the heating and increased density effects at the focal hub center rather than the bending of the wire itself. This implies that curvature is not as important as alignment geometry which really doesn't sit well with all that has been outlined thus far.

Remember, parallel planes have 0° and as such there is no division. This is why straight lines or planes do not form part of our sensed environment. Well, they do form part of the environment but we can sense the undivided condition. Curvature implies division. This is simply because the inner arc is shorter the the outer arc. This is the reason why pi is an irrational number. There is an infinite number of arcs between the inner and outer rim effectively implying a constantly changing radius/diameter.

Curvature implies a shorter inner arc and a longer outer arc which in turn implies a positive condition on the inside of that shorter arc with a negative condition attributed to the longer outer arc. That is how Mind achieves an apparent division where no division has actually occurred.

Problem !

What are the correct properties of curvature?

As curvature increases then the greater the expression of heat.
This means there is a greater expression of cold on the outside!
The conflict arises because minimum curvature should be the correct expression for maximum expression of coldness.
Can we look to WR for clarity?
You are welcome to look 🙁
Can we say for definite that heat always accumulates inside the inner arc
with cold on the accumulating outside the outer rim?

We could argue that curvature produces two effects, heat on the positive inside and cold on the negative outside. The greater the curvature the greater is the effect heat AND cold. This implies severe cold is a function of increased curvature. But, what conditions are explained by minimum (almost straight) and maximum curvature. Does WR ever make a distinction?

Fig : 3 represents WR's argument. As the wire is coiled the loops do indeed change their alignment and geometry and there is an increased heating effect towards the central of the wire coil. I do not support however, WR's explanation as to why this increase heat and density is achieved when electric wire is coiled into tighter and tighter spiral rings. This image implies there is some distance between the rims of opposite rings, and heating seems to be achieved by the close (fanned) proximity of the lower rims of neighbouring loops ! We know that the loops (which are fields) do indeed extend sufficiently so that the rims interact and distort to flatten (rims) like two balloons pushed together creating the observed magnetic circuit field lines. I think WR is wrong to suggest that increased heating/density is achieved simply by the loop rims POINTING to a common focal point as indicated in fig : 2.     🙁

It seems reasonable to suggest all heat is manifested as a result of resistance to motion. How can this be explained in terms of the motion indicated in figs 1 - 3?

Moving along to WR's description of electric current between pages 140 -150, a somewhat anti-climactic account which is sometimes rock solid then gets somewhat hazy again. If this was evidence in a court of law...bearing in mind that I am on WR's team, and I'd send him down for a long stretch.

It is such a disappointment. How was WR expecting to convince the scientific community to reconsider their own fundamental theories if he could not offer them a coherent alternative for scrutiny.

Electricity is the force which brings this dynamic universe to life. It forces the expression away from the zero plane by increasing curvature which in turn increases the lensing effect. This increased lensing has in turn the ability to project images further away from Source. This electrical force is resisted and as a result heat is generated. Incandescent heat/light is an indicator of imbalance, and the body thus formed wants to explode back to the zero plane. When electric force is on, it results in centripetal motion which divides expression away from the zero plane. This creates heat and vitalised life expression. When this force is off, then the electrical strains and tensions collapse and the body unwinds centrifugally back to the zero plane of Source.

"A hot iron at one end of a room and a block of ice at the other end will cause an electrical current to flow both ways, until the iron, the ice and the room are all equal in temperature. That will also happen if you put two hot irons at opposite ends of a room. Warm water rising into cold space creates an electric current, but that does not mean that there is one kind of electricity to make it rise, and another to make it fall. One might as reasonably say that there are two kinds of water, the kind which rises and the kind which falls."

But, the driving force for the radiative half of the cycle is the bound up accumulation potential of the central hub. This is why maximum life is manifested by maximum compression, but that very compressed state is its own death. When the electric compressive current is off, it is this central 'resistive heat' which unwinds the body back to the zero plane. This is why WR teaches that it takes no effort to die, and no special force is necessary to die. Electric force has its origin in Stillness, but the resistive pressure has its origin at gravitational hub centers.
Ok, there may not be two kinds of electricity if we are talking about a positive and a negative kind, but I would argue that there is a centripetal and a centrifugal kind.

As I stated earlier, curvature is expressed electrically. Living, growing bodies increase their curvature. This manifests as the ability to generate and accumulate (hold onto) heat. Dying bodies gradually lose their ability to hold their heat. They lose their ability to maintain the stresses and strain to hold curvature in place. Dying implies a loss of curvature and heat.

Fig : 4

WR teaches that suns simplify matter, while cold complexes matter. This implies that there is a journey of ‘something’ which needs to be liquefied or simplified before that amorphous form can be cooled quickly/slowly to obtain the desired crystalline structure.
Is the sun a solid or an amorphous liquid?

Fig : 4 highlights the Universal Thermodynamic Cycle. It implies that a solid is formed as a result of crystallisation. This maybe true for planets, but are sun’s formed in the same way?
WR teaches that sun’s form as a result of a collision of opposed light/potential streams. Each stream has reached a condition of maximum centripetal compression which registers as heat. The inner cores will be white hot.

That heat arises as a resistance to the compression from the outside. This is why all bodies want to explode and radiate their accumulated potential back to Source.
We know from hydraulics that it is nigh impossible to compress a liquid to a solid and yet this is what Nature does all the time through electrical compression. Does the concept of solids/liquids/gases only apply to an Earth bound reality?

Fig : 5

For me, there is a huge disconnect here.
Firstly, WR describes how a sun acts like a melting pot from which hot material is cooled into crystalline form. This is how he describes the formation of the planets in the solar system.
Secondly, one then needs to ask what is the point of the inert gases ?
It would seem that these zero conditions can be electrically stimulated to cause ‘germination’ which will then unfold a physical expression out into the dynamic universe. These are two entirely different mechanisms and I never get the sense from WR’s writings that a clear distinction between the two possible options is maintained.
The cycle outlined in Fig : 4 might well be valid when applied to the water cycle but it in no way is sufficient to describe a Universal cycle.
For example, if solid matter represents maximum coherence and vapour/gas minimum coherence, then how can melting and evaporation describe the radiative decaying half of the cycle. This makes no sense at all.
In fact, this thermodynamic cycle is completely at odds with the ‘normal’ growing cycle whereby heat is necessary to germinate planted seeds.
When an acorn germinates, coherence increases for about 200 years before the tree begins to decay. This coherence is enhanced by warm growing conditions, but the thermodynamic cycle implies matter is simplified by heating and complexed by cooling. Without further clarity this problem has the ability to undermine the entire philosophy of WRC.

WRC implies that solid only form as a result of crystallisation. This does not support a typical growing cycle whereby the input of heat serves as a source of potential to be accumulated!

Married to this is the following apparent conflict.
WR describes the inert gas as a condition with a large central hole, As generation develops this central hole closes, closing fully with carbon. Then during the radiative half of the cycle, matter expands from the inside out and the central hole is reestablished. My issue is, if this is Natural Law, then it must be applicable to all aspects of this physical reality.
When it comes to the musical scale however, I cannot find a way to describe the keynote as a condition with an open central hole and the subsequent notes do, ra, mi, fa, so, la ti, do as conditions whereby a central hole is closing then opening again. Each note must be at its own apex in order to be heard as a crisp clear individual sound not a fuzzy nebulous sound marking the route to some overall keytone.
Sure, the frequency is increasing thereby packing more wave cycles into each unit area, this will indeed increase the density of matter, but that is not being achieved by closing the central holes in the loops of force.

I would like to suggest the follow interpretation of this drawing/presentation made by WR. It is clear that WR intends us to grasp the idea that division creates two anode conditions centered by the cathode. I would like to suggest a physical form for those two positive physical conditions. The annular ring is the positive female body, while the sphere is the positive male expression. Balanced pairs have equal volume and potential.

I believe WR too is hinting at this physicality because he shows the 4 rings of the cathode outside the 4 inner anode rings. When these rings expand/compress within the 3D, it is my understanding the the annulus/sphere result. This makes sense on one level, but not from the perspective of curvature!

When WR talks about closing up central holes does he mean the contraction of the loops of force or of the actual physical expression of matter? For example, it seems reasonable to suggest an inert gas has a large central cavity spread over a very large area whereas carbon on the other hand has its central hole almost fully closed. I can argue that there is some synergy with the geometry of the loops of force to create a particular physical effect but WR is not very clear at all in his explanations.

Below is a discussion of some of the issues I have with  WR diagrams and drawings.


Fig : 1.1
Fig : 1.2

Fig : 1.1 clearly indicates that the opposed apices interpenetrate one another in some way. What is the implication of this model ?

When WR lever/see-saw model is applied several features emerge. If we examine the lever model from a musical perspective we can assign the divided conditions as follows.

The seed condition of the inert gas may be described as a see-saw whereby the oscillation is minimal, almost zero. Both lever lengths are equal either side of a centering fulcrum. This inert gas condition is highlighted in Fig : 1.2.
This condition is really one string length behaving as if it were divided into two strings. The single string would therefore produce a tone one octave below each of the shorter strings (two).
So, if the single string were 100 cm long producing the note F#, then the division process would produce two strings at 50 cm length, each with a F# tone one octave higher.

WR describes the fulcrum as the Creator Mind, while the oscillating levers will produce the stimuli to manifest an apparent reality in motion. Our sensing has been designed to interface with this motion perfectly, which facilitates the completion of the illusion. Unless you can remove your sensing from your perception the true nature of the illusion will elude you

Fig : 1.2a

In addition, we can assign this seed starting point as calm green with a musical frequency 364 Hz, an F#.
If the lever lengths are equal and balanced, then if the levers were displaced into a vertical orientation then a symmetrical circular path would be traced as indicated
in Fig : 1.2a
As the generative half of the cycle proceeds, the fulcrum not longer remains central. It must adjust to maintain balance between two unequal sides of the fulcrum. Potential and mass accumulate on one side of the fulcrum necessitating an adjustment to a shorter lever, while simultaneously the lever on the opposite side of the fulcrum extends to facilitate balance with the more nebulous expression.
Small nebulous mass can balance very large mass if the lever is of the appropriate dimension.
The short lever can be assigned to the inner arc of any curve, and the outer arc to the balancing longer lever. Division always produces two opposite effects, a positive condition on one side of the divide and a negative condition on the opposite side of that same divide.

Fig : 1.3
Yellow core - Cyan mantle
Fig : 1.3a
Blue core - Orange mantle
Fig : 1.3b
Red core - Violet mantle
Fig : 1.3c
Incandescent core – Black spacial mantle
Fig : 1.6
Fig : 1.7

Notice how, on the left side the frequency is increasing as compression progresses, while the frequency on the right side is decreasing as expansion continues in sympathy.
The left side is getting hotter, but the right side is simultaneously getting colder. More cold is needed to freeze the hotter core.

WR teaches that there are only two types of motion, centripetal compression and centrifugal expansion. When this is applied to the images above we can assign the centripetal motion to the left short lever and the centrifugal motion to the right longer lever. This simultaneous motion is indicated in Fig : 1.6.

Fig : 1.8

Hot AND cold are produced in equal measure during the division process.
These two apparent opposite motions work together to close the central hole and enable matter/form/solidity to manifest within the physical realm.
Now, unlike an oscillating pendulum Nature never reverses her oscillations.
Fig : 1.7 highlights that when assigned as musical notes, the twin opposed streams work through each other in continuous cycles. One side compresses from C* through E, G, B to C' and then continues in a forward direction to unwind via A, F, D back to C*.

Likewise, the other side compresses from C* through D, F, A to C' and then unwinds to C* via the notes B, G, E.

The inert gases can now be thought of as lowest bass notes, while carbon is the most compressed treble note. All other elemental expression simply vary in pitch/volume as the wind up to maximum compression or unwind back to the lowest possible bass note for their octave.

Fig : 1.8 indicates that within every loop there must be present both the positive compressive aspect as well as the expansive negative aspect.

Additional Notes

Fig : 1.3c confirms what WR teaches about the +4 carbon condition being bi-sexual. Notice, the musical notes are the same but separated by one musical octave !
This implies the fully compressed condition is exactly one octave above its own fully expanded condition.
As compression continues, the conditions on the left become, more compressed, hotter, higher frequency and more red/bright. At the same time, the conditions on the right side of the fulcrum, are becoming less compressed, more nebulous, colder, lower frequency, more blue/dark.
Now, just to throw a spanner in the works and to confirm that nothing is what it seems... 'see' how the long lever dimension (C) is almost the same length as the starting undivided (F#, Fig : 1.2) condition.

Now, if these asymmetrical levers were allowed to oscillate through 180° we can see how the left side hemisphere is traced with ever decreasing radii, while simultaneously the right side trace hemispheres with ever increasing radii.
The net effect is indicated in Fig : 1.4.

Fig : 1.4
Fig : 1.5

These are not really two separate hemispheres, rather they are one spherical body, with a compressed and an expanded hemisphere, rather like when a balloon is squeezed.

Think of Fig : 1.4 as comprising half of a complete sphere, but it does so by providing half the core and half the surrounding mantle.
Now, there is an obvious positive projection to the left with its balancing negative projection to the right.

Notice also, how the colour/frequency increases in stages towards the left as compression develops.
Likewise, colour/frequency decrease at each stage to maintain balance for each new position of the dividing fulcrum. Remember, division always creates two opposite conditions.
Those condition are not identical, but they are always balanced !

So, to create the full sphere again requires a union as indicated in Fig : 1.5  which is the spherical representation of Fig : 1.1.
The core is the direction of north. Both A+ and B+ are the direction of north. Both, A+ and B+ will spiral from south to north via east.  The colder mantle A-/B- are the direction of south. In short, the core of the Earth is the Earth's true north pole and is not located at the northerly polar ice cap as MSS would have you believe.

Fig : 1.1

Just before I leave this section I would like to raise another issue I have with the explanation of Fig : 1.1. The geometry shown suggests a speeding up of gyroscopic motion, which lifts a horizontal shaft off the zero axis and erects that motion vertically for carbon. This makes sense to a point, but the Earth does not follow this pattern as it rotates about the Sun's vertical axis. WR makes no connection that I can find which includes the see-saw motion of the Earth to manifest the seasons. In short, the Earth does not rotate about a single point in a typical gyroscopic fashion as indicated in
Fig 1.1 because it also oscillates back and forth on its hub fulcrum pointing as it does the northern hemisphere towards its primary to express summer in the north and winter in the south.
Remember, March 21 and September 21 are days when the Earth's rotational axis is vertical, making the day/nights of equal length and the cross over point for spring/summer in the southern hemisphere.


This pendulum seems quite simple and straight forward, but within this simplicity lies all the complex perceived expression of our physical reality. So, a cursory glance will not suffice !

Fig : 2.1
Fig : 2.1a
Fig : 2.1b
Fig : 2.1c

Figs : 2.1 to 2.1c tell more or less the same story. They all contain a flaw which WR must have realised. At least the flaw is consistent. Maybe flaw is too strong a word but unless you are aware of the following issue you will find it difficult to determine how the other dimensions colour, frequency, heat/cold come in and out of existence.

It is such a pity because within these few simple drawings lies the 'secret of the wave' !

The motions indicated in Figs 2.1 - 2.1c are in direct conflict with the motion just outlined above (#1).
We know from MSS that as the pendulum swings there is an interchange between the potential and kinetic energies. At the center mid-point, the potential energy is minimum but the kinetic energy is maximum. At the full extent of the pendulum arc (2 locations) the potential energy is maximum while the kinetic energy is minimum. During the oscillation these two parameters continuously interchange.
I am sure WR had this in mind when putting pen to paper. The main issue with the images above lies with the length of the lever relative to the accumulation of potential during the oscillation cycle, as is indicated in Figs : 1.3 to 1.3c.
If we change our approach to the way man and Nature utilise the oscillating pendulum we can now modify our explanation as follows.

Man uses a bob on the end of a string/rod to create an oscillatory motion. The mass of the bob is in constant motion except at the turn around points. Nature, does not oscillate mass, she moves the fulcrum which creates the illusion of motion of mass. This is really important because the fulcrum is STILL. In other words, we perceive all motion not because that motion is actually present but because of the way our sensing reacts to a shifting STILLNESS. We don't sense the STILLNESS itself, but are stimulated by its apparent effects which surround this fulcrum

Fig : 2.2

The interval between the mid-point and one extremity is one octave as indicated here in Fig : 2.2. This is how the elephant and the ant can play see-saw. The lever must be adjusted as potential generates/radiates to maintain an overall balanced condition albeit an oscillating/dynamic balanced motion.
The images above do not sufficiently emphasise the shortening/lengthening of the opposite levers.

In order for the large expanded conebase condition to compress to an incandescent sphere it must pass through all the perceived colour range from perceived expansion at 700 nm (black/red) to the perceived compressed condition at 400 nm (incandescent/violet).

Let's stick with the conventional system for the moment. The colour sequence (octave) should then run from black, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue/indigo, violet, to incandescent white.
WR teaches that Mind centers (hub center) all motion, AND that same Mind surrounds all motion (rim) from the outside. So, when a condition manifests close to Mind it is close to both rim and hub simultaneously. This might seem counter intuitive but is important so that our senses never gets a clear 'image' of what's going on.
If they did, we could figure it all out through sensing alone !
We perceive hard dense matter not because it has these properties within itself, but because of where our sensing perceive the fulcrum to be located, even though its cannot sense the fulcrum directly.

Nothing is what it seems
WR teaches that incandescent whiteness/yellow represents the most compressed condition. This condition is achieved apparently by compression through the red side of the spectrum ! Yet, our sensing tells us that the high energy gamma, x-rays are on the blue side of the spectrum ! Discuss 🙂

This shifting fulcrum is in fact a shifting horizontal x-axis. This is what WR means by gyroscopic motion. The x-axis effectively lefts off the horizontal to divide the compressed and the expanded conditions as indicated in Figs : 1.3 - 1.3c.


Fig : 65
Atomic Suicide

The explanation of these drawing given by WR can be somewhat misleading particularly when the concept of a 'black hole' is introduced. This terminology is then confused with the mathematical construct offered by MSS (Stephen Hawkins) as being somehow connected even describing the same gravitational phenomena. The key to unlocking WR meaning lies with Kepler.

Kepler discovered that the Earth moved around the Sun in an elliptical orbit with the Sun located at one of the two foci.

The Earth experiences the same forces at both foci, yet there is no gravitational body to pull on the Earth at one of those foci. The Sun is credited with all the gravitational force experienced by the Earth.

Fig : 3

Imagine a body revolving in a perfectly circular orbit. All the radii from the hub center to the rim of the orbit are of equal length. In an ellipse, the radii are not of equal length because the hub center has moved away from the (0,0,0) focal center of the perfect circle and has thus distorted the circle to an ellipse.
Einstein once said that "Nature abhors a vacuum" but we can equally say that Nature or this version of reality abhors a homogeneous electrical condition. The matrix must oscillate in order to manifest as our current perceivable universe.
In 3D, we can think of the geometry in a similar way as the shell casing surrounding a nut. The nut is no longer located at the dead center. The space it once occupied moves away in the opposite direction from the nut itself. This is how gravity is divided from a single focal point into two foci.

If a body performs 1000 laps of a circular track, each lap is traced over the same ground as a closed loop. If this motion were expressed as an open loop then a spiral would result with 1000 wraps. Each wrap would be identical to one lap of the track.
So, when we observe a line trace of a pendulum it appears identical to 'edge on' circular motion. How can we be sure that we are interpreting our observations correctly ?
If we now examine the output trace of a chart-recorder we can observe oscillatory (pendulum) motion as an open spiral loop.

In Fig : 3 both the positive anode body and the negative cathode 'hole' have moved away from the (0,0,0) focal hub of the perfect circle., just as the fulcrum of Fig : 1.3 b has moved away from the initial starting condition (F#).
We also know that the Earth experiences acceleration as it approaches this 'hole' foci even though, there is no 'gravitational' body present to pull on it !!!!!
Can you 'see' the ellipse within WR wave Fig : 65 from Atomic Suicide ?
What is more puzzling now is how/why the anode/cathode 'hole' is shown at the corners of the cubic wavefield in his Fig : 64!

The positive anode has come into being as a result of a cold cathode compressing. This is what generation means, to generate a high potential from a low potential. This is akin to potential running uphill, an event which MSS does not recognise.
The cold negative 'hole' has come into manifest as a result of a hot anode expanding and radiating all its potential back to space. Whenever motion reaches its cathode destination it immediately wants to become a anode. This is what thermodynamics is all about, hot invisible steams condensing into visible matter because the invisible stream has contacted a colder environment.
Likewise, when an anode is created it immediately wants to shed all its potential and become a cathode. This is an endless cycle, the desire to be the opposite !
Think of the positive anode as the focal point for centripetal motion, while the cathode is the focal point from which centrifugal motion has emanated. When each pole reaches it maximum expression they reverse. The anode now radiates to become a cathode and the cathode compresses to become the anode.

Fig : 1.5

Motion running from the cathode to the anode is an uphill generative motion, while the motion running from the anode to the cathode is a downhill radiative motion.
If you find it difficult to 'see' two different (hot/cold) conditions here then you are doing well. Hot and cold are the same thing. It can be confusing to treat them as opposites, when they are two different ways of expressing the same condition.

Conditions A+ and A- are balanced within themselves so too are B+ and B-, but they also balance each other like cams when in combination.


Fig : 4
Fig : 4a

As I mentioned earlier, lapping within a  circular closed loop 100 times = a spiral of 100 loops. The closed loops creates the impression of marching on the spot, while the spiral suggests each circuit has been teased out into their individual laps, and have therefore moved somewhere !

Now, imagine a piece of paper is folded concertina style 1,000,000 times into what appears to be one single fold. How could you tel/counted the number of folds ?
Do you think this process of unfolding the concertina might be akin to dividing gravity ?

The period of a swinging pendulum is directly dependent on the length of the string. Short strings will cause a faster oscillation than longer strings.
I have assigned the simple harmonic oscillation of a pendulum to the process of a Thinking Mind.
This is therefore, a property attributed to the metaphysical universe.
We can assign the short string oscillation to a period of intense Concentrative Thinking and the longer string to a more considered Thinking Process. Both are generative.

We do not sense the motion within the metaphysical realm whereby Mind moves the fulcrum to the furthest extension away from the center (0,0,0). This is a simulation of division. When this is released, a 3D expression of that to/fro motion is generated within the physical universe.
Concentrative Thinking will now maintain a constant oscillation period, while Decentrative Not Thinking will allow that oscillation to slowly unwind back to the (0,0,0) rest position.
Concentrative Thinking thus creates matter with very long life spans, while less Concentrative Thinking will produce matter with a fleeting life cycle.

Bodies with long life spans will tend to unwind slowly, while bodies with fleeting life cycles will unwind more quickly.
Fig : 4 throws up one difficult question. Carbon is clearly located at the center of the octave oscillation, while WR teaches the carbon occupies the apex representing the most compressed expression of matter within this reality.

Perhaps Fig : 1.3c above might contain a clue !



Chart # 5

This is a reproduction of WR's Chart No. 5.

It contains in my opinion an error which may have been generated during the printing process. The polarity stated for the progression of the wave is incorrect.
The error and correction is indicated in the image provided.


WR shows his version of the periodic table as an open coil. He also describes carbon as the pinnacle of physical expression, which manifests at the apex of the universal wave.
Now, you may notice in his table, that helium is the only element which is located on the central shaft, all other inert gases are shown slightly off center. This is how WR indicates that the carbon octave is the only one to reach maximum compression, while the other octaves do not reach full compression. Another feature of his table suggests a continuous rather than a two-way opposed stream. In fairness, he does back up this continuous motion model throughout his text content.
In attempting to apply all of WR proposal's into one model I for one cannot see the logic in the layout of his periodic table.
Can we really say for example, that fluorine unwinds from carbon and is not generated by the same generative/growing mechanism as say boron ?

One could also be forgiven for thinking WR is implying that Alphanon is the most compressed condition located as it is at the apex of this periodic coil. Likewise, it is implied that the 9th octave is the most expanded condition.
In applying the musical octave arrangement to the elemental octaves then a much clearer picture is revealed to me anyway !

WR's table gives no clue as to the interaction of sexed opposite in the manifestation and any one elemental expression. At least, applying the musical octave scale we can make an attempt as such interactions and then from that back engineer a useful device.

The musical scale indicates that each elemental expression can be expressed in a continuous path as follows,

  • helium = C*, the keynote tone
  • lithium = male C*, E + female C*, D. Lithium is both male/female.
  • beryllium = male C*, E, G + female C*, D, F
  • boron = male C*, E, G, B + female C*, D, F, A
  • carbon is bi-sexual containing the full octave (C*, E, G, B, D, F, A,) = C' the keynote octave.
  • nitrogen = male C', d, f, a + female C', b, g, e
  • oxygen = male C', f, a + female C' , b, g,
  • fluorine = male C', a + female C', b
  • helium = C'

capitalised letter imply generation and growth UP the scale,
while lower case letters imply radiation and decay DOWN the scale.

Each half is winding up through half of the scale but unwinding through the opposite half. The radiative unwinds in reverse. Think of a house being dismantled by removing first the foundation, then the walls and finally the roof.
Imagine the scale is orientated as follows, C, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Aa, Bb, C', then male growth follows the sequence C, E, G, B, C' and decays via a, f, d, C* completing the octave.
Female growth and decay may now be indicated as C, D, F, A, C' and decays via b, g, e, C once again completing the octave life cycle. (I may revisit the exact assignment here, but I am convinced the principle is correct)

This Universal Cycle model fits in much (in my head) better with Nature's double strand, spiraling, inside/outside structures.

This model tells me, man has no idea how to replicate Nature because,

  1. he put his copper wire where the loops of force should go and
  2. he has no idea that to create matter, sexed union of opposed pairs is necessary not opposed conical wired spiral geometry


I outlined WR's perspective on the internal/external planes as the introductory content on the Cube page. While on one hand his description seems reasonable I can't help but point out an obvious problem. WR describes how Concentrative Thinking inflates these spheres to such an extent that they creates the straight internal planes within the cubic wave field. If we imagine that it requires 100 light units to fully inflate each of the 8 spheres to push so hard against one another that their interfaces are those 3 internal planes. WR equates this process to inflating a car tyre.
We can appreciate that if this same procedure was applied by your physician when taking your blood pressure you would experience extreme compression as your blood supply to your hand was reduced to nothing.

We can now interpret these 100 light units as the quantity of potential to express 100% of the Creation Idea within that wave field. Yet, the pressure is such that the geometry expressing a cubic structure with 3 internal straight planes and 6 external straight planes when the effect of the surrounding cubes are accounted for. The problem now is these internal/external planes manifested as a result of COMPRESSION not expansion. Compression is normally associated with compression of a large volume into a small volume which increases heat, density, and incandescence.

One could be forgiven for thinking that 100% of potential was best represented by the maximum compressed condition, yet, here we have the opposite condition also expressing that maximum possible condition. I do agree that there is a dual aspect to this universe whereby one half of the Creation Idea is expressed in compressed form (anode) with the other half expressed as the expanded form (space - cathode). The problem for me is that I 'see' space as the volume occupied by the sphere as it expands to maximum and the internal light units are spread over the maximum volume. I 'see' space in the following way.

100 light units compressed into the minimum volume say 1 cubic unit = matter, but space is those same light units occupying 1000 cubic units. This is why we have gas giants in our solar system, because matter itself is expanding, not just the 'space' between units of matter.

This is a section from page 33 of Atomic Suicide. It contains a significant typographical error highlighted below.
Silicon is the first stage of death of carbon. It is, therefore, as good for the purposes of  earth  as carbon is for the purposes of life.
The paragraph should read
Silicon is the first stage of death of carbon. It is, therefore, as good for the purposes of  death as carbon is for the purposes of life.

This is a section from page 111 of Atomic Suicide. It contains a typographical error highlighted below.
 Radical  expansion of beginning points compress motion into cube planes of rest in space.
The paragraph should read
 Radial  expansion of beginning points compress motion into cube planes of rest in space.

This is a section from page 121 of the Universal One. It contains a significant problem highlighted below.
One pulls from  within. 
The is no force of gravity which pulls from within. The internal hub pressure in held place from the outside. Potential is frozen in place.

This is a section from page 121 of the Universal One. It contains a significant typographical error highlighted below.
The greater the pressure of expansion, the  less  the volume.
The paragraph should read
The greater the pressure of expansion, the  greater  the volume.

This is a section from page 128 of the Universal One. It contains the same issue highlighted P121 above.
The birch log is the accumulated potential of contractive pressure and is consequently subject to gravitational pull which is preponderant to the expansive pressure of radiational push.
There is no force of gravity which pulls from within.

This is a section from page 135 of the Universal One. It contains a significant typographical error highlighted below.
On the contrary, all of the conditions precedent to the appearance of decreasing ability of mass to attract and to repel have the eight opposite effects in common.
These are  decreasing  centrifugal preponderance, pressure, temperature, speed of revolution and negative discharge, and increasing volume, area of orbit and speed of rotation.
In any mass the greater its speed of revolution, the greater its power to attract and to repel. In any mass the greater its speed of rotation, the less its power to attract and to repel.
The paragraph should read
On the contrary, all of the conditions precedent to the appearance of decreasing ability of mass to attract and to repel have the eight opposite effects in common. These are  increasing  centrifugal preponderance, pressure, temperature, speed of revolution and negative discharge, and increasing volume, area of orbit and speed of rotation.
In any mass the greater its speed of revolution, the greater its power to attract and to repel. In any mass the greater its speed of rotation, the less its power to attract and to repel.

The confusion arises because increasing centrifugal preponderance DECREASES the pressure and temperature. It may be better to rewrite the entire paragraph as follows...
On the contrary, all of the conditions precedent to the appearance of decreasing ability of mass to attract and to repel have the eight opposite effects in common. These are increasing centrifugal preponderance, which lowers the pressure, temperature, speed of revolution and negative discharge, and increases the volume, area of orbit and speed of axial rotation.
In any mass the greater its speed of revolution, the greater its power to attract and to repel. In any mass the greater its speed of rotation, the less its power to attract and to repel.

This is a section from page 138 of the Universal One. It contains a significant typographical error highlighted below.
The preponderance of one of the opposites of motion is, therefore, the condition which must be present in mass in order that it may be preponderant in its ability either to attract or to repel. Substance, then, merely appears to attract or to repel, and that appearance is relative. Both forces are equal. A preponderance of one is balanced in its opposite by a preponderance of the other. The two, added together, cause an appearance of stability which is maintained, for a time, by motion. The relative ability of a substance to attract and to repel is in the same ratio as the increase or de-crease of the opposing pressures and other dimensions which determine the potential of a charging or discharging system. In any mass the apparent ability to attract increases with increase of positive charge and decrease of volume; also the apparent ability to repel increases with increase of negative discharge and  decrease  of volume.
The paragraph should read
The preponderance of one of the opposites of motion is, therefore, the condition which must be present in mass in order that it may be preponderant in its ability either to attract or to repel. Substance, then, merely appears to attract or to repel, and that appearance is relative. Both forces are equal. A preponderance of one is balanced in its opposite by a preponderance of the other. The two, added together, cause an appearance of stability which is maintained, for a time, by motion. The relative ability of a substance to attract and to repel is in the same ratio as the increase or de-crease of the opposing pressures and other dimensions which determine the potential of a charging or discharging system. In any mass the apparent ability to attract increases with increase of positive charge and decrease of volume; also the apparent ability to repel increases with increase of negative discharge and  increase  of volume.

This is a section from page 168 of the Universal One. It contains a significant typographical error highlighted below.
It is probably an error introduced by the publishers/editors.

The desire of electricity is to accumulate mass toward the north. The desire of magnetism is to dissipate mass toward the south. Electricity attempts the expression of its desire for action by opposing inertia and ends in non-motion of its speed-time dimension at the ultimate gravitative centers of all masses and systems. This effect is counterbalanced however, by its opposite effect of increased speed of revolution in power-time dimension. Magnetism attempts the expression of its desire to suppress motion through opposing it, and ends in expressing great motion at the equators and ecliptic areas of all masses and systems. This effect is, in its turn, also counterbalanced by its opposite effect of  increased speed of revolution in power-time dimension. 
The centripetal (Electric) motion in the direction of north is denoted as a retarding of the axial rotation with the counterbalance being an increase in the speed of orbital revolution. Long days and short years. This is the expression for POWER/time. Centrifugal (Magnetic) motion in the direction of south is denoted by increased orbital paths (slow transition hence - long years) and fast axial rotation implying short days. This is the expression for SPEED/time.
The paragraph should read
Magnetism attempts the expression of its desire to suppress motion through opposing it, and ends in expressing great motion at the equators and ecliptic areas of all masses and systems. This effect is, in its turn, also counterbalanced by its opposite effect of  increased axial speed of rotation in speed-time dimension. 

This is a section of page 176 from The Universal One. This section contains two contradictory statements, one of which is incorrect or indeed both are incorrect.

The ability of each to discharge and to repel lessens with the lowering of its potential position in its system.
Just so with all mass. As its potential is lowered, which means that its polar magnetic bases are enlarged, and its ecliptic expansion is increased, its ability to generate, charge, attract, radiate, discharge and repel is also increased.

 The point of this section is to outline that as radiation proceeds its ability to radiate decreases. This is because further radiation into an ever increasing volume implies a weakening of the centrifugal motion. 


In my opinion the passage should read as follows…
The ability of each to discharge and to repel lessens with the lowering of its potential position in its system.  CORRECT. 


Just so with all mass. As its potential is lowered, which means that its polar magnetic bases are enlarged, and its ecliptic expansion is increased, its ability to generate, charge, attract, radiate, discharge and repel is also  DECREASED .