19th March 2017

aha144 vs WR

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The purpose of this page is to offered a more accurate explanation of some of  WR’s teachings. I understand that as new insights unfold, the new perspective often necessitates a review of previously documented ideas. I am not sure if WR had the time to do this, particularly when changes to an entire hardcopy draft might be required. As a supporter of his efforts I must address some of the  ‘out of sync’ issues.

WR teaches that there is only two types of motion. There is the centripetal compression which generates heat and density in towards a central hub, and there is centrifugal expansion which redistributes any accumulated potential radially back to the rim source. From these two directions of motion the entire universe can be constructed as pulsing two-directional wave forms.
However, on page 131 of  ‘Atomic Suicide’, WR suggests an alternate mechanism for the generation of heat and density which is at odds with the centripetal/centrifugal model.
He suggests that when a copper wire is coiled into a series of loops with a common focal shaft, that heat and density generates in the direction of that shaft because the loops of force surrounding the coiled wire are fanned, being in closer proximity on the inside and further apart to the outside !

Fig : 1

Fig : 2

Fig : 3

Fig : 3 represents WR’s argument. As the wire is coiled the loops do indeed change their alignment and geometry and there is an increased heating effect towards the central of the wire coil. I do not support however, WR’s explanation as to why this increase heat and density is achieved when electric wire is coiled into tighter and tighter spiral rings.
This image implies there is some distance between the rims of opposite rings, and heating seems to be achieved by the close (fanned)
proximity of the lower rims of neighbouring loops !
We know that the loops (which are fields) do indeed extend sufficiently so that the rims interact and distort to flatten (rims) like two balloons pushed together creating the observed magnetic circuit field lines.
I think WR is wrong to suggest that increased heating/density is achieved simply by the loops POINTING to a common focal point as indicated in fig : 2.    🙁

Overall wave cycle

analysis to follow