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MSS = main stream science, the current scientific paradigm

The purpose of this page is to offer my comments on the ‘Creation Postulates’ proposed by WR in ‘A New concept of the Universe’. These postulates commence within the hard copy on page 66.

Creation–Postulated Progressively

1. This universe of moving body forms is an expression of the desire for division of the formless, sexless, Father-Mother balanced unity into pairs of equally-and-oppositely-unbalanced, disunited, sex-conditioned father and mother moving body forms.

2. The purpose of this division into sex-conditioned, disunited pairs of father and mother moving body forms is to eternally extend the desire for unifying disunited father and mother body forms in order to eternally extend desire in them for repeating their sequences of division and unity.

3. The only energy in the universe is the pulsing desire of Mind for the creative expression of Mind-knowing by giving thought-imagined body forms to the IDEA of Mind-knowing.

4. The only means of expressing the pulsing desire of Mind-idea is through the concentrative-decentrative pulsations of Mind-thinking.

5. Mind-thinking is electric. The desire pulsations of electric thinking are concentrative and decentrative.

6. Concentrative thinking focuses idea into patterned form in seed of matter to manifest the fatherhood of Creation. To focus is to compress. The product of concentrative thinking is the compression of gravitation which fathers all body forms.

7. Decentrative thinking expands conceived idea from its patterned seed and extends it outward from seed-idea to give it body-form-of-idea, and thus manifest the motherhood of Creation. To extend is to expand. The product of decentrative thinking is the expansion of radiation which mothers all body forms.

8. The mother pole of Creation unfolds the moving body from its seed-idea and projects it toward its zero in the heavens of space.

9. The father pole of Creation refolds the extending mother form into its seed and withdraws it toward its zero in body forms of earths.

10. All body forms of matter give forth pulsing life as its action and receive pulsing death as its reaction.

11. All body forms of matter are both womb and tomb of all life and death.

12. All life is born from death–and death is born from life–for reborning death and life. All opposites born each other and become each other in alternate sequences.

13. The seed is the fulcrum-zero from which the divided father and mother body forms extend, and sequentially return for re-extension. The seed of all things centers all things. It is the fulcrum of the eternally manifested tree of life, and of every root, branch and leaf–and of every corpuscle of every root, branch and leaf.

14. The Soul centers the seed of all Idea. All action-reaction pulsations of living-dying body forms are recorded in the Soul-seed of all living-dying body forms. All living body forms are dying as they live, and living as they die. Veritably, death is born in the very cradle of life, and the tomb again cradles death as life.

15. The electrochemical records of the zero-seed of all things are the zero elements which are known as the inert gases, from which center of the fulcrum-zero of polarity all polarizing body forms extend to manifest vitalizing life, and return as depolarizing forms to manifest devitalizing death.

16. The inert gases are God’s recording and repeating system. They record, remember and repeat all actions-reactions of all things from eternity unto eternity. They broadcast all of Creation to all Creation and, likewise, receive the broadcasts of all Creation for rebroadcasting to all Creation.

17. The inert gases are zeros in the universal equilibrium. Polarity divides and extends the One Light into electric thought-wave cycles, which appear from the One Still Light as pairs of moving lights and disappear into that still Light for reappearance forever without end.

18. The inert gases are the “spiritual elements” which born and reborn the physical elements, and meticulously make spectrum records of their eternities of rebornings.

19. The inert gases center all elements from within to control their unfolding cycles of polarizing-depolarizing form, and balance them from without by two poles of still Light to control their refolding of form into their zero-seed.

20. The inert gases record purposeful unfoldings and give back to each corpuscle of motion its cell memory of purpose and its instinctive guidance.

21. They likewise give back to awakening Consciousness the records of all cycles of Soul awakening which have been written in the Soul-seeds of all unfolding-refolding body forms.

22. The inert gases write down in God’s books of Light all That John, and Bill, and Sue, have ever been–likewise what the ant, the elephant, the tiger, violet and bee have ever been–or have ever done since their beginnings–and give them back to them after every rest period which divides their cycles.

23. God’s sole “occupation” is the building of moving body forms to simulate His One Idea of CAUSE and EFFECT which Creation is.
All CAUSE lies within the unconditioned, balanced, magnetic Light of Mind-knowing.
All EFFECT lies within the two unbalanced, polarized lights of electric thinking, which create the two unbalanced-and-opposed conditions which Creation is.

24. Electric thinking divides all effect into opposite pairs equally. Each one of each pair of effects is equal. Their balance is absolute.
The balance of the universe cannot be upset by even one-millionth of an electron’s weight. The answer to this secret lies in further solving the mystery which surrounds polarity. Polarity has never been understood. It must now be understood.

25. Question: How can there be motion in a balanced universe?
Answer: If two children of equal weight sit at opposite ends of a seesaw, or two equal weights are put on scales, there is no unbalance–but, likewise, there is no motion. Unless there can be unbalance, there can be no motion.
Question: How can there be unbalance in an equally-divided and equally-balanced universe?
Answer: Two children of equal weight playing seesaw do not interchange with each other while they are at rest. When they desire to move, they throw themselves out of balance with their fulcrum by their equal leanings, but they are in balance with each other. Motion is then imperative. When thus thrown out of balance, they must reverse their leanings to restore balance and lose it again, as all things in Nature do.
Nature has different way of playing seesaw. Instead of oscillating upon a continually extended lever, the wave extensions of polarity withdraw into their fulcrums and re-extend by turning inside-out and outside-in.
The constitution of matter cannot be known until this principle of reversals is comprehended.

Nature plays seesaw with matter and space as opposite mates. It is as though an ant and an elephant played the game. When they interchange, the ant swells to the elephant’s volume and the elephant shrinks to the volume of the ant. Both are of equal potential, however, for the solidity of one balances the tenuity of the other.
The cause of continued motion and sequential reversals lies in the two opposed conditions of matter. The compressed center heats and heat expands, while tenuous space cools and cold contracts. The necessary reversals of Nature’s wave-lever, because of difference in volume between the ant and elephant, produce the same effect by throwing the players out of balance with their fulcrum.

26. There are four magnetic poles in every wave field, not two as heretofore believed. A three-dimensional cube-bounded, sphere-centered, radial universe would be impossible with but two magnetic poles.
The two unsuspected magnetic poles are not unknown, however. They are the two foci so casually referred to in Kepler’s law of elliptical orbits, and they are in a plane of 90-degrees from the plane of the positive and negative north and south poles.
The two as-yet-ignored magnetic poles have already been referred to as east and west magnetic poles. The office of these east and west positive and negative poles is to control the balance of prolating and oblating spheres and their orbits as they contract into spheres and expand into rings equatorially, in opposition to the north and south poles which control the balance of extension and contraction in the direction of rotating poles.

27. Nature is engaged solely in the manufacture of spheres of solid matter surrounded by cube wave fields of tenuous space. Spheres are created by extending the flat discs, which are inert gases, into rings and spheroids which gradually become spheres. The opposition of the north and south magnetic poles is accountable for that. They thrust away from each other as hard as they can to fulfill the generative half of the electric cycle.
The generative half is the polarizing half. It is the vitalizing half, comparable to the maturing years of man’s life from babyhood to forty years. The north and south poles thrust not only against each others resistance but against the opposite thrust of the east and west poles, which finally conquer the generative power of gravity and oblate spheres into spheroids, then thrust spheroids into rings and discs until the depolarization process is complete. The depolarizing radiative half of the cycle might be likened to the aging latter half of a man’s life.
The forces of thrusting are electric. The division into opposite conditions is electric. Magnetic poles control and balance the two electric dividers of the universal equilibrium but the work of extension from the fulcrum of stillness is entirely electric.
Electricity is the engine which supplies the motivating force to the universal ship, but polarity supplies the rudder and the balance which every moving body must have.

Electricity is the physical expression which Creation is, but the magnetic Light of the universe is the Source of that expression which acts under the spiritual direction and control of magnetic poles of Light. Poles appear only when motion begins its division of ONE into TWO and disappear when the TWO cease to be two in their unity as ONE.

28. Nature generates matter from rings into spheres by the way of north-south poles and radiates spheres back into rings by the way of their equatorial east-west poles.
In this manner matter emerges from space to form moving bodies, and is swallowed up by space to disappear into the stillness of their zero source.
Reciprocative Workings of Opposing Poles
North-south poles balance and control the prolating of spheres which Nature needs for the forming of bodies and their vision into pairs. They extend in opposite directions at angles of 90-degrees from wave axes to form poles of rotation for spherical body forms. They are the shafts of waves and of all spheres which spin upon shafts.
East-west poles balance and control the oblating of spheres which Nature no longer needs for its body forms. They extend on wave axes to equators of forming spheres. They are the rims of wheels which spin upon the north-south shafts.
North-south poles control the division of equilibrium into two opposite conditions which occupy opposite sides of mutual equators.
East-west poles exercise their control from equators of forming spheres and balance the movements of all orbits and all aphelia and perihelia of orbits as matter appears from its fulcrum and disappears into it.
East west poles mark upon sphere’s equators the seeming oscillations of the north-south piston strokes as the compression of gravity and the expansion of radiation cross and recross equators to perform the work of unfolding and folding body forms of Mind-idea.
North-south poles control centripetal windings of spheres which form where the apices of two cones meet, and east-west poles control centrifugal unwindings of spheres and sphere systems into cone bases at wave axes.
North-south poles divide the ONE condition into TWO against the resistance of ease west polarity, while east-west poles unite the TWO conditions into ONE against the resistance of north-south polarity and keep balance between opposite hemispheres and hemispheroids.
North-south polarity, for example, controls the electric division of the one balanced condition of sodium chloride into two unbalanced conditions. Sodium chloride is the fulcrum. Sodium and chlorine are opposite ends of a lever which is extended from the fulcrum like two children on opposite ends of a seesaw.
East-west polarity controls the electric withdrawal of the two extensions into their fulcrum, thus uniting the two extended equators with their fulcrum at wave amplitude. Instead of three equators for the two extensions, there is now but one equator for the united pair.
North-south poles give one of the three dimensions which this dimensionless equilibrium needs for the projection of its illusions, while east-west poles give the other two.
The one dimension of north-south polarity is length, for poles of rotation have no other dimension as they are but one radius of a sphere. The other two dimensions are width and breadth, for equators of spheres are circles, and circles have infinite radii.
North-south poles extend away from each other at an angle of 90-degrees from their equators to divide the universal one condition into two opposed conditions.
East-west poles remain upon the planes of their equators to unite the two divided conditions into one balanced condition.
North-south directions lead away from each other, out into infinity. They are opposites and opposites oppose until depolarization voids all polarity.

29. The electric action-reaction of universal thinking might he likened unto an outward-inward explosion. This Mind universe is engaged in thought expression everywhere. From every point in the universe little and big outward-inward, polarizing-depolarizing explosions are continuously taking place.
The outward actions manifest the giving half of the cycle of the Love principle which motivates this universe. The inward reactions manifest the regiving half of the cycle. Nature never takes. It but gives for regiving.
An action anywhere is repeated everywhere. The measure of desire for action is measured out on wave axes in octave harmonics at a speed of 186,000 miles per second. Octave harmonics on wave axes are east-west magnetic poles. The same measure of desire is marked out from the same zero source in the north-south polar directions which extend from the centering zero at 90-degrees from the equatorial plane of the east-west poles.
Matter is born at zero planes of equal potential. Polarization builds it up to maturity at 90-degrees from zero planes. Depolarization then returns it to the zero of its birth.
If similar balloons were inflated, they would touch each other at six points on their curved surfaces. To continue the inflation until empty spaces were filled would flatten those curved surfaces until they became six flat planes of zero curvature.
That is what happens in Nature. Cube wave fields are thus formed to bound wave fields, and to insulate one from another by compelling a reversal of direction and polarity when radii meet those planes of zero curvature.
The entire inner structure of every wave field is curved, beginning with the sphere which centers it and ending at the planes of zero curvature which bound it.

30. Every wave field is a cosmic projector which radiates light outward through the concave lenses of spheroidal pressure gradients to bend toward the mirrors of wave-field boundaries of zero curvature, where curvature reverses as it is reflected into neighboring wave fields. It is also a receiver of light rays which bend inwardly toward its center of gravity by way of the convex lenses of pressure gradients.

31. True cube wave fields occur only where true spheres are formed. This occurs in only one place in the entire nine-octave wave cycle. That one place is carbon. The crystals of pure carbon are true cubes. I will amplify this fact later.

32. The three-dimensional illusion of Nature is caused by a series of three light mirrors of zero curvature which center the cube in three planes–all of which are at right angles to each other—and six boundary mirrors of the cube—which are likewise at right angles to each other. (See Figures 106 to 114, pages 109 & 110)

33. This is a zero universe of rest from which motion is projected into seeming existence, and then is retracted into its zero of rest.
That zero-bounded field of reversed motion withdraws within its central zero as it depolarizes, leaving a complete record of the pattern of its actions-reactions in the zero inert gas of its octave wave for repolarizing into the same patterned form as it reappears.

34. Every action-reaction is three. Three is the basic number of this universe. Three is a two-way polar extension of its centering source. Three is the fulcrum and the lever. Three is the expansion-contraction from a centering source of your heartbeat and the heartbeat of the universe.
Three is balance extended to two equal-and-opposite balances. Three is the sexless Father-Mother, divided and extended to the sex-conditioned father and mother. Three is your inbreathing-outbreathing, and it is the piston of the wave-trough wave-crest, compression-expansion pump which this universe is.
Three is the one dimension of polarity–north and south, or east and west–but the three-dimensioned volume which polarity centers and bounds is three multiplied by three.
Three is the sphere, for the sphere is but one form of the three dimensions of length, breadth and thickness. Its radii are alike in all three dimensions. It has no diagonals, angles or planes.
Nine is the hot spherical sun crystallized into the cold cube of space. The cube is nine-dimensional. Its eight tones and fulcrum are nine. Its eight diagonals and fulcrum are nine. Its extended planes and six boundary planes are nine.
Nine is the octave wave which consists of four extended pairs, centered by the zero of their source.

35. Beyond nine Nature cannot pass. Every action-reaction however, must add up to nine. Not one event in Nature can be more or less than nine. (See Figure 114, page 110)

36. It is commonly stated in science textbooks that the earth is a giant magnet. That is not true to Nature’s processes. The equator of a magnet is not a center of gravity. The center of the earth is a center of gravity.
All matter, whether of earths, suns, or corpuscles, is formed between the opposite poles of two magnets. To produce the effect of gravity, two dividing equators must be united as one. ( See Figure 78 to 83, page 102)
Man’s bar magnets are cylinders of unchanging condition. Nature’s magnets are cones of ever-changing conditions. (See Figures 158-159, page 119)
The equator man’s magnets is of zero curvature and centers its poles The equator of Nature’s magnets is curved and is off center. Much confusion has arisen from this misconception. (See Figures 159-160, page 119)

37. This is a radial universe of ever-changing pressures. Every extending particle which leaves a cathode or anode is negative, for it expands as it leaves its primary and thus discharges. That very same negative particle–electron or otherwise–changes its polarization intensity every millionth-of-an-inch from either its cathode or anode. That is the reason science has so many names for the same particles.
When a particle arrives at wave amplitude–or any equator where the pressure condition is reversed–it can well be called a neutron, for its polarity is balanced at that reversal point.
After its curvature is reversed, it then becomes a positively-charging particle, for it contracts as it radially approaches its anode. It might then be called a positron or positive meson, or many other names as its condition changes. (See Figure 77, page 101.)

38. This same principle applies to all of the elements of matter. All of them are made up of the same units of opposed motion. We call them hydrogen, iron, carbon, sulphur, magnesium, nickel, and many other names. We think of them as separate substances having separate properties.

All of the elements are made up of the very selfsame spiral units of motion–or vortices. The only reason we have for thinking of them as different substances is because they have certain predictable effects upon each other and upon our senses.
The fact is, however, that their pressure conditions are different in every part of the wave in which they find themselves. Lithium particles become boron particles when the gyroscopic relation of the plane of lithium’s orbit changes to the plane occupied by boron–and so on during the whole nine octaves of changing pressure conditions.

39. There are two opposed systems of curvature within wave fields. One system of curvature produces spheroidal pressure gradients around north and south poles, which makes of each pole a gravitative and radiative center.
The other system of curvature produces spheroidal pressure gradients around east and west poles. These cause gravitative and radiative centers to form between north-south poles and unite divided pairs into one.
Pressure gradients act like lenses in the bending of radii inward or outward, in accord with the direction of motion, through convex or concave curvature. This is too vast a subject for further expansion here, but diagrams from The Russell Home Study Course, Figures 162 to 174, inclusive, pages 120, 121, 122, 123, will more fully explain it.

40. Polarity creates moving body forms in pairs of opposites, and places the opposite of each pair on opposite sides of a mutual equator. It likewise makes each mate so dependent on the other that neither one could survive without constant interchange.
No living body could survive without receiving its inward breath from its spatial counterpart, nor could the spatial mate survive without the outbreathing of its opposite body to recharge it. Nor could any living thing exist without interchanging with its root mate. Neither tree which is attached to its roots, nor man who is not attached but equally depends upon interchange with them, could exist without the other.
The dry cell could not maintain its condition without interchange with its opposite on the other side of the equator. To charge one, charges both alike. To discharge one means death for both alike. Every sun has its equal-and-opposite mate in a black vacuous hole on the other side of its equator. The sun is compressed into greater vitality by the coldness which feeds it from its expanded black-hole mate. Conversely, the black hole is expanded into greater vitality by the heat which feeds it from the sun; thus the cycle is completed by this interchange. Page 60
Sequentially the black vacuous hole will become the sun and the sun will become a black vacuous hole. (See Figure 102, page 107.)

41. The A string of a harp is silent because it is not in motion. If you pluck it you will set it in motion. By doing so you have created a material body of sound by producing motion. The sound body which you have created by the energy of desire extended from your Mind into matter is the tone of A.
The reason you have produced the tone of A is because the wire was electrically conditioned to produce that tone.
If you tighten the wire, thus changing its pressure condition, you produce the tone of B. By repeatedly contracting the wire by tightening it, you can produce a whole octave of increasingly higher tones. Conversely, a whole octave of lowering tones can be produced by expanding the wire by loosening it.
The same wire can produce many tonal sounds. It produces different tones by changing the condition of the wire. The change is a difference of compression or expansion.

42. The birth of any body from its fulcrum zero to its zero of maturity and back again to its fulcrum is a cycle. Cycles of wave vibrations in an electric current, or in a musical note where the vibrations are so fast that the sound is heard as a continuous tone, are known as wave frequencies.
The high frequencies of the tone of a harp string are too fast for the ear to hear the GROWTH of that tone from its birth to its maturity and back again. The ear hears only the fully grown matured tone repeated in hundreds of cycles in one second without being aware of the growth of hundreds of bodies through whole life cycles from birth to death.
For this reason we do not think of a sound as a body as we think of a man, tree or bird as being a body. It is a body, however–just as a man is a body–for it is motion, and all motion is material body.
We have many years to witness the many changes in a man’s life cycle. We even have periods of many years each of witnessing different stages of that growth, such as the childhood period–then the boy–the young man–the mature man–then the aging man–and the very old man.
Every creating body progresses through these periods of growth from birth to death, whether that body is one-hundred-millionth-of-a-second cycle of a high frequency electric current–an eighty-year cycle of a man–or a million-billion-year cycle of a sun. There is no difference except in time.

43. One can better comprehend the meaning of this idea by taking a slow-motion sound film of the harp string tone of A. By so doing we lengthen the life cycle of the sound body to one cycle in sixty seconds instead of one cycle in a three-or-four-hundredth part of a second.
Now you can witness the growth of that tonal body from its “infancy” to its “old age”. You will first hear a faint low sound, which is no more like the full grown tone of A than a baby is like a full grown man. Gradually it grows through its early stages toward maturity and the sound you hear is like a siren growing ever more shrill until the fully grown tone of A is reached at its maturity.
If you could see that body, it would be a true sphere in form, compressed into a very small space at the very middle of the extended harp string. It would be the center of gravity for the wave field, created by dividing the equilibrium of silence into conditioned state of motion. The rest of the wave field would be “empty space” of millions of times greater volume.
Its pole of rotation and the axis connecting the two magnetic north-south poles would coincide and would be parallel to the harp string vibrating axis. Its equator would be 90-degrees from that axis.
Gradually you would see that sphere flatten and throw off rings from its equator–and you would hear that siren tone in reverse until you could no longer hear it. Motion has ceased by withdrawing into its silent source. We do not say it is dead, we know it will be repeated on the other side of its equator instantly. We say that a man is dead because the time interval between repetitive cycles is so long that we do not realize that the law of repetitive vibrations is the same for all cycles, nor do we realize that all cycles are alike in the fact that they grow to maturity and die, in order that they may be reborn to again live and die.
The space which surrounded the sound sphere has “swallowed it up”. The sun turns inside-out to become space and space turns outside-in to become the sun on the other side of the wave axis. You again hear the siren growth of the tone of A.

44. If we now “speed up” the cycles of man to as many frequencies as the tone of A, all we could see of his cycle would be the matured man. We could not see the childhood. boyhood or manhood stages of his cycle. Instead of seeing the matured man of one cycle, we would see hundreds of matured cycles of that same man without being able to see the changing stages of any of the cycles.

45. If we likewise “speed up” the growing cycles of the stars in the heavens, we would see them come and go like fireflies flashing in the meadow. Their tens of billions of years duration is just a difference in the timing of their cycles, but the principle of growth and decay is identical in every state of motion created to manifest every idea in Creation.
The answer to that is polarity. Polarity is expressed in waves. Waves have dimension. Time is a dimension. It takes time to create a wave, for a wave is a cycle which has a seeming beginning and ending. The time cycles for reproduction of electric thought-waves are constant, but the time periods of life-death cycles vary as thought-waves accumulate into cycles upon cycles of formed bodies of sound, or of insects, animals, men, trees, suns or nebulas.
Herein lies the solution of the mystery of growth and decay, or life and death, which has been deemed insolvable during all the ages of man.
Life and growth are thought-waves multiplied by time–while decay and death are time divided into voidance.

This whole universe is but a projection of Mind-Idea into a three-dimensional universe of thought-wave timed sequences from the universal zero of rest, followed by a voidance of that projection by withdrawal within the universal zero of rest.

46. Man conceives the idea of life and death of his body as a beginning and ending of the idea of himself. Back of that concept is the belief that his body is himself.
There is no beginning or ending of any effect in Nature for there is no beginning or ending of cause. Cause is eternal. Effect is eternally repeated.
Man’s body is an eternally-repeated effect of its cause, which is eternal man. Man is an IDEA–a part of the ONE WHOLE ETERNAL IDEA. Idea is unchanging. Bodies alone change. Idea is never created. Bodies alone are created to manifest idea.
All bodies are sequential repetitions of effects. All effects in Nature “rise” from the zero of eternal rest to manifest IDEA ugh action. They do this for a period of time, then they lie down to rest before again going into action. There is no exception to this principle in all the universe of mighty stars and microscopic particles.
All actions of all bodies are always under the control of Mind which caused them. Bodies have no power to move through their own initiative, for they have no energy or initiative of their own. Initiative is extended to bodies by the universal Mind which controls them.
Even though this treatise is for the purpose of explaining the mechanics and processes made use of by Mind to create matter, we must not for a moment forget the reality of Mind nor the illusion of matter.
In continuing, therefore, to explain Nature’s methods of unfolding bodies from their Soul-seed idea into form, and refolding the records of those forms into their Soul-seed idea, we should cultivate the realization that we are dealing with thought-wave patterns of idea, and not with substance or matter.

The Mystery of Time
47. When we think of matter, we should think of the thought-waves which created it. Likewise, we must think of time as an accumulation of thought-waves.
Thought-waves accumulate into cycles upon countless cycles in the forming of bodies. As thought-waves add density and other mass dimensions to the bodies they create, they also add time by lengthening the time intervals needed to repeat that body.
Thought-waves “store up” time as they store up mass. Bodies of matter are “wound” up thought-waves. The time consumed to polarize a thought-wave cycle is so incredibly fast that its reproductive frequencies reach out through the universe at the rate of about 2.000 miles in one-hundredth of a second. When they wind up into masses of waves to create bodies, they slow down
their repetitive frequencies and thus lengthen their cycle of growth and decay in proportion to the mass of thought-waves which have been wound up into a formed body.
Thought-waves which create a body of sound must unwind their accumulations. That also takes time. The sound of a pistol shot is a body of accumulated thought-waves. These must unwind and rewind before they can reproduce a sound body. For this reason the sound can reproduce itself only 1100 feet away from its source in one second, while the thought-wave of its source can circle the earth seven times in one second.
The growth-decay-life-death cycle of a tree well exemplifies this principle. Fifty years of time may be consumed during one period of accumulating thought-wave patterns by unfolding from its seed, and voiding them by refolding the record of those patterns back into their seed.
Life-death cycles of insect bodies vary from minutes to months. Animal life-death cycles reach into the centuries, while thought-wave accumulations of solar and nebular systems reach into the hundreds of billions of years for one vibration frequency which is one life-death cycle.
Periods of gestation likewise lengthen in duration in proportion to the accumulation of the recordings of thought-wave patterns upon other thought-wave patterns which produce complex bodies.
All other cycles within cycles likewise vary in similar proportions, cycles such as respiration, pulse, sleep, digestion and other frequencies of repetition.
The fact of importance to know in relation to vibration frequencies is that no matter how complex the formed body may be, and no matter how great its duration in time, the process of growth of every cycle is the same without the slightest variation.

Every growing thing must pass through nine stages in this three-dimensional universe of timed motion from the zero of its beginning to its zero ending.
Every cycle is a complete octave wave–and every octave wave is a series of eight tones, the amplitude tone being two, united as one, and an inert gas–the total being nine.
Atomic structure would be difficult to comprehend in principle without comprehension of the above-mentioned facts.
One must be able to vision a sun in the heavens whose duration is billions of years, and the sun which centers the tonal wave of a harp string of a hundredth-of-a-second duration as being one in principle. The difference lies in the amount of time which must be expended in unwinding that mass of thought-wave patterns into its thought-wave units. Likewise, one must be able to vision the interchange between the sun of a solar system and its black-hole counterpart on the other side of its vacuous mate as the same simple EFFECT of the same ONE CAUSE.
Much confusion will disappear when knowledge of all CAUSE and EFFECT is thus simplified.
Confusion regarding the many seemingly different particles of matter will disappear when one knows that each seemingly different particle is but a different stage in the growth of an elemental tone– and that each element is a stage in the growth of an octave-wave cycle. Page 64
Just as a man is the same flesh, blood and bone in each of his stages of growth, so are all particles the same ultra-microscopic unit vortices of motion which are changing their pressure conditions during their whole life cycle journeys of simulating different substances.
Confusion will likewise disappear for those who search for the life principle in matter when they know that what they assume to be life is but motion multiplying its pressures to simulate the IDEA of life, and then dividing them to simulate the IDEA of death.

48. In order to comprehend the great simplicity which underlies the seemingly complex series of nine octaves which constitute the periodic table of the elements, together with the simplicity which underlies atomic structure, it would be well to paint a word picture of Nature’s basic desire and her simple manner of attaining her desire.
Let us, therefore, vision a man who is lying down to rest. He is in thorough equilibrium with his environment, for every part of his body occupies the same pressure relation with the earth’s center of gravity. In this balanced position he is without the strains and tensions of electric division of his equilibrium.
This position of unchanging pressures is in a plane of 90-degrees from the radial direction of changing pressures which reach outward from the center of gravity into space.
The moment this man desires to demonstrate action for the fulfillment of his desires, he must rise from his plane of rest until he acquires that radial angle of 90-degrees to it.
Even though he can find balance when thus standing erect, he must be awake and his senses alert in order to maintain balance. Otherwise he would fall to the zero level from which he rose. The reason for this is because he has divided his balance into two equal balances which are controlled by the centered in him.
Eventually he can no longer electrically control his own balance against the resistance of the two opposing conditions he has set up by extending gravity into the forever-changing pressure conditions which exist in radial directions. The polarized condition which he created by his desire for action now expresses its desire for the one balanced condition of rest, and returns his body to the zero of equal pressures from which it rose.
The above is a true symbolic word picture of every action-reaction of every happening to every body in the universe.
It is also a true picture of growth-decay and life-death sequences. I shall now relate the above universal principle to the octave waves of the elements of matter and to the gyroscopic principle which controls the octave periodicity of the elements of matter.
I shall also describe how the gyroscopic principle cooperates with the north-south magnetic poles, which control the extension of polarizing thought-wave bodies from their fulcrums to their wave amplitudes, and east-west poles which control the withdrawals of depolarizing thought-wave bodies into their fulcrums from their amplitudes.

49. The relation and purpose of the gyroscope to the wave structure of the nine-octave periodic table of the elements is a very big subject for a brief treatise. For this reason I can but touch upon it lightly, but with sufficient clarity to give full comprehension of Nature’s principle and process.
As all of the one hundred and twenty-one elements, isotopes and inert gases, which are produced by the electric-wave machine in Nature’s workshop, acquire their seemingly different properties because of the gyroscopic wheels which spin them into their various conditions, it is necessary to know how Nature causes the same kind of units of motion to appear to be so many different substances.
The present concept of atomic structure has no resemblance whatsoever to Nature’s processes for there is no place within wave mechanics for it to fit into. This universe consists solely of waves of motion. Any theory which cannot find a fitting place within the wave has no other place for it in Nature.
The present-day concept of atomic structure is based upon concentric shells, one within the other, which become the basis for revolving electrons placed according to formula upon those shell strata.
Centering these geocentrically and geometrically placed electrons are nuclear groups of separately-and-oppositely-charged protons and photons. By adding one electron to an outer shell, an element next in number is produced. Conversely, it is believed that if one electron could be knocked out of an element, such as mercury, the next succeeding element – gold – could be produced.
Insofar as Natural Law is concerned, one might as well say that if one of the children of a French family dies, it would change the family’s nationality to Italian.
Transmutation will be impossible until science realizes that atomic structure is gyroscopically controlled.
Science has a separate theory for systems of atomic structure which it does not apply to stellar systems. This is strange reasoning for science, for it conceded that large mass is but a multiple of small mass.
A planet, a sun, or a nebula is but an accumulation of atoms. A thimbleful of matter from a sun or planet is but a thimbleful atoms. The structure of one atom does not vary in a thimbleful so why should it vary in thimblefuls of atoms sufficient to make a star?
At what particular point in mass accumulation of atoms should the theory of atomic structure change to another theory for multiple atomic structure? It seems as though the early savants failed to think things through.
If the present concentric shell theory had any validity whatsoever, our telescopes would reveal these unnatural nuclei of white and black negative and positive suns huddling together in the center of shell-like concentric layers of planets following orbits which are impossible in this universe of matter which is created by pairs of spiral vortices which alone form the basis of atomic, solar or stellar construction.
You never see such monstrosities in the heavens. What you do see are doubly-charged suns, planets, and moons which form solar systems. You also see groups of many solar systems which we call spiral nebulae. Every sun, planet or moon in the heavens has a north and south pole which divides the mass into northern and southern hemispheres. One hemisphere is not a negatively-charged mass which floats by itself, nor is the other hemisphere a positively-charged mass. Every solar system has but one doubly-charged sun, not a number of proton suns opposing neutron or photon suns in groups.
All suns and planets in the heavens are throwing off rings at their equators which become planets or moons. Every mass begins as a ring and ends that way. Knowledge of the wave and of the spiral units which form the basis of the construction of matter would prohibit such unnatural theories as the present one. The secret of the constitution of matter lies in the wave. That secret is as yet unknown to science. As the wave becomes known, such unnatural theories will be discarded.
As above, so below.
50. The nucleus of every atomic system is a single compressed mass, like the sun of our solar system. The nucleus is the highest potential and the greatest mass in its system. It is held together by the polarizing power of gravity against the resistance of the depolarizing power of radiation.
Every nuclear mass must first be “wound up” spirally by centripetal force before it can be spirally “unwound” by centrifugal force.
Just as men and women must approach maturity before they can bear children, so must suns be near their maturing points before they can bear planets to become atomic or solar systems.

51. Centripetal force is generative. It polarizes bodies from their source to their maturity. Centrifugal force is radiative. It depolarizes bodies and voids them at their source where motion ceases.
Centripetal force is the condition of gravitation which compresses thought-waves into body forms.
Centrifugal force is the condition of radiation which expands thought-waves to void form.

52. If all people would impress this fact indelibly upon their Consciousness, it would clarify all the mysteries which beset humanity. To really be aware of this fact is to be aware of the REALITY from which a simulation of reality extends in forms of Mind-imaginings and returns to rest from the electric strains of Mind-imaginings.
All things live and die–grow and decay–breathe in and out–cool and heat–compress and expand–solidify and liquefy–awaken and sleep to the mighty rhythm of the electric pendulum of the cosmos.

53. Growth-decay of the elements is the same process as growth-decay of a tree or of the life-death cycle of a man. The childhood, boyhood, and youth cycles of a maturing man are the same effects as the lithium, beryllium and boron cycles which precede carbon in the elements.
These first, second and third elements of the octave are considered to be different substances, each having different conductivity, density, malleability, tensile strength, potential and melting points. Science has not thought of these as being earlier stages in the growth of carbon, as one thinks of the growth of a man. However, science must begin to think that way in order to comprehend the simplicity of transmutation.
A child, a boy and youth are the same flesh and blood of his mature manhood. His appearance in each of these stages is utterly different. Likewise his attributes differ utterly in each cycle.
In his childhood cycle he desires such toys as rattles and dolls. In his boyhood cycle he utterly discards these for toy soldiers, bicycles, cowboy outfits and juvenile books. Later he discards these as his desires change for higher studies, football, skiing, golf and preparation for a career.

This process of growth is universal. As we see it in tree, violet. man, elephant or insect, we must likewise see it in the elements of accumulated time, or in the incredible speed of basic time. Every creating thing is based upon the wave, and the wave is a growth from a point of rest to a point of rest through gravitation, then back to that point of rest through radiation.
We must learn to think of all accumulating matter as retarded time which lengthens its intervals in the ratio in which matter appears.
Likewise we must think of time as a rhythmic illusion of motion sequences. Time appears only when motion-in-matter begins. Time disappears when motion sequences end.
Time is but the recorder of change. Remove change and time is likewise removed.
If one lived in perpetual light–or in perpetual dark–he would be living in a timeless universe. He could then create the illusion of time only as Nature creates it, by counting the sequences of his breathings, or his sleepings and awakenings–or his hungerings.
Time sequences are the wave reversals which swing Nature’s pendulum between the births and deaths of all appearing-disappearing things.
Life is but a reversal of death–and death likewise is but a reversal of life.
Time counts births and adds them up into years, and centuries, and millenniums–but time also subtracts deaths from births to remain the zero which time is.
For time lives with life and dies with death as you and I and all things else likewise live and die to forever live again in this eternal universe of eternally-repeated illusion.
The senses record only the forward flow of time–but there is a backward flow of time which voids time, as there is a backward flow of life toward death which voids life.
This is a zero universe of EFFECTS which seem–but are not.

The fulcrum of the universe from which actions and reactions extend and return might be likened unto a mirror. As the action walks away from that mirror, it also extends the mirror’s image which walks away with it. The reaction simultaneously walks the other way with its mirrored fulcrum ever centering it, to compensate and void the action.
Both action and reaction then come to rest and simultaneously withdraw within their fulcrum to regain the needed vitality to repeat the action of gravity and its radiative reaction.

54. Every effect of motion is voided as it occurs, is recorded (in its inert gases) as it is voided, and repeated as it is recorded.
Time has no existence. Entries in The Book of Time are but the mathematics of polarity reversals. As Nature adds up reversals of polarity, she also adds their rhythms into deeper tones of less vibration frequencies of retarded time. When Nature subtracts reversals, she also multiplies the rhythms of electric-wave vibrations which pulse in unison with those rhythms.
That is the sole reason why man senses time. TIME is but the pendulum of motion. Its office is to record the heartbeat of two way motion. Without reversals of motion TIME has no existence.
Time is but one of those many illusions which deceive man into believing that unreality is reality. It even deceives the greater savants of science into their attempts to design the shape of this shapeless universe. All of them include time in their imagined shapes of the universe.
Every point in the universe is an infinite mirrored extension from every point. Each point is the center of universal extension into that mirrored infinity which ends at its point of beginning. The universe. therefore, can have no shape.
By thus removing time as a reality in Nature, and by learning to think cyclically in the orderly rhythmic simplicity which Nature applies to all creating things, one will be greatly aided in his endeavor to see the universe as one whole.
With full understanding of this pulsing heartbeat principle of interchange between the two opposites of electric expression, the expanding universe theory would never have been conceived.

55. Just as a business or family, or any organized group, must first generate a nucleus for the expansion of an idea into a system, so does the universe generate a nucleus for extending its idea into systems.
Naturally the universe is expanding and extending its generated nuclear masses into systems but it is forever contracting masses into nuclei in order to extend them into systems.
Nature first generates matter by polarizing it into a spherical nuclear mass. She then radiates matter by depolarizing it into expanding systems. Every system, whether atomic, solar or nebular, is expanding in relation to every other system in the universe, and is also expanding as of itself.

56. Planets are born from rings thrown off from the equators of suns. Moons are born from rings thrown off from planets. Rings “wind up” into planets and moons. These contract as they wind until they become spheres. They then expand as they “unwind” into oblating spheres.
All suns and moons of stellar systems are created only by compressing electric waves. The theory of the accumulation of dust clouds into matter is not true to Natural Law. There is no such dust in space, not even the weight of a milligram.
Space is an equilibrium which is polarized into four octave waves of invisible matter, but octave waves of matter even though invisible are not “dust.” These space octaves will be referred to later.
All planets and moons of their systems spiral farther and farther away from their primaries. They also spiral outward from their own axes of rotation, which shorten as their equators lengthen. They gradually “swell up” into many times their original size as they expand.
When Jupiter was where earth is. it was not more than twice the size of the earth. It is now very many times larger. It has likewise expanded by throwing off rings such as you see around Saturn. These have become moons. Four of them are still on the plane of Jupiter’s equator. It is even now preparing to throw off more rings which are seen as belts circling its equator.

57. Centripetal spirals multiply gravity to form the nuclei of borning systems, and centrifugal spirals divide gravity to radiate into dissipating systems.
Matter contracts into solids by “squeezing” space out of it. This draws its particles closer together and decreases its volume. Matter expands by “swallowing” space within it. This thrusts each particle farther apart.

58. The north-south poles control generation into form. The east-west poles control degeneration of form back to its source. When true spheres have been generated, the four poles unite as one and then reverse their directions. Prolation then ceases and oblation begins.
This universe of EFFECT is dual. It is a divided universe in which each positive half of every effect is balanced by its negative opposite half. For each hot sun, there is an equal cold vacuity awaiting in space to born another sun. Tides when lowering are simultaneously rising, and day cannot come without balancing night.
Our senses can detect the expansion of matured masses into systems, for the fiery arms of expanding systems are visible in thousands of nebulae. Hot radiating masses are visible but cold generating spirals which are creating hot bodies are not visible. The two black arms in every nebula are generating and contracting the hot radiating bodies which are its fiery arms.
(See Figures 131, 132, 133, page 114)

59. Wherever there is motion. there are two magnetic poles to control their contraction into “matter”, and another two to control their expansion into “space”.
When matter swallows space, matter disappears. When space swallows matter, matter reappears.

60. It must be known that the north-south polarity which divides the universal condition of rest into two opposite conditions of motion to create matter must have a counterbalancing polarity whose office it is to void the two opposed conditions of motion to restore the condition of rest.
Each of these oppose each other. One pair gains ascendancy for one-half of the cycle. The other pair then gains it. This principle is demonstrated by the life half of a life-death cycle being stronger than the death half–then the death half comes stronger until the cycle is completed.
In either half of the cycle, polarity controls its balance, but the office of north-south polarity is to prolate mass from its beginning at the base of a cone to a sphere at the cone apex by extending its poles, while the office of the counterbalancing polarity is to oblate mass from a sphere to the base of a cone by extending its equators.
In an oblating sphere like our dying planet, the east-west polarity has gained the ascendancy. These two poles control and balance the extension of the earth’s equator, the expansion of its volume and its orbit into ever-lengthening ellipses as the earth gradually flattens and increases its distance from the sun.

61. The converse of this effect is exemplified in our prolating sun. It has not quite matured into a true sphere. Its north-south polarity is still preponderant and will continue to predominate until the sun reaches true sphere maturity at its half cycle point.
Aeons will pass before the four poles unite and reverse their positions and directions, which will begin the flattening of the sn at its poles and its eventual disappearance by throwing off sequential giant rings.
The sun is still prolating while its planets are becoming increasingly oblate. The moment that earths or moons begin to oblate, that moment their equators leave the plane of the sun’s equator and their elliptical orbits are extended by the extension of their two east-west foci.
Newly born planets and moons, like Mercury and the four inner moons of Jupiter, hold to their planes of birth on the sun’s equator until they begin to flatten.

62. When a top spins swiftly enough upon its axis to maintain an angle of 90-degrees from the ground, it spins without wobbling on its axis, for it is in balance with gravity. Its axis points directly toward the earth’s center.
When spinning slows down, its center of gravity is divided. The top then wobbles. We say that it is out of balance. Scientifically expressed, we should say that its balance is divided.
To divide balance, its one center of gravity must be extended to two foci instead of one. We exemplify this effect.

63. Two children play seesaw by alternately lengthening opposite ends of their lever. That divides gravity by throwing the lever off center from its fulcrum. The fulcrum seemingly moves toward the short end of the lever to counteract balance.
When the reversed motion takes place, the fulcrum seemingly moves to the other side of its own center to again counteract balance. That develops two seeming extensions of the fulcrum in its own center. The fulcrum has not moved, however, the fulcrum is gravity. It has but seemed to move to two east-west points. It has seemed to make gravity oscillate between two extended balance points.

64. These two east-west extensions of gravity are east-west magnetic poles for they extend as such only for the purpose of keeping this universe in balance in its every effort. When the seesaw returns to its level, these two east-west foci withdraw into their fulcrum and cease to be–because unbalance has ceased to be.
When the spinning top slows down, it leans away from its vertical axis. It has become unbalanced with its north-south vertical axis which points directly toward the center of the earth.
That leaning describes a circle around its perpendicular axis. North-south is seemingly divided into an extended pair which seems to cause gravity to oscillate.
65. Those seeming oscillations are east-west extensions of balance which counteract and control any unbalance which threatens to upset the balance of north-south extensions.
66. The above paragraph is fraught with meaning which must be clarified. The relation of balance to gravity is so little understood that it should be made clear.
We see a man on a tightrope extending a balance pole east and west from his south-north direction to counterbalance any unbalance he may create.
We relate that fact to gravity in a far too vague way of thinking. It should not be vague. We should KNOW its meaning dynamically.
67. Its explanation is given in two steps. The first step is to reduce it in principle to utter simplicity. The second step will be to amplify that simple fundamental.
First Step
68. We must first realize that Creation is but the electric thinking of Idea expressed by moving body forms imagined in the Mind of the Creator. The moving body forms are created in the image of the Creator’s imaginings. The body forms are not idea: they but simulate idea.
When man creates thought forms for his ideas, his conception expands from the zero point of its beginning. He builds a complete mental three-dimensional form for his idea and creates a body to simulate that idea. He then fatigues from thinking that idea and rests for an interval before again thinking it into further form. The thoughts which he extends to cause body forms to appear he now retracts and they disappear.

Body forms of matter appear when Mind concentrates by thinking idea. They disappear when Mind decentrates to rest from thinking idea.
Mind of God and Mind of man are one. The Creator thinks idea as man does–by extending it in waves of electric thinking and withdrawing it by reversal of extended thinking.
Briefly, then, we may define Creation as a Mind imagined electric extension from a point and its retraction to that point.

Second Step
69. This universe is the sum total of electric actions and reactions expressed in thought-waves of two-way motion.
Every action is an outward radial extension of balance from one balanced condition to create two opposite equally-balanced conditions.
Every action is, therefore, an outward radial extension of balance from a centering point of universal balance.

70. The extension of infinite radii from a dimensionless point brings into being a three-dimensional radial universe. It has length, breadth and thickness. And it has form, the sphere.
Also it has measure–the measure of the energy which desire for extension gave to it. The desire to divide and extend one condition of rest into two intervals of motion are marked throughout the universe by the Magnetic Surveyor and Controller of balance.

71. North and south poles are measured out to limit the extension of form from its wave axis to a sphere of balanced curvature.
East-west polarity resists north-south extension of matter beyond the form of a sphere. Its office is to return the sphere to its wave axis. North-south polarity resists that change.
72. In radial universe of varying pressures, the change in pressure is only in the inward-outward direction. There are therefore only two directions of changing pressures in this universe.

73. The inward one is the direction of multiplied pressures. Gravity means multiplied pressure. Gravity is north. North is positive.
74. The outward one is the direction of divided pressures. Radiation means divided pressure. Radiation is south. South is negative.
75. North-south is the direction of dynamic action. The piston of the universal heartbeat is north-south. Cyclones, tornadoes, lightning, rains, and all other dynamic effects of motion are north-south. Their potentials all multiply in the direction of north –and divide in the direction of south. Solidity of matter is north. Emptiness of space is south.
76. North-south represents the divided universe of pairs of equal opposite conditions
–the condition which we call gravity and the condition which we call radiation. Briefly stated, north-south is the direction of motion and time, for sequences are north-south reversals which born time.
77. East-west poles are measured intervals of extensions on planes of rest. They represent the undivided universe of unchanging balance and potential condition.

78. North-south poles are measured intervals of extensions on planes of motion. They represent the divided universe of changing balance and potential condition.

79. North-south polarity divides the universe into two equal and opposite conditions by extending balance dually and dividing it into pairs.
80. East-west polarity resists that division and sets up two counterbalancing east-west poles to control the balance of the two conditions on their return to the one condition of rest.
81. A true sphere sun is in perfect balance. It has but one focal center of gravity because its radii are of equal length. The moment the sphere oblates, its radii are of unequal length. Their potentials vary because the equatorial extensions of mass out-balance the polar extensions. Two east-west balancing poles then extend from the center of gravity to control the unbalance of potential now set up in the sphere.
A section of the sun, cut through upon the plane of its equator, would be circular. The radii of a circle are equal. A section cut through the poles would be elliptical. The radii of an ellipse are unequal.

82. A sphere has but one focal center but an ellipse has two. During the prolation of elliptical spheroids to spherical form. the two east-west foci draw closer to the center of gravity as north-south foci extend away from that center. As spheres oblate to elliptical spheroids, the east-west poles extend away from the center of gravity as depolarization draws the north-south poles closer together.

83. The sun is practically a true sphere. Its equatorial ring of hundreds of millions of miles is a gyroscopic wheel. Its shape is circular at its equator but its pressure directions are spiral. The planet Mercury is practically a true sphere. It is an equatorial extension of the sun. If it were still a part of the sun’s body, it would revolve around the sun’s axis as an integral part of the sun’s body.

84. Even though it has separated from it and has an axis of its own upon which it must turn, it must still revolve around the sun’s body as well as its own.
85. Mercury is also a gyroscopic wheel. Its ring extension coincides with the ring extension of the sun. They are on the same plane: therefore their poles of rotation are parallel. If the pressures of the ring were equipotential circles, Mercury would describe a circular orbit around the sun, but they are not–they are spiral, therefore they are perihelion and aphelion foci which balance and control the extension and retraction of its orbit around the sun.
This same thing is true of the four inner moons of Jupiter and the inner moon of Mars.
86. Our earth is not located upon the plane of the sun’s gyroscopic ring. It has broken away from it to an angle of 23-degrees. Its gyroscopic disc is so greatly out of balance with that of the sun that it has to revolve around the sun below the sun’s gyroscopic disc for one-half of the year and above it for the other half, instead of keeping on the same plane with it as Mercury does.
That puts the earth in the same predicament that the tightrope walker finds himself in when he leans out of balance with gravity, or a spinning top is when it leans off center.
87. The angle of their leanings is the same in principle as the leaning of the earth’s axis. It makes the earth wobble on its axis to describe circles around its plane of gravity, while it reaches out for two counter-balancing foci just as the tightrope walker reaches for two counter-balancing foci.
88. Science has been retarded in discovering this fact of counterbalance of polarity by misinterpreting the action of the tightrope walker, the interpretation being that the extension of a balancing pole is to counteract the weight of his unbalance by extending an equal weight upon the other side of his balancing equator.
89. That is true but the conception of weight is not true. By reading my chapter on weight, this will be clarified by the true conception of weight as the potential of resistance to strains and stresses set up by any departure from a balanced condition.

90. When the earth “stood up straight” it had no need of extending its balance pole, but the moment it leaned, it needed those counter-balancing foci as much as the tightrope walker needed them.
91. Mass is motion and motion must be balanced by opposed pairs of poles. When motion ceases, polarity likewise ceases.
Motion does not cease, however, until extended mass returns to the wave axis from which it was projected. The moment it again leaves that axis in opposite two-way extensions, poles appear because balance is divided and must be controlled.
92. Tops spin on their pegs and solar and atomic gyroscopes spin on their hub shafts, but the principle of their wobbling is the same. They wobble when their shafts are off center.
The hubs of gyroscopic wheels do not center their rims in the first three pairs of tones of the octave. The wheels are ellipses and the hub of the wave shaft is gravity, so gravity does not center the wheel for the first three octaves.
A metal gyroscopic wheel, or flywheel, multiplies centrifugal force as it increases in speed, but Nature’s atomic gyroscopic wheels are centripetal vortices which contract around their shafts. They are like whirlpools or cyclones which thrust inward and multiply centripetal force as they thus contract to form hubs for their wheels which are centering suns.

93. Two children cannot move while they are in balance with their fulcrum, for motion is impossible in an equilibrium. Balance must be divided into unbalanced opposite pairs before motion becomes possible.
Nature likewise cannot produce motion without thus dividing balance to produce two opposing conditions. Centripetal force thus produces carbon when its speed has multiplied sufficiently in each succeeding tonal effort to find a balance between those two opposing conditions.
Wobbling gradually decreases as the prolating spheroidal hub of the gyroscopic wheel contracts to a true sphere and the shaft of gravity centers the hub, and its north-south poles are parallel with the wave axis of its beginning.
94. Nature works in strange ways. Of all her mystifying processes, her manner of producing the double polarity, which assures two-way balance for the two-way journey of her two conditions, is perhaps the most illusive of her illusions. It is well to clarify this mystery step by step at this point.
(A) The carbon wheel spins true upon a horizontal shaft which arose vertically from its plane of equilibrium.
(B) The rim of the wheel begins to spin on the horizontal plane of equilibrium and arises to become the vertical equator of its hub.
(C) The vertical has become horizontal and the horizontal has become vertical to transform one unchanging rest condition to two changing conditions of motion.
(D) The positive electric worker has made the rim of the wheel become its hub by use of its centripetal force. That is how Nature manufactures GRAVITY and multiplies potential to contract waves into solids surrounded by space.
(E) The negative electric worker has made the hub of the wheel become its rim by use of its centrifugal force. That is how Nature manufactures RADIATION and divides potential to expand waves into space centered by solids.
(F) The rim of the wheel is now 90-degrees from the equilibrium plane of its birth, and is 90-degrees from the shaft of its hub. From a plane of no motion, it has become a sphere of maximum motion.
(G) The hub shaft of the wheel is now parallel with the plane of rest and 90-degrees from the plane of maximum motion.
(H) The rim of the wheel was maximum speed and the hub was minimum when motion began on the plane of rest, but now the hub is maximum speed and rim is minimum when the wheel stands up from rest.
95. This is Nature’s process of dividing the still Light of the Creator into the two moving lights of matter and space to simulate the Mind imaginings of the Creator by moving image forms of His Creation.
A word picture of this process might simplify Nature’s method. Imagine, therefore, the seed of idea placed upon the wave axis like the seed of a tree put into the ground.
Now imagine the ground rising as a hoop would rise from the ground until it stood straight up instead of lying down.
As the ground rises to stand up, imagine the idea of the tree unfolding in a series of four efforts which we will call stages of growth.
The seed of the idea becomes a fully formed mature body when the ground has arisen from wave axis level to wave amplitude height. 90-degrees from its axis level.
The ground, which borned the formless seed, is now the vertical equator which balances the fully formed body.
Half of the upright tree extends to the north of that equator and the other half to the south of it. Its roots extend north toward gravity, and its branches radiate south toward space.
This is the manner in which growing matter appears.
Now comes the reverse process. That fully formed body which has unfolded from its seed must now refold into its seed. This it does in four reverse stages of decadence, and as it thus refolds the ground lies down gradually with all of the body still contained in it but refolded as patterned seed.
This is the manner in which decaying matter disappears.
This visualization pictures that method of Nature which borns and reborns its patterned ideas forever and forever without end. That which comes from the ground must return to it for rebirth. Patterned forms must disappear into their seed and be added to at each rebirth.
Idea is eternal. Bodies which manifest idea are transient but heir repetitions are eternal. There is no exception to this process of repetitions of bodies which is called reincarnation when applied to man. The process is universal, however, and applies to all creating things–not man alone.
97. All matter begins its accumulation from cone bases on wave axes. It multiplies its accumulation while spiraling to cone apices. It ceases to accumulate when it becomes a sphere–and redistributes its accumulation in rings around the sphere to become cone bases on wave axes for repeating its accumulation. (See Figure 131, page 114)
Verily the sphere–which carbon is–has arisen from its resting place to stand up and go into action in a divided three-dimensional universe of change for just a little while before lying down to rest in the undivided universe of stillness in order to regenerate vitality for again arising into action.

98. The periodic table of today lists 92 elements, including isotopes and inert gases. Many listed as elements are isotopes, which are divided fractional elements.
My periodic table lists 63 elements, 49 isotopes and 9 inert gases, making a total of 121.
From Nature’s point of view there is but one element–CARBON–and but one form–THE CUBE-SPHERE.
Carbon crystallizes in the form of its wave field, which is a true cube. The nucleus of its system is a true sphere. The plane of its system is 90-degrees from its wave axis, 90-degrees from its pole of rotation and 90-degrees from the axis of its north-south poles. The shape of the carbon atomic system is a disc, as shown in Figure 131 page 114. The orbit of every planet of the carbon system is on the plane of the carbon equator, and that equator is on the plane of the wave amplitude.
Carbon thus manifests balanced form in body and unity in balanced sex mating. It has but one equator. All elements which are not on wave amplitudes are disunited pairs which are divided by three equators. Each single element is divided in itself by its own equator and each pair is divided by the wave amplitude equator.

99. Carbon symbolizes the marriage-idea in Nature. Its one equator is the bond of its unity. It is no longer a pair–and that is what marriage in Nature means, and what it should mean in man’s mating practices. Divided pairs have opposed attributes. The negatives of pairs are metallic acids–the positives arc metallic alkalis. All are conductive, for conductivity is a search for balance.
Balanced unity voids acidity, alkalinity, metallic quality and conductivity. By eliminating these qualities carbon becomes a salt–which means a mineral with the qualities of stone.
When disunited equal-and-opposite pairs “marry”, such as sodium and chlorine, they likewise have but one equator instead of three the instant they unite as sodium chloride. They likewise lose their metallic, acid, alkaline and conductive qualities and crystallize as true cubes.
An example of unbalanced mating in Nature is that of the marriage of sodium and iodine or sodium and bromine. Each of these marriages has stability but there is a residue of unbalance in each of them which is evidenced in distorted cube crystals. Each of them would likewise continue as harmonious marriages unless chlorine appeared, in which case Nature would immediately annul the marriage in favor of chlorine.
100. Carbon has the highest melting point and greatest density of all the elements. This means that carbon is also the most enduring of all elements because of having accumulated more time cycles. It likewise means that carbon is the least radioactive of all elements because radioactivity only begins to express itself by outward explosion at wave amplitude, although it is strongest at that reversal point where generoactivity and radioactivity meet.
It is from Nature’s point of view that we will very briefly describe the nine-octave cycle of the elements, with the hope of unifying man’s point of view with that of Nature.
101. The one supreme outstanding characteristic of this electric universe of two-way balanced effects of motion is the cyclic unfolding of matured body forms to manifest MIND-IDEA. and their refolding into the Source of all IDEA.
Bodies of matured forms are unfolded by a series of four efforts in positive-negative pairs. Likewise, they are refolded by a reverse series of four efforts in similarly mated pairs.
102. Each effort in Nature to unfold and refold is a stage of inward-outward growth toward the formation of a matured polarized body, and away from it toward its seed-idea.
The fourth positive-negative pair of every octave is united as one. (See Figure 87, page 105, and Figure 114, page 110).
They unite as one at their wave amplitude, which in every wave points directly toward the center of gravity. These two united efforts constitute the matured body form of conceived idea.
They are the meeting points of life and death–the reversal points of rest which divide generation and radiation. At that meeting point is the greatest density, highest melting point and highest potential of the entire cycle.
In that united pair is the matured body of the one element–CARBON.
Every completed idea in Nature is expressed in nine efforts–or stages–which are eight octave waves plus the matured centering amplitude wave of the whole nine-octave cycle.
103. Each octave of the elements grows from its inert gas just as a tree grows from its seed. The inert gases record and store for repetition all that has gone before in that octave.
104. In the Mendeleef table of the elements, hydrogen is shown without an inert gas. This is as impossible as producing a child without parents.
Hydrogen is also shown as being the only element in a whole octave. That is also as impossible as charging only one of the two cells of a battery.
105. Hydrogen is not one element, but eight. It is a whole octave in itself but Nature has not made it possible for the senses of man to detect this easily.
When I explained this fact many years ago to science, it went into research and found other tones of this octave which it mistakenly called isotopes. What science found were full tones, not isotopes.

Science had numbered the elements from 1 to 92, however, on the presumption that there were no others, and had no alternative but to call them isotopes.

106. In the Mendeleef table, series 5-7-10-11 and 12 are shown without inert gases and without being full octaves. These series are also partially filled with isotopes which do not belong in the groups in which they are placed. Also a group numbered 8 consists of nine isotopes to which full numbers have been given. In fact all isotopes are numbered as though they were full tones.
107. Isotopes do not appear in Nature until the 6th octave, and then only between 3 and 4 positive and 4 and 3 negative. They increase in numbers in the succeeding older octaves because the aging carbon is unable to reach the true sphere in either of them. Its many attempts to do so result in producing many isotopes.
l.ike the fully matured strong man who keeps his vitality for a long period of time, carbon rises again to amplitude at silicon as a nonmetal, but from there on the gradual radioactive decline makes it impossible for another balanced nonmetal to appear at wave amplitude.
108. The fifth octave is the balancing one of the nine which Nature demands in all of her expressions. That is the octave of matured vitality. The four older octaves are fully evident to our senses because they have accumulated density by accumulating time cycles.
The four younger octaves are beyond our sense range with the exception of hydrogen, which has been listed as only one of that octave.
These exist in Nature for Nature is balanced. It must have the four younger octaves to counterbalance the older ones.
As I have heretofore said, one can know many things which he cannot sense. One can, therefore, KNOW that balance in Nature’s polarization principle DEMANDS equality of division in all of her paired effects.
It is not just necessary to KNOW this fact, however, to be convinced of its truth, for it can be proven by reading the history of the elements from their beginning spectrum lines. The red lines in the spectrum of hydrogen do not belong to one octave alone. Each red line tells of another invisible octave. Spectrum lines should be read as accumulated time in history, not as though all the lines of any reading belonged to one element of one octave.
109. The reason for the intervals between these red lines in the spectrum is not because they represent the pressures of one element but because each sequential octave increases in density, which also retards time sequences.
The reverse of this principle applies in depolarizing bodies. Depolarizing bodies on the radioactive half of any cycle project time accumulations from them at tremendous speeds. Helium and other inert gases explode outwardly from tungsten at approximately half the “speed of light” while similar “rays” explode outwardly from radium, actinium, thorium, uranium and uridium at almost the speed of light.
Conversely, generoactive rays explode inwardly at tremendous speeds in the first three invisible octaves. Alpha, beta, gamma and “cosmic” rays explode inwardly to center invisible generating matter as they and the older inert gases explode outwardly from degenerating visible matter.