#92 Cubism 2.0

According to WR, the sphere and the cube are the two forms of fundamental architecture which underpin the entire metaphysical/physical universe. This geometry may seems a little counter-intuitive at first, particularly when a large portion of this structure is beyond our sensing. The key to understanding this important axiom of WR lies with curvature. Maximum … Read more

#91 You’re not my type

We humans simultaneously exist as two bodies. A compressed physical and an expanded metaphysical body. The physical body is the (5) sensed aspects while the metaphysical Knowing aspect is our invisible selves, the domain of wisdom, desire, and inspiration. We use our physical bodies to express the qualities and characteristics of our metaphysical bodies.We are … Read more

#90 Sixty-Nine

In this two-way electric universe Birth = Death (50 : 50).They are the same condition both present simultaneously. To fully grasp the two-way motion and the potential implication for device design, consider the following model. At the birth of every condition there is an equal probability (50 :50) to develop a dominant A or B … Read more

#89 Spooky Action

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Do you ever get the impression that the scientific community is an exclusive club, designing their own language in a similar fashion to law/medicine to keep the common riff raff out of their cozy fireside chats ?Why should clarity of thinking and understanding be exclusively confined to these learned groups. WR would encourage you to … Read more

#88 Road Runner

We all know that a force needs to act against a resistance in order to produce a resultant effect. That resistance must be appropriate to the applied force. Try pushing a car uphill while wearing roller-skates to see what I mean. In terms of WRC, think of this environmental resistance as a reflective mirror. When … Read more

#87 Middle Man

WR teaches us that, we humans, are far too reliant on our senses to inform us on the nature of the reality in which we are all immersed. The true nature of All reality lies in 100% Stillness. This condition is undetectable by our sensing apparatus. We can instead Know this condition. It is our … Read more

#86 Black Belt

WR teaches that the elements within any octave are effectively the same ‘thing’ but that each stage of growth and development is represented by each of those elemental expressions. For example, lithium is the youth expression of mature carbon, and fluorine is the old aged expression of that same carbon expression. Each octave of elements … Read more

#85 Ellipse

This is an impromptu video presentation made while on a routine visit to the WRC open air office ! The main points of the video are, there is no force of Gravity as described by science bodies in elliptical orbits are influenced equally by two foci regardless of whether there is a primary present at … Read more

#84 The Viagra Effect

An analogous relationship is often drawn between the flow of electric current in a wire and water flowing in a pipe or stream. This analogy is fine to a point but, a line needs to be drawn and quickly ! Electrons and electron flow are articulated as scientific fact and all our inefficient systems are … Read more

#83 Resistance is Futile

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If you ask any electrical engineer to design a circuit to heat a room, they will invariably do so, by introducing a large resistance into their conductor circuit. This resistance will act like a typical mechanical resistance and the voltage drop across the resistance will manifest as heat. WR teaches us that Nature does not … Read more