#12 Levitation and the Pyramids

Once you have removed the gravitational thorn from your thinking, you are ready to embrace the WRC perspective to many of man’s greatest puzzles.How is it possible to manipulate Nature to release her secrets as she has obviously done in the past ! WR describes in great detail the electric nature of this universe. All … Read more

#11 Zen and the art of Kite Surfing

While out at the beach yesterday really enjoying being present in the ‘Now’  I became aware of Source through the action of the local kite surfers.It is really important to realise that I spend very little time consumed with modern technology and as a result when out in Nature I try to be fully engaged … Read more

#10 Cosmic – Electrophoresis

ElectrophoresisWR describes this electric universe in terms of motion. Motion is either centripetal or centrifugal. Perceivable matter has dominant centripetal motion while nebulous matter which looks like space has a dominant centrifugal motion. This entire universe is set within a framework which is divided into two equal but not identical halves. One half is fully … Read more

#9 Co-creating in Light

This week I would like to share some thoughts as to how we can elevate WRC to a practical application to co-create in light. The technique is reasonably simply and the apparatus not too complicated. We may already be familiar with the explosive reaction which occurs when metallic sodium is added directly to water. Metallic … Read more

#8 Harmonic Repetition

WR teaches that effects which are created ‘here’ and repeated everywhere. How is this achieved ? Well, as the title of this post suggests, it is achieved through harmonic repetition. We know when a note is played on one instrument, the same note will oscillate on an adjacent instrument. In addition to this sympathetic coupling, … Read more

#7 All in ONE

We have often heard the expression ‘All is One’ and possibly wondered if this is indeed true then why isn’t it more obvious ?WRC teaches that the problem lies with our sensing. To add insult to injury our sensing was designed that way ! Part of the human development is to come to realise that … Read more

#6 Oil is Abiotic (Revisited)

One of the interesting implications of WRC is that the Earth formed as a re-condensed emanation from a radiating Sun. This means that the Earth left the Sun as an invisible equatorial stream and solidified when it cooled sufficiently. The alignments of the elements in the Earths atmosphere (the radiative half of the carbon octave) … Read more

#5 Twin Opposed Motion

WR suggests that all expression of matter/motion are as a result of two opposed streams. When a wave field is breathing, there is inwards and outward flow of potential. Imagine this motion as follows. Rhythmic Balanced Interchange (RBI) implies an inward centripetal motion passing through an outward centrifugal motion. One can think of this like … Read more

#4 The Perception – defect !

Consider the following… you see the STOP sign and read it accordingly. Now imagine you see the ‘out-there’ reality in exactly the same way. Can you say for sure that the sign was prepared with physical white characters ( S,T,O,P) superimposed onto a red background. What if the letter were not present as physical objects … Read more

#3 Chemical Bonding not necessary !

If the entire universe is in resonance due to a cymatic standing wave pattern caused by opposed motions (rim to hub/hub to rim) then there is no need for all the chemical bonding supported by MSS. Every chemist is taught about the various chemical bonding options, ionic, covalent, hydrogen, double, triple to name but a … Read more