#82 Good Vibrations

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We all have at sometime or another experienced a heightened mood during and after a concert because we melded with the collective vibe of the gig. The overall feel good factor being greater than the sum of the individual contributors. There is a sort of in-phase coherence or vibrational entrainment between all those oscillating bodies. … Read more

#81 Zero Point

Science is confused when it comes to energy from the vacuum. This error arises from the misunderstanding that energy lies somehow within matter and space is a void.WRC teaches that all physical matter is exactly balanced by expanded space.In other words, when space is compressed it becomes matter and when matter expands it becomes space. … Read more

#80 Squirming

Why do I do this to myself ?It is absolute torture to listen to this and it is even worst to read the complicity in the comments. I really wish the planet would stop for a moment so I could get off. Do you dare watch it ?Remember, this is NASA, that ‘never a straight … Read more

#79 In the Mix

WR describes how each elemental expression of this carbon based physical reality varies from one to the other by subtle manipulation of the18 dimensions/properties/characteristics which define that material body. Every sound engineer knows how to best balance the output of the recording in order to achieve the most harmonious sound profile. Likewise too, Source is … Read more

#78 Sour Note

Imagine a perfectly tuned piano upon which a performer can express their musical talent. When certain rules are applied to the playing, the notes ring out in harmony and an overall pleasant experience is had by the audience. In terms of the periodic table of elements this tuned harmonious condition can only be applied to … Read more

#77 Thought for today #4

Ever since Benjamin Franklin flew his kite into the wild storms over Philadelphia great minds have tried to harness the power of nature. Nikola Tesla was probably the first to successfully harness usable power from the ‘static’ atmosphere. Do we all not already have the knowledge how to achieve this ? Do the explanations of … Read more

#76 Letting go

Conventional physics is plagued with one theory after another. There is for example, m-theory, f-theory, string theory, general/special relativity, black holes, big bang as well as the common misunderstandings with respect to electricity and magnetism to name but a few. But, what if there was a simpler model ?WRC offer’s that model although it may … Read more

#75 Dis-ease

WRC teaches that Stillness is the only true reality and what we perceive as a universe in motion is an illusion created to stimulate our senses into believing that the physical universe is the only reality. All meditation practices attempt to turn down the sensitivity of the senses and allow one’s self to totally immerse … Read more

#74 Seriously

I came across the presentation recently. It is 3 minutes I will never get back. Please be aware the word ‘theory does NOT mean ‘fact’ even through the unction of the scientific elites.

#73 PHI-losophy

We are familiar with the idea of limits to our sensing. We humans can usually hear sound in the 2 – 20kHz range. Wave frequencies in this range are detected by our hearing apparatus but not by our other sensing mechanisms. Science would have us believe the the speed of light is a universal constant … Read more