#22 Cubism

WR teaches that this physical reality is underpinned in some way by a cubic lattice structure. We could think of such a geometry as a lattice extending to an infinity horizon as indicated in Fig : 1. While this image is not too far from the truth it is equally limiting in what it shows … Read more

#21 Still Standing !

WR teaches that the secret of all Creation lies with understanding the wave, and the motion of the wave. He also teaches that in the case of light, it does not propagate with a leading edge and our sensing might have us believe. In this article, I wish to propose the fundamental geometry of all … Read more

#20 Get to the Point !

All oscillatory or vibrational motion comes into manifest as a result of a central fulcrum. This fulcrum is Still and unyielding because this fulcrum is Mind itself.Mind extends its Ideas through this fulcrum into the levers whose movement brings the universe of motion into existence. Fig : 1 indicates that when a point of Still … Read more

#19 A good read !

Imagine contained within the ‘Book of Creation’ is all knowledge and all truth. The entire story is there to read just like any other book one page at a time. This story is too great a tale to comprehend in one sitting so, Mind divides the narrative into two separate tomes and allows each of … Read more

#18 Spin doctor

This post should put your head in a spin. If this is indeed an illusionary universe then there can be no hard and fast definite materialistic qualities assigned to this construct. Every apparent conclusion must by its very nature display some nebulous properties. Let’s take the characteristics of orbital revolution (length of year) and that … Read more

#17 Gravity the center of attention

Imagine you fabricate a simple hula-hoop in your workshop to create a perfectly circular loop. Did you also create its centre? Where is the centre of that hoop located if it was never created?The centre may be easy to find if you place the hoop on the bench and mark the location of the central … Read more

#16 C the light !

We have all been taught that the Earth is situated about 98 million miles from the Sun and that the light from that Sun takes about 8 minutes to reach us here on Earth. Science is also convinced that the speed of light (C) is a constant…errh in a vacuum! Einstein himself conceded that Nature … Read more

#15 You’ve been framed

If we define the rate at which we process our surrounding environment at 30 fps this will then create a nice smooth continuous image of our physical reality.  Life will appear normal with no skips and jumps in the physical images we observe. We know that the brain limits (~30 fps) our experience to what … Read more

#14 Twinkle twinkle little …

We are all familiar with stumbling around in a darkened room. We are also aware that when we strike a match in that room, then the light from the match fills the entire room. When we increase the luminosity further by turning on a 100 watt bulb the room becomes complete flooded and we can … Read more

#13 Beam me up – Scotty !

WR teaches that this universe of motion manifests between two points of rest, just like a swinging pendulum. These points of rest occur when the potential energy is maximum but the kinetic energy is minimum. This implies that the universe manifests when the kinetic energy is > 0. WR also teaches that Source-Mind itself resides … Read more