#73 PHI-losophy

We are familiar with the idea of limits to our sensing. We humans can usually hear sound in the 2 – 20kHz range. Wave frequencies in this range are detected by our hearing apparatus but not by our other sensing mechanisms. Science would have us believe the the speed of light is a universal constant … Read more

#71 Safe Sex

Steady on!!Now, that I have your attention, consider the following mindful experiment. Close your eyes an imagine a metronome or some device transmitting a single sound from directly in front of you. Your sense of hearing locates that sound and your brain confirms that the sound is located directly in front of you. There is … Read more

#70 Daydreamer

One of the most important lessons imparted by WR is that we all are intrinsically connected to one another, to the cosmos at large and to Source itself. Our modern, busy, materialistic world is constructed to appease our egotistic desires that we have lost touch with our own sense of ourselves. In fact, our modern … Read more