When you observe the magician cutting the assistant in two, you know you are being tricked, though you may not fully comprehend the mechanics of the illusion.Your day to day experiences and observations of the world around you are hard wired into your cognitive perception. A skilled illusionist will play with that well understood hard … Read moreAbracadabra

Call 911

WR warns mankind in his book ‘Atomic Suicide’ of the dangers of bringing into our physical world the elemental patterns which were designed to do their work below ground. The radioactive elements provide a vital function in their correct environment buried deep within the Earth, where they can act upon the hard rock to reduce … Read moreCall 911

5G or ^G

WR teaches that within the ‘wave’ lies the secret of Creation. This is indeed true but it is a double edged sword because like radioactivity the wave can also inflict damage on electric (human) beings. A curious side note comes to mind. We know the Roman numeral for 5 is v.  When inverted becomes ^G … Read more5G or ^G