#95 The Hutchison Effect

hutchison effect

John Hutchison is a Canadian researcher who has taken some of the proposals and ideas inherent in WRC and has created some unusual effects. He has reported that by application of a  focused high energy beam, metals thus exposed begin to soften to a jelly/jello like consistency. The energy seems to be affecting the fundamental … Read more

#68 Abracadabra

When you observe the magician cutting the assistant in two, you know you are being tricked, though you may not fully comprehend the mechanics of the illusion.Your day to day experiences and observations of the world around you are hard wired into your cognitive perception. A skilled illusionist will play with that well understood hard … Read more

#53 Call 911

WR warns mankind in his book ‘Atomic Suicide’ of the dangers of bringing into our physical world the elemental patterns which were designed to do their work below ground. The radioactive elements provide a vital function in their correct environment buried deep within the Earth, where they can act upon the hard rock to reduce … Read more

#42 Morphic Resonance

WR may have preceded Rupert Sheldrake but they both attempt to explain the same phenomena namely, how mind and matter interact to create the perceived universe. I offer this content not as a replacement of WRC, but RS’s terminology may help to unlock for you some of WR’s ideas and core philosophy’s. RS does tend … Read more

#27 Political Correctness

If the principle advocated by WR are true then, those same principles can be applied to every aspect of our lives. This is an electric universe. Electricity is the force which keeps opposite expressions polarised and separated into pairs. This is Natural Law. This is how the universe works, and this is how the electrical … Read more

#23 5G or ^G

WR teaches that within the ‘wave’ lies the secret of Creation. This is indeed true but it is a double edged sword because like radioactivity the wave can also inflict damage on electric (human) beings. A curious side note comes to mind. We know the Roman numeral for 5 is v.  When inverted becomes ^G … Read more

#13 Beam me up – Scotty !

WR teaches that this universe of motion manifests between two points of rest, just like a swinging pendulum. These points of rest occur when the potential energy is maximum but the kinetic energy is minimum. This implies that the universe manifests when the kinetic energy is > 0. WR also teaches that Source-Mind itself resides … Read more

#12 Levitation and the Pyramids

Once you have removed the gravitational thorn from your thinking, you are ready to embrace the WRC perspective to many of man’s greatest puzzles.How is it possible to manipulate Nature to release her secrets as she has obviously done in the past ! WR describes in great detail the electric nature of this universe. All … Read more

#9 Co-creating in Light

This week I would like to share some thoughts as to how we can elevate WRC to a practical application to co-create in light. The technique is reasonably simply and the apparatus not too complicated. We may already be familiar with the explosive reaction which occurs when metallic sodium is added directly to water. Metallic … Read more

#4 The Perception – defect !

Consider the following… you see the STOP sign and read it accordingly. Now imagine you see the ‘out-there’ reality in exactly the same way. Can you say for sure that the sign was prepared with physical white characters ( S,T,O,P) superimposed onto a red background. What if the letter were not present as physical objects … Read more