Middle Man

WR teaches us that, we humans, are far too reliant on our senses to inform us on the nature of the reality in which we are all immersed. The true nature of All reality lies in 100% Stillness. This condition is undetectable by our sensing apparatus. We can instead Know this condition. It is our … Read moreMiddle Man


WRC teaches that Stillness is the only true reality and what we perceive as a universe in motion is an illusion created to stimulate our senses into believing that the physical universe is the only reality. All meditation practices attempt to turn down the sensitivity of the senses and allow one’s self to totally immerse … Read moreDis-ease

All in ONE

We have often heard the expression ‘All is One’ and possibly wondered if this is indeed true then why isn’t it more obvious ? WRC teaches that the problem lies with our sensing. To add insult to injury our sensing was designed that way ! Part of the human development is to come to realise … Read moreAll in ONE