Road Runner

We all know that a force needs to act against a resistance in order to produce a resultant effect. That resistance must be appropriate to the applied force. Try pushing a car uphill while wearing roller-skates to see what I mean. In terms of WRC, think of this environmental resistance as a reflective mirror. When … Read moreRoad Runner

Road Rage

If only man would copy Nature more effectively he would learn to achieve ‘more with less’. Man’s electrical devices are very inefficient and do not multiply their effect much above a factor of 1 Imagine, building a road from Milan to Rome. Design protocols will usually dictate that the road will have a uniform width … Read moreRoad Rage


Modern scientific understanding of the world is based to a large degree on Coulomb’s Law, namely, that opposites attract and like repels like. WR teaches that this perspective is incorrect and is out of harmony with the true nature of reality by 180°. Every sub-atomic particle, atom, molecule, plant, body, planet, sun, and galaxy has … Read moreRelax

Twin Opposed Motion

WR suggests that all expression of matter/motion are as a result of two opposed streams. When a wave field is breathing, there is inwards and outward flow of potential. Imagine this motion as follows. Rhythmic Balanced Interchange (RBI) implies an inward centripetal motion passing through an outward centrifugal motion. One can think of this like … Read moreTwin Opposed Motion