#99 Pssst…

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We know that carbon has a melting point of 3600°C and right next to it in the periodic table is nitrogen with a melting point of -210°C. Carbon represents the element with the greatest degree of compressed electrical potential. Just like with the common refrigerator, the state of coldness is produced by the sudden release … Read more

#93 Turning the Tables

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We are familiar with the arrangement of some of the elemental expression within the electrochemical series. Lithium sits at the top of this table which indicates why it was selected as the basis of Li-ion rechargeable battery cells. WR teaches that we live in a carbon based reality. He argues that, rather than there existing … Read more

#80 Squirming

Why do I do this to myself ?It is absolute torture to listen to this and it is even worst to read the complicity in the comments. I really wish the planet would stop for a moment so I could get off. Do you dare watch it ?Remember, this is NASA, that ‘never a straight … Read more

#74 Seriously

I came across the presentation recently. It is 3 minutes I will never get back. Please be aware the word ‘theory does NOT mean ‘fact’ even through the unction of the scientific elites.

#63 Snowflake Generation

Relax, this is not a social comment 🙂 John Wheeler and later Richard Feynman promoted the idea that because electrons have the same properties (mass, charge) that those individual particles are in fact the same single electron. They even got paid for this work which only encouraged them to keep digging ! (One) Science assumes … Read more

#58 Fly me to the Moon

We have all been taught that opposites attract, implying that (+/-) attractive forces are at play in holding this universe together. WR has an altogether different explanation of the machinations which appear to underpin our understanding of the dynamic physical universe. Consider a flight from NY (positive anode) to London (negative cathode) which one boards … Read more

#57 Cardinal Knowledge

Sailors and globetrotters of all kinds have for hundreds of years utilised a compass to navigate a safe passage as they traveled the globe. The ‘magnetic’ needle of the device aligns with the fields and curvature of the planet and guides the traveler accordingly.The device has one limitation which if understood would in turn force … Read more

#54 Redshift-NGC7603

We must be cognizant  that what we perceive as coloured light is only motion. Motion simulates the Light of Mind.An assumption is made that light from distant bodies arrives here on earth unaltered, albeit with a longer wave frequency. The Doppler effect relies on this supposed fact. All bodies including galactic bodies radiate.There is however, … Read more

#47 Off Street Parking

WR teaches that this is not a material universe made up of things, rather it is a wavy patterned reality which is decoded as physical matter. Almost every principle adopted by MSS today should be viewed in reverse. For example, opposites do not attract as indicated by Coulomb, like seeks like. No greater misunderstanding than … Read more

#44 What goes up ?

We’re all familiar with the phrase “What goes up must come down” but the question for today is what exactly does go up ?It appears to our sensing that warm air rises. This observation is plain for all to see when we experience a hot air balloon floating off the ground towards the sky.But, is … Read more