#37 Funny Bones

Osteopenia is a condition of loss of bone density and is a plight suffered by astronauts who spend too long in space. This situation came as a surprise to space flight planners but is an entirely consistent phenomenon with the electric universe model and is predicted by WRC.All bodies, that means all expressions of physical … Read more

#36 On yer Bike !

WR teaches that this reality is founded on the division of the One Creation Idea into countless opposed pairs in motion. Their motion simulates in a dynamic fashion a metaphysical Creation Idea which is Still. The Universal Constant can never change so rhythmic balanced interchange will occur between opposite to maintain the Cosmic Constant. We … Read more

#29 Thought for today #2

Electricity is the force used by the Creator to create bodies. Bodies are electrical disturbances in vacuum. Electricity causes those disturbances This is a quote from Atomic Suicide page 149. It is quite clear that electricity sole purpose is to divide. Electricity is the vitalising force which gives dynamic life to the Mind Thoughts. WR … Read more

#28 Thought for today #1

We know that if we increase the voltage across a pair of electrodes, at some point the di-electric between those electrodes will breakdown and arc between those electrodes. The spark of life so to speak. Let’s imagine we charge the electrodes to a known voltage one related to an elemental expression, gold (Au) for example. … Read more

#25 Conservation of Energy

Does main stream science limit itself too much by applying a theory to all of creation which has been developed by looking at too small a data set ? WR teaches that we live simultaneously in two universes, a physical universe of apparent motion and effect and a metaphysical universe of CAUSE. The universe we … Read more

#17 Gravity the center of attention

Imagine you fabricate a simple hula-hoop in your workshop to create a perfectly circular loop. Did you also create its centre? Where is the centre of that hoop located if it was never created?The centre may be easy to find if you place the hoop on the bench and mark the location of the central … Read more

#16 C the light !

We have all been taught that the Earth is situated about 98 million miles from the Sun and that the light from that Sun takes about 8 minutes to reach us here on Earth. Science is also convinced that the speed of light (C) is a constant…errh in a vacuum! Einstein himself conceded that Nature … Read more

#15 You’ve been framed

If we define the rate at which we process our surrounding environment at 30 fps this will then create a nice smooth continuous image of our physical reality.  Life will appear normal with no skips and jumps in the physical images we observe. We know that the brain limits (~30 fps) our experience to what … Read more

#14 Twinkle twinkle little …

We are all familiar with stumbling around in a darkened room. We are also aware that when we strike a match in that room, then the light from the match fills the entire room. When we increase the luminosity further by turning on a 100 watt bulb the room becomes complete flooded and we can … Read more

#10 Cosmic – Electrophoresis

ElectrophoresisWR describes this electric universe in terms of motion. Motion is either centripetal or centrifugal. Perceivable matter has dominant centripetal motion while nebulous matter which looks like space has a dominant centrifugal motion. This entire universe is set within a framework which is divided into two equal but not identical halves. One half is fully … Read more