#8 Harmonic Repetition

WR teaches that effects which are created ‘here’ and repeated everywhere. How is this achieved ? Well, as the title of this post suggests, it is achieved through harmonic repetition. We know when a note is played on one instrument, the same note will oscillate on an adjacent instrument. In addition to this sympathetic coupling, … Read more

#3 Chemical Bonding not necessary !

If the entire universe is in resonance due to a cymatic standing wave pattern caused by opposed motions (rim to hub/hub to rim) then there is no need for all the chemical bonding supported by MSS. Every chemist is taught about the various chemical bonding options, ionic, covalent, hydrogen, double, triple to name but a … Read more

#1 Current carrying wire – Really ?

We are all taught that a copper wire acts as a conduit for electric current. That current then flows in the wire just like water of a river, bordered and guided by the river banks.Both Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell describe the perceived electric current runs AROUND the wire and not IN the wire. If … Read more