#102 Silence is…


I would like to close 2019 with the following thought. Silence may be golden but it is not nothingness. WR describes our reality of motion in terms of opposed forces and we know that silence is an omnipresent property of our reality. In fact, just like sound our entire reality unfolds from silence, stays in … Read more

#101 Stem Cells

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Stem Cell have the potential when suitable stimulated to develop into many different cell types within the body during early life and growth. When a stem cell divides, each new cell can either remain as a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialised function, such as bone, blood, or brain … Read more

#98 Spaced Out

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Science believes that space is a void, an empty vacuum. This hypothesis arises from the interpretation that matter essentially remains unchanged and is simply shifted across the dividing equator during polarisation leaving  a hole behind in it wake. This hole is believed to be empty and devoid of matter and it is this property that … Read more

#96 What if… (#2)

In the previous post, a technique was presented as to how man could isolate the entire cymatic pattern for hydrogen. In this article, I would like to suggest that instead of isolation the hydrogen pattern from sun light, it may only be necessary to generate the interval pattern rather than an exact frequency match between … Read more

#92 Cubism 2.0

According to WR, the sphere and the cube are the two forms of fundamental architecture which underpin the entire metaphysical/physical universe. This geometry may seems a little counter-intuitive at first, particularly when a large portion of this structure is beyond our sensing. The key to understanding this important axiom of WR lies with curvature. Maximum … Read more

#90 Sixty-Nine

In this two-way electric universe Birth = Death (50 : 50).They are the same condition both present simultaneously. To fully grasp the two-way motion and the potential implication for device design, consider the following model. At the birth of every condition there is an equal probability (50 :50) to develop a dominant A or B … Read more

#83 Resistance is Futile

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If you ask any electrical engineer to design a circuit to heat a room, they will invariably do so, by introducing a large resistance into their conductor circuit. This resistance will act like a typical mechanical resistance and the voltage drop across the resistance will manifest as heat. WR teaches us that Nature does not … Read more

#79 In the Mix

WR describes how each elemental expression of this carbon based physical reality varies from one to the other by subtle manipulation of the18 dimensions/properties/characteristics which define that material body. Every sound engineer knows how to best balance the output of the recording in order to achieve the most harmonious sound profile. Likewise too, Source is … Read more

#72 Electric Smile

WRC is a living philosophy. As one develops inner sensory perception, Nature’s electric underbelly is exposed for all keen eyed observers. Electricity and electric current are difficult concepts to understand particularly when presented with never ending mathematically formulae purporting to describe our physical world. WR is keen for all students to bring his philosophy into … Read more

#61 Rear End

WR teaches that all expression is created in pairs. We can easily imagine this division yielding both positive/negative characteristics. We would be mistaken if we thought this also included the division into separate male and female bodies !This issue has caused a lot of confusion because WR directly associates the negative aspect of Creation with … Read more