#59 Hovercraft

A great mystery has always surrounded the ancient world as to how those bygone architects and builders managed to maneuver large heavy blocks into place without the use of heavy lifting equipment. A feat which would, even today, cause the modern engineer more then a few headaches. There are even accounts from Tibet notably from Lobsang … Read more

#55 Fancy a swim?

The Earth is not being gravitationally pulled towards the Sun. The truth is the exact opposite.The push of electrical pressure from the sun balances the electrical push from the earth at 93,000,000 miles. Where these opposed pressures are equal a plane is exposed which reverses the cooling, centrifugal, radiative emanations from the Sun and inverts … Read more

#51 Poles Apart

Have you ever wondered why when you cut a bar-magnet in two rather than isolating the N/S poles from one another, two new poles become evident at the cut! The explanation indicates how the metaphysical/physical realms interact and how the WRC perspective is more inclusive of Nature’s ways. Thinking causes polarisation. A north poles is … Read more

#50 The Sun has gone AWOL

Let’s consider the following thermodynamic cycle. Gases compress to liquids (condensation), then with further compression liquids  crystallise to solids. These are generative stepsSolids melt to liquids and liquids evaporate back to gases and the cycle can begin again. These then are radiative steps. The equatorial emanations from the sun can hardly be described as gases, … Read more

#48 Loop the loop

WR sums up the entire Creation cycle in the following way… Cold generates, generation compresses, compression heats, heat radiates, radiation expands and expansion cools. This cycle may be enhanced as follows. Desire precedes action, action requires Thinking Thinking utilises electric force electric force imparts curvature curvature implies polarity polarity imparts motion motion conveys the appearance … Read more

#41 Seasonal Greetings

I would like to begin this new year by setting you a little problem. This problem challenges the connections between WRC and observable wave cycles evident in the yearly cycle. WR teaches that the inert gases are the seed of all elemental expression. The natural reality lies in Stillness, this is manifested within the physical … Read more

#40 Splash

We are all familiar with the idea proposed by WR that this dynamic universe comes into being as a direct result of a Thinking Source Mind which appears to create a division or disturbance in the One Still Substance. Our sensing is designed to be stimulated by these apparent disturbances which we decode into a … Read more

#38 Mind & Body

WR teaches that energy is not IN a body but is extended to that body from the metaphysical universe. We know that in order for a sea-saw to function correctly the central fulcrum must be solid and without movement. The true nature of our Cosmic universe is Stillness. This metaphysical reality of Source is the … Read more

#35 Cosmic Tetris

Throughout WRC, division has been represented in many ways.For example, the cubic wave field has been divided by 6 tetrahedra, 6 cones, or indeed by the simple oscillating wave function. WR teaches us that we can be easily deceived by our senses. At least, we can draw the wrong conclusion from the information received by … Read more

#34 Green Fingers

If we are ever to master WRC in order to manifest any elemental expression we desire, then, we need to understand what it is we are trying to achieve and the design implications that might pose for our creation device. Our horticultural experience has taught us that in order for a seed to germinate to … Read more