#81 Zero Point

Science is confused when it comes to energy from the vacuum. This error arises from the misunderstanding that energy lies somehow within matter and space is a void.WRC teaches that all physical matter is exactly balanced by expanded space.In other words, when space is compressed it becomes matter and when matter expands it becomes space. … Read more

#64 Play it again – Sam !

Imagine a piece of music which when played at the correct tempo (10 minutes) produce sounds with have rhythm, timbre, and soul which can induce an emotional response within the audience.If we now define this standard 10 minute piece of music as 1 unit of visible light. The notes comprising this piece of music appear … Read more

#52 Age-old question

We have all bee taught that the speed of light is constant. Have you ever considered why everyone ages at approximately the same rate. Everyone in the world who was born in 1970 is and looks today pretty much like a 48 year old body should. Why is this growth rate so constant? Imagine, that … Read more

#49 Cosmic Coffee

I want to offer you the following perspective in how best to interpret the teachings of WR by providing a better and more informed understanding of the requirements necessary to build devices which will interact more favourably with Nature. Nothing is what it seems WR teaches that infinite possibility is available everywhere in the universe. … Read more

#45 Thought for today #3

If WR’s theories do actually describe and explain the workings of the universe, then we should be able to apply his work to every observable occurrences within the simulation.We are all familiar with the philosophical puzzle, If a tree falls in the forest but there is no one there to witness it, does it make … Read more

#19 A good read !

Imagine contained within the ‘Book of Creation’ is all knowledge and all truth. The entire story is there to read just like any other book one page at a time. This story is too great a tale to comprehend in one sitting so, Mind divides the narrative into two separate tomes and allows each of … Read more

#11 Zen and the art of Kite Surfing

While out at the beach yesterday really enjoying being present in the ‘Now’  I became aware of Source through the action of the local kite surfers.It is really important to realise that I spend very little time consumed with modern technology and as a result when out in Nature I try to be fully engaged … Read more