Fig : 1

When a ball is thrown into the air, the point at which the ball stops and reverses it motion is the boundary plane of the desire to thrown the ball. The motion of the ball does indeed stay within the confines of its own wavefield.

Fig : 2

Fig : 3

However, WR teachings do not exclude the structure outlined in Fig : 2. The motion within each wavefield does remain inside its own individual container. This overlapping now opens the door to interaction between different expressions of motion. If this overlapping model is developed a little further a nested cubic structure (Fig : 3) is revealed. This is also a valid Cosmic reality. Our sensing has been designed to be confused by this apparent duality, which creates the illusion for our senses.

Nothing is as it appears to be. The entire universe of motion is the product of a Thinking Mind. Motion exposes these planes of zero curvature.

Our task is to recognise them for they truely are !


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