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The purpose of this page is to review some of WR technical drawings with the purpose of developing cohesive strategies for useful device design.


Fig : 1.1

Fig : 1.2

Fig : 1.1 clearly indicates that the opposed apices interpenetrate one another in some way. What is the implication of this model ?
When WR lever/see-saw model is applied several features emerge. If we examine the lever model from a musical perspective we can assign the divided conditions as follows.

The seed condition of the inert gas may be described as a see-saw whereby the oscillation is minimal, almost zero. Both lever lengths are equal either side of a centering fulcrum. This inert gas condition is highlighted in Fig : 1.2.
This condition is really one string length behaving as if it were divided into two strings. The single string would therefore produce a tone one octave below each of the shorter strings (two).
So, if the single string were 100 cm long producing the note F#, then the division process would produce two strings at 50 cm length, each with a F# tone one octave higher.

Wr describes the fulcrum as the Creator Mind, while the oscillating levers will produce the stimuli to manifest an apparent reality in motion. Our sensing has been designed to interface with this motion perfectly, which facilitates the completion of the illusion. Unless you can remove your sensing from your perception the true nature of the illusion will elude you.

Fig : 1.2a

In addition, we can assign this seed starting point as calm green with a musical frequency 364 Hz, an F#.
Because the lever lengths are equal and balanced, then if the levers were displaced into a vertical orientation then a symmetrical circular path would be traced as indicated in Fig : 1.2a

As the generative half of the cycle proceeds, the fulcrum not longer remains central. It must adjust to maintain balance between two unequal sides of the fulcrum. Potential and mass accumulate on one side of the fulcrum necessitating an adjustment to a shorter lever, while simultaneously the lever on the opposite side of the fulcrum extends to facilitate balance with the more nebulous expression. Small nebulous mass can balance very large mass if the lever is of the appropriate dimension.

Fig : 1.3
Yellow core – Cyan mantle

Fig : 1.3a
Blue core – Orange mantle

Fig : 1.3b
Red core – Violet mantle

Fig : 1.3c
Incandescent core – Black spacial mantle


Fig : 1.6

Fig : 1.7

Notice how, on the left side the frequency is increasing as compression progresses, while the frequency on the right side is decreasing as expansion continues in sympathy.
The left side is getting hotter, but the right side is simultaneously getting colder. More cold is needed to freeze the hotter core.
WR teaches that there are only two types of motion, centripetal compression and centrifugal expansion. When this is applied to the images above we can assign the centripetal motion to the left short lever and the centrifugal motion to the right longer lever.
This simultaneous motion is indicated in Fig : 1.6.
These two apparent opposite motions work together to close the central hole and enable matter/form/solidity to manifest within the physical realm. Now, unlike an oscillating pendulum Nature never reverses her oscillations.
Fig : 1.7 highlights that when assigned as musical notes, the twin opposed streams work through each other in continuous cycles. One side compresses from C* through E, G, B to C’ and then continues in a forward direction to unwind via A, F, D back to C*.
Likewise, the other side compresses from C* through D, F, A to C’ and then unwinds to C* via B, G, E.

Additional Notes
Fig : 1.3c confirms what WR teaches about the +4 carbon condition being bi-sexual. Notice, the musical notes are the same but separated by one musical octave !
This implies the fully compressed condition is exactly one octave above its own fully expanded condition.
As compression continues, the conditions on the left become, more compressed, hotter, higher frequency and more red/bright. At the same time, the conditions on the right side of the fulcrum, are becoming less compressed, more nebulous, colder, lower frequency, more blue/dark.
Now, just to throw a spanner in the works and to confirm that nothing is what it seems… ‘see’ how the long lever dimension (C) is almost the same length as the starting undivided (F#, Fig : 1.2) condition.

Now, if these asymmetrical levers were allowed to oscillate through 180° we can see how the left side hemisphere is traced with ever decreasing radii, while simultaneously the right side trace hemispheres with ever increasing radii.
The nett effect is indicated in Fig : 1.4.

Fig : 1.4

Fig : 1.5

These are not really two separate hemispheres, rather they are one spherical body, with a compressed and an expanded hemisphere, rather like when a balloon is squeezed.
Think of Fig : 1.4 as comprising half of a complete sphere, but it does so by providing half the core and half the surrounding mantle.
Now, there is an obvious positive projection to the left with its balancing negative projection to the right.
Notice also, how the colour/frequency increases in stages towards the left as compression develops.
Likewise, colour/frequency decrease at each stage to maintain balance for each new position of the dividing fulcrum. Remember, division always creates two opposite conditions.
Those condition are not identical, but they are always balanced !
So, to create the full sphere again requires a union as indicated in Fig : 1.5  which is the spherical representation of Fig : 1.1.
The core is the direction of north. Both A+ and B+ are the direction of north. Both, A+ and B+ will spiral from south to north via east.  The colder mantle A-/B- are the direction of south. In short, the core of the Earth is the Earth’s true north pole and is not located at the northerly polar ice cap as MSS would have you believe.


This pendulum seems quite simple and straight forward, but within this simplicity lies all the complex perceived expression of our physical reality. So, a cursory glance will not suffice !

Fig : 2.1

Fig : 2.1a

Fig : 2.1b

Fig : 2.1c

Figs : 2.1 to 2.1c tell more or less the same story. They all contain a flaw which WR must have realised. At least the flaw is consistent. Maybe flaw is too strong a word but unless you are aware of the following issue you will find it difficult to determine how the other dimensions colour, frequency, heat/cold come in and out of existence.

It is such a pity because within these few simple drawings lies the ‘secret of the wave’ !

The motions indicated in Figs 2.1 – 2.1c are in direct conflict with the motion just outlined above (#1).
We know from MSS that as the pendulum swings there is an interchange between the potential and kinetic energies. At the center mid-point, the potential energy is minimum but the kinetic energy is maximum. At the full extent of the pendulum arc (2 locations) the potential energy is maximum while the kinetic energy is minimum. During the oscillation these two parameters continuously interchange.
I am sure WR had this in mind when putting pen to paper. The main issue with the images above lies with the length of the lever relative to the accumulation of potential during the oscillation cycle, as is indicated in Figs : 1.3 to 1.3c.
If we change our approach to the way man and Nature utilise the oscillating pendulum we can now modify our explanation as follows.

Shifting Fulcra
Man uses a bob on the end of a string/rod to create an oscillatory motion. The mass of the bob is in constant motion except at the turn around points. Nature, does not oscillate mass, she moves the fulcrum which creates the illusion of motion of mass. This is really important because the fulcrum is STILL. In other words, we perceive all motion not because that motion is actually present but because of the way our sensing reacts to a shifting STILLNESS. We don’t sense the STILLNESS itself, but are stimulated by its apparent effects which surround this fulcrum.

Fig : 2.2

The interval between the mid-point and one extremity is one octave as indicated here in Fig : 2.2. This is how the elephant and the ant can play see-saw. The lever must be adjusted as potential generates/radiates to maintain an overall balanced condition albeit an oscillating/dynamic balanced motion. The images above do not sufficiently emphasise the shortening/lengthening of the opposite levers.
In order for the large expanded conebase condition to compress to an incandescent sphere it must pass through all the perceived colour range from perceived expansion at 700 nm (black/red) to the perceived compressed condition at 400 nm (incandescent/violet).
Let’s stick with the conventional system for the moment. The colour sequence (octave) should then run from black, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue/indigo, violet, to incandescent white.
WR teaches that Mind centers (hub center) all motion, AND that same Mind surrounds all motion (rim) from the outside. So, when a condition manifests close to Mind it is close to both rim and hub simultaneously. This might seem counter intuitive but is important so that our senses never gets a clear ‘image’ of what’s going on.
If they did, we could figure it all out through sensing alone !
We perceive hard dense matter not because it has these properties within itself, but because of where our sensing perceive the fulcrum to be located, even though its cannot sense the fulcrum directly.

Nothing is what it seems
WR teaches that incandescent whiteness/yellow represents the most compressed condition. This condition is achieved apparently by compression through the red side of the spectrum ! Yet, our sensing tells us that the high energy gamma, x-rays are on the blue side of the spectrum ! Discuss 🙂
This shifting fulcrum is in fact a shifting horizontal x-axis. This is what WR means by gyroscopic motion. The x-axis effectively lefts off the horizontal to divide the compressed and the expanded conditions as indicated in Figs : 1.3 – 1.3c.


Fig : 65
Atomic Suicide

The explanation of these drawing given by WR can be somewhat misleading particularly when the concept of a ‘black hole’ is introduced. This terminology is then confused with the mathematical construct offered by MSS (Stephen Hawkins) as being somehow connected even describing the same gravitational phenomena. The key to unlocking WR meaning lies with Kepler.
Kepler discovered that the Earth moved around the Sun in an elliptical orbit with the Sun located at one of the two foci.
The Earth experiences the same forces at both foci, yet there is no gravitational body to pull on the Earth at one of those foci. The Sun is credited with all the gravitational force experienced by the Earth.

Fig : 3

Imagine a body revolving in a perfectly circular orbit. All the radii from the hub center to the rim of the orbit are of equal length. In an ellipse, the radii are not of equal length because the hub center has moved away from the (0,0,0) focal center of the perfect circle and has thus distorted the circle to an ellipse.
Einstein once said that “Nature abhors a vacuum” but we can equally say that Nature or this version of reality abhors a homogeneous electrical condition. The matrix must oscillate in order to manifest as our current perceivable universe.
In 3D, we can think of the geometry in a similar way as the shell casing surrounding a nut. The nut is no longer located at the dead center. The space it once occupied moves away in the opposite direction from the nut itself. This is how gravity is divided from a single focal point into two foci.

If a body performs 1000 laps of a circular track, each lap is traced over the same ground as a closed loop. If this motion were expressed as an open loop then a spiral would result with 1000 wraps. Each wrap would be identical to one lap of the track.
So, when we observe a line trace of a pendulum it appears identical to ‘edge on’ circular motion. How can we be sure that we are interpretating our observations correctly ?
If we now examine the output trace of a chart-recorder we can observe oscillatory (pendulum) motion as an open spiral loop.
In Fig : 3 both the positive anode body and the negative cathode ‘hole’ have moved away from the (0,0,0) focal hub of the perfect circle., just as the fulcrum of Fig : 1.3 b has moved away from the initial starting condition (F#).
We also know that the Earth experiences acceleration as it approaches this ‘hole’ foci even though, there is no ‘gravitational’ body present to pull on it !!!!!
Can you ‘see’ the ellipse within WR wave Fig : 65 from Atomic Suicide ?
What is more puzzling now is how/why the anode/cathode ‘hole’ is shown at the corners of the cubic wavefield in his Fig : 64 !

The positive anode has come into being as a result of a cold cathode compressing. This is what generation means, to generate a high potential from a low potential. This is akin to potential running uphill, an event which MSS does not recognise.
The cold negative ‘hole’ has come into manifest as a result of a hot anode expanding and radiating all its potential back to space. Whenever motion reaches its cathode destination it immediately wants to become a anode. This is what thermodynamics is all about, hot invisible steams condensing into visible matter because the invisible stream has contacted a colder environment.
Likewise, when an anode is created it immediately wants to shed all its potential and become a cathode. This is an endless cycle, the desire to be the opposite !
Think of the positive anode as the focal point for centripetal motion, while the cathode is the focal point from which centrifugal motion has emanated. When each pole reaches it maximum expression they reverse. The anode now radiates to become a cathode and the cathode compresses to become the anode.

Fig : 1.5

Motion running from the cathode to the anode is an uphill generative motion, while the motion running from the anode to the cathode is a downhill radiative motion.
If you find it difficult to ‘see’ two different (hot/cold) conditions here then you are doing well. Hot and cold are the same thing. It can be confusing to treat them as opposites, when they are two different ways of expressing the same condition.
Conditions A+ and A- are balanced within themselves so too are B+ and B-, but they also balance each other like cams when in combination.


Fig : 4

Fig : 4a

As I mentioned earlier, lapping within a  circular closed loop 100 times = a spiral of 100 loops. The closed loops creates the impression of marching on the spot, while the spiral suggests each circuit has been teased out into their individual laps, and have therefore moved somewhere !
Now, imagine a piece of paper is folded concertina style 1,000,000 times into what appears to be one single fold. How could you tel/counted the number of folds ?
Do you think this process of unfolding the concertina might be akin to dividing gravity ?
The period of a swinging pendulum is directly dependent on the length of the string. Short strings will cause a faster oscillation than longer strings.
I have assigned the simple harmonic oscillation of a pendulum to the process of a Thinking Mind.
This is therefore, a property attributed to the metaphysical universe.
We can assign the short string oscillation to a period of intense Concentrative Thinking and the longer string to a more considered Thinking Process. Both are generative.
We do not sense the motion within the metaphysical realm whereby Mind moves the fulcrum to the furthest extension away from the center (0,0,0). This is a simulation of division. When this is released, a 3D expression of that to/fro motion is generated within the physical universe.
Concentrative Thinking will now maintain a constant oscillation period, while Decentrative Not Thinking will allow that oscillation to slowly unwind back to the (0,0,0) rest position.
Concentrative Thinking thus creates matter with very long life spans, while less Concentrative Thinking will produce matter with a fleeting life cycle.
Bodies with long life spans will tend to unwind slowly, while bodies with fleeting life cycles will unwind more quickly.
Fig : 4 throws up one difficult question. Carbon is clearly located at the center of the ocatve oscillation, while WR teaches the carbon occupies the apex representing the most compressed expression of matter within this reality.

Perhaps Fig : 1.3c above might contain a clue !



Chart # 5

This is a reproduction of WR’s Chart No. 5. It contains in my opinion an error which may have been generated during the printing process.
The polarity stated for the progression of the wave is incorrect.
The error and correction is indicated in the image provided.