WRC teaches that Stillness is the only true reality and what we perceive as a universe in motion is an illusion created to stimulate our senses into believing that the physical universe is the only reality.
All meditation practices attempt to turn down the sensitivity of the senses and allow one’s self to totally immerse in that condition of Cosmic Stillness. This is the ideal condition for you to enter into direct communication with not only your higher self and perhaps even Source itself.
In today’s world it is all too common to observe people living is a heightened state of anxiety and fear. Their physical and emotional health suffering as a consequence.

The degree of anxiety and dis-ease one nurtures, is a direct measure of that person’s separation from Source. One of the most important lessons of WRC is to show you your own direct connection to Source itself and why it is important to remain at ease in every aspect of own physical life. Doing so will contribute to the collective pool of enlightened consciousness.

WR describes the condition close to Source as a plane of zero curvature. This means a straight flat plane of zero motion and zero projections. If we extend this idea to 3D realm then, a single straight plane will become a cube within which motion will be contained. Cubes represent the chilled condition.
Curvature is a measure of separation from this straight plane. Excessive curvature expressed in one’s own physical life will manifest as contorted dis-ease within the physical body as well as the environment surrounding that body. The greatest degree of curvature within this 3D experience is expressed by the sphere.
In terms of our perception the sphere represents the maximum degree of separation from Source. Sun’s express the maximum radiation because of their desire to return to Stillness.


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