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Reluctance = the resistance within a magnetic circuit, usually an iron core.
Nature will always take the path of least resistance.
The terms ‘magnetic’, ‘magnetism’, and ‘magnetic circuit’ are used from a conventional
perspective and are not used in a way to support a SEPARATE force of magnetism.


MSS = main stream science, the conventional perspective of science
TBP = the Thunderbolts Project, promoters of the electric universe (EU)
LOF = loops of force which are, MIND PRESENT within the physical universe
Gravity = undivided Stillness. It is a direction not a force. Stillness centers (hub) all motion. Motion implies loop motion
Divided gravity = a polarised condition, a +ve/-ve. A Metaphysical Concept appears as two polar aspects within the physical
CRT = cathode ray tube. The properties discovered by man apply to all Physical Creation.
The expanse of space acts as a CRT
CP = centripetal motion
CF = centrifugal motion
NT = The genius that is Nikola Tesla

It goes without saying…that if we live in an electric rather than a gravitational universe, then this section is quite important in our overall understanding of Creation and how the simulated illusion is manifested.
Our first task in preparing to receive the following information is to discard almost everything we have learned in school regarding electricity and magnetism. What was taught were observations and interpretations of the senses, and many mistakes were made!!!
We need to set some new ground rules!!

All division or polarisation into pairs of opposite conditions is opposed to that very division. All expressions of matter in motion want to return to Stillness. Electricity is the force which overcomes that opposition and keeps the universe in dynamic motion. If electric force ceased to be then the physical reality could not come in being.

Tip 1

Electricity is NOT what man, MSS, nor the TBP believe it to be !
There is no current within a ‘current’ carrying wire. There are no free electrons in a wire or wave guide to produce electric current. There is no separate force of magnetism.

Imagine 1000 athletes of varying abilities running a marathon on a circular 400m track. When you return after 1 hour to review their progress you will find that all the runners have been distributed fairly evenly over the entire track with no clear indication of who is winning/last place. This is because as runners lap one another they then continue along the same track and thus differentiation (based on ability) becomes impossible.

Think of this situation as you might a flat 2D disk similar to the inert gas condition.
Nature uses POLARITY to modify this 2D image into a 3D image by separating out each of the individual laps of the track into a spiral path. Now, when you revisit the track after 1 hour, you will more easily ‘see’ the faster runners separated out away from the amateur runners because they will have advanced onto their appropriate lap/loop. This is exactly why polarity is necessary to create a 3D moving reality.

By varying this potential difference one can separate out even more the various individual laps/loops to reveal finer detail.
Man’s solenoid loops are usually made with a constant diameter, but Nature utilises loops of varying diameters. The shorter diameters occurring at the anode, with the longer diameters occurring at the cathode.
Our entire universe is based on the same principles used by man in his chromatography columns, specifically electrophoresis. Electrophoresis uses a electrical potential differential to obtain separation of the electrically conditioned mobile phase.
The process of Mind Thinking, wishing to expression that Creation Idea creates the electric polarised field in which ALL matter moves/migrates.

There is therefore, a Cosmic polarised field, which arises between the positive compressed anodic half of the Creation Idea and the negative expanded cathodic half of the SAME Creation Idea.

It is within THIS field that the whole perceived universe moves and separates out as if undergoing a Cosmic electrophoresis experiment.

In short, electricity is the force that Source utilised to push expression away from Stillness out into the 3D universe of motion. The further the expression is removed from Stillness the more unbalanced it is. This imbalanced will register as heat and high melting points. This heat is a measure of the resistance to the extension away from Stillness. Great effort is now required to keep this condition in motion and away from Stillness. Gyroscopic stabilisation is the technique used by Nature to achieve the illusion of great stability.

Man cannot be electrocuted with current.
He is harmed by motion, motion in the surrounding loops NOT electrons in a wire.
The force of ‘gravity’ is about 0.23 x 10-42 less than the electrical force !!

Man has learned to design and work within a very inefficient system believing that this is the only electricity available.
The concept of buoyancy is not widely accepted. (link to article)

Fighting Nature

Man creates his electro-magnetic devices by wrapping wire around a symmetrical cylindrical core. The resultant effects produce a uniform expression of polarity. This is because man wraps his wires with a uniform diameter. The newly created N/S poles seems equally strong and each pole can pick up equally sized mass. Nature does not work this way.

Fig : 3

Nature creates her polarised conditions in cones rather than cylinders and thereby introduces an asymmetrical distribution of potential (N/S) which behave in a non-uniform fashion. In short, Nature creates her loops of force with varying diameters. The compressed apex of the N poles (anodes) can now pick up a large mass, while the expanded cone base (S-pole, cathode) can only pick up that same mass but only if it is divided into a powder.

Another way to say this is, that high density expressions will thus accumulate towards Nature's anodes apices while the low density, gaseous expressions (divided mass) will accumulate towards the cathode base. There is a two-way desire to flow, and that desire depends on whether those bodies are primarily centripetally compressing or centrifugally expanding. The Earth's core acts as our planets anode while the upper atmosphere acts as the planets cathode.

This creates an electro-potential density differential which is the same for all of Nature's anodes/cathodes. It is this potential density difference which is the cause of all curvature to motion or bending of light. Motion will thus bend inwards (centripetally) approaching anodes and bend outwards (centrifugally) approaching cathodes. What may look like a gravitational effect is entirely electrical in nature. WR is clear, that we live in a two-way universe. This implies that there is a desire to centripetally compress as we migrate from the cathode base to the anode apex.
However, there is also a desire to centrifugally expand as migration occurs in the opposite direction. This two-way universe is necessary to act as a resistive force to any one particular direction. This implies a 'particle' or charged body of a particular mass may be electrically suspended between the anode/cathode by these opposed forces fighting one another for supremacy !

There is no forces of magnetism or gravity in Nature. Magnetism and gravity only seem to exist !
They are effects, whose cause is electricity. There is only one type of electricity.
Electric current does not flow in a wire, motion is expressed in loops around that wire - skin effect.
Those loops surrounding a current carrying wire are Mind Thought-Loops !
Those spinning loops create the illusion of current running in the wire

Polarity acts like a distillation column separating matter according to their individual electric condition. Centripetal/compressing motion migrates towards the anode, while centrifugal/expanding motion migrates towards the cathode.
Mind appears to be divided because there is an outside rim Mind pushing inwards with centripetal motion AND there is a central hub Mind which is resisting that inward push by centrifugally pushing back from the hub to the rim. It appears as though Mind is fighting with itself. But, in doing so a stable central hole/orifice is maintained at the center of the loop.
The way to read fig : 3 is as follows, there is centripetal and centrifugal motion present on each side of the curved dividing equator. Centripetal motion is dominant  on the right side in direction of the apex. Centrifugal motion is dominant on the left side of curved dividing equator. The dividing equator shifts from a straight central geometry in 4 stages towards the apex. This shifting equator may be likened to the motion of a boat which creates a bow wave ahead of itself and a wake wave to the rear.

Pay close attention to any shift of perception across a dividing plane !

See this blog article.

Flat disk in motion

Let's look for a moment at a very particular property of flatness or more specifically a flat spinning disk. It is quite obvious that centrifugal motion is dominant, and as such matter/potential will accumulate out towards the rim. The faster the disk rotates the greater the experience of centrifugal force.
In terms of WRC we can say that centrifugal force dominates when curvature is minimal.
Minimal curvature is a condition we attribute to cathodes. How then might we accumulate mass at the hub centre and thereby create an anode ?
The answer is curvature. Once curvature is present then centripetal force is present. The greater the expression of curvature the greater the resultant centripetal force. In the example highlighted in the image, if instead of a rotating flat disk, we replaced it with a spinning cone, then the paint/mass/potential would change direction and migrate towards the central anode. Curvature thus determines direction, which in turn determines the expression of centripetal/centrifugal force, anode/cathode character or polarity

Suspended Animation

If there was no 'magnetic' desire to return the positive expression of electricity to the zero inertial plane, then the Creation Idea would become stuck.
The image making facility would not be able to reproduce another image. There would exist a sort of suspended animation, whereby nothing would happen. The piston would not be able to return to push once again. As the human body grows to maturity at 40 years, it continues to die everyday, losing hair , skin, water etc. All generating bodies MUST radiate. In order to prevent the positive electric push away from inertia from simply running away with itself, it must be restrained somehow.
That restrain is the 'magnetic' force which tries to pull electricity apart and return its desire for action and expression back to the zero of rest.

We live simultaneously as two expressions. A physical illusionary body, and a spiritual REAL body. We know little of the spiritual universe and thus believe our physical existence is the one only true reality. This physical expression of motion comes from our spiritual desire to express that motion. The spiritual is cause while the physical is effect - electrical effect.
Electricity is the force which extends out from the realm of non-motion into the realm of motion to create all the sensed and observed effects.

You can think of the electric force as a potential pressure. In fact, this is how MSS describes the dimension of voltage. However, WRC make it very clear, that it is the process Mind Thinking which imbues the expression by infusing it with a vitalising force. Mind essentially exhales a vitalising breath which all states of motion inhale. Motion with in the physical universe beings with this initial inhalation

During the series of video presentations 'Walter Russell - CSI' it was shown how the Desire of Mind to express Idea generated this Idea as a patterned seed.

CSI parts 1 - 4

Fig : 1

What will become the electric fields within the simulated universe are first encoded into the seed of the expression.
Fig : 1 represents a rotating loop of Mind Energy which codes every expression as a series of 4 rings (half an octave).
This metaphysical seed is the pattern for ALL electric effect.

The density of electrical potential at any point within this rotating loop of force depends on
- how quickly Mind rotates the seed loop and
- the transition rate from one locked potential position to another

Fig : 1a

While the seed lies dormant the spiral line density (section e1) connecting the rim to the hub expresses no stresses or tensions. Once this seed unfolds into the simulation the entire expression comes under tension as this flat 2D pattern is pushed out into a 3D expression.

This is exactly analogous to stretching elastic bands thereby creating tension.
The power of Mind to concentrate pushes these ringed condition out into the simulation. The spiral loops in section e1 become taught. They want to spring back to their inert condition, but, the Desire of Mind to express Idea holds them under tension preventing them from springing back ! The unfolding process is similar to opening a telescope, nested extension.
Once Mind stops Thinking, then the inherent tensions within matter will pull the expression/image back to the inert condition. All matter wants to explode and return to the inert seed condition.

Fig : 1f

ELECTRICITY is the force utilised by Mind to express the Universal Idea Thinking Mind creates the illusion of division. Notice how loops of spinning force are created within the CRT. There is no physical connection between anode/cathode within the CRT.

WR Fig : 157

Fig : 1f indicates the universal CRT within which the entire universe of motion and matter materialise. This model shows clearly that the physical universe is ENTIRELY electric and that the source of ALL those electric effects is the Creator Mind. MSS assigns a separate magnetic force to these loops of force which appear within the cathode ray tube when the voltage across the tube is sufficiently high.
Notice, Nature does not use wires, and the loops which appear DO NOT require a current nor a wire to manifest. Another very important point is that these loops precede any effects of current flowing in a physical wire.
MSS believes that the current running in a wire produces magnetic loops of force about that wire. This is the wrong interpretation.
We will examine the conditions necessary to 'see' these loops within a CRT and apply those conditions to outer space/cosmos.
This model will be developed further throughout the site, particularly the 'Coil_Design' page.

This is why Tesla said electricity runs on the surface of the wire and NOT in the wire

Tip 2
Fig : 1h

The direction of N/S is the reference axis for all matter.
Tesla has taught us the benefits of ac current. Its most important quality lies in it ability to transform voltage/current. WR also eludes to Natures desire to step-up potential during the generative half of the cycle. Likewise, a step-down transformer technique is used during the radiative half of the cycle.

This implies that ac is the current of choice when designing coils.


We know, that at low voltage pressures these circulating  electric loops are invisible. Depending on the experimental setup it may require about 20kV to 'see' the loops emerge from the darkness.
The creation of any polarised condition also SIMULTANEOUSLY creates loops of force. It is impossible to have a polarised condition WITHOUT the presence of loops.

In fact we can say 'Loops and Polarity' are one.

When division/polarity occurs, the loops register that division. These loops are a DIRECT connection to Source. A physical polarised condition is a direct indication of Mind Thinking THAT condition !

When Mind Thinks, loops appear and those loops spiral CENTRIPETALLY about a still center.
Concentrative Thinking is required to maintain a polarised condition.
If polarisation is lost or Mind stops Thinking then centrifugal force will dominate
and the loop/image will expand rapidly to disappear at wavefield boundaries.

It is this centripetal motion which make the loops themselves visible to us. All the loops turn in the same direction.
When Mind concentrates further, this increases the voltage, and the loops become more dense, spinning faster on an inward centripetal path. This creates the effect of light, heat and density at the hub focal center of the loops themselves.

Fig : 1k

Increased voltage implies that centripetal motion is enhanced. We know from ohm's law that this will decrease the current ! When man increase his voltage pressure he unwittingly compresses these loops of force which in turn squeezes harder towards the focal center particularly at the anode. When Mind stops Thinking, or the polarised condition is short circuited then the loops rapidly expand (centrifugally) and the voltage drops with a corresponding spike in perceived current !

The loop disappears... in a flash !

Mind Thinks again and the loop appears once again albeit with slightly different dimensions. This will create the illusion to our sensing of motion within the loops. Mind Thinking switches the circuit (fig : 1f) on/off continuously. The loops centripetally compress then expand due to high internal pressure of the loop surrounded by a low pressure condition as Mind stops Thinking. Every single expression with our physical universe is a polarised cell and behaves exactly as fig : 1f.

Each on/off pulse creates a breathing cycle for each call/expression. As these loops of force breathe, they create a sequential sphincter type motion which creates the illusion of current flow in the wire.
The loops of force create the current flow, NOT the other way around !
Our sensing is confused. We cannot 'see' the loops in motion. Those loops expose the still hub centers. This central stillness has no meaning for our sensing. The foundation of of creation is right there but, its significance is missed !
MSS believes that magnetic poles are located at the extremities of a bar-magnet. MSS don't consider exposed loops in motion about still centers in their theories.
Stillness like silence is omnipresent but fast loop motion about still shafts looks like gravity to the untrained eye. If spinning loops impart a vortex type motion from their rim extremities in towards a central focal hub, an effect which is less at the cathode but greater at the anode, then any matter (which is an electric expression) will experience an acceleration towards the anode.
'Free' electrons are not necessary.

Tip 3

Remember, all expressions of matter are electrically conditioned. In order to express themselves within the physical there must be some degree of polarity present. Polarity implies electric conditioning. Polarity means loops NOT just poles (as defined by MSS.

Fig : 1k

Fig : 1k is probably the most important new perspective on how to apply WRC to coil design. Each coil obtains its geometry relative to the other. With an off-set of 90° we'll find the carbon geometry. When the off-set is approximately 30° we will obtain the +1 condition. At a 65° off-set we'll find the +2 condition, and at a approximate value of 80° off-set the +3 condition.
Notice, how the geometry is reversible. The centrifugal exhaust can become the centripetal input, and the centripetal input become the new exhaust route. The geometry remains unchanged.
Centripetal motion is the 'shocking' form of electricity. Centrifugal motion is the non-shocking form of electricity. Man call this non-shocking motion a 'magnetic' field. WR is at pains to shows us that this is an 'electric only' universe, there are no magnetic lines of force. There are though centrifugal electric lines of force. Fig : 1k now links into this drawing of WR. When centrifugal motion reaches the boundary it reverses to centripetal motion and the cycle begins again 90° out of phase to the previous cycle. This will effectively create/construct a grid with vertical centripetal motion and horizontal centrifugal motion, or visa versa depending on your perspective.

When Tesla was experimenting with his pancake type coil, he was in fact reproducing the zero inert gas condition. This is a bi-filar coil arrangement whereby the two coils have a 0° off-set. The current should run counter as indicated and not as suggested in the 'original' patent. This is the mind-set we need to adopt to our own coil designs.

 Conditions necessary for CRT Conditions evident in outer space
1.  Very low pressure 1. Very low pressure
 2. Vacuum container 2. Wave field (unseen)
 3.  Inert gas as active agent 3.  Abundance of helium & hydrogen
 4. Very high voltage 4. Sun's are electric anodes, space electric cathodes
 5. Low current 5. All is motion
 6. Transformer 6. Conical multiplication effect
 7. Loops of force 7.  SPIRAL galaxies
 8. When potential arcs - high currents 8. Birkland currents
 9. ac supply 9. Mind (Source) Thinking in cycles
 10. Transmitter/receiver 10. All matter in contact with one another
 11. Rings as imaged light 11. Physical emerges from darkness
 12. Electric driving force 12. Electric not gravitational universe
 13. Loop dimension determines effect 13. Physical expression responds to loop dimensions
 14.  Arcing not desired 14. Plasma ball structure not common
 15. No wires inside CRT 15. No wires evident
 16. No cores to enhance magnetic field 16. No obvious cores evident

These properties will develop as more understanding unfolds. Our physical reality is an imaged illusion created by the motion imparted to loops of force. What impact does/should point 15 have in coil design ?
In short, which is more important controlling current/voltage in a wire, or producing loops in motion ?
What does Nature do ?

Fig : 9
Fig : 9a

For example, does one spinning loop act like a clutch plate to affect neighbouring loops to effectively step-up motion. Imagine a loop of large diameter (cathode) will revolve more slowly.

Large diameter implies low voltage. Low voltage implies high current. High current implies high torque, High torque implies better ability to act like a clutch.
This implies a step-up/down mechanism as voltage/current interchange as motion migrates between anode/cathode.

In fig : 9 if there is any interaction between loops within the same CRT then those interactions are face to face, like clutch plate.
At present we cannot eliminate that the interaction between CRT's may include external/internal rim interactions, more like gear sets or nuts on a threaded bar. It does seem however, that the observed structures in space tend to have more face/face alignment, as if reflected in a mirror plane.
If the process of Mind Thinking flips the polarity of the CRT very rapidly then, images of opposed cones one inside the other is feasible.

Fig : 9a attempts to complete the line between the metaphysical/spiritual universe and the physical expression. What is observed within the physical depends on the conditions developed with the CRT/wavefield. If the overall voltage is low we sense cold dark space. When the voltage is high light, density and matter seem to emerge from the darkness. When the voltage is off, that image may vanish instantly, or unwind slowly over millennia, but the basic principle remains unchanged - projected images.

The voltage is increased in 4 stages.
From the inert gas beginnings, a +1 voltage is only capable of filling about 33% of the CRT with rings. A +2 voltage will fill the CRT about 60%. A +3 voltage will extend the rings from the cathode to about 80% of the CRT. The carbon +4 voltage is sufficient to achieve maximum projection of rings towards the anode. This is a similar process to opening a telescope one section at a time.

Fig : 9e
Fig : 9f

We know that all curvature is polarised. WR assigns the positive compression condition to the inner arc, and the negative expansive condition (opposite direction) to the longer arc.
When curvature is formed into a closed circle, a common focal hub emerges from the darkness.

When the loop is acting like a lens then the degree of exposure/intensity at the central hub depends on the diameter/ curvature of the loop/lens itself.

There is therefore a two-way effect,
1) increased focal intensity on the central hub/core as a result of inward centripetal compression of light/motion and
2) an increased cooling towards the rim because the same curvature implies centrifugal expansion in the opposite direction.
The effect therefore is an image of increased nebulosity (less focal intensity) at the boundary.

Fig : 9g

If a curved plane is bent is the opposite direction then the SAME effect is projected in the opposite direction. The positive inner arc BECOMES the negative outer arc, and likewise the former outer negative arc BECOMES the new inner positive condition.

Polarity is not simply expressed as the division between anode/cathode. All curvature is polarised. Both the anode/cathode are curved, this is why there is red/blue, positive/negative character on BOTH sides of the anode/cathode division.
The concept of a singly charged anything (particle) is not possible in this polarised and curved universe.

Another approach to understanding the dynamics within a loop of force is as follows.

Fig : 9h
Fig : 9j

Fig : 9h - MIND in motion circulates within the annular ring Electricity is the force which imparts dimension to the loops
Fig : 9j - BEWARE, of these two centers of gravity because... when the annular ring is NOT symmetrical about the center (o) The ring acquired more elliptical (2 foci) geometry.

Mind centers and surrounds without exception all expressions of motion. When the diameter (k) is large, matter desires to accumulate towards the cathode and thus manifests with nebulous character.
When the diameter (k) is small, then the loop of force tends to prefer the anodic conditions so it will now manifest as hot dense matter.

Notice also the following,

  • (k) = distance (ya)
  • as (k) get smaller point (y) and (a) approach one another, but
  • the distance (xy) and the distance (ab) get longer. The annular ring is getting thicker.

IMPORTANT, as the annular walls (a/b) and (x/y) increase their individual diameters, they cause the diameter (k) to decrease. This is what WR means by Mind exhaling and breathing vitalising life INTO the rings.
The annulus swells as a result, but this growth compresses the central hole (k) out towards the outside.

When the diameter (k) is very small the expression will 'behave' like a proton. But, when the very SAME potential is distributed over a larger area, diameter (k) is large, then the expression will tend to 'behave' more like an electron. Expression thus interchange continuously. What a particle seems to be depends solely on its internal diameter (k) and hence the strength of the focal point intensity at the hub. This in turn determines which half of the potential divide the 'particle' will be located or be en-route to.

Centripetal motion give structure and form to motion. Matter becomes firm and structured due to the gyroscopic effect of loops in motion. Stability on a bicycle is achieved due to the gyroscopic motion of the wheels. This is Natural Law.
The generative centripetal motion has a quite different geometry to that of the radiative centrifugal motion. Consider fig : 2.

Fig : 2
Fig : 2a

In a spiral vortex, centripetal motion pushes inwards from the outside boundary in towards the central hub/axis. The radiative stream reacts in the opposite direction, but, is contained to an inside expression due to the dominant centripetal motion evident on the outside of the vortex.
So, centripetal motion appears to dominate centrifugal motion.
Now, for the radiative half of the cycle, the centripetal motion is relaxed. The higher internal pressure has a chance to escape and will do so long before it has had a chance to run from the apex anode to the base cathode. Radiation is explosive. When the high voltage is removed from the CRT, the rings disappear beyond our sensing instantly.
High voltage, fast orbital revolution, slow axial rotation, low torque, low current must all be conditions associated with an anode.
Low voltage, slow orbital revolution, fast axial rotation, high torque, high current must be the properties of a cathodic condition.
There is not such a strong spiral geometry evident during the radiative half of the cycle as indicated in fig :2a because, there is outward E/W expansion at every level between the anode and the cathode and so the vortex expands outwards at all levels to disappear radially.

Mind is NEVER divided, it just appears to divide.
Fig : 2b attempts to show how a disturbance of Stillness appears to be created and how the ripple effect of that apparent division extends out (between the xyz axes/planes) to create a illusion of motion which our senses tell us is real, but, we now Know that a Thinking Mind creates that dynamic matrix.

Fig : 2b

Fig : 2b - A pulse of a Thinking-Mind When it comes to extending this concept to the 3D, an oscillating ferrofluid would be a good model to develop

That disturbance expressed here as a disturbance along an x-axis, appears to have two opposed aspects.

  • Compressed condition (sphere) at the peak apex and
  • Expanded condition (space) close to the x-axis itself

The axis appears as if it were inflated from within. Inflated with vitalising Mind Thoughts. Motion thus appears to emerge out of a nothingness. There is only Mind, and as Mind is without dimension it is not registered by our sensing.
Electricity is the force utilised by Mind to express Thinking. Electricity appears as Mind Thinks and disappears as Mind relaxes. The universe thus, pulses and heaves in cyclic breathing/thinking motion. This is the only motion within the universe. Our sensing has been designed to interact with this motion, although our sensing knows nothing of the underlying CAUSE.
Assign approximately 50% of universal potential to compressed expressions of matter, and 50% of the potential to the expanded expression of space. Remember, the entire universe can manifest between the Master anode/cathode of the Master CRT/Wavefield.

Every aspect of Creation is balanced, although there is an apparent imbalance introduced by conical polarisation rather than cylindrical polarisation.
If the electric force holding these two conditions apart is removed, then the opposite aspects will collapse back together and meet in death at their mid-point. In death, neither the sphere nor space exist.
Electric pulsations are manifested when,

  • the electric effect is ON, driving the poles apart from their central equilibrium fulcrum position
  • then the current is removed (OFF), collapsing the polarised region back to the central fulcrum
  • then the current is applied again (ON), this time the polarity is reversed
  • finally, this current is removed and the poles collapse back to the fulcrum, the cycle is now ready to be repeated.
Fig : 3

Fig : 3 - This image only indicates a simple extend/collapse model Nature works in a continuous cycle and never reverses... this is explained on the 'Geometry' page


The illusion of gravity is created because matter seems to accumulate at anodes. There is no force inside the anode pulling matter inwards. In fact, the complete opposite is true. All matter wants to explode. Gravity appears as focal point or shaft of electrical potential. Electrical potential is focused inwards towards a common center, due to centripetal inward motion and the curvature evident in every direction. The effect appears to be an attraction from within. Matter has no ability to attract or repel any other matter.
It is this INTERNAL RESISTANCE to compression which is registered as heat.
This heat is kept in place because centripetal force >>> centrifugal force. However, when the power to compress wanes, that INTERNAL PRESSURE will explode outwards as centrifugal motion.
This is what WR means by the statement "every action contains its own reaction". As compression from the outside inwards increases, so to does the internal resistance. This resistive reaction cannot wait to explode and return all motion back to a state of non-motion. Think of gravity as a direction rather than a force. Gravity is in essence, the stillness about which motion rotates.
The N/S axis forms a shaft of stillness and 'matter' in motion then rotates about this same shaft. Think of gravity as you do silence. It is omnipresent, and the same everywhere. Gravity, Stillness and Silence are the same thing.

ALL of Nature turns on the N/S axis from W to E
All planets, suns, and atoms roll on their
equatorial rims - no exceptions !

Matter thus emerges from LOOPS OF FORCE !

If you board a plane to fly to a particular destination, you do so because, you, like the rest of the passengers, desire to reach that new location, not because you have any affinity for, or were attracted in (by), any other passenger.

You are all heading in the same direction because you all have the same DESIRE !

The desire for a common destination by each passenger, creates the illusion of attraction between the passengers to each other.
This is another example of 'blue lights = FIRE !' as described above @ 'Problems with Association'.
That common destination is the condition of Stillness. Waves carry matter to Stillness. If the access to that Stillness is in any way restricted, then it appears that the bunching of matter to get through that restriction is a force of attraction that lies WITHIN matter itself.
Centripetal lines of force contract and compress towards the apex of a cone, or the center of a gravity focal point. It is this compression that gives rise to the apparent restriction or constriction to the flow of matter.
Just as was indicated with the logs flowing in the river analogy, the logs appear to be drawn to one another when negotiating a restriction. Our senses cannot detect the medium which lifts and supports sensed matter in this simulation.

A demonstration by Prof. Eric Laithwaite

Relativity is to 4D, what PERSPECTIVE is to the 3D

Fig : 10
Fig : 10a

WRC teaches that electric current does not flow IN wires, but flows in loops around the wire. An opinion also held by Nikola Tesla, and he should know.
Tesla was the champion of alternating current (ac). Science has taught us that the current flows in one direction for one half of the cycle and flows in the opposite direction during the second half of the cycle.
This is not what is happening, it just appears that way, and WRC teaches how appearances can be deceiving.
Examine the following images.

Fig : 10 shows the basic geometry of a loop of force which circulates about a current carrying wire. Notice, the direction is the SAME for both faces.
Fig : 10a indicates how the direction appears to be different for each side when each face is viewed head on. No change in direction has actually occurred.

Fig : 10b
Fig : 10d

The process of Mind Thinking alternates OUR PERSPECTIVE. We first observe an image as represented by fig : 10b, then from our fixed location we next observe the reverse image as indicated by fig : 10d.
Our sensing is tricked into believing that there was a change in direction when no such change occurred.

Based on this belief, man designs his electric devices with an alternating current flow.

This by its very nature implies that there is a flow of something (free electrons !!!!) in one direction for one half of the cycle and then a flow of free electron in the opposite direction during the second half of the cycle.
Nature does not do this, she induces a spin, which alternates our observed perspective ! How ?

She set the (spiritual) loops in motion as described in fig : 10 but the effect within the physical is for matter to align so that it can spin on a perpendicular axis as indicated in fig : 10e

Fig : 10e

There appears to be simultaneous CW/ACW from the SAME perspective.
Are wires and ac current really necessary for man to harness Nature

Loops CAUSE electric motion
Tesla Turbine

I am convinced that Tesla knew the geometry of natures loops of force which inspired him to create the counter intuitive 'Tesla Turbine' design.
Tesla was perhaps mimicking the loops of force surrounding a current carrying wire, knowing full well, they act like clutches. His disk stacks do exactly the same thing, gripping the fluid in a counter intuitive way, expelling that fluid perpendicular to the input.
His mechanical pump is based on his electrical understanding of Nature.
The process of Mind Thinking creates a flickering image. First we observe from the anode, then observe the same image from the cathode. Our sensing responds to that flickering image. Just as the rapidly changing images of a movie creates the illusion of motion, the flickering images of nature creates the illusion of solidity and form which fool our sensing.
The flickering image also produce the illusion of motion and flow where no such motion exists

Spatial loop

We know that loops of force circulate about a current carrying wire. Without the cardboard present, these loops are effectively circulating in the open air and will thus be called spatial loops. Air is not a good conductor (high magnetic reluctance) of these loops although a complete circuit is established about the wire.
These loops have therefore certain measurable (speed, reluctance ) properties which tell the story of the loops ability to circulate in this spatial path. Man assigns the separate force of magnetism to these loops. These loops are Mind present within the physical universe.

Iron is a much better conductor of these spatial loops. Those measurable properties will thus adjust to the new pathway offered by the iron (least resistance), speed will increase, reluctance will decrease would be immediate obvious effects. So, if iron is brought into any part of the circulating spatial loop circuit, the portion of the circuit will have an easier path relative to the part of the overall spatial loop circuit. A differential reluctance will thus be created in different portions of the magnetic circuit because part of the flux is traveling through iron while another part of the same circuit is still traveling through air.
(From the image above, imagine the cardboard was replaced with a iron plate, this should improve the current carrying abilities of the copper wire).

This will divide the motion within the loop
as the magnetic circuit now comprises a portion as made up of iron
and a portion made up of the original air/spatial pathway.

This can have a beneficial effect because the wire can now carry a higher current. This effect implies that if the speed of the loop can be increased then more current is evident in the wire. An increase speed in one (magnetic, spiritual) plane increases the speed in the perpendicular physical plane.

Tip 4
If the spatial loop were contained completely in an iron circuit, then the wire could be made to carry its maximum capacity !
Man CANNOT achieve this at present, because he fails to sufficiently accelerate the surrounding loops. Any
method which can increase the centripetal motion within a loop will enable a wire to carry a much higher current than at present.

Toroidal coils are a way of harnessing the entire magnetic loop within an environment of least resistance.
Can you 'see' the issues which prevents this particular design from harnessing of the entire magnetic flux?
What about a typical solenoid type coil ?

How much of the loop field is captured here by this wiring direction?

We know that the magnetic loops surrounding a current carrying wire rotate in a specific direction. When that wire is bent into a coiled ring, the magnetic loops don't change their rotational direction although they seem to. Consider the following images.

Fig : 12
Fig : 12a
Image from UniServeScienceVIDEO
Fig : 12b - The L/R magnetic loops act like two meshing gears increasing the field flow through the wire aperture

Fig : 12 indicates that when a current carrying wire is bent into a loop there appears to be a change in direction of the rotational path. The left side appears to rotate in a CW manner while the right side appears to rotate in an ACW manner. We know that this (CW/ACW) is the wrong approach to illusions of perspective. We are simply observing the top of a magnetic loops on the left side but the bottom of the SAME loop on the right side. The direction of rotation is unchanged !
However, there is an effect which is not an illusion. Figs : 12a/b show that the magnetic loops on each (L/R) side interact like two gears meshing to create an enhanced field path. The magnetic loops do not blend and meld, rather they behave in a similar way to pushing two balloon surfaces together, they flatten their contact surfaces.

Fig : 12c
Fig : 12d

These loop interactions effectively restrict the central aperture of the wire, and as a consequence the field flow increases.

Fig : 12c - Field interaction are edge to edge They mesh like two gears The effect is, enhanced field flow through the wire aperture

Fig : 12c highlights how the field lines have to distort to fit through the series of spiral wire loops. We also know that iron is a better conductor of magnetic current and so, when an iron core is placed inside the spiral of coils the magnetic flux increases as does the electric current in the wire itself.

When a child experiences a trauma, he/she may carry that damaged aspect within their physical expression all their lives.

What MSS believes to be a separate force (magnetism) is the expression of a trauma, the trauma of being electrocuted !
'Magnetic' force cannot manifest in its own right, it must be exposed. The iron core of a bar-magnet must FIRST be exposed to an electric current. When the current is removed, the core remembers that trauma of electrocution and expressed that event as a non-shocking electric field. MSS believes this field is a separate force - magnetism.

Shocking and non-shocking electricity are offset by 90°.

Magnetic field are non-shocking electric fields

These magnetic field interaction all result from edge to edge contact,
just like the meshing of two gears.
The interactions of loops of force about a straight wire result from
face to face contact, just like clutch plates.

Fig : 12e

If one wishes to create an electric current, one must ensure the loops of force surrounding the design are aligned face to face to facilitate clutch interaction. This will create fast centripetal inward motion. It will shock and kill.
If one wishes to create a magnetic current, one must ensure the loops of force are distorted in such a way as to bring the fields into direct edge on contact. The fields will interact like two meshed gears. This electric field will not shock or kill but will create the effect we call magnetism.

Fig : 11a
Fig : 11b

We know from our observation with a typical CRT that the loops align themselves face to face. There is no obvious edge/edge or rim/rim interactions between those loops. We also know that the loops and polarity are one and that the loops align themselves perpendicular to the N/S axis.

Fig : 11b - Pay VERY close attention to the orientation of the loops of force with respect to the direction of the N/S axis !

Fig : 11a indicates that the surrounding loop is aligned in a similar way to the CRT with the direction of the N/S axis.
But, a close examination of fig : 11b which includes the electric wiring necessary to produce these N/S poles at the extremities of the core. As you know, there are no cores used in a CRT design, and man tends to wind the electric wire in the exact position of the loop orientation favoured by Nature. By doing this, notice how the loops produced around the wire are now perpendicular to that chosen by Nature.

Manipulation of the loops of force is key to harnessing Nature. You are in fact, directing Mind in the direction you wish to create.
Be aware ! When WR talks about loops of force there are two possible meanings.

  • the loops which develop about a current carrying wire and more importantly
  • the center loop created when a length of wire is coiled, bending imparts further polarity as indicated in fig : 9f.

When an electric current flows along a straight wire, loops of force appear parallel.

When the wire is bent into a loop, these loops become distorted, appearing pinched on the inside while appearing opened/fanned towards the outside.
We know that a focal center emerges at the hub of any circle, and these loops now appear to be aligned with that hub like spokes on a wheel.

Notice, how by bending the wire the geometrical relationship of the once parallel loops is changed. WR introduces this ALTERNATE mechanism for generation of heat and density (at the hub of WIRE loop) arising as a result of the proximity of the half the loops on the inside arc with respect to the parting/fanning of the loops on the outside radius. This is an entirely different mechanism from the iris contraction/expansion type mechanism discussed thus far.
Remember, up until now, heating was achieved by the loops of force contracting, closing their central holes !
There are two different mechanisms at play here !
To divide gravity means to set up a polarised condition which spans a central fulcrum of Stillness. When an electric current flows in a coil of wire, the mid-point of that wire will indicate neither positive or negative.

Fig : 13 - The field lines do indeed suggest a symmetry implying that each pole is similar rather than an opposite
Fig : 13a

WRC does not see eye to eye with MSS when describing the magnetic effect. Firstly, WRC describes lines of apparent magnetic force as lines of electrical force, and secondly, WRC describes the effect of polarisation as comprising of division to yield two anodes not one.

Man's polarisation (division) process is incomplete, because only half the division of the full cycle is achieved. This incomplete process has led man to believe that opposites attract (Coulomb), due to the observation that opposite ends of two bar-magnets snap together.
This snapping together is due to the desire of all polarised expression to VOID their polarity and so achieve a state of stable rest. When n/S poles meet, they void and therefore, this CANNOT be the necessary orientation for generative GROWTH !!

I am convinced that Tesla agreed with WR, and his subsequent development of ac current, is testament to this alternating cyclic division/polarisation.
Man's divides 'gravity' (Stillness) into a static expression, while Nature ensures complete division (into 3) as an alternating cycle. Solving this apparent dilemma will yield the correct configuration of generative coil design.