19th March 2017


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MSS = main stream science
TBP = The Thunderbolts Project – electric universe model
DLaP = Primer Field Model offered by David LaPoint

Fig : 1

Fig : 2

Cubic, rhombic, dodecahedron, tetrahedral geometry are all common occurrences within Nature’s crystallisation processes.
However, this particular discussion will focus on another more ubiquitous structure of Nature.
A structure which becomes evident is the work of many fellow researchers including my own, a structure which may not be quite all tied together just yet !

Implied with the ‘generation only’ arrangement is the meeting of two opposed generating cones. Implied with the ‘radiation only’  configuration is expansion moving away from the central fulcrum in opposite directions.

Fig : 1x

The ‘generic form’ indicates a generative input AND a radiative output.
Fig : 1x indicates one s.e.x.e.d pairing, whereby there is a generative input combined with its own radiative exhaust.
When the ‘generic forms’ are aligned face to face then the flower of life type geometry is revealed as indicated in fig : 2.

When the flower of life is de-constructed into a generative only pair and a radiative only pair then the bowl shaped structures evident in the Heavens become apparent. But, rather than the proposal offered by DLaP (Primer Fields), the evidence from WRC suggests this geometry implies the radiative, unwinding process.

WRC is unique for the following reason and this for me makes his teaching superior to those proposed by the TBP.
WRC teaches that this is a two-way universe of motion. There is a generative and a radiative aspect to that motion.

We sense and thus perceive the universe because we are decoding the emanations
from the RADIATIVE half of the Creation cycle. We CANNOT sense the generative half of the cycle.
We can only sense growth because that body is RADIATING its internal condition to the outside world.
It is in effect, broadcasting its state of growth via its radiating signature.

In the model offered by TB,  Don Scott suggests that the magnetic loops of force surrounding the current carrying conductor are firstly caused by the electric current and that the flow of this electric current is the cause of the pinching effect in those surrounding loops. The exact opposite is true !
The loops of force are the CAUSE (they come FIRST) of the current manifesting in the wire and it is the GENERATIVE process of Mind Thinking which CAUSES the loops to contract from cathode beginnings to anode apices.
The unseen loops of force are the generative half of the cycle while the electric current is the radiative half of the cycle.

Just to be clear…

Fig : 3

Fig : 3a

Fig : 3b

Fig : 4

When you read the typical xyz intersecting planes as the foundation of any mathematical function consider instead the following.
The concept of 100% compression to produce the V_rest axis was introduced on the ‘Wave’ page.
Fig : 3 indicates the seed pattern is present as the y-axis. This wavefield geometry can now be developed as follows.

Fig : 3a highlights this central compressed hub in terms of a ring with a closed central hole. As this compressed aspects of Creation is allowed to expand, then the central hole opens, so that the once positive hub becomes negative in the wake of the receeding wave front. In other words, the positive front is heading towards the rim and the hub (wake) becomes cold as a result.
Now, don’t forget, prior to expansion of this compressed potential, the opposite half of the Creation Idea exists as the expanded seed pattern within the H_Rest axis.
As the compressed potential expands (section b), section (a) compresses. Section (a) gets hot, while section (b) gets cold.

In order to complete a cycle, this newly compressed potential doesn’t;t simply pile up at the rim, it makes use of this new cold environment at the old hub old center.
This is what WR was implying in this Fig : 4 drawing. The charging potential gathering towards the outside folds back inwards and condenses as matter in the cold space left by the expanding wave (section b).
A new generative center is thus created and the compression cycle begins again.

Standing Waves

(A demonstration by James Dann PhD of ck12.org)

The video demonstration above only shows part of the story developing within the cubic wavefield. There are some modification which must be included to uncover WR teachings.
The standing wave produced within the wavefield originates at the central (0,0,0) hub and as such the effect propagates simultaneously in two, opposite directions.

The two projection possibilities are thus …

Fig : 5

Fig : 5a

The petal geometry is as a result of the back reflection from the corner reflectors.

You might like to review the research of Dr. Milo Wolff developed the Standing wave structure to matter. His work fits very well into WRC.