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June 18, 2018 : Inclusion of gyroscopic perspective
Sept. 26 2017 : Expanded the importance of Fig : 1x to explain the breathing cycle

There is some cross over between the gyroscopic/geometry content.

Fig : 1x

Cubic, rhombic, dodecahedron, tetrahedral geometries are all common occurrences within Nature’s crystallisation processes.
However, this particular discussion will focus on another more ubiquitous structure of Nature. The geometry outlined in Fig : 1x is not in conflict with any of WR teachings yet an understanding of this conical form is important to WR’s overall message.

Fig : 1 Static Cone

The ‘generic form’ indicates a generative input AND a radiative output.
Fig : 1x indicates one s.e.x of the pair, whereby there is a generative input combined with its own radiative exhaust. The curvature of these opposites also inverts. The geometry outlined in Fig : 1x lies with WRC though WR himself never expressed polarity in this explicit fashion.
Fig : 1x represents a more dynamic and fluid geometry over the typical conical polarised cone.
This new approach to WRC will I hope show how the electric fields are generated about any polarised condition.
We know that this universe is in constant vibratory motion.

This vibration is an indicator of a living breathing expression of the Creation Idea. To breathe a full cycle is a two way process. The cycle comprises an inhalation and an exhalation pulse. This model of a fixed static polarity cone is too limiting and as a result an important aspect of the dynamic universe is lost.

Fig : 2

During my own research I came to understand that this dynamic universe is comprised of cyclic waves within waves. Everything is oscillating in planes relative to every other expression in a Cosmic cymatic dance. Straight line geometry is not part of a universe which arises from curvature. All direction is curved and all motion is spiral.

For me, it was necessary to apply curvature to this simple model proposed by WR. There is nothing wrong with his image, but it needs to be developed and improved to better match Nature’s motion.

If we assign the static cone as the starting (inert gas) seed condition then, any flexible curvature must represent matter in motion. Fig : 2 indicates how this polarised condition breathes. It breathes as you breathe. In rhythmic cycles. It inhales and then it exhales.

During the generative inhalation step centripetal compression forces an inwards curvature as indicated in red. Then during the exhalation step compression gives way to centrifugal radiation and the boundary now flexes in the opposite direction as indicated by the blue.

Fig : 1x simply indicates this centrifugal expansion as a continuous ‘forward’ process. Every expression of polarity breathes in this way, millions of cycles/second.

Fig : 3
Fig : 4

When Fig : 2 is deconstructed to isolate out the generative and the expansive radiative sections separately we obtain Figs : 3/4.

Fig : 3 indicates the head on union of two opposed inhalation streams. Those separate streams each focus to a common focal point. The conical geometry is not lost.

Fig : 4 highlights the radiative step. The important thing to notice here is that there is a 90° offset between the generative and the radiative sequences.

Now, when these generative/radiative sequences are cycling at a rate of millions hertz then, the flower of life pattern becomes evident. This image has no solidity other than it appears cymatically as a result of oscillatory motion, see Fig : 5.

Stream (a) is the generative input, while stream (a’) is the radiative output. Likewise, stream (b) is a generative input, with stream (b’) its radiative output.

Fig : 5

Can you ‘see’ how Fig : 1x is constructed from cycle (a) + (a’) or from streams (b) + (b’).

Standing Waves

(A demonstration by James Dann PhD of

Fig : 6
Fig : 7

Pay close attention to the geometry of the first and second harmonic. The first harmonic has two nodes but the second harmonic has 3 nodes. This additional node is more in line with WR wave mechanics as he teaches that motion oscillates about a central fulcrum. That 3rd node is indeed that fulcrum about which the entire wave is generated.

I want to tie the wave geometry outlined in Fig : 1x to WR’s cubic wavefield, how spheres come in manifest, and find examples of this geometry within Nature.

Remember, no matter how the basic geometry is orientated the blue radiative stream is always orientated at 90° to the red generative streams. When the central geometry is turned through 90° the curvature must then also be reversed !

The wave form as described by WR is evident in the central portion of Fig : 6. The central focal point is indicative of a central fulcrum which implies the second harmonic. We could now assign the first fundamental harmonic to the inert gas with the full octave emerging as the second harmonic. This make mathematical sense as the second harmonic oscillates at twice the fundamental frequency.

Fig : 8

All apparent structure and form manifests within this reality as a result of an oscillatory breathing cycle. There is a positive displacement to one side of a divide and am opposite ‘negative’ displacement reflected to the opposite side of that same divide. The net output results in a sum vector.
If we examine Fig : 8 the image which appears within the physical reality is the centre  sum total of the positive/negative breathing cycle.

Fig : 8 highlights a typical organic expression in this case benzene. The inhalation cycle is represented in red. The structure experiences a centripetal compression.
On the other hand the exhalation cycle is represented in blue which is experiencing a centrifugal expansion. When this breathing cycle oscillates at many millions cycles/second the result is an apparent solid structure indicated as the central black form. This oscillating breathing cycle applies to every expression which manifests within this physical reality.

Fig : 9

We can also apply the basic geometry indicated in Fig : 7 to a full circle which is shown in Fig : 9. This will open up the geometry observed throughout Nature and indeed the cosmos itself.

In fact, Fig : 7 indicates the unfolding of sacred geometry namely the vesica piscis but not in a way that is generally accepted. I will expand this idea further on the VIP-Members page.

You might like to review the research of Dr. Milo Wolff  who developed the Standing wave structure to matter. His work fits very well into WRC.

Fig : 10

When motion begins, there is maximum W/E expression and minimum N/S extension. This means that at the cathode the orbits area very long, and the cone base has the maximum diameter. There is no N/S character because the N/S poles are lying flat in the plane of the cone base. Appearance as physical matter implies some degree of N/S character and this is achieved by centripetally compressing the cone base into a slightly smaller diameter.
This centripetal compression lifts (gyroscopically) the N/S poles off the horizontal and extends into the physical universe. As a result the W/E contract which is manifested as a smaller cone base orbit.

Cold diffuse space is how maximum W/E poles are expressed within the physical universe. There is a very important point to consider here. Normally, we would think that axial rotation and orbital revolution are opposites and as a result we might expect bodies orbiting in such a large, long, slow orbit to have maximum axial revolution. THEY DO !
But, when a body/planet is spinning on its own axial to a maximum then it has centrifugally unwound to a maximum and it therefore a flat plane. It can no longer sustain itself as a sphere. Maximum axial rotation and minimum N/S expression are the same condition ! This is really important to grasp because of what occurs with carbon !

Gyroscopic motion is critical because it orientates our perception about the vertical (y) axis. All motion is centered about the vertical y-axis. There is only one dynamic axis and gyroscopic motion ensure that axis is the (y) vertical axis. It is important that there is always a 90° relationship between the horizontal passive and the vertical dynamic axis.

FIg : 11
Fig : 12

The inert gas condition can tentatively assigned 1 set of W/E poles with no N/S pole. The first emergence (+1, Fig : 12) into the physical will possess 2 sets of W/E poles and 1 set of N/S poles.

Once motion begins, there is equal expression above/below the original inert horizontal. There are now one set of W/E poles above the original horizontal and one set of W/E poles below the original horizontal plane.

For the zero inert gas condition the W/E poles are extended fully AWAY from the central axis. Notice, in Fig : 12 that as each subsequent expression manifests within the physical universe that those W/E poles are retracting, getting closer to the central axis. Carbon is a special case because it is the only element to achieve this but, when the W/E are fully retracted they BECOME the N/S poles. It is as if the W/E are now lying in the vertical plane, exactly the opposite to the inert gas condition mentioned earlier !

Fig : 11 indicates that for each expression within an octave, the orbital path is getting shorter, the revolutions are getting faster. This is how matter lifts itself gyroscopically off the horizontal to expression its presence through its N/S polarity. The orbital compression lifts the +1 condition to approximately 30° off the horizontal. The +2 condition is lifted approximately 45° and the +3 condition about 80°.
Carbon is actually lifted 90° but all other +4 conditions can only achieve maximum gyroscopic lift of about 87°. this is why those elements (Si) exhibit such high melting points but never achieve the 3600° manifested by carbon.

Fig : 13

Just be careful when reading Fig : 12 as there appears to be the presence of an ‘inverted’ conical structure which is not to be confused with the conical geometry indicated in Fig : 1. Perhaps fig : 13 will clarify.
Almost all cones indicated by WR imply the orbital path of a body. In Fig : 13, those contracting orbital paths are highlighted below the horizontal, but they apply equally above the horizontal.
Remember, this dynamic motion does NOT occur centered by the x/z axes. Our reality and perception is defined about the dynamic (y) vertical axis only.


Fig : 15
Fig : 14

Now, if you can imagine that once gyroscopic motion has lifted the expression to the maximum extend from the horizontal and sustained that motion for the desired period, decay begins. This decay will then follow a spiral path from the zenith of expression back to the horizontal plane.
These spiral paths more accurately reflect the conical geometry proposed by WR rather than that indicated in Fig : 1.

Fig : 14 represents the decay of matter and how that physical expression spirals back to the cathode beginnings. This decaying process occurs both above and below the dividing equator until the 2 x (W/E) become one W/E pole and the N/S pole returns to the horizontal effectively becoming the W/E pole.