Get to the Point !

Get to the Point !

Fig : 1

Fig : 2

Fig : 1 indicates that when a point of Still appears to be divided due to Mind Thinking then, motion spirals about a shaft or axle of Stillness rather than just a single point.

Fig : 2 indicates that when the fundamental frequency (2 nodes) is raised one octave the wave form changes to exhibit 3 nodes.
When we continue to increase this frequency the wave form continues to transform increasing the number of nodes or points of Stillness.

Fig : 3

Fig : 3 highlights how by continuously increasing the frequency from one octave to another (1, 2, 4, 8, 16 etc.) the nodes density increases. The more the frequency is increased the more populated the region becomes with exposed expressions of Mind. It does not take too long before the vibrational motion appears to oscillate about a shaft or a dense accumulation of points.
This is how and why high frequency or high octaves expose the Source of Creation. Within a shaft or axle, a point becomes an omnipresent expression of Stillness. The universe is not infinite. It is limited to the nth
degree of compression maximising the number of nodes over the original fundamental frequency.

The whole ‘point’ of motion is to expose Stillness and to reunify the physical expression with Source through Knowledge.


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