This page is dedicated to Paul Agle
Fig : 1

Examine the following image and let’s assign some properties to it.
The strings are silent and PARALLEL.

At present, fig : 1 represents a Concept of Mind. It is an Idea of the metaphysical universe, which has not yet transgressed into the physical universe. For the purposes of the model let’s assume the undisturbed string length is 200 inches.
If a disturbance is introduced at (0) then the notes sounded by (A) and (A1) will be the same.

This is how Idea is transferred into the physical universe. The overall Idea appears divided by Mind located at (0) essentially dividing the 200 inch string into two (2 x 100 inch).

This is the inert gas condition.
string length (A) to (0) = 100
string length (0) to (A1) = 100

The elements of a particular octave emerge from the inert gas because dynamic division separates the two (100) strings into a shorter A/O string and a longer O/A1 section. The strings are no longer parallel to the original static condition, nor are they of the same length. While in this dynamic condition, the metaphysical Idea transgresses into the physical universe and is perceived as heat, light, density and matter. These properties and characteristics are not actual physical properties rather, the motion introduced by disturbance manifests to our sensing as real and solid.
We know a weight-lifter will place equal weights at the extremities of the bar while keeping the dividing plane central between the weights. Man will balance his cam-shafts and flywheels in a similar fashion. Nature though, will adjust the position of the center of gravity to shorten/lengthen her levers to main unequal asymmetric balance.

Fig : 2
Fig : 2a
Fig : 2b

Cosmic container

Two instruments are shown because on a single guitar once the fret board is fingered, the section between the head and the finger is unplayable as a full tone.
Fig : 2 indicates how an equal and opposite compensating force needs to be applied to balance a disturbance.

In fig : 2a, moving the dividing plane to position (x) will shorten the string length (A) to (O) but simultaneously lengthen the string from (O) to (A1).

As the frequency increases on the (A) side, it reduces on the (A1) side. A treble note is thus accompanied by its own bass note.

This is a simultaneous action/reaction. This geometry may be thought of as positive, hot central core (A/O) surrounded by a negative, cold wave field (O/A1).

(Think of the central core as you ‘see’ the boat listing to one side, and the surrounding wave field as the sailors leaning in the opposite direction to compensate).

This type of action/reaction scenario can also be applied to an optical lens. When a thin convex lens is used between an object and a sensor (eye). The image forming at the sensor will be ‘real’ but inverted.

So. if optical lensing forms part of the mechanism of our perceived universe, then every action on one side of the lens will reproduced an inverted image on the opposite side of the same lens.

Tip 1

WRC teaches that the entire 9 octaves of perceivable matter are contained within the single silent 200 inch string length.When the (A/O) overall string length = 100, then that string dimension will manifest as octave 1.
When the (A/O) overall string length = 50, then that string dimension will manifest as octave 2.
When the (A/O) overall string length = 25, then that string dimension will manifest as octave 3.
When the (A/O) overall string length = 12.5, then that string dimension will manifest as octave 4, etc., etc.
This is how one octave sits inside another as a set of 9 nested octave conditions.

WR teaches that all matter is motion and that motion rotates or circulates about shafts of Stillness (Mind).

Fig : 3

Fig : 3 indicates that there is nothing physical to this universe other than motion. This motion comes into being as a result of the Concentrative Thinking of Mind. Mind doesn’t have to appear anywhere, it is already there.
Mind just is. The condition of Stillness is too homogeneous and our sensing apparatus is not designed to interact with this homogeneous condition of Stillness. Those senses require motion, alternating motion in order to be stimulated.
They were designed that way !

The lower section of fig : 3 should indicate to you, that motion is projected from Mind, and that motion circulates about shafts of Stillness (Mind). It is through motion that our sensing can find Stillness !!!!

In short, a low lever of Mind Thinking will expose a thicker/wider shaft/axle, while a more Concentrative effort by Mind will thus circulate motion about very thin/narrow shafts.

Tip 2

Notice, within the pattern of the metaphysical seed, there is no N/S expression. All direction is governed by E/W poles. The dimensions of this 2D pattern are determined by the level of desire to express Idea. This 2D seed pattern lies within the horizontal wave axis. It is from here that the patterned image will be projected into the simulation in 4 distinct efforts.
Notice also, dynamic equators (N/S) are extensions of or from static equators (E/W) !
This is how the non-dimensional pattern in Stillness becomes a 3D moving pattern.

This is the way the loops of force surrounding a current carrying wire behave.
It is the contracting/expanding motion of these loops which is the CAUSE of apparent current flow in the wire.
This is what Tesla meant by saying that current does not flow in a wire it flows around the wire.

Just a quick note on the major difference between N/S and E/W poles.

Fig : 4

Firstly,  a static equator does not mean a plane of zero pressure. It mean a dividing equator of the SAME (albeit unchanging) pressure.
E/W poles join focal point of the same pressure. This is why WR sometimes refers to the E/W poles at the static equator. When we sleep at night, we attempt to align our entire bodies in the same pressure zone. This is why we lie perpendicular to the earth’s N/S axis.

One might think of electric current as follows. The shocking electric current runs in a N/S direction, but the non-shocking electric current (magnetic) runs in the E/W direction.

N/S poles cut across regions of different pressures, this is why WR refers to the N/S poles as the dynamic poles. The north pole is always orientated towards regions of higher potential, while the south pole is orientated towards regions of lower or divided potential.

Fig : 4a

The E/W poles work against the N/S pole extensions. The E/W poles balance the N/S poles extensions. When a body ‘walks’ in balance then the arms are close by its side. There is no requirement for balancing poles. The expression of any pole is an measure of imbalance. When bodies are in balance there is no need to express polarity. In a perfect sphere for example, the E/W poles have withdrawn into the center, as there is no need for further balance. To be out of balance means not to be able to express motion in true circles !

Fig : 4a indicates that the inward direction is one whereby the potential pressures are multiplying. This implies the positive direction is in towards the center. This also creates the illusion the gravity is expressed in towards the center.
Conversely, the outward direction is where the potential pressures are divided. Actually, radiation means to divide potential pressures. Thus, all outward direction is the direction of south which WR teaches is the negative direction.

Tip 3

Cutting across the potential differential in a N/S direction takes a great effort, because at each stage the E/W poles are trying to pull the body into their zone of potential. This is how and why the N/S expression is fighting with the E/W condition, until such time that the electro-potential of the body matches that of the E/W condition. Then the body will float in an E/W orbit without the desire for further N/S migration.
This is why centripetal motion fights centrifugal motion in a constant battle. Centripetal motion having the upper hand in the first half of the cycle but centrifugal motion takes over in the second half !

Fig : 4b

In terms of the E/W pole expression within the octave, the +4 condition will express the least, but, the zero condition will express the most.

This implies that for the +4 condition, the central hole (E/W dimension) is minimum, but for the zero inert gas condition the central hole (E/W dimension) is fully open and therefore maximum.

During the rotation of the Earth around its primary the sun, notice how the other bodies align themselves. This principle must apply to all charged bodies. Great effort and wakefulness is necessary to keep one’s body aligned parallel to the N/S axis. Our bodies from head to toe are cutting across a pressure differential which require constant attention from our E/W poles to ensure we remain parallel to the N/S axis.

Notice, how during the night phase the N/S alignment of the day time becomes the E/W alignment at night !

The following geometry will serve you well in your pursuit of the elusive wave.
Opposite expressions extend as far away (180°) from one another as they possibly can.
All direction is curved and all motion is spiral.

Fig : 5a
Fig : 5b
Fig : 5c

Fig : 5a indicates this 180° opposed motion firstly as a projection from the zero horizontal wave axis, then the +4 vertical axis, then the zero axis again and finally from the opposite side of the +4 axis. Then the cycle repeats.
Fig : 5b expresses these 4 steps as a circular geometry.
Fig : 5c indicates how a radiative dominance becomes evident when compression is maximum ! The state of high compression is communicated to the rest of the universe by way of radiative streams !!

Fig : 5d
Fig : 5e

Remember, this inner core is generated because ‘Mind Thinking’ shifts the once central fulcrum to the side which is accumulating potential in order to maintain an asymmetric balanced condition.
Notice, in fig : 5e that the outer wave field boundary remains constant. It must do so in order to define the dimension of a particular expression of matter.
As the fulcrum shift to a new locked potential position during the generative half of the cycle, a positive core and a negative envelope are created. The negative surround is necessary to hold the core in place. Freezing it, to prevent an uncontrolled unwinding of electrical potential from the core.

Remember, the core WANTS to explode, but is cold wave field prevents it from doing so !