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LOF = loops of force which surround a current carrying wire
CW = clockwise motion/direction
ACW = anti-clockwise motion/direction

Nothing is what it seems

If your head hurts reading this page , then you are probably thinking the right way !
When you observe the magician cutting the assistant in two, you know you are being tricked, though you may not know how !
Your experiences and observations of the world around you are hard wired into your cognitive perception. A skilled illusionist will play with that hard wiring and force your brain to make connections which are not representative of the environment in front of you.

Fig : 1

This hard wiring into your cognitive processing of the world around you, suggests your brain has no ability to think for itself, it is simply applies a learnt pattern to a new stimuli and accepts that stimuli as ‘real’ if the stimuli matches a hard wired pattern.
The magician/illusionist uses this knowledge to design their performance. They rely on the ‘fact’ that brick walls are solid in your experience, and so when the magician walk through the wall, your brain confirms the trick because it reminds you of the past experiences you had with solid walls.

When you observe an optical illusion such as indicated in fig : 1, you know it is an illusion, even though your brain has difficulty processing the image.
If during your study of WRC you find yourself with a clear single perspective of a particular principle then the chance are you may have missed the point. The purpose of fig : 1 is to indicate that if you can ‘see’ every law, axiom, or principle in this way then you have a better grasp of the trick played by Mind in creation this universe of definite solidity and structure. See the ‘conundrum’ below.

Tip 1
Fig : 1 represents the best perspective of our perceived reality. The harder and closer we look for a concrete materialistic world the less we structure, and yet growth as an expression of the Creation Idea implies coherence and structure.
True Knowledge allows one to understand the Source is all there is, and the apparent solidity we believe to be real is simply an illusion.
I cannot over emphasise that you sensing has been designed by the same Source to support the perceived illusion.
All perceived matter has a transient existence.
Your brain has a tendency to ‘fill in’ what it believes should be there when no such image exists.

Fig : 2

Fig : 3 Lumping te Genclusiens Just because an observation makes sense, doesn’t mean it is correct !

Science also, through its elaborate mathematical equations, formulae, models, and laws has attempted to teach us how Nature SHOULD BE rather than how Nature actually is !
Science always looks for Cause in Effect, and thus will extrapolate from simple observations the explanation of  how the magician with the use of elaborate micro-surgery actually cut the assistant in two as we all ‘observed’ !
Main stream science perceives the universe as fact rather than as an illusion. Their mathematical equation proves the universe as a fact. It is Knowledge that is pathway to the true reality not a mathematical expression !
So, even when we know we are observing an illusion, we may continue to experience a difficulty interpreting and processing that illusionary information, adding to the effect of the illusion itself.
How do you think we might perceive an illusion when we have no idea that we are in fact observing an optical illusion ?

What if,  you observe the following ?

Fig : 4 – Illusion caused by FAST motion

The purpose of WRC is to teach you that the images you perceive as the real world, are illusionary.
Because the way your brain processes the information coming to it via the senses, it has build up a hard wired series of patterns, and once those patterns are matched then the output impression given by the brain is one of a ‘reality’ match.
WRC will attempt to teach you how the illusion we believe to be the real world is conceived, created and reproduced in cyclic motion which fools our senses into perceiving a reality of solidity and form.

It may help to review the description of our perceived reality by physicist Lothar Schafer.

Fig : 4b – When motion stops, Stillness returns

Fig : 4a – Our ‘reality appears as a vibrational pattern, emerging from and returning to Stillness

Figs : 4a/b is an attempt to show how the images appear from an apparent nothingness. The black curtain represent Stillness, the true nature of our identity and reality.
Images with apparent solidity and form are projected as a 3D moving image. When the image comes to rest then Stillness returns as indicated in fig : 4b.

If you build a road from Milan to Rome, in which direction is the road going ? Depending on your location, the road is perceived as heading in the opposite direction.
Now, if the road has a uniform width, the movement along the road is same at either end, and as such, the concept of polarity makes little sense. This condition could be used to describe the state of motion of the inert gases.

Now, imagine the road was constructed in such a fashion that it was two feet wide near Rome but 20 feet wide near Milan !
The movement in the vicinity of Rome is now very congested. There is a much higher resistance to movement and the evidence of that resistance will be registered as the electric tensions of an anode. We will perceive these tensions as heat, light and density.
The movement in the vicinity of Milan will be much more open and free, and the electric tensions experiences will be so much less than that experienced in Rome ! Likewise, we will experience this condition as cold, vacuous and dark.

Fig : 5 – every action causes a rippled reaction amongst neighbours

Imagine, there are 3 roads existing between any two locations, as indicated below.
The configuration is such that the motion is equal in either direction and is thus typical of the inert gas condition.
Modify the black road only to make it 2 feet wide at one end, and 20 feet wide at the opposite end. This will create a simultaneous left/right polarised condition. But remember, only adjust the black road !

Fig : 6 – Compression causing simultaneous expansion

The polarity introduced to the black road also made simultaneous changes to the white road. Those changes to the black road seemed to be reflected in reverse in the white roads. The black cone base is now surrounded by white anodes, and the black anode seems to be surrounded by white cone bases !

If you are standing on the black cone base you will experience cathode type conditions, but the white road on the right side is displaying anode conditions !

So, where is the anode ?
Does that depend on your perspective ?


Fig : 7 – One action is repeated by all component

What if there were 1,000,000 roads between two locations, and only ONE was adjusted ?
Would/Could the other roads remain unaffected ?

Could one tiny motion be reflected 1,000,000 or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times… in an instant ?

Tip 2
If you find yourself not being able to see clearly between one expression and its apparent opposite expression, then you are doing well ! If on the other hand you can see duality all around you then you still have some work to do. The more the WRC is revealed to you the less solid the universe appears. Knowing the reason for that conflict of perception implies you understand the true nature of matter rather than what it appears to be !

The Cosmic Illusion

Fig : 19

We are familiar with the idea that the image (40ft) cast onto the screen at the cinema has been projected there through a very small negative of film. We might also have a reasonable idea of the equipment needed to project that negative onto the screen, lenses, light sources etc.
If you were to look closely at the negative itself you would ‘see’ very little detail because the information is compacted into a very small area indeed. If that negative was a microfilm negative, then you would have no chance of observing any detail at all in such a compacted area.Now, imagine sitting in a spherical cinema in which the entire cinema itself is projected all around you, the seats, the curtains, everything !
You are inside the projection itself.

That image is being projected from the central point of the sphere, the 0,0,0 center point. The image is projected radially in all directions.
The same familiar equipment is being used to project this 3D spherical world in which you now find yourself, and once again, if you could locate the 0,0,0 center point you would not find one piece of grand image in that ‘invisible’ negative.

Every point in the universe is a 0,0,0 point of Mind capable of projecting the entire Idea of Mind as a seemingly real action movie.
The images you observe ‘out there’ are not real, they are simply the fast moving images we call reality. The expression describing man as an ‘actor on a grand stage’ is not far from the truth.
WRC wants you learn that the true reality lies in the 0,0,0 point of infinite light and that your bodily projection hides your true self in the same 0,0,0 point with Mind itself.
WRC will also describe the techniques used to create the grand projection, how those techniques are designed to interact with your senses only. WRC will also attempt to explain the complexity of observed effects though their actual cause is relatively simple. Notice, how narrow our visible sensing range really is, 400 – 700 nm. Space is shown in grey to differentiate it from the Stillness of Mind itself. Space is NOT a void. Our perceived reality results from the interaction of opposed forces. The high frequency aspect of the Idea is stepped down, while the low frequency aspect of the same Idea is stepped up. This is an electric universe of motion.

Gravity Curvature

It is really important to realise that the term ‘gravity’ within the realm of WRC does not have the same meaning as might be applied by man.

Fig : 9 – Stillness – Expanded half of Creation Idea

Fig : 9 represents the only true reality. It is Cosmic Mind itself. It is Still, there is no motion associated with it at all. This is the condition of infinite possibility and infinite potential. This condition of Stillness is where all expression you, me, trees, mountains, atoms, nebula come from. Those moving objects are born out of Stillness and return to that Same Stillness. Stillness/Mind are one and the same thing. Stillness is omnipresent, there are not two types of Stillness. So, if Stillness is motionless how can it possibly curve ? In short, it doesn’t, but it appears to curve.

Fig : 9 is a homogeneous condition, it is exactly the same everywhere. Motion and moving bodies which express ‘life’ will thus always be centered and surrounded by Still of Mind. Every point within Fig : 9 is the same point, and will therefore act as a fulcrum for all expressed motion. Every point has within it infinite potential.

Tip 3
rather than thinking of fig : 9 as a purely STATIC condition, imagine it pulsing and heaving with wave patterns. This pulsing motion remains beyond our sensing and all we can perceive is a quiet homogeneous condition where nothing appears to be going on !
If you imagine that embedded within fig : 9 is a curved arch. You cannot perceive it because that curve looks exactly the same as the undisturbed condition of Stillness. In order for our sensing to interact and detect the 3D illusion  an oscillation of some kind must be introduced so that our sensing can be stimulated.
Remember, there is really nothing ‘out there’. Our sensing detects a series of wave disturbances from which we build a 3d imaged representation of those wave oscillations. There is nothing physical ‘out there’, there doesn’t need to be, because the Mind that introduced the disturbance in the first place also designed your sensing apparatus to feed you the illusionary impulses which your brain thinks are real.
Tip 4
there is nothing outside of your body other than vibrational patterns. Your senses detects these oscillations and passes the information to your brain. Your brain/mind then constructs a visual reality which has no existence.
We know that during a cymatic experiment, a 2D plate is vibrated onto which sand or powder is sprinkled. The vibrating plate is a 2D arrangement of peaks and troughs although it may be very difficult for the naked eye to observe this. As the sand is sprinkled onto the plate the sand particles run INTO the troughs leaving the peaks without any coverage.

2D – Pattern

3D pattern evolving

Spherical 3D pattern. A physical body

If the entire universe is in resonance due to a cymatic standing wave pattern caused by opposed motions (rim to hub/hub to rim) then there is no need for all the chemical bonding supported by MSS. Every chemist is taught about the various chemical bonding options, ionic, covalent, hydrogen, double, triple to name but a few. Cymatic coherence is much more consistence with the wave oscillating frequency model proposed by WR
The pattern is thus an outline of the sand in the troughs and the unfilled sections are the locations of the peaks.
Now, imagine this experiment could be performed in 3D to produce a patterned sphere.
So, just imagine this vibrating geometric 3D structure without the sand.
Fig : 9 describes this condition.
Now, the next question to answer is… what is the nature of the substance/medium (sand) used by Mind to simulate pattern, in our 3D perceived universe of pattern motion ?

I prefer to ‘see’ the lines of the atomic spectra as circular, cymatic patterns rather than the linear version adopted by MSS. This perspective is more in keeping with the twin opposed streams as proposed by WR.

Tip 5
we know that when the cymatic plate are vibrated at a higher frequency then a more complicated pattern is achieved. NOW, think of this phenomenon in reverse !!!
When MIND Thinks a very complicated 2D pattern, it becomes manifest within our 3D universe as a very high frequency !
When Mind Thinks a less complicated 2D pattern, then it becomes manifest within our physical universe a a much low vibrational frequency !
Don’t think of a vibrating disturbance as a surface effect only, the disturbance manifests through-out field. Imagine, if you could see the wind what complex pattern would become evident !
We know that in general rivers don’t run dry. This is because they are continuously being replenished upstream by a flow of vapours and rains. Science knows this cycle well because it can observe both halves of the overall cycle. Not so, unfortunately, when it comes to the expanding universe theory. Nature always runs balanced cycles, she does not run in one direction only. Science can only observe the radiative expanding half of the overall expansion/contraction cycle and therefore draws conclusions which to not take all the facts into account. Yes, the universe is indeed expanding, but it will NOT die a heat death. This is because in addition to expanding the universe is also contracting. Space is continuously compression into suns, and those suns are continuously radiating back to space. The universe is in dynamic equilibrium. Science relies far too much on its sensed observations, thus missing the unsensed half of the equilibrium cycle.

Full bodied sphere. Maximum accumulation of potential

Small weights

Motion is a bit like a weight-lifter bar, in that, the weights are always added in balanced pairs.
The weights are arranged in pairs on opposite sides of a static equator. Each weight requires the other for its own balanced motion. If the single weight (before division)
was 100kg, then each weight on the bar would manifest as 50 kgs. The 50kg mass is not an accurate representation of the original 100kg idea, but when the divided masses are re-united then the original idea is reproduced.

Full bodied sphere. Maximum accumulation of potential

A balanced pair make up mass, and an arrangement of 4 balanced pairs make a sphere.

The weights are obvious at the extremities of the bar. In nature though, the bar is a shaft of Stillness which connects polarised or divided expression, and that shaft is always surrounded by spinning loops of force which is ‘Electric’ current.

I believe the confusion about division arises as follows. If we decide to divide a zero (0) condition into two we will usually embark on a path which yields a +1/-1 result. We call the +1 half an anode and assign the cathodic condition to the -1 half. WRC teaches that this is not necessary because the +1 condition is positive RELATIVE to the starting zero condition. In short, we can attribute the original starting position as the new negative -1 condition. This is why WR describes division as creating two ANODES, with the original starting point staying in the middle acting as the cathode.
Once motion begins, nothing stays as it once was. The homogeneous starting (0) condition loses it ‘inert’ character and immediately develops it cathodic negative character as motion increases and a positive anode develops. The starting dividing equator does NOT remain static on the horizontal. It shifts to accommodate the expression of polarity.
As the positive (+1) develops, the former (0) condition BECOMES the new -1 condition.

What is DIVIDED gravity ?

Fig : 12 The compressed half of the Creation Idea

Fig : 12a There appears to be a tear, dividing Stillness into two !

Fig : 12b Tear appears to widen

Imagine fig : 12 represents the undivided Idea or Concept of Creation. This characteristic is a property of the metaphysical/spiritual universe. This physical universe unfolds from this seed condition.

Fig : 12a represents an apparent division of the seed condition of Stillness. Mind is Thinking. No matter how fine this line is, it will always have two sides. One can think of the of diameter of this thin line as the degree of Concentrative Thinking Mind is applying to express a Creation Idea. When Concentrative Thinking is low then the degree of separation (line thickness) is small.

Fig : 12b indicates a greater Desire of Mind to express a Creation Idea, and as such the diameter of the disturbance is wider/larger.
This increasing dimension (diameter) implies that gravity which is the direction of Stillness has somehow divided. Think of fig : 12b as  the horizontal x-axis, the wave axis of the inert gas.

Fig : 13

Fig : 13a

Tip 6
you’ll need to think of the opening/closing of cones internal angle as a manifestation of dividing gravity !!

Notice, how division appears more prominent at cone bases and less so, towards the anode apex.
There is one point about division that requires further clarification.
When the horizontal wave axis appears to widen in response to the concentrative Thinking of Mind, this expansive growing motion causes compression towards the vertical +4 dynamic axis.
Fig : 13a indicates how the indivisible omnipresent condition of Stillness appears to be divided. Now, compare this division (axe) with the two sides of any vortex or cone !

Examine the following image.

Fig : 14

This is another reason why it can be difficult to follow WR’s writings. Division and compression are simultaneously present, but they are working on two different aspects of the 3D illusion.
In short, a thin, small diameter x-axis, implies there is little active Thinking of Mind, whereas a thin, small diameter z-axis implies a great deal of Thinking has bee preformed. There is always an inverse relationship present in Nature !

Man makes all his engines rotate about one single hub or hub shaft. This ensures the rotor turns smoothly particularly at high rpm. This condition may be interpreted as rotation about a hub of UNDIVIDED gravity. Nature on the other hand rotates about a divided gravity shaft, Nature is not such a smooth operator ! Her rotations oscillate and vibrate about many different focal points which brings motion to life !!

White and black or Black and white ?
Vertical or Horizontal bands ?
As mentioned before, the scientific community is materialistic.
It seeks fixed structure and models which will tie down the working model of the universe.
The more of WRC that unfolds within you the more you will appreciate that fixed,
defined models will never correctly describe the dynamic creating universe.
A easy example of this new type of thinking is to consider a chessboard and ask yourself the following question.
Do the black strips run horizontally or vertically ?
Depending on how you develop your working model several different explanations might be derived.
The reality is one could answer,

  • horizontally
  • vertically
  • neither
  • both

This type of thinking is necessary when we come to consider how loops of force circulate to create 3D effects.


As mentioned earlier it pays to be able to accept nothing is what it seems, take for example the simple motion of compression and expansion.
Compression implies that a large volume is reduced to a small volume which we call growth, yet the expression is getting smaller !
Expansion implies an unfolding from a seed condition to a fully radiated condition. But, this is the death cycle not a growth cycle !!!
Could you give a presentation arguing the case that compression implies generative growth. When completed could you then give an equally convincing presentation as to how compression is really a refolding of expression back to seed, the complete opposite ?
How can both arguments have merit ???
A large part of the reason student find WRC difficult is WR’s writing reflect this duel perspective. His thoughts jump between one and the other and he is not very clear in telling you he has done so, using the same language to describe completely opposite principles.
The DESIRE for expression implies a separation from the One into many dynamic pairs of opposites. This means there is an unfolding of Idea from a seed condition (point) out into an expanded dynamic expression (many pairs of points) of that seed Idea.
This process is defined as the mother-principle, a process which UNFOLDS from seed into the matrix of dynamic motion.
This unfolding is expansion with respect to the Idea, but it is a compression process with respect to the growth (density) in physical form.
The father-principle on the other hand, REFOLDS all those pairs of opposite back into the seed for re-expression.
This refolding process is the expanding, centrifugal motion with respect to the physical form, but it is equally a compressive motion because radiation returns all motion back to Stillness (a point).

Another way to say the above is as follows…

Expansion from seed implies compression into physical form.
Expansion of physical form implies compression back to seed.

The difference then between centripetal and centrifugal motion is determined by the direction with respect to a center of gravity.

The effect of gravity is an illusion which is most evident at anodes where centripetal compression is greatest.
Matter and potential appears to be accumulated on the inside but space is accumulated on the outside. These are both ‘generative’ processes. We tend not to apply the term ‘generation’ to an accumulation of space. We cannot call the accumulation of space on the outside a radiative effect because radiation requires that space
accumulates on the inside !!

Perception Test

Anode Perspective

Cathode Perspective

When we observe the world around us we tend to process the information as moving images and not give a thought as to whether we look from the cathode perspective or the anode perspective. It is after all an electric universe. If we look towards the sun it seems reasonable to assign that perspective as looking towards the anode with the cathode to our rear. Likewise, if we look out towards space during the night it again seems reasonable to assign this perspective as looking towards the cathode with the anode to our rear.
When we observe an moving image can we always be sure of our orientation ?
For example, do you observe ‘black’ characters/letters in the ‘cathode perspective’ ? Imagine when observed in a cosmic perspective that there are no physical ‘black’ things present. There behave a little like shadows, with nothing tangible to grasp !
Now, when we observe the anode perspective are we actually ‘seeing’ real positive white characters/letter or are there holes in the black film/sheet allowing you to see through to the anode ?

But, space is not empty, it has potential distributed over a very large volume.
But, that mean that space must be on the ‘inside’ of that expanding potential !!!

Escher meets WR

Do you sense a   moment ? Can you see why a purely reductionist perspective of our universe is untenable ?

So, when assigning a generative growing state of motion to matter we must be cognizant of how to correctly apportion that motion to both the internal and the external aspects of that expression of matter.

Now, when the accumulated matter on the inside begins to lose vitality, this occurs because centrifugal motion begins to dominate centripetal motion, that matter now expands away from the central hub out towards the wave field boundary. But as this occurs, space accumulates on the inside, in the wake of the expanding potential.
Can you begin to ‘see’ the illusion more clearly. Remember, this ‘seeing’ comes from Knowing not from observations.

The Geometry of Division

Fig : 15

Once division has occurred motion begins. Motions simulates the patterned Creation Idea. Motion too is divided into an inward centripetal and and outward centrifugal direction.
We can think of matter which manifests a predominance of centripetal over centrifugal motion as a condition of greater density accumulating towards the center with space accumulating on the outside. Likewise, matter which manifests a predominance of centrifugal over centripetal motion as a condition whereby space accumulates towards the inside with positive potential radiating towards the outside.
These two conditions of motion may now be expressed as indicated in fig : 15.

When cones meet apex/apex it implies that high positive potential is accumulating at the center with space accumulating towards the outside. When cones are arranged base/base then it is implies that centrifugal radiation is returning that once accumulated center back to Source.

Tip 7
Don’t imagine that centrifugal radiative expansion will result in a ring of positive potential at the rim. What actually occurs is that the once accumulated spherical hub potential is distributed over the entire area of the wave field which results in a disk of potential of enormous area (2D). This will appears as empty space !
But, space IS diffused potential. It is NOT a vacuum !
Remember, the central hub = the conical apex = wave amplitude.

This is the condition of maximum coherence and the minimum entropy.
The rim = the conical base = wave minimum.
This is the condition of minimum coherence, maximum nebulosity and maximum entropy.
When you draw a simple straight line on a page you don’t tend to think of your creation having two faces. But, if you now magnify that line the top and bottom faces of the line become more apparent. Consider fig : 16.

Fig : 16

Without any prior intention you drew that line across a central dividing plane (white) which divides the line into its top/bottom faces.
This horizontal dividing plane acts like a mirror making the top face appear as a reflection of the bottom face and visa versa. A vertical dividing plane also emerges at the vertical center acting like a mirror to create a left/right reflected image.
When that same line is curved, a noticeable effect occurs. The inner arc of the curve is tighter than the outer arc, so the bottom face is no longer an accurate reflection of the top arc/face.
There is also another noticeable and measurable left/right difference which is highlighted in fig : 17a below.

In fact, we can say ALL actions span a dividing plane creating at least a top/bottom face. This is why WR teaches that Mind centers ALL expressions.
Mind is located in the dividing plane, the fulcrum of Stillness.

Now, let’s extend this model to straight/curved wires and the loops of force (LOF) which surround those current carrying wires.

Fig : 17

Fig : 17a

Fig : 17 indicates a current carrying wire which has surrounding it loops of force all rotating in the same direction. WR teaches that it is actually the motion within these loops which creates the illusion of current IN the wire.
When the current in the wire is low then the loops has a large central diameter which imparts a light squeeze into the wire. Likewise,
when the current is high, the loop diameters are small, hugging the wire surface more closely which has a heating effect on the wire.

Now, when this same straight wire in bent into a curved geometry as indicated in fig : 17a we appears to create a left/right change, but that appearance of change in loop direction is an illusion of perception only !
When the wire is bent into a complete circle/toroid it is obvious that there is no conflict with the direction of the loops.

Fig : 18

It is important to realise that when this toroid is compressed due to high current flow so that the central hole is very small the opposite loops will mesh like two gears, one side appearing to rotate in a CW manner while the opposite meshing gear will appears to rotate in an ACW fashion.
When viewed from the SAME perspective meshing CW and ACW motions are actually turning in the SAME direction !