Power of Intent

Power of Intent

One of the main goals of WR is to bridge the gap between a materialistic/scientific understanding of our world and the metaphysical/spiritual aspect to the entire Creation Idea. WR teaches that this electric universe of motion is set in motion through the active Thinking of the Creator, the Source of all things. Thought forms are then given bodies though motion and those bodies are held buoyant within the physical universe by the electric force of a Thinking Mind.

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I first became aware of the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto from the film above and his experimental results fitted WRC like a hand in a glove. In fact, the entire film is completely harmonious with the teachings of WR.
This electric universe is a breathing, pulsing, vibrating, wavy entity. Your physical self is a complex vibrational pattern which has been crystallised/frozen into a physical body. You body interacts with the surrounding environment. Your thought affect how YOU interact with that environment. Your thoughts can thus enhance the overall vibrational pattern of the cosmos or they can negate that same cosmic pattern. This is the choice offered to you as ‘free will’.

Beethoven expressed his mind idea as a a body known in physical form as the 5th symphony.
This physical sound is the exact replica of his original metaphysical thought pattern.
When we listen to this body of music our senses can reproduce within our physical/metaphysical selves the emotions, feelings, and inspiration  that Beethoven himself felt and wanted to express.

In my only small way I too have noticed that when I address my plants especially all my trees (~120) with positive affirmation they do indeed respond and grow healthier as if imbued with a vitalising energy…hmmm !


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