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Science describes our ‘reality’ the way it should be, rather than the way it is !!

As with most terms discussed by WR, you would be advised to determine what aspect of creation WR is actually talking about.
Light is a classic case in point. There are aspects of metaphysical light which we cannot see or sense, and there are qualities of simulated light which we can interact with within the 3D realm.
When WR for example says “you cannot see LIGHT” he is referring to the metaphysical light of Mind. The White Light of Mind.
Capitalised words refer to properties and qualities of the metaphysical realm of Cosmic Mind and undivided Idea.
Light on the other hand, usually refers to the incandescence (visible light) of matter as a result of compression or in short – motion.

If you read that ‘all is built from light’ while the statement is indeed true the explanation of how the process operates is not so straight forward. All is indeed built from light if you are talking about the metaphysical seed of Mind. This is the LIGHT of Thinking Mind.
What we ‘see’ and perceive as light is NOT METAPHYSICAL LIGHT, rather it is motion simulating that METAPHYSICAL LIGHT PATTERN. That motion stimulates our sensing and we then interpret that stimulus as light !

Fig : 1

However, just be careful. We know from the brilliant work of Goethe (presented by Henrik Boëtius) that light actually is invisible.
Light only becomes visible to our sensing when it encounters a resistance.

…when it is braked – JWvG

There are no smoke particles inside the box, so the light vanishes, only to reappear from the ‘void’ when it is once again braked.

Hard braking/resistance manifests as fast motion = incandescent light,
while softer braking/resistance manifest as dark nebulosity

This is the one of the most important concept to understand about light.

Another one is…

There is no light whatsoever within the physical universe !!!
What appears to be light (sunlight) is just motion.
Our physical universe manifests as a result of its motion,
sunlight is fast motion, while space is slow motion.

Fig : 1f
Fig : 1g
Fig : 1h
Fig : 1k

The dying cycle (out-breath) returns this curvature back to the original starting homogeneous condition.
Pay close attention to fig : 1k.
Notice, how the exhalation returns the disturbance to the parallel starting condition.
It does not cause a reversal of curvature in the opposite direction as indicated in fig : 1p.
In short, WR is saying that Mind acting from one side of the wave field causes curvature through an inhalation.

Fig : 1f
Fig : 1n
Fig : 1p
Fig : 1r

Likewise, when Mind acts from the other side of the wave field a reversed curvature is caused through inhalation.
Notice also, how Mind appears to be divided ! Mind is ONE.

Figs : 1f/1r indicate how the opposite curvature is introduced into the simulation. The undisturbed light threads of fig : 1f indicate the undivided homogeneous Creation Idea. This is the death end for one half of the cycle, but the birth beginning for the next half of the cycle.
Fig : 1n indicates the male direction. As the male aspects manifests the life principle, the in-breath causes the opposite disturbance of the homogeneous condition.
Some confusion with WR explanations lies in the fact that although the direction of fig : 1k and fig : 1p appears to be in the same direction, fig : 1k is centrifugally dying, while fig : 1p is centripetally vitalised.
The dying cycle (out-breath fig : 1r) returns this curvature back to the original starting homogeneous condition, so the the cycle may begin again in reverse for all eternity.

There is no difference in substance between the light from the sun (core) and the darkness of space rim, other than volume. Light and space are the same thing, just two different expressions of the same thing. Think of a high octave note on a piano at 1728 hz (note A) and the same note of a lower octave 108 hz, they are the same note, but different expressions of the same note. The lower tone is diffused over a larger area.

Man measures the speed of light at 186,624 miles/sec. WR would teach, that this is the rate at which Mind Thinks.
But, what prevents the speed of light increasing to say 300.000 miles/sec ?
Once again WRC comes to the rescue by teaching us that this is a two-way universe. Mind appears divided making itself evident at the rim and the central hub. Mind creates its illusionary images by centrifugally expanding one half of the total Idea from the anode to the cathode, hub to rim. But, Mind is also centripetally compressing the other half of the SAME Idea from the cathode to the anode, rim to hub. These two opposing thought-bodies come together in union to form a completed image of the total image and their opposed forces limit, in this reality, the speed of light to 186,624 mile/sec !
In short, the rate of Thinking is the result of a N/S and S/N interaction. ALL images are thus created between anodes an cathodes. Man can sense and measure the N/S emanations but cannot sense the S/N generative stream, hence the development of the one-way, expansive, entropic models. Although the ‘thunderbolts project’ support the electric universe model (EU) they seem to restrict their electric models to anode ONLY models !! Nature is always balanced. The ant and elephant do indeed play see-saw

Anode hub, Cathode surrounding

The curved electrical pressure zones that exist from the apex of the universal anode to the cone base of the universal cathode act as optical lenses to create the illusion of compression of light and in the opposite direction the expansion of light. This potential differential is the ‘substance’ which acts as the resistance brake which enable invisible light to appear out of the void into our visible perceived reality.

Once you become familiar with the 50:50 distribution of potential between the anode and the cathode the simplicity of the ‘Electric Universe’ becomes evident.

Fig : 13

Light lensing is a natural occurrence caused by the potential gradient which must be present between any anode/cathode. Lensing is nature’s way of multiplying potential from the rim in towards the hub, and also dividing potential from the hub out towards the rim.

Light moving from the rim in towards the hub will thus tend to focus, manifesting the varying degrees of low to high melting point expressions acting against the outward thrust.
Light moving from the hub to the rim is that outward thrust which will thus tend to diffuse, manifesting the very low boiling point gas expressions. When this model is extended through 360° then the curvature for any sphere is revealed.

It is this geometry which creates the illusion of a gravitational force.

Fig : 14
Fig : 19
Fig : 20

What is space ?


Let’s begin by stating what space is not !! Space is not NOTHINGNESS.
The word nothing is made up of two words NO and THING.
Nothing therefore implies non-existence. If space were ‘filled’ with nothing it would not exist at all !!
Space is NOT an aether.

When Einstein said “Space without an aether is unthinkable”… well, he was wrong !

Space is NOT without light, space IS expanded light. When 50% of the available potential is diffused across the wave field it manifests as SPACE.
Space is as much light in EXPANDED form, as the compressed light of a sun is in compressed form.
The difference is volume, or potential density. Space is not STILLNESS. Stillness IMPLIES ‘no motion’. ‘No motion’ is a property and character of the METAPHYSICAL universe. Stillness is a property of the metaphysical universe. Space is half of the physical universe.
There is no part of this physical universe that is without curvature. Physical matter has a degree of curvature which stimulates our sensing while expanded matter (space) has a very low degree of curvature which is beyond our sensing.

Space has motion. Space is NOT Mind !
Space is slow motion about a point/shaft of stillness. Slow motion manifests as black to our sensing apparatus. The motion is so slow that it appears empty and void. If there is curvature, there is a degree of heat, heat implies motion, and space is in motion.
Space is part of the moving 3D simulation, Stillness is not. Stillness is the motionless fulcrum. When a physical body is formed it is also formed as a spatial body. Half of the potential forms the compressed form of matter, and the other half of the potential forms the expanded form of the SAME body.

Stillness is the motionless screen onto which
the motion images which simulate motion are projected.
Stillness is way beyond our ability to sense it.
Stillness is a black screen.

When slow motion is projected onto black Stillness it is impossible for our sensing apparatus to tell them apart. For the moment, think of space as diluted light. It is not diluted by something, rather slow moving light diffused over a large area is perceived as space. It is cold because its motion is slow. It is the medium by which matter is condensed.
One cannot have matter without space, and the cold of space is the technique utilised by nature to make the hot invisible potential visible, through condensation and freezing. ALL matter must be considered as frozen light. Matter comes into being due to the condensation process.
We tend to think of the universe as having dual character, that is, having form/body and space. The universe only appears to have dual character but form and space are the same thing. ALL opposites appear to impart a duality to the simulation, however, there are no opposites, of anything !! (This realisation may take some time). When form is expanded it becomes space (not nothing). Likewise, when space is compressed it becomes ‘solid’ matter. Space always was something, just at a very low frequency something.

Space therefore is NOT empty.

A sun or any other body requires a vast area in which it can become diluted beyond our sensing. In space, the light is of such a long wavelength we perceive it as cold and black. But light is required to make space appear within the simulation. If there was no space, light would then be a (impossible) homogeneous expression.  If there was no light, then space would become a (impossible) homogeneous condition. If we could ‘see’ the universe in fast forward, the blackness of space would become suns and galaxies, while all the observable matter would have expanded to become space. Just like opening/closing your fists. So space is just as much light as that we perceive as matter. There is no duality, only the apparent opposite expressions of the ONE THING.

If in doubt, always refer to ‘space’ as ….helium !

Fig : 15

Do you think it is possible to have  a universe consisting of space only ? I hope you will think…NO !
Likewise, it is impossible to have a universe consisting only of matter. Its own opposite must also be simultaneously expressed. Motion is expressed in pairs, and therefore all motion exists as a result of division into two opposite pairs. Space and matter are opposite pairs….of the same thing !!
If motion was not expressed in pairs of opposites then motion = homogeneity, and this would imply no disturbance. A disturbance to Stillness is what perceived reality is, so homogeneity is not an allowed condition to express a universe of motion.