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The elements are not different things.
They are simply different states of motion of the SAME thing. LIGHT.
LIGHT (of Mind) is reproduced (within the simulation) as motion.
There is NO Light with this dynamic universe.
There is only one seed, from which, ALL states of motion ARE projected.
The oak emerges from the acorn, our physical reality emerges from the universal seed of Mind.

Light of Mind (within the physical) is MOTION !

WR is not being pedantic when he says Nature cannot and does not transmute one element into another. You cannot transmute Lead to Gold. This is because Lead and Gold are the SAME thing, just different expressions of the same thing, like snow and steam. WR wants us all to think of the universe of apparent many things as simply different conditions of the same one thing.
Transmutation for WR, is the process of altering the condition of the one thing to another expression of the same thing. Sound is sound regardless whether you hear a Bb or a D note. Winding up a Bb will change the condition to a D note, and likewise you can unwind that D note to an A note.
The whole chemical industry could and should be revised and the processes changed from chemical/wet chemistry to electro-vibratory alchemy. If man really understood the vibrational signature of the elements, molecules and compounds, he could electrically vibrate them into existence !!!!
Just as with the technique of cymatics, a pattern can be generated in the sand by vibrating the plate. When the ‘ether’ is appropriately vibrated (control of the N/S and E/W poles) then matter will manifest to match the vibrational pattern

Video - Cymatic Music

Our perceived reality is a series of 3D cymatic patterns of light threads.
Apparent structure and form is the result of interference patterns created as opposed light streams spiral, pulse, and breath

The elements within an octave (He, Li, Be, B, C,) should be considered as a series of step-up transformers, each stage giving itself to the next until maximum compression is achieved.
Thereafter, the accumulated potential (C, N, O, F, He) is radiated until all motion has stopped and the image ceases to be. Think of lithium as teenage carbon, while oxygen is decaying (70 years) carbon.

Another way to look at this is as follows,

The wavefield behaves like a CRT. The wavefield is a high voltage container which is insulated from all other containers. Thinking Mind unfolds each different expression from the inert gas, zero state of motion. As Concentrative Thinking proceeds, the internal voltage within the wavefield is increased. More lines/form unfold from seed. The internal potential pressure or voltage of a +3 condition is built upon the earlier inputs.

In other words, boron has lithium within itself.
At the maximum voltage the apex of development is reached. The wavefield is only dimensioned to handle a certain potential pressure.
As the voltage is increased from one level to the next, matter and form develop as one might expect to see when inflating a tyre with air.
The radiative elements of the octave are not exactly the reverse of the inflation. The high voltage condition of the +4 condition is vented in 4 stages. You know what venting high pressure can be like !

The venting can lead to a more chaotic/dispersed structure !

Can you ‘see’ how the radiative elements are built in reverse. The +4 to -3 condition exploding with the greatest force behind it will eventually throw that potential out the furthest from the central hub. Then the -3 to -2 venting which does not have as much force behind it will thrown its rings inside those first emanations. This process of venting by adding rings one inside the other will continue until all the accumulated pressure is dissipated.

The internal pressure of the wavefield is equalised. This is the inert gas condition. Charging the wavefield unfolds the generative elements, while discharging the wavefield will unfold the radiative elements.

If we consider an analogy of the rotation of a helicopter rotor to describe the gyroscopic motion of the elements then, carbon would be the only element described by a smooth (no vibration) rotation of that rotor. All other elements are to a greater or lesser extent positioned away from this perfectly aligned vertical motion and as such all other elements will wobble and vibrate on their rotational axis.
The motion of the other elements at harmonic intervals from carbon namely, silicon, germanium, tin, lead will wobble about their central axis/hub.
Nebulous gases are those tenuous expression of matter because of their inherent wobble and as such centrifugal motion is dominant.

Air lock doors

Imagine an air-locked doorway, with a high pressure on one side and a low pressure on the opposite side. The dividing equator door cannot be easily opened.
Now, ask ‘science’ to gain access to the room and they will devise the most elaborate ways of blowing the doors off the hinges.
Sure, they will have achieved their goal, expended vast amounts of energy and caused a lot of destruction in the process.
Ask mother Nature to do the same job, and she will equalise the pressure on each side of the door, allowing you to walk through from room to room, quietly and calmly, without fuss or explosion.

The KEY to transmutation is to use Nature’s ways not man’s.

Never lose sight of the fact that the entire universe is filled with potential. There is no place in the universe that is without potential, there is no vacuum possible. A balanced potential does not mean NO potential. Each side of a divide might 10V or 10kV, both are balanced conditions !
Every aspect of the Creation Idea IS potential.
One may think of the inert gases as resting conditions, awaiting a charge/division. When you rest your body at night, you lie down. The reason you find rest when you lie down is because your entire body experiences almost the same environmental pressure. Little effort is thus required because your entire body is pretty much all at the same potential, there is therefore no reason to move, hence you rest.

Carbon (+4) on the other hand is standing fully erect, 90° offset from the inert gas rest condition. Great effort is thus required to keep carbon in that state of motion. Nature uses gyroscopic motion to impart a stabilised condition to her structures, otherwise they would lie down with the inert gases and sleep.
This is why so many reactions (nuclear) come to rest at an inert gas. As all inert gases sit nested one inside the other, it become possible to understand why a rest condition of Xe (10kV) might continue to unwind down to He (10V). In fact, the unwinding doesn’t stop there, but further radiative expansion is beyond our sensing range.

Fig : 1

Imagine, a man stands as carbon does, his body cuts through many subtle electrical potential pressure bands. He must be conscious so as to control his gyroscopic motion in order to remain standing 90° from the horizontal ground. The spinning top must rotate at its fastest rate, so that its rotational axis is aligned with the 90° vertical axis.
An inert gas behaves as if it is lying down, in the same pressure zone, close to zero wave axis !!

When a body is orientated parallel to the N/S direction, that body must cut through a number of different potential zones. But, a body orientated parallel to the E/W direction experiences a balanced rest condition. This implies a N/S orientation experiences great imbalance and therefore, great effort is necessary to maintain this condition.

Note : the potential pressure at sea level is the same (same E/W direction) all the way out globe at 15 lbs/in2.
When a body finds itself with an unbalanced potential relative to its environment, it has no choice be to move in N/S direction in order to find the best (E/W) rest condition. That rest condition is offered by the E/W direction or orbit. So, as a body moves N/S, each potential differential zone is tempting that body to shift its motion INTO an E/W orbit. The body will happily do so when its electro-potential matches that of the E/W environment. The body will then have no further desire to move N/S until its potential changes again.
Because, a physical body in  orbit is constantly changing its accumulated potential, it MUST therefore constantly tweak its orbital revolution. Our moon for example is unwinding, becoming more electro-negative as it does so. It therefore, has NO CHOICE but to orbit the Earth in ever increasing orbital paths to stay in balance.

The sole driver for the entire is to find rest from motion. ALL matter moves in a N/S direction so that it can find a suitable E/W orbit. This orbit will offer the same electric condition as the body itself. This is a satisfactory rest condition for all matter. When in this equi-potential environment (Nature has equalised the door pressures), then the body can happily unwind.
But wait !

Once that body unwinds, it changes its potential, and is forced to move in the direction of south, towards the cathode !!
A new balanced orbit is found, the body radiates, the potential changes, the body moves again in the direction of south....Imagine a fully charged battery as representing the +4 state of motion. A short circuit could be introduced if a spanner were placed across the battery terminals. If this spanner were only of light gauge, then the spanner would disintegrate and BREAK the circuit before the potential pressure of the battery could discharge.
Now, another attempt is made to discharge the battery by placing another spanner across the terminals.
Once again, the spanner disintegrates ( breaking the circuit, locked potential) before the pressure can fully discharge. This radiative process continues until the battery is fully discharged, dead and unable to do work. If recharged, the battery can perform more work and the cycle repeats forever.

Centripetal motion -
close to primary, slow axial rotation - low torque, fast orbital revolution - high speed, short E/W poles,
Centrifugal motion -
removed from primary, fast axial rotation - high torque, slow orbital revolution - low speed, extended E/W poles

Fast orbital revolution is the cause of the illusion of solidity and form, while fast axial rotation is the cause of expanding equatorial rings of radiation.
Centrifugal motion divides potential by multiplying volume, which creates the illusion of repulsion, because space is shifted to the inside. Centripetal motion on the other-hand multiplies potential by dividing volume which in turn creates the illusion of attraction because space is shifted to the outside.

Do you think a stone thrown to the center of the earth will ever reach it ?
Well it will, but only in exceptional circumstances. 99% of the time the stone will not reach the core. Why ?
Because as it falls to the anode core, the stone is cutting across a continuously changing potential field.
As the stone approaches the core it will find an environmental field (E/W) condition which matches its own potential, when it does, the stone will stop its decent to the core and will FLOAT or orbit in the appropriate E/W zone, for the same reason a sponge will float at a depth of 100 ft, or the MOON will float in its orbit.
Remember weight is NOT a property within a body. Weight is the relationship of the potential of a body with the potential of its surrounding environment. When that relationship is in balance the 'weight' dimension will not be exhibited. ALL dimension is a indicator of imbalance. Weight is a measure of imbalance, between itself and the surroundings. The material body registers that difference as a positive dimension...weight, and the environment registers the same difference as a negative dimension...
I guess, a minus weight.
So, as the stone falls towards the Earths core, it will find a balanced potential zone among all the zones it has just cut through that will match its own electrical potential. After bobbing around at that new equilibrium for a time the stone will settle into its new E/W orbit and remain there for as long as balance is maintained. In other words, the stone will travel N as far as it needs to in to find its balanced potential zone in an E/W direction. In this orbit the stone will have NO weight. There is no place for a gravity universe in an electrically conditioned universe !!

Wakey wakey !!!

An idea which needs to be incorporated into our cosmology model is why we need to sleep the way we do ?

We are developing a model of twin opposed light streams which are off-set by 90°, so when one stream is horizontal the other is vertical.
Why might this be important ?
Well, would you get a restful nights sleep if you always slept standing up ?
I hope you say no, but why ?

There is a potential differential between your feet and your head, slight, but enough for your awareness to interact with. This requires great effort, gyroscopic effort to remain vertical in this span of differential potential. When we sleep, generally lying flat, our bodies occupy a much smaller potential distribution and we are also lying parallel to the 15 lbs/in² curved potential zone around the Earth's surface, so our entire body is as close to the same potential distribution as possible. Our bodies find balance with the Earth when lying down. Balance implies rest. Rest implies rest from motion.
Great effort is required to keep our bodies vertical, and we find the best rest position when our entire body finds the SAME potential distribution.

Fig : 2 – Mind is the fulcrum Mind is the outer boundary Mind is the central point/shaft (0,0,0) Mind appears as 3 – divided
Fig : 2a – There are only two directions of motion. ALL expressions including the elements manifest between these two opposed streams.

Fig : 2 represents the starting condition for all matter. The electric pressure (p1) is equal to the inner pressure (p2). The geometry is identical to a flat battery whereby the dividing equator is located at the center of the wavefield.
This is the condition just before the inert gases appear within the physical universe. When this equator is shifted slightly towards the hub, the inert gases unfolds into the perceived universe.

In other words, the inert gas emerges when (p2) is slightly > (p1).

We can now appreciate that as the generative half of the cycle begins, the pressure (p2) increase while the pressure (p1) decreases. The radiative cycle implies a drop in the (p2) pressure condition but an increase in the (p1) pressure.

Notice in Fig : 2a that compression is achieved by acting against a resistance to that compression. This is why potential, density and heat increase towards the center. That compressed condition wants to explode outwards but is prevented from doing so by the dominant compressive forces acting from the outside inwards. Think of this compression from the outside as if the inner core was compressed by the legs of the force, a sort of compression in reverse !
The expansive ‘growth’ of the surrounding blue area is causing the compressive growth of the inner red area.

As the outer (blue, p1) area increases its volume, it does so by becoming colder and less dense ! The same potential has a greater area to cover, so the potential density is lower. Lower potential density implies a cold nebulous expression of matter.
Growth of the hub is the reverse !

The hub is being compressed by the expansion of the surrounding blue area. As (p1) grows ‘less dense’ (p2) grows more dense.
It may be counterintuitive to think of increased nebulosity as a growing cycle !
The effect though, is to cause the potential at the hub to circulated in a much more restricted area, thus increasing its potential density. A high potential density is registered by our sensing as solidity, density and form.

When that external (blue) pressure begins to relax, the enormously compressed hub explodes outwards assisting the expansion of the once accumulated sphere potential back to rim plane. The driving force for the radiative half of the cycle is the resistive force which accumulated inside the core. In short, the generative compression from the outside builds its own destruction inside the core.

The reverse of polarity for the radiative half of the cycle indicated in fig : 2a does not occur exactly as shown. Yes, the negative surround (p1) is negated by charging it, and the positive core (p2) is indeed negated by discharging it, but the radiative process never reaches a point where the surround (p1) is predominantly positive and the interior predominantly negative. The process stops as death when polarity is negated, when (p1) = (p2).
The negative surround is charged during radiation to a ZERO potential and the highly positive core is discharged to a ZERO potential !!

Fig : 2
p1 = 10, p2 = 10, p1 + p2 = 20
+1 condition : p1 = 8, p2 = 12, p1 + p2 = 20
+2 condition : p1 = 6, p2 = 14, p1 + p2 = 20
+3 condition : p1 = 4, p2 = 16, p1 + p2 = 20
+4 condition : p1 = 1, p2 = 19, p1 + p2 = 20
p1, p2 can NEVER reach 0 or 20.
This would imply a homogeneous condition which is not part of the polarised physical universe.
In this model p2 is never < 10.
Instead of pressures, apply levers to fig : 2. Once radiation begins, lever L1 increase in length, while L2 decreases.
This motion however, stops when L1 = L2, when 10 = 10, polarity is lost, and the wavefield is dead.

Tip 3 - Dilation

think of the low light condition which dilates the pupil as a low pressure environment. The iris/pupil responds to this low pressure environment instantly, but a carbon atom or a sun may take millennia to respond and dilate !
Now, imagine the pupil was 99.9% dilated, there would be effectively no iris to observe. This is the condition of the inert gases. When the pupil is 99.999% closed (Miosis) then carbon manifests from the same substance !

If you think of motion as you would a boat crossing a pond. As the boat gets closer to its destination/hub, heat is generated between the boats bow and the hub. Simultaneously though, the boat is getting further away from its starting point/rim and thus the wake of the boats motion, the stern area is getting colder. When the boat reaches its destination/hub, maximum heat is achieved, but so too is maximum cold expressed in the wake.
In terms of all matter, the wake cold is necessary to freeze the bow heat in place, otherwise the bow heat would just radiate away to space as fast as it could. The cold wake prevents that from happening. When the boat wishes to make the return journey… it uses the accumulated hub heat to melt the surrounding wake cold, which allows the hub heat to escape. As the heat expands and radiates, the hub cools, but the area which was wake now heats, polarity has been reversed. The expansion will continue until all the hub heat has radiated, and the wake ice has all melted. The boat will then find itself back at the rim starting point, when the cycle will repeat itself.
Notice, NO EFFORT was required by the boat to return to the start. The accumulated potential/heat provided the driving force.
When that heat is consumed the boat will stop, but that will coincide with the starting point !

Rather than imagining 92 different elemental ‘things’ imagine carbon is analogous to water.
Then, ice might be gold, snow might be lithium, hail – sodium, sleet – calcium, mist – nitrogen, fog – helium, cloud – fluorine,
and rain – potassium. Each condition is just a different manifestation of that one thing – water. Each element is just a different manifestation of that one element – carbon.
Carbon is an expression of maximum motion, which in turn is a simulation of a Mind Thought (STILL) Pattern.

Remember, the anode condition is defined as the state of motion manifesting as fast orbital revolution but slow axial rotation. In other words, anodes have very short years but very long days. This is how they accumulate potential from their primary’s.
The cathode condition is characterised as the state of motion manifesting as slow orbital revolution but fast axial rotation.
In other words, cathodes have very long years, but very short days. In WRC, the point at which they match each other is the +2 state of motion.

Tip 4 - No Things

there must come a point on the radiative journey from anode to cathode when motion expands beyond our perception

There are no ‘things’ in the universe, it’s just motion
Motion simulates solidity and form

Elements and planets follow the same rules for dissipating potential, they do so through equatorial expansion, which is facilitated by fast axial rotation. This is how the outer planets are becoming more nebulous, by throwing off equatorial rings.
Each ‘ring’ from the equator to the poles is thus losing potential radially. The losses being greatest at the equators and minimal the the poles.
Growth in man from birth to 40 years = faster orbital revolution (short years) & slower axial rotation (long days). Speed increases while torque reduces.
Decay in man from 40 to 80 years = slower orbital revolution (long years) & faster axial rotation (short days). Torque increases while speed decreases.

I will use the distribution of potential within the carbon octave to create the template for ALL creation.
Within the carbon octave, carbon represents the most compressed condition, while helium expresses the most expanded condition.
Using carbon as the foundation, if the core represents maximum compression then that core must exhibit maximum carbon character AND minimum helium character.
To hold that core in place, it must be surrounded by an environment comprising of maximum helium character and minimum carbon character. Once again this seems like a manipulation of speed/torque, or axial/orbital rotation.
All the elemental expressions of the octave must therefore manifest between these two polar extremes. The first locked potential position has a gyroscopic angle of approximately 33°  increasing to 70° (+2), 85° (+3) and of course 90° (+4).

Tip 5 - Cosmic Anode/Cathode

think of any expression of an element as a location on the Cosmic wave of disturbance. There is no portion of the simulation that is without motion. Motion is necessary for our sensing to detect as matter and form and  thus ‘believe’ in a sensed reality. The wavelengths at the Cosmic cathode/anode are beyond our sensing !

Fig : 3a – Matter and space are thus 90° out of phase with one another.

If two nodes are set at maximum distance apart then any wave motion between those two nodes would represent the Cosmic cathode. The lowest fundamental oscillation with the lowest amplitude.

If those nodes where now immediately adjacent to one another the intervening distance would be minimal. Any fundamental half wave motion would represent the anode condition, with maximum amplitude.

If the these nodes are located on the extremities of any expression then the center (0,0,0) will act as a fulcrum. Now, if that fulcrum is free to oscillate in discrete intervals between those extremities then simultaneous compression/expansion wave forms are created either side of that fulcrums position.

This image of wave union at wave field boundaries makes more sense rather than thinking in term of collisions.

If man wished to move the Earth closer to the sun, he could do so by increasing the Earth positive potential. The Earth would oblige and move to a higher pressure zone orbit (direction of the sun, north). It would have no choice but to do so. The same is true for atomic nuclei, smashing nuclei together is not consistent with nature’s processes. All matter moves to find balance in the E/W direction with its electrical environment. This is the only reason for matter to move at all.

In short, all matter moves N/S, S/N to find an E/W balanced orbit. This is the key to transmutation, the electrical manipulation of states of motion, or axial rotation
Electrons appears as orbiting potential near the cathode base rim, while protons appear as potential orbiting closer to the high pressure anode apex. Electrons/protons are not PHYSICAL things, they are conditions.

Helium is the last element we can perceive leaving the universe. Hydrogen is the first element we can perceive coming into the universe. The 3½ octaves which lie outside our perception should not be confused with the unseen, unsensed, metaphysical universe of Stillness.
We perceive 9 octaves !

Correct alignment of electrical dimensions is the key to transmutation. If these gyroscopic alignments were well understood, transmutation would be easy. Simply controlling the N/S and E/W extension is sufficient to alter the perceived expression.
If a body/expression/element is at rest near the cathode, it must be nudged across the appropriate number of N/S potential zones to a new balanced condition closer to the anode if that body is to manifest as a new more electro-positive element !
Making an expression more electro-positive will cause it to shift its position closer to the apex, while making an expression more electro-negative will cause it to shift closer to the cathode. What you perceive as matter depends on where you observe that potential between the anode/cathode.

Tip 6

It might be useful to think of ALL red alkali elements as images coming INTO the perceivable universe, while ALL the acidic blue elements are those images on their way OUT of the perceivable universe. They pass and interact with each other on their individual but opposite journey’s !

Fig : 4
Fig : 5

We know from the see-saw model that the inert gas may be described as two levers of equal length centered by a fulcrum. As potential accumulates on one side of that divide, the fulcrum appears to shift towards the higher potential in order to maintain a dynamic asymmetric balanced condition. The elephant/ant playing see-saw. The see-saw model is valid BUT, it operates like a piston, because the fulcrum shifts to the side of high potential. The fulcrum shifts back to the center during the radiative half of the cycle.

There are 4 conditions whereby the lever (L1) is shorter than the inert gas (L1 = L2) condition and simultaneously 4 conditions whereby the opposite lever (L2) is longer than the inert gas condition ! The inert gas is thus the fulcrum of the octave itself.

Fig : 5 shows why the fulcrum must shift in the direction of highest potential in order to maintain dynamic balance.

Attraction - what attraction

If you can imagine two logs, lying on a dried up river bed.
They make not effort to attract themselves to one another.
Now the rains come and flood the plain, lifting the logs off the river bed in the process.
Wow ! The logs now appear to move closer together, particularly when they
approach a restriction in the river bed.
But we know what is really going on…don’t we ?
What if our senses did not respond to the frequency of water. How would explain the motion of the logs ?
Suppose you defined the unseen water as differential electric potential…
how would you explain the illusion of attraction.
Matter has NO ability to attract to itself or to any other body.
Matter moves to find buoyancy with its immediate ELECTRICAL environment.
Matter will move forever until it finds rest in an EQUI-POTENTIAL electrical environment.

EN values
Gyroscopic Balancing

Electronegative values are defined as the attraction an atom has for a shared pair of electrons. Needless to say, in an illusionary universe of imaged form, this definition does not make much sense.
If we look at the electronegative values for C, Li and F as follows.
C has an EN value = 2.514,  and because it is bi-sexual (x 2), EN = 5.02.

This is a measure of the stability within the octave.

EN values are defined as a measure of the ability of an atom in a molecule to attract electrons. Matter does not have any ability to attract or repel other matter. The EN value of 5.02 COULD instead be read as a measure of the degree of imbalance within an atom.
By this I mean, the degree from which the axis of rotation differs from the actual vertical y-axis.
Let’s define it as some sort of measure of wobble !
If 5.02 is an indicator of electrical stability within the Carbon octave, then it would not be a surprise if Li-F, Be-O, and B-N compounds attempted with their own sex united pairings, to seek to achieve a similar electrical balance. Just like balancing a flywheel.

 5th octave  C being bi-sexual  = 2.51 x 2.00 = 5.02
  Li – F sex mates = 0.98 + 3.98 = 4.96
 Be – O sex mates = 1.57 + 3.44  = 5.01
 B – N sex mates = 2.04 + 3.04     = 5.08
 6th octave     Si being bi-sexual = 1.90 x 2.00  = 3.80
 Na – Cl sex mates  = 0.93 + 3.16  = 4.09
 Mg – S sex mates  = 1.31 + 2.58  = 3.89
 Al – P sex mates  = 1.61 + 2.19   = 3.80
 7th octave             Co being bi-sexual    = 1.88 x 2.00   = 3.76
 K – Br sex mates   = 0.82 + 2.96   = 3.78
 Ca – Se sex mates = 1.00 + 2.55  = 3.55
 Sc – As sex mates  = 1.36 + 2.18    = 3.54
 Ti – Ge sex mates  = 1.54 + 2.01    = 3.55
 V – Ga sex mates  = 1.63 + 1.81  = 3.44
 Cr – Zn sex mates  = 1.66 + 1.65  = 3.31
 Mn – Cu sex mates   = 1.55 + 1.90   = 3.45
 Fe – Ni sex mates = 1.83 + 1.91  = 3.74

This does indeed seem to indicate an electric universe of balanced potential. True opposite mates will balance each other electrically and gyroscopically in an attempt to achieve the potential of the apex of their octave wave. It also shows that after the Carbon octave, polarity is decreasing as the OVERALL expression of Creation which has become dominated by centrifugal expansion.

If we examine the LHS only of the heat pump above. The LHS is a low pressure environment. If a high potential body enters that environment, then that body will expand. What actually happens is, a hot, high potential body will radiate its heat into the cooler low pressure environment. Radiating bodies expand and expansion cools.
If the Earth with all its apparent solidity of matter, Iron, Gold, rocks, mountains, where moved to the extremities of the solar system, this action would be equivalent to moving a hot, high potential body suddenly into a very low electro-potential environment, the Earth and its contents would fizzle like an effervescent tablet in water.


This is a similar effect to the observation of reduced boiling points as altitude increases. The elements currently manifest on Earth are only transient manifestations held in the locked potentials of the Earths pressure zone.
If the Earth was moved in to where Mercury’s orbit, gases like oxygen would be compressed to liquids and solids, and manifest as another ‘element’, not oxygen !!

In general, any quantity of potential will adjust its own internal potential depending on the environment in which it finds itself. High potential will recede from itself if placed in a low electro-pressure environment.
Compression is resisted by expansion. The degree of resistance is measured in heat. Heat is the dimension which indicates to our senses the type of motion we are observing.
When bodies are compressing and heating, they appear to be attracting one another locally but they are simultaneously receding from bodies further away !
The bodies @ A appear to be attracting other bodies @ A, but simultaneously appear to recede from bodies @ B .
The bodies @ B appear to recede from themselves as well as receding from the bodies @ A. Cooling bodies recede from themselves AND from heating compressing bodies.