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I stand on the shoulders of great researchers (Bruce Cathie, Michael Joyce, (Here is an additional free pdf), John Michell, Carl Munck, Wayne Thompson, to name but a few) who have helped me on my own journey.
I will draw on their work and extend it into WRC so as to create tenable links to sacred geometry, measure, music, and cymatics.
I intend to use this information to uncover the secrets hidden in the atomic absorption spectra, so that we can better understand what a ‘transmutation’ device needs to achieve

Question (s)

If you wish to make a coil of a particular length, and perhaps a particular resonant frequency, which measuring system would you use ?

Metres or feet ?
Which feet, English, Greek, Roman ?
Miles or Nautical miles ?
How would you tune you coil ?
To what note, frequency ?
If major chords impart a happy sound, minor chords impart a sad sound;
Do you think appropriately tuning that coil might be important ?

Music was once composed, played and tuned to a fundamental frequency of 432hz. Octaves are created by doubling the frequency, so, 864hz is an octave above 432hz, while 216hz is an octave below 432hz.

Tip 1

I have shown during the discussion on the ‘music’ page that every expression of matter has a positive core surrounded by an negative envelope or shell. This can be read as every expression of matter has a core of higher tonal frequency (treble note) surrounded by its opposite bass note of lower frequency.

To convert a sound frequency into a light frequency the sounds needs to be raised about 40 – 42 octaves.
Likewise, to convert a light frequency to a sound frequency we need to divided by 40 – 42 octaves. We are used to seeing the atomic absorption fingerprints of the elements represented in light frequencies. I wonder what the elements sound like ? After all, the elements are tonal.
In what key do they manifest ?

432 Hz is my fundamental frequency of choice, not least because 432² = 186,624 miles/sec, the speed of light reproduction.

Tip 2

During our discussion of how an oscillating pendulum can represent the motion of Concentrative Mind Thinking.
I described how this back/forwards line trace is extended out into the wave field by one side of the wave field rotating in one direction with the opposite side rotating in the opposite direction.
Can you ‘see’ how large a wave field must be to accommodate a circumference of 186,624 miles.
The diameter of one side of the wave field is just under 60,000 miles.

Chart Recorder

We know there are no straight lines in space. All direction is curved, spiral curves. It seems reasonable therefore, to convert any linear measure into curved measure and in the case of the speed of light that means statute miles/sec to curved nautical miles/sec.

The conversion factor to convert miles to nautical miles is 1.152. Therefore, 186,624/1.152 = 162,000 nautical miles/sec.
Now, this value of 162, maybe termed the phi (1.618033989) value, and we are all aware of the occurrences of the phi ratio in the architecture of Nature’s designs.
Do you think it might be a good idea to incorporate a natural logical measuring system into our designs rather that a haphazardly bundling and winding coils ?
Do you think the revelation of the ‘Music’ page indicate that coils need to be tuned and that opposed coils are NOT identical ?

The next string to our bow is how to convert the lines (nanometres) of the atomic absorption spectra into light frequencies (hz) and then into sound frequencies (hz).

A circle has always been defined as having 360º of arc, or 21,600 minutes of arc, or 1,296, 000 seconds of arc.

(Looks like a system based on 6 !)

Tip 3

If the visible frequency range was transposed down to the audible range, we would be almost deaf. The visible range from 400 – 700 nm would only span 340 – 389.5 hz in the audible range. Barely 50 hz when we can currently sense 2 – 20,000 hz !

A nautical mile is defined as 1 minute of arc.

According to English measure, the Earths mean meridian circumference is 24,883.2 English miles.
(186624/24883.2 = 7.5 hz, very close to the Schumann Resonance value).

So, each degree = 69.12 miles, each minute = 1.152 miles @ 5280 feet/mile = 6082.56 feet/nautical mile,
and each second of arc = 101.376 feet.
24,883.2 x 5280 = 131,383,296 feet, or in nautical miles 21,600 x 6082.56 = 131,383,296 feet.

Now, the Greeks looked at this situation and offered the following modification. They increased the length of the English foot to 1.01376 to yield the following.
A nautical mile reduces from 6082.56 to 6000 Gft, and 21,600 x 6000 = 1,296,000 Gft much more geodetically pleasing, a harmonic of the precession of the equinoxes, (25920/2 = 12960).

According to the Greeks then, a second of arc = 100 feet, a nautical mile = 6000 ft and a degree of arc = 60 miles.
A system based on 6 rather than 10. (Tesla opted for a 60hz cycle for his ac system).
Can any evidence of a harmonic grid be found in our solar system ?
If we designed our devices to such a grid do you think we could align our designs with that of nature.
Do you think that device could then constructively interfere with the grid ?
Do you think such a tuned harmonic device could inductively couple with nature ?
This is what over-unity is, a sympathetic inductive coupling between man’s devices and natures harmonic pulse.

What if Tesla...

Decided on the 60 Hz system because he realised his heartbeat was tuned to the rhythm of the universe ?
Do you think a pendulum oscillating at 60 beats/minute might offer a sacred measure ?

You need to think of any inert gas condition as being composed of two identical strings which are really one string.
( 2 x 162 = 324) Consider the following.
Imagine a piano string 162 inches long. What length string would generate the next tones in the scale ?

Define 162 inches = 432 hz ( 2 x 162 = 324)
Anything lost by one string is gained by the other, The overall condition remains constant.
A treble note will thus simultaneously create a bass note.
Every expression is two, centered by one.

162 / 1.125 = 144 inches (486hz, treble) + (18 + 162hz, bass) = 324
162 / 1.25 = 129.6 inches (540hz) + (32.4 + 162hz, bass) = 324
162 / 1.333 = 121.5 inches (576hz) + (40.5 + 162hz, bass) = 324
162 / 1.5 = 108 inches (648hz) + (54 + 162hz, bass) = 324
162 / 1.667 = 97.12 inches (720hz) + (64.88 + 162hz, bass) = 324
162 / 1.875 = 86.4 inches (810hz) + (75.6 + 162hz, bass) = 324
162 / 2 = 81 inches (864hz) halving the string length, doubles the string frequency.
81 + (81 + 162hz, bass) = 324
(There is a lot of 9 symmetry present here !)

Do you get the impression the same numbers keep showing up. Are these repeating numbers the result of a repeating grid?
My preference is to think in 5280 feet miles for local (flat Earth) construction. While the Greek measure may need to be applied to astronomical dimensions. 5280 is a perfect 5th of 7920, the Earths diameter

Every cycle has, due to its time component, a wavelength. ? = 1/time.
Wavelength being the inverse of time, expressed in seconds.
From the wavelength, we can then derive the frequency of that motion
from ? = c/freq, where c = speed of light reproduction.

The Earth rotates in 24hrs, 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. This rotation is a harmonic of the great year cycle of 25920 years.

However, the rotation of the Earth has embedded within itself an audible frequency of 388.36 hz. Can we now assign this oscillation as the target frequency for all OU/healing devices ?

If the keynote was set to 388.36 Hz then the other notes of the scale would fall into place as,
G – 388.36, A – 436.91, B – 485.45, C – 517.81, D – 582.54, E – 647.26, F# – 728.18 and finally G’ – 776.72 hz.

If we were to examine the Earth’s revolution about the Sun then we could say, that the annual journey takes 31, 556,925.97 seconds, this would reduce down to an audible frequency of 344.12 hz, which just so happens is the F note in a 432 hz A tuned scale !

Think of these under/overtones as harmonic points within conical spirals rather than linear intervals.

There are numerous sacred numbers embedded in the harmonics above.
Just as one example, 5184 is a harmonic of the note E 324 hz.
5184 is encoded into the slope of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

The slope angle is 51.84°, but this is base 10. 51° = 183600 seconds of arc.
0.84 expressed in minutes and seconds of arc is 60 * 0.84 = 50 .4 (base 10) = 3000 + 24 (60*0.4) 50′ = 3000 seconds of arc and 24″ seconds.

Guess what... ?
183600 + 3000 + 24 = 186624 seconds of arc or 432².
The Egyptians build their monuments in harmonic measures of light. Why should we be any different ?
The circumference of the Earth is related to light as follows 24883.2 / 18,662.4 = 1.3333 a harmonic of a perfect 4th.

Yards of Pi and Phi

A good deal of research (Thom) has been done to determine the correct dimension of the megalithic yard at 2.727 feet. However, when pi is expressed in nautical miles (pi/1.152) = 2.727
Another interesting relationship between pi and phi is the encoded angle of the Great Pyramid.
When phi / pi = 0.515024 !!

The concept of a universal unit of linear measure may not be very well founded simply because a nautical mile on Earth is a different measure/dimension to a nautical mile on the moon, although the definition of a nautical mile being equal to 1 minute of arc remains universally valid.
If this is true then sacred number should be evident in spherical geometry. For example, the speed of light has been defined as 186,624 linear miles/sec. This reduces to 162,000 Earth nautical miles/sec.
The slope angle of the Great Pyramid at Giza is 51.84 degrees which reduces to 51°50″24′, and expressed in seconds = 186624 seconds !
51.84 is related to the precession of the equinox (25920 years), the slope angle at Giza and the speed of light.

In short, comparison of dimension between the Earth and any other solar/galactic body should be carried out in seconds of arc rather than an Earth bound definition of liner/nautical measure. Also, any device wishing to interface with Nature must, I believe conform to common galactic measure.

The atomic absorption spectral line appear straight in the spectral output.

Be- line spectra (

In order to visualise the musical intervals documented above
(1, 1,125, 1.25, 1.333, 1.5, 1.6667, 1.875, & 2) in the context of the radial model, these intervals should be assessed as radial orbits, or circles, and then applied to the linear atomic absorption spectra in order to ascertain if there is a tonal aspect to the lines of light depicted in the spectra of the elements.

The radii of the octave is half the length, but twice the frequency of the fundamental tone.

The challenge now, is to determine if a predictable tonal pattern exists, as we progress from one elemental condition to another. The musical intervals are also valid for the light intervals of the atomic absorption spectra (AAS).
If a line appears in the AAS at 561.42nm this will transpose into a sound frequency of 486 hz or the note B.
While the hearing range of the human ear is 20 – 20,000 hz, the human eye will only detect in the range from 400 – 700nm. If the visible range were transposed down to the hearing range, it would only range from 341.06 – 389.78 hz

It is my understanding that the ancients knew a lot more about harmonics than we give them credit for. Just as another example, take the 3456 hz harmonic of the note A. I am sure Pythagoras always looked to nature to find a solution to his mathematical problems.

The Pythagorean triangle is a harmonic of the note A, a² + b² = c². The area of the triangle turns out to be 6 (3456).
Look, also the ratios, 5/4 (M3), 4/3 (P4), 5/3 (M6), 6/3 (octave), 6/4 (P5) , 6/5 (m3) are all musical intervals.
Coincidence ?

What if this triangular arrangement appeared within the solar system, you would have to be impressed ?

If it looks like intelligent design, and it manifests as intelligent design, then it probably is intelligent design.
The Earth’s diameter is a perfect 5th of the English mile, 5280 x 1.5 = 7920, Mars diameter is a maj 7th of the Earth 7920/1.875 = 4222 miles.
Did you know, that the relationship between the circumference of the circle 2pi*r and the square surrounding
that circle is 2pi*r *v?
v is the vertical height of the great pyramid !

The note (A) 432 hz / 1.25 = 345.6 hz (note F). 345.6 hz x 1.5 = 518.4 hz a Giza connection again

Introduction to universal mathematics and ratio

The wave is a universal see-saw, and as such it’s motion expresses both a positive and a negative condition.

When the radius of a sphere is doubled (or halved), the area of its plane (cone base) is squared and its volume is cubed. Think of doubling or halving any dimension in terms of octaves. Increasing the length of a dimension will decrease the frequency. Likewise, halving the dimension will increase the frequency.

The universal ratios are as follows,

Area : 1, 4, 16, 64
(1 + 4 + 16 + 64 = 85)
1² = 1
1 + 1 = 2 (double), 2² = 4
2 + 2 = 4 (double), 4² = 16
4 + 4 = 8 (double), 8² = 64

Volume (4/3*p*r³): 1, 8, 64, 512
Remember 4/3 is the musical ratio P4 !
(1 + 8 + 64 + 512 = 585)
1³ =1
2³ = 8
4³ = 64
8³ = 512

These ratios imply that if you double the radius of a body, then the volume will increase 8 fold and
the internal pressure will decrease to 1/8th.
If radius = 25, then the volume = 65449, with the radius increasing to 50 the volume will increase to 523599,
an 8 fold increase.

When the radius = 25, the planar area (cone base) = 1963, when r = 50 the area = 7854, a 4 fold increase.

This increase in radius is registered as cold. As the radius is doubled, the coldness of the new volume will increase, because expanding systems are cooling systems. Try to think of effects as paired effects. So, as the degree of coldness increases the expression of hotness decreases. So, as systems expand they increase in coldness and decrease in hotness. These opposite are in fact expressed simultaneously.
Now, in terms of the solar system, if a body at A moves to twice the distance (B) from its primary the dimension as measured in heat will be 1/8th of the original and the new position will be 8 times colder.

Axial rotation and orbital revolution are inversely proportional to one another. The axial rotation of the body at B will be the square of the original position at A, while it orbital revolution will the inverse square. This is because the orbit of the new position at B is so much longer, its revolution will slow, therefore its axial rotation will increase in speed to compensate, and maintain the universal constant.

Bodies near their primaries will exhibit maximum orbital revolution WITH minimal axial rotation, while bodies further away from their primaries will exhibit in the opposite manner, that is, maximum axial rotation WITH minimum orbital revolution. This is why bodies further from their primaries are more nebulous, because their increased axial rotation facilitates centrifugal equatorial expansion.
The motion of a +1 condition to a +2 condition will also follow this natural law of area and volume.

It is my understanding that this graphic tells us how to prepare for coil winding, because it makes clear we need to apply universal mathematics to the wrapping of a coil so as to correctly distribute the flux density as we motion from a 0 to a ++4 condition via +1, +2, and +3 conditions. Now, more from accident than design, look how each cube fits on top of the other, their centers are offset. This is how gravity should be divided, the center of one coil offset from the next.

All too often, I observe, beautifully wound coils with the wire evenly distributed from cone base to apex which seems to neglect the distribution called for by universal mathematics.

From the volume data above, the cone base needs to 512 times bigger than the apex and the windings needs to be 512 times more at the apex than at the cone base. This is how compression from the outside inwards is achieved. The inward pressure must be the inverse of the that experienced by the area at the cone base.
The cone base would thus have 1 winding, then 8 windings, then 64 windings and then 512, this is the exact opposite geometric architecture utilised to date.

1 winding over an area = 512 is what nebulosity is, a very low potential, distributed over a very large area. On the other hand, 512 winding wrapped around and focused on a unit area is what defines a compressed condition. Increased winding distributed over a very small area.

The distance from the apex to the cone base must be 15 units to accommodate the 585 windings.

If you wish to ‘transmute’ motion from a zero inert condition to a +2 condition, the apex must remain OPEN, so as to prevent over compression. There is no requirement to over compress.

This image indicates that although the central hole remains open, that hole is also surrounded by a nebulous (cone base) environment.

The temperature of the sun is reported as being about 6000ºC, however if universal mathematics is correct, this is a gross underestimation. This error arises because science assumes that the manifestation of a condition with all its associated properties here on Earth is the SAME universally. No allowance is made for the compression potential vortices at the sun, or the expanding potential vortices of cold dark space, and how motion reacts to being located in each of these two extreme and opposite environments.

It you half the Earths distance from the sun from 93,000,000 miles to 45,000,000 miles you decrease the volume of the Earth by 1/8th. If this process is continued to the suns surface we have to half the Earths distance from the sun, 27 times.
Taking 25ºC as the standard temperature of the Earth, the sun’s surface temperature is 3.3billionºC. (25 x 2^27)

In the opposite direction we have to accept that temperatures can fall well below our notion of absolute zero.
Zero K = -273ºC.
If the Earth was moved to double its current distance from the sun to 180,000,000 miles, its volume would expand 8 times, and its surface temperature would be about 298/8 = 37K or -236ºC.
If the Earth were moved to Jupiter’s location, the Earth’s surface temperature would reduce to 1.8K or -271ºC. We would cross the absolute zero border as we moved to about 600,000,000 miles and Saturn is 911,000,000 miles from the sun.
In Saturn’s orbit the temperatures reach -140,000K.

Speed of Light is NOT constant !!

If the concept of changing dimension to find balance with the environment is true then all of the 18 dimensions which describe a state of motion in a particular environment must ALL adjust. Time is an illusionary dimension which only appears when division polarises opposite expressions. Time has no reason to ‘appear’ otherwise !
If the Earth was moved towards the sun, the frequencies would in general increase, though axial rotation would decrease. Time is compressed just as any other dimension is compressed in the higher compressive potential vortices at an apex.

Closed vs Open loops

Imagine a large circular race track laid out in the Sahara desert made as one lap 186,624 miles long, around which a ‘body ‘can complete the lap in 1 second.
Now imagine this same track being relocated to a spot where there is less land available and the track is modified and coiled into 10 loops. The circulating bodies now complete 10 loops of the new track (same distance) in 1 second.
The track is now moved to down town New York where space is a premium necessitating the track be now coiled into 1,000,000 loops, no change in the distance has occurred, and the bodies circulate the entire track in 1 second.
We know that pi is irrational number because the inner arc of a circle is shorter than the outer arc. Does this not apply to bodies circulating around the 1,000,000 or 100,000,000 spiral loops ?
Nothing is what it seems, the moment you define anything as a definite this or that is the moment you fail the WRC test.

Likewise, time would become extended in the expanses of the cone base.
Light appears to propagate at 186,624 miles/sec in THIS Earthly environment, from this perspective only. The band width of our sensing is far too narrow to then make accurate judgments of the cosmic/quantum worlds. This does not negate the old axiom ‘As Above – so below’. We just need to be careful that our observations are complete.
No manifestation of effect within the simulation is static. All motion will adjust its dimension to find balance with the surrounding metaphysical potential streams or paths. Man has certainly repeatedly measured this constant (c) and achieved the same result.
However, WR teaching suggest constants do not form part of this universe of motion. Constants by their very definition imply homogeneity which is a property of Stillness and the metaphysical universe.
A constant with zero acceleration is of course possible (dc current) but that property is open to outside influences which affect its speed/momentum.

Prof. Brian Cox explaining why moving clocks run slow. This is based on the firm belief that the speed of light (c) is a constant and that our physics is the same across the cosmos. Light is not what MSS believes it to be. Incandescent motion is not light. MSS can not say the physics here on Earth is the same physics as Alpha Centauri, so why hold an apparent Earthly constant as the truth for the entire universe ? This is too big an assumption to make.

If a high potential body finds itself in a low potential environment, that body will unwind to find balance with the opposing lower pressure stream. Likewise, if a low potential (unwinding) body finds itself in a high potential environment, that body will slow its unwinding, stop, and reverse its motion in order to find balance with the unseen streams of potential pathways which fill the entire expression of the universe.

The idea of a Newtonian static reality is true, but not in the way Newton envisioned. Static or stillness is a quality of Mind not the simulation. Likewise, the Einstein view that motion is the only true reality is true also, but the cause of that motion lies in Stillness, not matter.

We clearly understand the each hemisphere of the Earth turns in the same direction although we might perceive one hemisphere turning CW while the other hemisphere turns ACW.

If we placed a pencil each side of the equator and moved the pencils in the direction of the respective poles as the Earth rotated. If the resultant sketch was then flatten out it would reveal a shape common throughout nature.
When the sketch is collapsed together it confirms motion is in the same direction for BOTH sides.