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MSS = the main stream science perspective, the current paradigm of scientific thinking/models

You might like to explore some WR material compiled by another WRC researcher.

#18 Magician


Imagine it is the year 500 !
You observe with your own eyes an event which your sensing tells you is true, there is no other explanation…the assistant was sawn in two. Your experiences offer no other alternative to what your eyes observed, and so, you believe what you SAW (excuse the pun !)
Now really, can your senses be trusted ? When forced to do so, you may be able to figure out how this illusion was achieved !
Do you think MSS always applies the correct logic to its observations ?

#17 Life Cycle

Man in general lives about 80 years. In that time, our sensing perceives a birth, growth from a baby to maximum maturity at 40 years, and then a gradual decline of the physical until all motion stops at 80 years. Our sensing apparatus has been designed to interact with this growth cycle.
In term of cosmic measure, 80 years is a blink of an eye. Imagine, those 80 years were compressed to a pico-second. Which aspect of the growth/decay cycle would be observed ?
This is all matter is, a transient appearance/disappearance into and out of the physical expression. We only perceive matter/form because of an extended transient existence.

So, when you observe a sun or galaxy, WR would encourage you to imagine that structure existing for a fleeting moment only.
What would be observed … a flash of light perhaps ?
Now, imagine a 10 billion year old sun. Think of it as you might observe a movie in very slow motion.
That instantaneous flash is now drawn out to appear as a continuum of light.
Which is the true representation ?
Music is currently referenced to 440 Hz while our perception is referenced to 186,624 miles/sec !

#16 Concept

The number 4 is a concept. There is no such physical ‘thing’ as a 4 !
Imagine the number 4 being used by every single person on the planet in one day. No number 4’s were consumed in fact nothing was consumed by anyone, although as a concept, the number 4 helped man with all sorts of commercial exchanges and problem solving.
The concept of a number 4 is eternal because concepts are qualities of Mind. They are part of the spiritual/metaphysical universe.
All expressions of life, form and matter are simply concepts of Mind, given the illusion of a ‘somethingness’ by virtue of their motion !

The concept of the number 4 works well because everyone applies the same rules to its use and therefore, certain predictable results may be obtained.
Because our sensing applies similar rules to motion we all get the same impression that we are dealing with a universe of solidity !

Concepts never move, they just are. So too, with the concept of Creation.
It is a Still Pattern, a photographic negative through which a positive image is created. If this pattern is switched on/off through the process of Thinking, then a positive moving image results.

That image looks and feels real to our sensing but…

Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted, from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration. True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art.The Kybalion

A collective transformation of the mind can bring about a new ‘reality’. It is our present conditioned thinking which limits our ability to connect to Source and realise our true potential as light bodies. It is our ‘job’ to learn the techniques to transmute our own minds and thus contribute to the elevation of ‘collective’ man to a heightened consciousness.
Before any practical use of WRC is revealed to you, you will first have to complete your mind exercises. WR teaches that deep meditation and contemplation is necessary will every aspects of his work, and may I add an acute ability to read between the lines would also serve as an important tool for your journey’s kit bag. Unfortunately, simply reading his words will not be sufficient exercise to unravel his message

#15 Source

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#14 Opposites

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#13 Two simultaneous bodies

From the moment of your birth, you exist simultaneously in two bodies. Half of the full expression of you is condensed into a physical body, but the other half of you is born as a metaphysical, spiritual body.
In WRC, your physical body is represented as a sphere, while your spiritual body is represented by the wave field of the cube. The physical body centers its own cubic metaphysical wave field. Your metaphysical body also grows and develops just as your physical body does during your life cycle.
Your physical self is in constant communication with your metaphysical self. You adjust your metaphysical self, your feelings, desires, and emotions based on the feedback you receive from your physical body and the experiences of that body in the physical realm.
As you grow and develop emotionally you could say, your ‘old self’ is constantly dying being immediately replace by a new version/image of your ‘self’.

Your bodily expression within the physical realm manifests as a direct result of the qualities your have constructed for yourself within the negative of the metaphysical realm. You manifest an exact copy in physical form from the pattern YOU created and constructed in your own metaphysical negative.
Thought-bodies are thus spiritual templates from which and through which your physical self is projected.
This process applies to ALL Creation. Every single expression in motion is also conscious and radiates its own ‘mind’ condition to every other state of motion within the simulation.
The (your) interface between the physical and the metaphysical realms is your body.
You cannot ‘think’ your ideas into physical form…just yet !!

You do however; use your body to channel your own thought-body patterns into physical form through your words and actions.
When you have created in physical form an acceptable copy of your thoughts, you then, decentrate and stop thinking about further creation. Decentration does not mean your physical creation begins to unwind rather your concentrative effort to create that physical form begin to unwind. You don’t think about it anymore. That’s what decentration is…to stop thinking. When those thought-bodies have relaxed your desire to create also disappears.

The physical body will eventually unwind and return to dust, but buildings for instance may last thousands of years because the concentrative effort which created those building was clear, sharp and in balance with the thought-bodies of the architects.

As your physical body grows from 0 – 40 years it fills and accumulates vitalising life force, that potential now manifests as life, vitality and growth.
Now, after the 40 year maturity point, that SAME accumulated potential reverses its direction and explodes back towards the inertial plane of non-motion. The potential of ‘action’ has now become the potential for ‘reaction’.
As you grow to 40 years you are therefore simultaneously accumulating your own death force within your physical body. After 40 years, this force is turned on itself and becomes the driving force to return your physical body to the inertial plane of non-motion.
There is no second force required. The internal resistance which once manifested, heat, density and form, drives the expression towards cold, nebulosity and death.

#12 Cause

We live simultaneously in two universes. One universe of the polarised physical realm and the second of the unpolarised spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is the hardest to fathom not least because our senses on which we are so reliant do not register and record within the realm of stillness and uniformity. Our senses are designed to operate only in a polarised field.

The spiritual realm also known as the metaphysical realm is as real as the physical universe of form and apparent solidity.
Imagine you meet up one day with Beethoven for some ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ and he begins to tell you about this tune he has going around in his head.
He describes what story is unfolding and how the different parts of the orchestra will play their part. He might describe the melody, and arrangement necessary to replicate his mind idea.
Even with the best will in the world, you might only be able to keep up with all of his enthusiasm for a short period, as you attempt to connect your physical senses with his metaphysical mind. You need more concrete physical evidence of his mind idea.
Once his idea has been successfully transcribed and the orchestra fully practiced, you can then ‘sense’ and appreciate what Beethoven’s original mind idea was. Beethoven had to first create a physical body (body of musical sound) to replicate his metaphysical idea. This is how the unseen idea becomes a physical reality. Science believes the physical reality is the only reality, and yet its own evidence suggests otherwise. Sometimes it can be difficult to let go of old belief systems !

#11 Desire

How you make your physical body behave within the physical realm is your choice, but the desire to follow a particular path is rooted in your metaphysical body. The desire to express any idea is the only energy of the physical universe. Electric force is the measure of the differential between the metaphysical idea and the physical expression. The greater the desire to express idea the greater will that desire manifest within the physical, the greater will that desire be registered in electric current.
So, all expression is as a result of the desire of mind to express an idea. Remember though, ‘as above, so below’. The Creator Mind does exactly the same thing to express the Creation Idea. Opposed physical bodies are created to interact to create the illusion of form and solidity, just as Beethoven expressed his mind idea as a a body known in physical form as the 5th symphony.
This physical sound is the exact replica of his original metaphysical thought pattern.
When we listen to this body of music our senses can record within our metaphysical bodies the emotions, feelings, inspiration etc., that Beethoven himself felt. This is how idea is reproduced. You may now channel you own desires and inner inspiration and create another physical body of work, maybe a cake, a painting or a novel.
The physical realm could not exist without the metaphysical realm, and visa versa. The physical is the realm of the sphere, while the metaphysical is the realm of the cube. Almost everything science is searching for within the physical has its cause in the metaphysical. Energy is not in matter, energy is extended to matter from the metaphysical. Desire to express is energy

#10 Perception

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#9 Salt

In the course of describing the cubic wave field and how sodium chloride NaCl is the best representation of Stillness within the simulation, the following is a natural conclusion…

All matter which expresses itself in motion wants to rid itself of that motion
and return to the metaphysical universe of Stillness.

This ultimate goal of all matter is to find rest from motion. However, there are some suitable conditions along the way within the matrix of motion which are acceptable states of motion, that offer a balanced SIMULATED Stillness akin to the metaphysical universe of non-motion.

When ones body is worn out, the physical body dies, but the metaphysical body returns home to build another negative which in time will be projected as a positive expression into the matrix. Death resides in the metaphysical, but death is not what man believes it to be. Can you ‘see’ you die every second of every day, because as you alter your own thought-body pattern a new physical you is projected.

Curvature which implies that Mind has divided is the CAUSE of all motion within this dynamic universal reality. Any condition which can rid itself of its curved expression will find simulated balance and rest from motion. This is achieved when perfectly balanced opposite mates unite to ‘create’ a central stable ‘center of gravity’ or focal point.
This results in straight planes or planes with zero curvature becoming expressed. This is why NaCl has straight cubic walls. It is the best representation of balanced mating. Cubic geometry is an expression of balance and rest and is a desired destination for all moving bodies.

The only difference between this daily death and your physical death at 80 years is dimensional. When you have finished the redrafting of your new soul contract pattern, then you’ll be ready to be projected again in physical form.
Now, hand in hand with this idea comes the fact that the NaCl salt forms as a result of a balanced UNION between oppositely sexed expressions.

The salt is in fact a physical representation of the death experience.

When two lovers unite in the ultimate expression of union, they experience an ecstasy which rather than being a insight of ‘ultimate life’ is in fact an insight to the ecstasy of DEATH.
Death is a euphoric experience for the Soul and true EUPHORIA is to be found in Stillness.
Finding Stillness in death is an experience to look forward to…

#8 Omnipresent

If you fabricate a hula-hoop in a workshop. Imagine it forms a perfect ring or loop. Where is its center ?
The center may be easy to find if you place the loop on the bench and mark the location of the central hub on the bench. Now, hold the loop in the air. Where is the center of the loop now ? It may not be so easy to locate that center while the loop is suspended in space, especially if the hoop is moving/rolling. But, no matter its location a center always exists as a hub equidistant from the rim.

The point is, the central hub is anywhere in the universe. The central point only becomes evident when the circular rim is present. You don’t have to bring the central hub with you when you move the rim. That central location becomes exposed wherever you express the rim !!!

The effect of gravity is exactly the same as the exposure of the central hub above. Gravity exists everywhere, it is not created. The effect of gravity becomes exposed by motion, just as a rim exposes a central hub.

Mind too, is everywhere, omnipresent. It too, becomes exposed by fast motion. Motion circulates in loops about a gravity shaft of Stillness. That Stillness though, is already everywhere, it is not created.
The illusion of the universe of motion is designed to expose Stillness, but our senses are distracted by that very motion and we lose sight of the true nature of reality.

Because Stillness, Mind, and expression of gravity are omnipresent, we can thus manifest any motion we desire anywhere to express any Idea of Creation.

#7 Male Female Attraction

I wish to offer the following suggestion to explain the apparent attraction males have for female and visa versa.
WRC has taught us to consider that every physical manifestation within the matrix is a direct result of a projection from a metaphysical spiritual negative.
The pattern of the metaphysical seed is projected into the matrix and the resulting image manifests as a physical body of matter and form. So, all physical bodies are composed of a physical self and a spiritual self.

This may be represented as follows.

The physical male (1) can ‘see’ WITHIN the physical female expression (4) the best replica of his own metaphysical negative (2). This is how and why physical male (1) can find RBI with Physical female (4) because physical female (4) is an almost perfect match of the metaphysical condition (2).

Obviously condition (1) cannot mate with condition (2), but condition (1) can mate with condition (4) and the harmony thus expressed facilitates a ‘union’ with the self (conditions 1 and 2).

Likewise, if RBI is present, then the physical female (4) condition can find harmony with the self (3) through
union with condition (1).

Now, conditions 1/2 and conditions 3/4 unite in death. Death is a joyous experience.
Death is the ending of the physical expression but the birth within the metaphysical.
Death is expressed in Stillness.
When RBI is evident in a relationship, both partners experience the bliss of death, while existing within the physical realm.
This is the purpose of union, union to find and express Stillness.

How to find your perfect Partner
save yourself time and money in therapy !

If you are currently manifesting as a physical male body (1) or indeed as a physical female body (4),
then look no further than the following revelation to discover your perfect partner.

Boys your perfect partner is awaiting you at condition 2 and
irls your perfect partner awaits you in condition 3.

Remember, Source is within. What you are seeking is within. What you are seeking but don’t even realise that you are seeking lies within yourself. Before you can have a meaningful external 3D relationship you must have a meaningful
relationship with your metaphysical, spiritual SELF.
How often have you commenced a relationship with another only to find after some time, that, that person was, in your eyes, a disappointment, they didn’t live up to your expectations !!
This is not their fault, rather it is YOURS.

You see, they don’t have to live up to your expectations. Your projections onto them is a sure sign of an undeveloped relationship with yourself. If you indeed where very comfortable with WHO you are, you would not project ‘desired’ characteristics onto others so they could reflect them back to you. Those desires would already be satisfied within yourself.
Your ego, will do all it can to keep conditions 1/2 and conditions 3/4 separated.

The ego will keep you looking externally for all your needs and desires. The last thing your ego wants, is for you to develop a relationship with yourSELF. A healthy relationship with SELF reduces your need for an ego driven influence over your life.

How often have you casually met someone who exuded charm, radiance, and light, someone who, to whom you were aware was very attractive regardless of their physical appearance. What you observed was a manifestation who was connected to their own SELF, to Source.
If you are lucky enough to be comfortable with WHO you are, you then do not project onto others, you are happy to allow others be themSELVES.

When conditions 1/2 and 3/4 are well developed your physical body will manifest ease rather than dis-ease. Your mind will be active and vital, and your interactions with others will be underscored with radiance and light. Realising what you desire lies within is one thing, the hard part is being prepared to work on the self, to walk that inner path and to deal face to face with the issues which arise.
It is only through this development with SELF can one be truly free and manifest a harmonious life expression.

Soul Mate

The concept of a soul mate now makes much more sense because you see reflected back to you from another an almost perfect match of your own spiritual self. The perfect union one can have is with one’s SELF ! This occurs when the physical body is united with the spiritual self in death. The experience is blissful. Before the physical body reaches the point of death though, it can interact with another physical body which is deemed to radiate all the qualities of one’s own spiritual body.
A similarly blissful experience may be experienced while in the physical. This is what death is like. It is blissful, not in a sensed way but in a harmonious light filled way.

Na unites with Cl to experience the zero voided condition in the here and now. If Na was left alone, it would over time decay and unwind back to the zero of Source. The whole point of mated opposites is to offer an opportunity to learn the true nature of
death and the reproduction of the life principle.

Your soul and your spiritual SELF are One.

In the NOW !

#6 Inspiration

Supposing you have an inspirational thought while you are in the garden, and you move promptly to the study to write it down. Does the thought move with you inside your head, or is the SAME inspirational thought reproduced when you get to the study ?
Can you conceive that it is the latter ?

Every point in the universe is a seed for the expression of the entire universe ! That means every aspect of the universe can be accessed at every point in the universe at any time. The seed of the universe is thus omnipresent. You cannot conceive any idea that has not ALREADY be documented by Mind as a pattern. As you develop you own internal circuitry, you become capable of receiving more of the Cosmic Pattern. You can develop you own tuning system which allows to to interact and download a portion of the Cosmic pattern. You perceive this action as thoughts. You believe those thoughts are yours and your alone, that they exist only in your head. Your thoughts do not originate in your head. You can however, develop your receiver brain to decode a part of the Cosmic Idea which no one has accessed to date.

Now, if you imagine the ENTIRE COSMIC PATTERN of the universe is being broadcasting then every possibility is available to be decoded and downloaded at any point within the matrix.
YOU are a receiver which can interact with those broadcasts. Your own mind pattern determines what ideas come through !

The inspirational thought you ‘received’ in the garden is being simultaneously broadcast EVERYWHERE throughout the entire universe. Once you are ‘receiving’ it does not matter where you locate yourself, you are always exposed to that SAME thought, because it exists everywhere. It is your receiver pattern which allow you to access the Cosmic Idea wherever you are located.
Imagine your mind is acting like a induction coil, and once tuned to a thought-body, it will receive that wave form at every point in the universe, because ALL expression is being simultaneously broadcast everywhere.
The most inspirational thoughts come to you through your heart not your brain !!

Cosmic Mind is a broadcast station. Mind simultaneously broadcasts a program which contains infinite and all possibility. That broadcast is the total limit of Mind’s ability to conceive Idea. That entire potentiality is in and surrounding all expression. Man has been given the ability to condense from the pool of infinite possibility any expression he so desires. Imagine a radio station broadcasting every written word, every song, every spoken word in one single data burst. Mind is doing exactly the same thing. Every possible thought is being simultaneously broadcast, what is received is up to you !

There is no past or future, because infinity possibility has already been conceived
and is available right now.
There is only NOW !!

It may be difficult to imagine that everything that has ever happened or will ever happen is already unfolding right now. Your ability to experience that infinite possibility is determined by your own awareness of Mind and your awareness of your place in Cosmic Conscious. Once you Know how YOU fit into the overall Cosmic Idea it becomes plain to see how there is nothing ‘out there’.
You are a receiving station. You are your own antenna. What you condense from the pool of infinite possibility is limited only by your thinking.
There is only NOW, and in that instant every possibility of Idea is simultaneously broadcast. Mind conceives Universal Idea, and it is available for download from every point in the perceived universe. This is possible because Idea is dimensionless. The entirety of Creation can fit in a single point. Dimension is not required. This dimensionless pattern is what is broadcast by Mind. Your task is to develop and grow your own personal antenna to interact with the flow of Cosmic Light.
The universe you sense as real is only a transient image, EXACTLY how a movie image is projected onto a screen. There is no past or future because the universal image is constantly being replaced with an updated version millions/billions of time/sec. This is how Mind Thinks.

If you imagine marching on the spot you’ll have a better idea of how the illusion appears to move from past to future, but actually goes nowhere !

#5 Electric Life

Your physical body is separated from your metaphysical SELF. Electricity is the force of Mind which is the CAUSE of this separation. Your physical body DESIRES to unite with its own metaphysical SELF.

Electricity, expressing the ‘life’ principle prevents this re-unification from occurring. When electricity disappears however, that re-unification is inevitable.


ALL expression of matter and motion express and follow this simple law of nature. ALL matter will express the life principle once electricity is present.
Electricity is the CAUSE of polarity, and polarity results in motion. ALL motion is driven by the desire to stop moving.
The best place to find that STOPPED condition is with union between the physical/metaphysical SELF. A temporary rest condition may be found within the simulated universe, through a balanced union of sexed mated opposites.

#4 Condensation

Your physical body is a condensed thought-form of Mind. Just as a droplet of invisible vapour condenses on the cold glass surface, your physical body condenses against cold space.
All visible matter is manifested as a result of condensation. Your physical body is centered by a shaft of Stillness.
This is the location of Mind itself. Mind cannot be separated from its own Creation. Mind therefore forms the boundary limits and the very center of every single expression within the matrix. Your physical body is centered by Mind. The rims of the thought-bodies define your own physical wave field boundaries. Mind encloses your condensed physical form. What connection therefore do YOU have with Mind ? You are one with Mind, you are one with all Created things.

#3 Island

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#2 Hidden Aspect

From this image can you ‘see’ into the mind of the person and appreciate the nature of his talents and abilities ?
Does his image truly reflect his inner Knowing ?
How might you learn of his ideas ? He could describe those ideas to you in words, but words alone would be insufficient to understand his soul.

In order for this soul to express himself he must do so through another body, and channel his ideas, emotions, and soul though that physical body.
Cosmic Mind does exactly the same thing, because there are not two forms of Thinking. When Cosmic Mind wishes to express his Idea of ‘Man’ he does so through a physical instrument – your physical body ! Mind channels its Soul/Light through every physical expression, including YOU !
Every aspect of Creation is an instrument through which Mind expresses the entire Creation Idea. One only needs to develop the ‘eyes’ to see this truth.
So, Cosmic Mind uses ALL physical bodies to express the Light/Soul of Mind, a musician channels his/her soul through their particular instrument.
The musical instrument acts as a device to set into motion the ideas of the musician, those idea having no motion in themselves !
The musician is acting exactly as Cosmic Mind does in creating physical bodies to express concept and ideas which are qualities of the Mind.
The instrument by itself can do nothing, but the instrument in the hands of a master can inspire

#1 One

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