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This one video production alone should open your mind to how the illusion of solidity and form is created by fast moving flashing on/off images. This device actually replicates almost exactly how this reality is created by cyclic Thinking to stimulate our senses into interpreting form and solidity where no such form or solidity exists.

An Introduction to Motion

There are only two types of motion within this simulated universe, centripetal motion spirals inwards towards a focal point at the hub center and centrifugal motion which spirals away from the hub center out towards the rim.
WR makes clear that all matter is electrical, and all matter will move to find a location where the potential difference or electrical relationship between that polarised body and the surrounding environment is minimal.
Electro-positive bodies will thus move in the direction of a high positive pressure (anode) so as to experience minimal electrical departure from their surroundings. When an electro-positive body finds itself close to the cathode it is compelled to move north to find that harmonious balanced condition. The same is true for electro-negative conditions. They too are compelled to move south in the direction of the surrounding cathode.

When a body finds a suitable level of electrical buoyancy in the N/S direction that body will then orbit in an E/W direction of equi-potential.

This is the basis of the entire motive force of all Creation. This is all you need to know about motion. With these simple rules under your belt your are now in a position to infer all other expressions of motion whether it is the motion of a comet around the sun or why gases rise to the heavens.

If you now apply a Cosmic container which is polarised negative at the boundaries and positive at the central hub then ALL other expressions of matter will move and jostle to find their own balance point within this Cosmic wave field container. There are no gravitational forces at play. There is a process of electrical buoyancy which appears to exhibit properties which man has attributed to a force of gravitation.

It may seem strange that the entire underpinning of the universe can be written in such few words.

All expression (electrically charged bodies) is held buoyant within the ocean of electrical potential held in the Cosmic container.

Expressions manifesting closer to the hub appear as high melting solids, while expressions located closer to the rim manifest as low melting, tenuous gases. TheĀ  direction of north is the direction from the rim to the centre, while the direction of south runs in the opposite direction from north to south.
Positive bodies who exhibit a dominant centripetal motion will thus be compelled to move in the north direction. Negative bodies who exhibit a dominance of centrifugal motion will thus move in a south direction towards the boundary of the surrounding container.
This implies that electro-positive bodies will move in the north direction following a centripetal spiral path, while electro-negative bodies will move in the direction of south and follow a centrifugal path.