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This one video production alone should open your mind to how the illusion of solidity and form is created by fast moving flashing images.

An Introduction to Motion

There is only two types of motion within the simulation. Centripetal motion spirals inwards towards a focal point at the hub center. This motion never reaches the center, in the same way a hurricane never compresses to a single point. The eye of the storm is always calm and still. This inwards spiral motion is NOT attracted inwards from within, rather the motion is directed inwards from the OUTSIDE.


This inwards motion is directed from the cone base/rim in towards the centering hub. The desire to express centripetal motion is greater than the centrifugal desire. Motion therefore, accumulates inwards towards a common focal point. This looks like a gravitational effect, but its causes is entirely electrical, due to an electrical potential differential.

Tip 1
think of a North pole as the direction towards the central hub and a South pole as the radial direction away from the central hub.
All motion no matter which direction is resisted ! In order to register a force, that force must encounter a resistance.
Remember, direction only runs in towards a central hub and out to the rim. There must therefore, exist between any two expressions of force a plane of equi-potential.

Fig : 5

Fig : 5b

This inward motion is actually RESISTED from the inside. It is not attracted from the inside. This focal point creates the illusion that matter is under gravitational influence from within. Centripetal motion is the GENERATIVE direction, moving from south to north via east. As compression increases from the outside, the internal pressure also increases. This increase in internal pressure is registered in heat and increased density. Centripetal motion fights against a resistance to that compression. This internal resistance wants to EXPLODE, the exact opposite of a gravitational force of attraction. This explosive desire is locked in place because centripetal force >>> centrifugal force.

Fig : 5a

When a coin is rolled on its edge both the head and the tail sides roll in the same direction. But, an observer will report a CW motion on the head side with an ACW motion on the tails side !
Fig : 5b represents the head side view of a spiral galaxy. It appears to be rotating in a centripetal CW direction. the same spiral when viewed from the opposite side will look like fig : 5a which appears to rotate in a centripetal ACW direction.

Remember, when you trace a spiral onto a page, you simultaneously trace the ‘reverse’ !
Turn over the page and observe the same spiral from the reverse direction.

The second type of motion is centrifugal, which spirals outwards from a central hub out towards a rim/space. Centrifugal motion has its source in centripetal motion. Centrifugal motion is powered by the release of  highly compressed internal pressures of the hub exploding outwards. This is why Mind is not as involved in the centrifugal radiative process. Mind can in effect relax from generative concentration.  When centripetal compression has reached a maximum ‘potential’, centrifugal resistive pressure is also a maximum and will dissipate that accumulated potential explosively outwards. Centrifugal motion is assisted in its desire to expand by that explosive power behind it ! This explosive expression becomes evident when centrifugal force >>>> centripetal force. When Mind relaxes from Thinking then centrifugal motion takes over, and the harnessed internal pressure provides the driving force for that radiative expansion.

Fig : 6

Fig : 6a

This is all the motion there is in the entire simulated universe. All expression, from a galaxy, to atom float somewhere within these opposed two-way stream.
All expression (electrically charged bodies) is held buoyant within the ocean of electrical potential.
Expressions manifesting closer to the hub appear as high melting solids, while expressions located closer to the rim manifest as low melting, tenuous gases. The rim wants to become a hub, and the hub wants to become a rim. Where the opposing streams are balanced, is the location of the inert gas.

When centripetal inward motion is increasing, then we say that that body is growing. If centrifugal motion is increasing then we define that body as dying.
As a sun grows it accumulates potential on the inside so to speak. When that sun begins to die, then that SAME potential reverses its direction from a centripetal inward path to the (0,0,0) central hub to a centrifugal outward path from that (0,0,0) central hub. You can say, that as a body grows it also harbors its own death force. All matter wants to explode. This implies the force to die also lies within a growing body. When that growing inward force changes direction then that SAME force running in the opposite direction will have the opposite effect !!!
Another way to say the same thing is, every action has within it its own reaction. There appears to be two effects, an action and a reaction, but the action becomes the reaction. It is therefore, the same one force.
All motion leaving the inertial plane (cathode) is by definition compressing, while all motion returning to the inertial plane following its expression within the simulation is expansive. There is no other motion within this 3D simulation.
Remember, the condition of non-motion at the inertial plane is the universal equilibrium condition. To move away from this desired state of motion requires the application of a force. This is why all motion within the simulation must be considered explosive, because all expression desires to rid itself of expression so that it can return to the universal equilibrium condition. Matter therefore, cannot be held together by a nuclear center.
Stillness implies balance, while ALL MOTION implies imbalance. The degree of imbalance of a body determines its motion. Highly vitalised living bodies like carbon or 40 year old man can be described as the most ‘out of balance’ conditions, because they exist at the furthest distance from the zero wave (Stillness) axis !
Fig : 6a indicates how to correctly determine direction. North is the direction, of ascending, centripetal, generative motion, while south is the direction of descending, centrifugal, radiative motion.

Frequency – Lenses
Continuous Motion

As indicated above, there are only two types of motion, namely, centripetal compression from rim to hub and centrifugal radiation from hub to rim. The rate at which these two forms of motion interchange is determined by  the volume of the wavefield.
As indicated in the short video presentation above, frequency is also determined by the concentrative effort of Mind to express an Idea.
Optical lensing is the technique used in Nature to transform condition (A) into condition (B) through radiation. Likewise, optical lensing can transform condition (B) into condition (A) through compression/generation. There is however nothing special about optical lensing other than
curvature. Any curvature can produce two effects. Lensing and polarity are the same effect.

When we think of cyclic motion we tend to imagine a nice clean mathematical sinusoidal wave function, breathing in/out, or a car piston compressing, then expanding in the same plane.
Nature does not work like that !
It is useful to think of frequency as light bouncing backwards and forwards between the hub and rim as indicated by the wavefields above. Nature’s pistons are continuous. Think of tightening a nut onto a thread. You can torque the nut to maximum tension. To loosen that nut, man would simply unwind the nut in reverse but Nature continues to tighten until the threads fail. She pushes through the point of maximum compression to unwind on the ‘other side’ of that maximum compression point.
When all the pressure is released, new threads appear and the tightening process begins again. Nature never reverses her motion.

Imagine the image above compressing down to the hub then expanding out to the rim,
like opening and closing your hand, or the way your eye iris opens/closes.

Special Note of Curvature

I read all expressions of curvature as follows. There are actually 4 poles here. Two are projected out into the physical and two remain within the spiritual/metaphysical universe. Sandwiched between any polarised condition is a ‘bloc wall’ whereby all expressions of polarity are lost and FROM where Source extends all expressions from the spiritual out into the dynamic universe. Source cannot be separated from its own creation. Positive dynamic images are projected from and through their own opposite negative images.
When man creates a polarised condition a physical north poles is extended in one direction and a physical south pole in the opposite direction. These physical poles are project through their negative selves as indicated.
The curvature on each side of the ‘bloc wall’ remains consistent what changes is which side of that curvature is dominant/passive.

On ALL positive north sides the inner arc is dominant while the surrounding outer arc is passive. On the negative south side the outer arc is dominant with its inner arc being passive. This is why compression occurs on the north side and expansion on the south side. In fact, it is this dominant/passive character which confers all the apparent opposite properties to each side of the dividing bloc (Source) wall. The following description of Nature’s Gears clarified a lot of issues which remained for me after reading The Universal One. This clarity was revealed to me while cycling … if you understand the principle of bicycling gearing then you can apply those same principles to WR philosophy. Bicycle gears work together as twin opposed conical gear sets. All that is required is to switch the dominance of those gears sets. I introduced this idea in this blog article.

If we now separate out the typical WRC twin opposed geometry out into two dominant/passive gears sets. The positive anode condition is now easily defined as the condition which maximises speed and minimises torque. This is achieved with minimal axial rotation and maximum orbital revolution as indicated in a) . This condition occurs when the dominant gear (orbital revolution) is largest and the passive (axial rotation) is smallest.
Likewise, the cathode condition can now be defined in reverse such that maximum torque is achieved when the dominant gear is smallest and the passive gear is largest. This implies that rather polarity simply creating a singular positive/negative extreme condition, both positive/negative are present at each extremity, but they vary their dominance. This explains very nicely why when a bar-magnet is cut each half manifests their own N/S poles.

You must keep in mind, the between any two poles there exists a bloc wall of equalised pressure. When one cut’s a bar-magnet in two, one exposes two separate bloc walls and the default compression on one side with expansion on the opposite side must unfold.

This is the breathing pulse of the universe. This is all any expression within the simulation is doing. This is analogous to the Mexican Wave, whereby the crown just stand up and sit down sequentially to create the impression of a wave moving around the stadium. No one moves to a new seat.
A wave is a disturbance of stillness.

Electricity is the ‘inside’ force that pushes the rim away from the hub. Therefore the area between the rim/hub is where our perceived ‘reality’ is generated.
That area is an electrical potential ocean gradient.

Undivided Mind

In order to express a 3D reality, motion requires the dimensions of length, breath, height. Dimension is a measure of imbalance an expression of the simulation displays relative to the undisturbed state of stillness.

This image represents the undivided substance of Mind. You cannot SEE the white light of Mind. You cannot SEE Mind Idea, however, you can see a simulation of Mind light, after the apparent division of White light into visible light and invisible space. You cannot ‘see’ the metaphysical, but the metaphysical can let you know its idea through sensing motion via your senses.
This image represents the seed of ALL Creation. This seed contains all possibility. This is a representation of the only true reality. Mind is completely still, and Minds ability to Know is infinite. Mind has developed Cosmic Law by which the simulation will abide in order to reproduce the thinking of Mind.

Our perceived reality is PROJECTED from Mind through a cosmic negative into a 3D positive simulation which our senses tell us is real. Imagine a sponge 100 ft below the ocean. The sponge represents our 3D simulated reality suspended in the Mind (ocean) which completely surrounds and interpenetrates the entirety of the sponge.
So, in order for Mind to allows us to know what the content, substance, knowledge of the image above, it must find a way to bring the contents of the image above to ‘life’. Division, electric polarity and projection are the keys of impacting apparent motion into the matrix.
In order to accommodate a 3D division, it is better to expand the 2D image above into a 3D cube. The entire universe is contained inside this cube. This cube is analogous to the sponge submerged in the ocean. The entire universe in contained inside the cube, while Mind surrounds and interpenetrates the cube.

Fig : 3D UM – undivided Mind

This image is the best representation of the apparent division of Mind. Mind cannot divide, but it can appear to divide. That division manifests as an expanded cathode (rim) aspect and a compressed anode (hub) aspect. The illusion of motion occurs between these two opposite conditions. This is how and where the illusionary matrix of motion appears. Our senses are programmed to be stimulated by this illusion.

There are no straight lines within the simulation. All direction is curved and spiralled. This curvature is cause as light negotiates a path through a differential potential density. We see a similar effect when a stick appears to bend as it is submerged into water across a water/air interface. Every part of creation has a potential associated with it. There is no part of the simulated universe that is without potential.
Like the striations of lime juice in water, the potential concentration is in constant flux. The potential differential is the cause of all motion, as matter/potential moves to find rest in its own electro-potential environment.

These lines of potential flux are tightly packed towards the anodes (apex), while the flux lines are spread over huge areas  towards the cathode. Man uses the same technique on his weather maps. closely packed isobars indicate fast, constantly changing pressure zones.
When Nature creates a polarised condition she does so with curved equators.

Spiral Light

If you tried to draw a straight line between points A and B while rotating the drum, the resultant line would be curved. If the distance between A and B was 10 light years and the drawn line was a light beam travelling at light speed, then the light would appear to spiral across the universe.
Who or what is causing the rotation ? Hold that thought for a moment.

Imagine a see-saw without its levers, just the centering fulcrum. This centering fulcrum is analogous to Fig : 3D UM. It is the source of the motion which will be introduced or imparted to the see-saw. That motion is extended to it, through the levers.
Imagine the levers come in 9 different lengths depending on the elemental octave to be expressed.

When a lever is in place, and extended equally on both sides of the fulcrum, then a state of balance is created and no up/down motion will result!! A division must now be made to create an imbalance between each side of the fulcrum.
That imbalance is introduced in piston fashion by moving one of the levers closer to the fulcrum, the opposite lever will extend away from the fulcrum to compensate. The action/reaction is simultaneous. In fact, the same effect will be produced if the fulcrum was moved off center.

In this image the various divisions are shown for a particular lever length. Notice the lever does not change length, rather the fulcrum seems to reposition itself.
This fixed lever length is analogous to the Universal Constant whereby

A x (1/A) = 1
A < 1

This will be discussed later on the Cube page as a shifting of a plane of zero curvature, a PZC. Keep in mind that the levers rather than just moving up/down they also move in/out like pistons.

Tip 2
The fulcrum never moves. Imagine observing a flashing torch in a darkened room. When the torch is static, the light appears to emerge from the same piece of darkness ! But while the torch light is ‘off’ it is moved to a new location within the room. Now, when the torch is switched on again that new location appears to emanate from a different ‘piece of darkness’.
This is how the illusion of movement is created. The image disappears into the fulcrum, and re-emerges again as if centered by another fulcrum, but it is the same fulcrum !! Why ? Because the fulcrum is omnipresent.
At the 0 position the lever is balanced and little motion is possible. This position is analogous to the inert gas condition. We can also assign cathodic properties to this balanced condition.
At the +1 position, an imbalance or disturbance has been introduced. Potential has been ACCUMULATED on the right side and therefore its lever can be shorter relative to the fulcrum. The levers on the right side continue to shorten up to the ++4 position.
But, don’t lose sight of the simultaneous fact that as one lever shortens, the opposite lever must lengthen to compensate to maintain a dynamic balance.

Picking a model into its constituent part while useful can cause us to lose sight of the overall effect.
In order to enjoy a piece of music you have to listen to all the notes in quick succession. If you listen to each note individually, no flow, texture, emotion etc. will be conveyed.

Cubic wave field, what’s it all about?

Let’s start we this drawing of Walter’s…   where the stone falls towards the calm surface of water. The calm surface represents an undivided condition. We cannot sense the calm surface as individual expressions of creations because the surface is homogeneous with each portion identical to the next. Our senses require a fluctuating changing condition before they can respond to that stimulus.
Before impact, the stone is compressing ahead of itself, and thus, is charging the environment ahead of itself. It likewise, is discharging the wake environment. At impact, how does the whole surface know how to react to the disturbance caused by the stone?

When you stand between two opposite mirrors, your image is projected and reflected in those mirrors to an apparent infinity in both directions. If you stood in the center of 6 mirrors (top/bottom, left/right, front/back) your image would be projected in those directions, creating a 3D reproduced image. Each image being reversed.

For the moment it suffices to know that when Stillness of any kind is disturbed, a similar effect (reflected harmonic points) is created so that, that disturbance is registered in the X-AXIS AS THE SOURCE FOR EXPRESSION IN THE 3D. In other words, rather than seeings those reflected images of yourself as a 3D image, these harmonic point mark out within Stillness itself. These harmonic points which will unfold into the 3D act as individual seed projection points and when fired in the proper sequential order they create a moving 3D image.

The rate at which that disturbance is reproduced in those repeated reflections is 186,624 miles/sec. While this speed is interpreted as the speed of light, it is really the rate at which light reproduces itself. The speed at which Mind Thinks. In other words, the speed at which the harmonic seed point fire !!
A speed of light implies traversing with a leading edge, but light does not travel in such a fashion. Its harmonic nodes are reproduced at this rate, by projection. In short, the harmonic nodes are switched on/off to create the illusion of a moving image between the xyz planes !

The larger the stone, the further the apparent mirrors are spaced, and so, the harmonic reproductions are manifested further apart from each other. We can describe this by saying that the cone base are spread over a wider area. The centers of those cone bases are the harmonic reproduction points.

Fig : Simple Wave Form – This is a typical representation of a waveform. Try not to think of it as a 2D image, rather think of the image as a spiral, 3D event.

Fig : 3D Spiral Wave form

The crest on the left is expressing maleness, while the trough on the right is expressing femaleness. During the next cycle those sexed expressions will reverse that expression, i.e. male will become female and female will become male. They will continue that interchange known as Rhythmic Balanced Interchange in equal measure to the disturbance. The larger the disturbance the longer the RBI will be expressed. The purpose of the cubic wave field, is to act as the projector of its own motion into neighbouring wave fields.

We know that the seed contains all possibility. A acorn will grow into an infinite oak, no two oaks will be the same.
The seed of creation also contains infinite possibility, and those seeds are the inert gases. The simulation is unfolded from those seeds (Mother principle) and then the simulation is refolded back into the seed (Father principle) so the process can begin again.
Let’s have a look at a simple image to demonstrate the infinite potential of a single seed.
The arrow is pointing to a inert gas seed, isolated from the entirety of Creation. Each center of gravity is the center of its own projection. In other words, from every center the full simulation is projected outwards (radiative motion), and then reflected back (generative motion) from the wave field boundaries.
Make sure you are happy with this sequencing !!

Every center of gravity is the same as every other center of gravity in the universe. This implies that every possible expression of Creation can emerge from any single center of gravity !
The center of gravity which centers me is the SAME center of gravity that centers you. These centers of gravity are at the CENTER of every expression. Gravity is already everywhere, it does not require mass to generate gravity. Simulated mass accumulates around centers of gravity, which are still. Gravity is a Mind quality not a property of the simulation.
Gravity is sensed when light units spiral as fast motion in short compressed orbits.
This image (right) indicates that seed is omnipresent. Each seed is identical to every other seed. This is why some researchers refer to a holographic universe. Each individual seed holds the entire Idea of Creation. Every possible Thought Body can appear at every point of the universe as a physical body. Because Mind is omnipresent, matter can accumulate around a gravity shaft of Mind anywhere.
So, the true REALITY nature of the undivided universe is represented as, here infinite centers of gravity are shown filling the entire Master Cube, and each one ready to express any desired idea. Any single point anywhere is the same point. This is analogous to a pixilated universe. Each pixel can produce the entirety of Creation. So, when you think about it, there is really no need for millions and millions of pixilated seeds, when one will do !!!
This is a dimensionless universe of Mind intelligence.
When you imagine an idea or have a thought, do you get a sense where that thought is located in your head?  I hope you realise that thought, just is !! You cannot isolate a thought in one part of your mind, and another thought at some other part of your mind. Your mind operates as a whole and just thinks. ALL dimension therefore,  it is a property of the projected simulation. Dimension is as much an illusion as solid matter.

As a simple example… you decide to bake a cake. You ponder (nebulous thinking) about what type of cake and what ingredients are available. Then you decide exactly what cake to bake. You form a seed pattern in your mind of every stage in the construction of that cake, from the preparation to the finished product. Now, you germinate that seed idea and channel it through your physical self until the end result matches your seed pattern. You decide the finished cake is a good match and you are satisfied with the result. You unwind the seed patten and don;t give it another thought until you desire to repeat the process. The physical cake is a reproduction of your mind seed pattern. That seed pattern was never created, it simply acted as the negative through which light in the form of inspiration and desire shone to project a physical representation of the seed idea.
Idea is never created, which is why Mind ‘invented’ motion and the apparatus to sense that motion !

Recap of material covered to date.

  • The Universe we believe to be solid and real is an illusion
  • Our senses trick us into believing motion is matter
  • The Universe is a projection of Mind, and is generated in the same way you imagine a thought in your own mind
  • Each body is composed of a physical and a metaphysical aspect. For example a human has a physical body and metaphysical
  • haracter such as love, inspiration, desire, feelings, soul, etc.
  • Mind centers all bodies. The physical manifestation is a result of the light of Mind passing through a negative (metaphysical spect) casting the positive image into and onto the universal screen
  • Nothing exists in the Universe but Mind. Every aspect of Creation is Mind. Every aspect of Creation is therefore connected to
  • very other aspect of Creation. All is ONE.
  • The illusion of a solid universe is created through motion. Fast motion appears solid, while slow motion appears as vacuous pace.
  • Motion is a two way exchange. Matter motions to become space and space motions to become matter.
  • There was no big-bang. This is a universe of motion not gravity.
  • Gravity is an illusion of motion. Weight is not a property of matter.
  • The illusion is created because of motion interchanging between countless opposite pairs. For example all the colours of the spectrum lie between the extremities of black and white. All potential lies between the maximum +ve and maximum -ve. All expressions of human life exist between male and female. This concept should be applied to ALL opposite pairs. All life exists between life and death.
  • Our senses can only detect half of the Universe. Science spends all its time looking for the whole of cause in only half of the cycle.