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This one video production alone should open your mind to how the illusion of solidity and form is created by fast moving flashing on/off images. This device actually replicates almost exactly how this reality is created by cyclic Thinking to stimulate our senses into interpreting form and solidity where no such form or solidity exists.

Just before we begin. It is often muted that we live in an electric universe. If this is true, then what is all the fuss about motion? Well, the loops of force which surround a current carrying wire are in motion, either compressing inward towards the center of that wire, or exhaling/expanding away from that same wire center.
It is this motion which in turn CAUSES the perceived electric effect offset by 90° from those spinning loops.

In short, it is the motion within these loops which CAUSE all the effects we perceive as a physical reality. It is this unseen motion which CAUSES the physical motion manifested as either centripetal compression of centrifugal expansion within the physical realm.

This giphy video is the best simulation available to me at present. It is not fully correct with respect to WRC but it is a good place to start. Think of this sphincter motion spinning about the current carrying wire as the cause of all that is perceived within the physical universe.

WR teaches that the only true reality (Source) lies in Stillness. Motion therefore, is the construct designed to stimulate our sensing into perceiving a physical, materialistic universe. This illusion is created to facilitate experiential spiritual growth so that we recognise that motion for what it really is and learn to find Source in Stillness.

We can say that the point of motion is to Know its relationship to Stillness and therefore find Source in all Created manifestations.

An Introduction to Physical Motion

There are only two types of motion within this simulated universe, centripetal motion which spirals inwards towards a focal point at the hub center and centrifugal motion which spirals away from that hub center out towards the rim or boundary of the wave field container. Every expression of motion is contained within its own container dimensioned in exact proportions to the level of desire to express an Idea.

The wave field to contain the potential of a firecracker is proportionally smaller than the container for a sun!

CP motion
CF motion

The rugby scrum is a good example of opposed centripetal motion. When the opposed forces are balanced the central focal point/plane of stillness is exposed and remains stable.
Let’s call the white team A+ and the red team B+

Likewise, the tug-o-war is an example of how that same focal point/plane can be exposed through balanced opposed centrifugal motion.
We will denote the left tug team as B- and the right tug team as A-

The techniques are opposite and yet achieve the same objective by exposing the SAME common central focal point or center of gravity that exists between any two bodies. This focal point remain steady when the opposed forces are balanced.

+ve/-ve motion

Centripetal motion does not exist by itself alone, nor does centrifugal motion. They exist as a pair, centripetal with centrifugal motion. As the guys saw through the log, think of one side expressing centripetal (scrum) compression while the opposite side simultaneously expresses (tug-o-war) centrifugal motion.

The ‘spherical union’ image should make the point more clearly. The tug-o-war pull by A- CAUSES the A+ to compress.
Likewise, the sequential tug-o-war pull of B- CAUSES B+ to compress. This is how opposed forces working in sequential cycles can produce stable forms with a stabilised center of gravity at the core. This is how all matter breaths in sequential cycles.

The oscillating motion of the two lumber-jacks represent a single body either male or female. Both male/female bodies are each positive and negative. Don’t think of male as positive only and female somehow negative only.

Notice in the ‘spherical union’ image, how male/female opposed oscillations synchronise to form a stable balanced exposure of a central dividing plane. SOURCE makes itself known to us through balanced motion within the physical realm. Think of this image as two pairs of lumber-jacks working in unison.

As A+ expands it causes A- to compress which then BECOMES a new A+ on the opposite side of the dividing equator. Likewise, as B+ expands it causes B- to compress. This is what is meant by rhythmic balanced interchange of expression. One can see how matter can be adversely effected by asymmetric oscillations.

These compression/expansion cycles contribute to the electrical signature of any expression of form/matter.

WR makes clear that all matter is electrical, and all matter will move based on its electrical condition (signature) to find a location where the potential difference or electrical relationship between that polarised body and the surrounding environment is minimal. Why does it do this?

Consider motion as the unnatural state for all Creation. While in motion, every body will try and find a balanced condition so as to simulate Stillness so that a body can experience its metaphysical self while at the same time projecting into the physical construct.

We know of many example of how separation can be achieved when a mixture is exposed to a gradient of some kind. In fact, many laboratory and industrial processes have been developed to avail of this ability of a media to slow down or retard the progress of the mixture through the media.

Ink will thus separate into its various components when allowed to wet a piece of blotting paper.

If you now think of this entire universe as an electro-chromatographic field then we can better understand why bodies move in certain directions and why gravity is NOT their motivating force.

Cosmic Chromatography

Gel electro-phoresis is a laboratory scale simulation of this entire universe

Electro-positive bodies will thus move in the direction of a high positive pressure (anode) so as to experience minimal electrical departure from their surroundings. When an electro-positive body finds itself close to the cathode (south) it is compelled to move north to find that harmonious balanced condition. The same is true for electro-negative conditions. They too are compelled to move south in the direction of the similar cathode environment.

When a body finds a suitable level of electrical buoyancy in either the N/S direction, that body will then STOP moving in a N/S direction and instead orbit in an E/W direction of equi-potential balanced at just the correct potential between the anode/cathode.

This is the basis of the entire motive force of all Creation.

With these simple rules under your belt your are now in a position to infer all other expressions of motion whether it is the motion of a comet around the sun or why gases rise to the heavens.

If you now apply a Cosmic container which is polarised negative at the boundaries and positive at the central hub then ALL other expressions of matter will move and jostle to find their own balance point within this Cosmic wave field container, playing a game of Cosmic chromatography.

There are no gravitational forces at play. There is a process of electrical buoyancy which appears to exhibit properties which man has attributed to a force of gravitation.

It may seem strange that the entire underpinning of the universe can be written in such few words.

All expression (electrically charged bodies) is held buoyant within the ocean of electrical
potential held within the Cosmic container.

Expressions manifesting closer to the hub appear as high melting solids, while expressions located closer to the rim manifest as low melting, tenuous gases. The  direction of north is the direction from the rim to the centre, while the direction of south runs in the opposite direction from north to south.

Positive bodies who exhibit a dominant centripetal motion will thus be compelled to move in the north direction. Negative bodies who exhibit a dominance of centrifugal motion will thus move in a south direction towards the boundary of the surrounding container.