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May 02, 2017 : Tip #1 of Axiom #6 was revised.
January 09, 2017 : Added video to Axiom #2

TBP = The Thunderbolts Project (Electric Universe)
MSS = main stream, conventional scientific dogma

The Kybalion

As a result of many requests, I will now give a Cosmology-101 overview for students who are very new to Walter’s work.
As mentioned on the Home page there are unfortunately no short-cuts to personal development,
and while the following descriptions will offer you the notes,
chord structure, and general music theory, it is only through your own individual practice can you pull all the facets of
information together to make your own music.
With much practice, you may even produce sounds appealing to others!!
I will assume you are familiar with some of Walter’s teaching, and the terms he uses to describe those ideas.

The material promoted by WR will test your commitment and stamina to the limit.
Don’t expect to learn how to transmute one element into another because you will not find the answer in any of WR’s texts.
I am not convinced that WR knew how to perform such tasks. What WRC is offering you is the opportunity to tune your own mind, thinking and understanding of the electric universe so that YOU can condense any aspect of Cosmic Knowledge within you own body antenna.
WRC offers you a technique not the answers. This technique is perhaps comparable to what one might experience as a Tibetan yogi student.
The responsibility for the quality of Cosmic interaction you experience lies in the work you are prepared to do for yourself.

Any reference to God mentioned throughout this work is a reference to the Supreme Being,
Universal Intelligence, the God-Mind and NOT a religious figure head.
The intelligence that Max Planck and Albert Einstein finally realised was the hidden hand behind the matrix.

The MASTER programmer, the MASTER projectionist.

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force, is the existence of a conscious intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matterMax Plank
Anyone who becomes seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that there is a spirit manifest in the laws of the universe, a spirit vastly superior to that of manAlbert Einstein
Under, and back of, the Universe of Time, Space and Change, is ever to be found The Substantial Reality — the Fundamental Truth.The Kybalion

Axiom #1

The 3D world of perceived matter, rivers, galaxies, cars, your own body, atoms, mountains,
planets, X-factor, fashion,
every sensed occurrence has No form, solidity or reality associated with it at all.
Sure, when you knock your head you may feel pain,
but the information you SENSE is just a waveform, a frequency.
The only true reality lies in STILLNESS.
Stillness is a 4D metaphysical condition.
It is a condition without motion, a homogeneous uniformity of undisturbed calmness.

It may take you several years to complete just this part of the journey of realisation alone!

The purpose of a meditative practice is to quieten the brain chatter, turn down the sense response and achieve a still mind and body.
In this state, your body/mind has MINIMAL projection into the 3D simulation, but maximum connectivity to the 4D SOURCE.
With this connectivity to SOURCE, inspiration, idea, and desire can flow to and through your physical body.
Unfortunately, for those of us who live their lives with all their focus on the external, simulated SENSED self,
(helped by the news, media, entertainment, science, religion, consumerism and materialism)
will find it difficult to achieve a state of  peace of mind  within the SELF.
Realigning the focus from an outward to an inward direction can be a difficult process.
Your senses can only sense half of the wave cycle.

One needs to broaden ones skill set in order to comprehend the full wave cycle.
Re-learning to be less reliant on ones senses can be a life time's work in itself.
We live simultaneously in two universes.
One universe is a universe of motion, a 3D simulation of the second universe of non-motion (Stillness).
The universe of motion is referred to as the 3D physical, while the second universe is a metaphysical domain.
(I use the term 4D to indicate the metaphysical universe of Mind)

Escher Art

When the universe was created, Mind was having an Escher moment !

The purpose of using Escher's imagery is to impart to you the sense that nothing within the 3D
simulation is what it appears to be.
There appears to be a 'dual' aspect to the 3D simulation.
The more you go in search of that 'duality' the more you'll find the division between apparent opposites
become blurred and less well defined.
The only true reality of Stillness, belongs to the metaphysical or spiritual universe.

This universe is where YOUR feelings, emotions, & desires reside.
Your physical SELF is in constant communication with your metaphysical SELF.
This communication is the basis of how your thought bodies manifest as physical bodies.
Thought bodies belong to the metaphysical domain,  while the physical expressions of those thought
bodies are projected into the 3D simulation of motion though your body.
Thought bodies become physical bodies through the thoughts and actions of your physical form.
I use MC Escher's art work to indicate to you that the universe is in constant flux, and the rigidity and
solidity you attribute to that universe is an illusion,
as one apparently fixed condition melds and blends into another !!
Throughout the site I will use 'Escher moments' to indicate the fuzzy nature of form and matter.
The particle/wave nature of our reality is always present though not always noticed !

WR uses the analogy of the see-saw to good effect. The moving levers we can sense and interpret as our 3D reality,
but the fulcrum of the see-saw remains motionless.
If the fulcrum did not provide rigid stillness the levers would not be able to interchange cyclically.

After reviewing a concept offered by WRC always challenge yourself
to write 1000 words on the topic in this case, Axiom #1.
You may find this a difficult task... at first, but, it is exactly this type of attention that is required to uncover the secrets of WRC.
Reading alone will not achieve too much.
WR could have written a clear and concise thesis of his philosophy.
But, he wants you to walk your own path and uncover the hidden aspects of his philosophy for yourself.

In this way your discoveries will have much more meaning for you.
True learning and knowledge comes from what you discover for yourself.
This exercise should be applied to all aspects of WR teachings,
simply reading the words is not sufficient study !!

You are your best teacher, but, you may have to work on establishing that relationship.
The implications of axiom #1 are enormous and have provided many, many great authors their
material for libraries of manuscripts and books.

It has been my experience that if you attempt to put to paper your interpretation of any part of WRC
you will quickly find how little you know.

However, through perseverance with this exercise, new avenues will open for you to help develop
a much broader and inclusive understanding. Try it !

Remember, the same Mind which expresses itself through Thinking the universe of motion also
designed the sensing apparatus which you use to interact with that motion.

You believe everything your senses tell you but sensing alone will not yield what WR is teaching.
It may help you now to study this presentation !

Axiom #2

Your true identity lies is STILLNESS, within the metaphysical/spiritual.
Stillness has many names, Mind, Cosmic Mind, God, Universal Consciousness,
Creator, Supreme Being, Spirit, Soul.
YOU are part of that overall Stillness, the Creation Idea.
Mind is all that exists, and Mind wishes to express its Ide"THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental." — The Kybalion.
Your mind and Cosmic Mind are One, the SAME Mind.
The body you inhabit is projected from Stillness as a 3D moving illusion.
YOU therefore, are NOT your body.
The same is true for EVERY expression of the observed creation matrix.
A fly, atom, planet, galaxy all have their source in Stillness.
There are NO exceptions !
YOU are one will every expression of Creation.

Your physical self has been conceived by Mind and projected into the physical to express Mind Thinking.

Walter has invited you to take the first steps on that inner journey.
If you only look for your answers within the sensed simulation you will never discover the code running at the
back of the illusionary projection.
You cannot hope to find Cause in effects. You will not find Source or Cause in any physics book.

Everything that exists within the simulation has illusionary dimension. Your senses convince you, that those

illusionary forms are real things. You know when you view a movie in a theater you are observing a 2D image on a flat screen.
Yet, your body reacts to the illusion as if it were real, laughing, crying etc.
You can easily guess at the equipment necessary to generate such a 2D moving image.
What is more difficult to comprehend is that when Universal Intelligence projects its thought forms,
3D 'solid' images are manifested. These thought forms appear so real to our senses we can scarcely
believe that there is another explanation as to how the apparent 3D 'solid' images are manifested.
Your senses were designed that way !
You are an actor in a 3D movie which you have little idea or awareness of.
The lesson for us all to learn is, to uncover the techniques employed by Universal Intelligence to create this so convincing illusion.

The only true reality is the metaphysical universe.
The spiritual seed, a motionless, dimensionless pattern. Concept and seed exist in the metaphysical while,
imaged patterns unfold from those seeds to create the 3D illusion just like a movie !
It can be a long journey to discover that you should not rely on your senses to reveal knowledge.
Knowledge is part of the metaphysical, and you can only access that knowledge through mind.
The meditative process is an attempt to connect directly with Source.
Inspiration is a direct inflow of Mind.
Treating the perceived universe as a simulation is necessary because this projected simulation is only an imitation of the Creation Idea, which is a quality of the metaphysical universe and as such is never actually created.
The Creation Idea can never die, it remains part of the metaphysical forever.

Idea is eternal, only the simulation of the Idea is transient.

The Idea of YOU can never die, though the simulated YOU (your body) may seem to !
Axiom #2 clearly implies there is no nor can be any death. Can you explain why ?

A similar perspective to WR this time offered by Itzhak 'Ben' Bentov. His ideas are further developed at the 19:44 time stamp.

Axiom #3

The projection of IDEA from STILLNESS is achieved solely by MIND.
What we believe to be real and solid about our world, is an illusionary projection manifested as motion.
Fast motion is perceived as solid matter. Slow motion is perceived as nebulous space.

Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites;
like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in
degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be
reconciled.The Kybalion

There is absolutely no energy whatsoever in matter.
Energy is expressed through matter, but energy lies in Stillness.
Energy is the DESIRE to express. This is a spiritual property.
Energy is equivalent to silence, it is the fulcrum of every expression.
Motion in matter may appear as expressions of energy to our senses, but that
motion has its Cause in Mind. DESIRE drives motion.
All observed effects within the matrix are SIMULATIONS of what we believe them to be.
Motion does a fantastic job at reproducing the ideas of Mind onto a cosmic cinema screen where
idea is reproduced in physical form.
Energy is extended to the matrix from Stillness.
Energy is a property of Stillness, not of the illusionary matter of the matrix.
WRC uses the analogy that energy is extended from the fulcrum which never moves.
The levers of a see-saw could not oscillate if the fulcrum was not rigid and still.

When you read about energy from the point of view of main stream science,
think of this interpretation as motion which is expressing a Desire of Mind to Create.
Mind is the source of that 'energy'.
You may like to attribute 'energy' as the effort you DECIDED to put into a project.
The finished product has no energy in itself, though one may 'see' the effort which went into creating the object !
You are aware of people achieving remarkable feats of survival in the harshest of environments.
They appear to draw on 'energy' from somewhere, far in excess of any food they may have consumed.
This manifestation of very high energy output is available because the mind-set of the person in question
DECIDED that they were going to survive.
This decision was then written to their own seed pattern.

The universe then provided the appropriate level of energy to match the seed pattern.
You create your own physical experience.

Rather than thinking of the levers of the Cosmic see-saw simply moving up/down, they actually move in/out, like a piston.
Think of the down position as a position close to the fulcrum, and the up position as a position a great distance from the fulcrum.

So, as potential accumulates and adjusts its position closer to the fulcrum, that motion is balanced by its opposite
expression of expanded potential moving away from the fulcrum, extending the lever in order to maintain universal balance.
So, as potential. density, and form accumulate the centering fulcrum will appear to shift in that direction so that
an unequal balance is maintained !
Nature allows the elephant and the ant play see-saw.
The technique she uses is the key to the wave cycle.
She does so by dividing her expressions into two opposite expression such that the accumulated potential
of the anode is positioned on a very short see-saw lever, while the expanded potential of the cathode is
positioned on a very long see-saw lever. In this way, nature's polar opposite can rhythmically Interchange.

In terms of a breathing cycle, when you are born, think of your physical body as
taking an in-breath. That life force is coming from your metaphysical self which is exhaling
into your physical self. You breathe within the physical because the metaphysical/spiritual performs CPR on you.
Now, after 40 years, your physical self begins to exhale which is taken as the in-breath of your metaphysical/spiritual self.

When your physical body has died, your spiritual self is born and continues to grow to develop the seed pattern
for your NEXT physical expression.
This gives you the opportunity to re-write your soul contract, re-write your personal negative so
that your growth and development may be carried into your next expression of yourself.
Now, instead of this occurring every 80 years or so, imagine the same process occurring in a pico-second !
Every cell in your body has been renewed since birth... how ?
Did you die ?
Did your physical self ever disappear ?

Axiom #4

Stillness is 1.
Simulation is 2 (anode/cathode, heads/tails).
Every expression of the simulation is projected in pairs.
EVERY expression without exception is 2.
You cannot cut and divide into 1 !
Division always produces two.

Stillness + Simulation = 3.
Positive projection, Stillness, Negative projection.

Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine
Principles Gender; manifests on all planes.The Kybalion

The 3 operate together like a see-saw.
The still center (fulcrum) with its levers extended in opposite directions. Think piston.
Silence is 1, sound is 2. Sound is extended from silence, and returns to silence.

Science is aware of the disappearance of matter into an 'ether' and a spontaneous re-emergence of matter from that 'ether'.
It has though, no idea of the true nature of such interchanges. T hat they occur at many millions cycles/sec.
Nature is simple. She doesn't concern herself with what value of pi is necessary to form a bubble.
The mathematics of man is very complicated, Nature's is simple (1/n  x  n = 1).

If you can imagine ALL expression has two aspects.
It is easy to 'see' a ball of dough as a representation of matter.
However, now imagine that ball of dough is rolled out into a thin sheet.
This thin sheet will of course cover a much larger area.
Now, imagine this thin sheet is rolled out so thin that it is completely invisible.
This is the opposite condition/aspect of that 'ball' of dough that must be Known.
This thin invisible sheet is made of exactly the same ingredients as were expressed in the dough ball itself.

We tend to perceive the dough ball as matter, but the cubic wave field surrounding that
dough ball is represented by the same material spread out into an invisible sheet.
We perceive this invisible sheet as SPACE.
Space and matter are exactly the same 'thing' they just differ in volume.

All matter wants to explode to BECOME space, but space wants to contract to BECOME matter.
So the see-saw is set in motion.
The reason the universe appears to be expanding is because it is simultaneously contracting.

To multiply means to accelerate.

Nature will always try to express maximum coherence. The driving force for this is
the desire to reach a place of REST at the amplitude of the wave cycle.
The force of electricity is push the expression further away from the horizontal place of REST.
Nature moves to find REST !!

There is NO condition of motionless within our perceived reality.
All reality is in motion.
Stillness does not manifest within a matrix of motion.
Stillness does not stimulate our sensing.

Don't think of expansion at the cathode as you might the diffusion of a gas whereby the distance between the individual atoms increases as we approach the plane of the cathode. WR implies that matter itself the atoms expand and unwind back to plane. This is an atomic unwinding without the explosion, although it does not rule out the possibility that some atomic explosion may occur.

You already know if you turn a light switch on/off your sensing will detect the light first being on, then off.
But, as the frequency of these on/off sequences increase, your sensing tends to only see the on cycle and
therefore perceives a continuous light.
Your household light bulbs are switched on/off at 50/60 Hz but you perceive a continuous light.
A sun for example is also switching on/off but at rates >1,000,000,000,000,000 Hz, so we perceive a solid body of sunlight.
Your physical self is performing the same technique oscillating into and out of the physical at rates way above your sensing.
Your sensing tricks you into believing in the illusion of matter and form, where no such solidity exists !
A simple example of WR teaching is indicated here.

Your physical body as it exists now is not the same body you were born with. Every single cell has been replaced.
In fact, replaced many times over. You have come into and out of existence many times ! You are evolving moment to moment.
There is though only one moment... it is the same moment ! There is only NOW !

The most difficult question to resolve is described in the following image.

Can a bar-magnet really be described by the geometry indicated in section b) above ?
If a sun is an anode and space is the cathode...what and where is the other anode ?

Axiom #5

Our senses are designed to detect motion. Our senses cannot detect STILLNESS.

We NEED motion so we can find Stillness.
Those senses were designed by Mind to interact with motion only.
The catch is though, the design is so good we believe the sensed information is all there is !
All perceived expressions of matter are CENTERED by STILLNESS and are fully SURROUNDED by STILLNESS.
There is no part of the creation matrix that is without MIND.
Therefore, a disturbance of some kind is necessary to enable our senses to interact with the illusion of creation.
Mind creates that disturbance by Thinking which divides the metaphysical WHITE LIGHT into an
apparent spectrum within the physical realm.
Every physical image is composed by two interlocking lights, one containing the red spectrum
and the other containing the blue spectrum. Both are required to reproduce the original image.

Electricity IS THE FORCE which keeps the two halves apart.

Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens
according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are
many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law. The Kybalion

Science by its very nature is reductionist. It needs to measure and quantify what it observes.
It then applies the lessons learned from the physical realm to ALL of the cosmos.
(The sample size is too small !)

Science believes it will find Cause in the realm of observed effects.
Science only looks to effect in order to find Cause.
Even the Thunderbolts Project which promotes an Electric Universe model cannot see beyond plasma.
Plasma like every other expression of motion is an EFFECT.

Cause is metaphysical/spiritual while effect is physical/motion.

A painting may be critiqued for hundreds of years by many many different art aficionados
in an attempt to understand the artist.
Only the artistic creator knows if the painting is an accurate reproduction of his/her mind idea.
Universal Intelligence imagines 3D moving art. The simulation is Mind dreaming.

While dreaming, your own brain does not recognise the difference between the dream
state and conscious wakefulness. Hence, your body reacts to the dream stimuli as if they
were sensed experiences from within the wakeful simulation.
There is a physiological reaction to imaginary images.

The purpose of your inward journey is to discover that the Stillness lies at the centre of every manifestation of creation,
it centers YOU also, and that the central shaft of Stillness is the SAME for all expressions.
Your CAUSE lies at your dead centre !!!!
YOUR physical expression is centered by Mind. YOU are one with Mind. YOU are Universal Intelligence.
Theism is not a new creed.

Your senses are designed to sense two-way motion.
There is an expanding stream emanating from a hub out towards a boundary rim.
There is also a compressing stream emanating from the rim back in towards the hub.
Which one of these streams is the projection and which one is the reflection can be confusing !
Reflection is normally associated with the start of the generation cycle, rim to hub.
This is a two-way universe of opposed motion. Motion is expressed
in wide open channels at the cathode and as such the resistance to that motion is low.
This creates a condition of cold, nebulous expressions of matter. However,
those same channels are compressed into tighter configurations near the anode, and as such
the increased resistance to motion is registered in incandescence, heat and density of form.
The anode is a bit like being in Mumbai at rush hour, while the cathode
resembles the trekking across the sparse Siberian tundra.

Imagine you stand on a river bank. The river appears to flow in one direction (towards the anode) only.
As a 20 something you jump in the flow and sure enough your suspicions are confirmed as you are indeed carried
towards the anode.

However, if you repeat the experiment when you are 60 years old, then you would be swept in the opposite direction,
towards the cathode !!!

All bodies move in a N/S direction depending on whether they are primarily generating or radiating.
Generating, centripetal bodies migrate toward north, while radiating, centrifugal bodies migrate towards south.
There is no solidity to the physical universe.

There is a complex shimmering pattern of waves in motion, a mirage.
Our sensing is designed to decode these shimmering, moving images.
Our sensing decodes fast motion as solid and slow motion as vacuous space.

We interpret a sensed perception.

When a piano is built from scratch into a beautiful musical instrument, it may lie dormant for many years yet it has
within itself every possibility to reproduce any musical genre in the hands of a musician.
Yet, the piano builder put absolutely NO music into this piano !
The instrument though has been designed to enable musical notes to emerge out of silence.
These notes are embodied within the string tensions but there is no music within the instrument.
The universe is exactly the same !
The Creator has constructed a musical device which facilitates vibrational patterns which emerge from
Stillness to produce images which we believe to be real.
All expressions of matter are simply vibrational patterns which appear as solidity and form.

Your physical body is also analogous to the piano instrument.
You can transform or download any musical genre into your physical self and thus express yourself accordingly.
Your physical body is the interface between the metaphysical/spiritual Idea and the physical expression of that Idea.
You thus manifest your thoughts. When the Creator manifests its thoughts, a universe of motion comes into being.
You exist as a spiritual thought pattern and a physical expression of THAT pattern.

Axiom #6

WR's work, is an attempt to teach us, how the illusion is created and what OUR direct connection to Mind involves.
WR attempts to join the dots between the physical (effects) expression and the metaphysical (Cause) aspects of creation.
The Thinking of Mind is exactly analogous to man's electrophoresis (chromatography) techniques,
whereby an electric current causes matter to separate and migrate towards their preferred poles.

I would recommend to any student to leave the "Universal One" to one side.
It does have it merits, however, it is also full of statements, theories, and descriptions which
Walter himself later modified. For example, in the Universal One, he describes his understanding
of 'negative electricity', & 'magnetism' two concepts which are totally at odds with his later work in
Atomic Suicide/ New Concept of the Universe. These erroneous descriptions will cloud your understanding if held too tight.
Also, the language used may be difficult to follow. It might be wise to develop your own interpretation of WRC
philosophies and then back fill those new understandings to his original work.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Albert Einstein

When the conquistadors arrived in the new world, the local people could not 'see' the ships coming to shore !
Could you write 500 words using WR's theories thus far to explain why this might be case ?

Electrophoresis is the technique of separating particles, or bodies in a fluid/gel under the influence of an electric field.
Think of the inert gas seed as a compressed accumulation of Idea.
The Thinking Mind uses an electric field to cause this inert gas seed to germinate and extend in opposite directions
depending on the seeds electro-positive/electro-negative characteristics.

I cannot overemphasis the importance of this concept. Many researchers describe the universe as a hologram. The TBP describe the universe in terms of electric plasma. I have come to realise the universe functions much more like man's chromatography techniques, whereby positive centripetal expressions migrate towards the universal anode, with negative centrifugal expressions migrating towards the universal cathode.
This motion creates the illusion of a gravitational force. We can say, that matter, light, and heat appears to move towards the anode, but nebulous matter, cold, and space move towards the cathode
We can say that, it appears that within the universal electrophoresis apparatus
the anode appears to attract centripetal motion, while the cathode seems to attract centrifugal motion. This is our first indicator of a two-way aspect to universal motion.
It will thus, from now on, be very useful to think of ALL matter in motion within the universe as undergoing a cosmic electrophoresis separation, with ALL galaxies moving towards the Cosmic anode, and nebulous matter moving towards the Cosmic cathode.

In man's chromatography techniques, a potential difference is applied across a resistance in order to achieve a separation into individual components. This resistance is usually static, but Nature seems to employ two-way opposed motion working against each other in her separation techniques. Compressed matter moving one way, and expanded matter moving in the opposite direction.

WR describes the illusion as a running movie film strip, with individual picture images separated by a space which creates a flickering motion.
It is this flicker which stimulates our sensing and tricks it into believing the ‘out-there’ universe is solid and real.
It may be hard to imagine that your own physical self is during its 80 year life cycle, constantly appearing and disappearing in cycles.

Because your physical body is composed of millions of cells, there are always enough frames switched ‘on’ to maintain the illusion of the solidity of your physical self.

Axiom #7

It is necessary to rewire our perceptions and think in terms of LIGHT rather than in
terms of a universe of form and matter.
LIGHT is a metaphysical/spiritual quality, while visible light is just motion.
This technique is difficult to master because it requires us to be less reliant upon our senses
and develop a higher consciousness of Knowing. The Substance which is divided by Mind is LIGHT.
This LIGHT is pure and beyond our sensing.
When this LIGHT is divided, it separates into our entire spectrum,
a small portion of which we sense 400 - 700 nm.
We believe this small visible range encapsulates the entirety of Creation!!
(The sample size is too small)

Remember, LIGHT appears to be divided.
The God-Mind never divides into two, it can not divide in such a fashion.
It can appear to divide, and our sensing confirms the illusion as real.
It appears to be located at the rim working inwards towards the hub, and it appears
to be located at the central hub working outwards.
Light manifests within the physical with both wave and particle character !
The light from the sun is NOT LIGHT !
It is just fast motion !
Incandescent motion is NOT light !

There is no such thing as LIGHT within the universe of motion. The term is used indiscriminately to mean many things.
WR is very clear about his definition of light. Every expression with the simulated matrix is motion,
some of the motion is of such high frequency we perceive it as light but that light and the LIGHT of Mind are not the same thing.
The LIGHT of Mind, your thoughts are never created, they never appear within the simulated matrix.
Only an imitation of those thought pattern are made manifest.
The motion those imitations possess may appear as light to our sensing,

but they are tricked by fast motion.

When potential accumulates as true spheres they may be perceived as neutrons.
When centripetal motion is dominant then we perceive matter a positive accumulations termed protons.
When centrifugal motion is dominant then we perceive that motion in the reverse,
assigning terms such as  negative electricity and
White (invisible) Light = 400 nm and below
Black (invisible) Light = 700 nm and above

Think of white light as the unpolarised condition. When this light is passed through a prism we can 'see' the colours.
Likewise, when white light passes through a len we observe aberration at the focal points.
The colour spectrum would be an representation of a polarised condition.

Just to be very clear. WR uses the term Light to mean the seed condition of the metaphysical/spiritual universe.
The light we perceive in our physical reality is not Light rather it is an effect of motion.
Metaphysical Light cannot be sensed. A copy/simulation/reproduction of the original Light is projected into the matrix as motion.
Fast motion appears to our senses as heat/light, while slow motion appears to our senses as cold/blackness.
Fast motion within the sun is sensed as a light, but that is only a part reproduction of Mind Light.
When we talk about light within the simulation it would be better to call the effect incandescence,
but don't ignore the blackness of space, because that is light also. Space is incandescence spread out over a large volume.
Our senses respond to motion. Our eyes are designed to respond to the higher frequencies while our ears detect much lower frequencies.

These frequencies are the radiative broadcasted disturbances of Stillness.
Just as with sound and silence, our perceived universe is simply sensed motion and an unsensed Stillness !

Radial Mind

Every single expression of creation within the illusionary matrix is configured, as is indicated in the image above.
The image shows how Mind centers and surrounds all expressions or bodies.
Man believes he IS his positive physical body.
A good rule of thumb to follow is, whatever you have been taught as fact is incorrect by 180° !
WR will show in a scientific way, the nature of the negative aspects of man, show man's Oneness with Mind,
and also show how the negative aspect is used to project the positive image into the matrix.
There is no need to concern ourselves with cubic wave field, radial models at this time.
Contemplation of the axioms above, will in themselves, require much deep meditation and understanding.

The above image is an extremely important concept to take on board at this early stage.
What is vital to understand is
Mind centers every radial disk. Surrounding that Mind-Light center is
your NEGATIVE SELF, the part of you which contains your emotions and THOUGHTS
those thoughts form negative bodies so that when Mind Light is projected through  those negative thought bodies,
a POSITIVE image is created within the 3D simulation
ELECTRICITY is the force which pushes the rim away from the hub, and projects the image into the simulation
Think of this flat disk as you do a Tesla pancake coil and/or a flattened conical/cone geometry
So Light from Mind is projected through YOUR negative self to create YOUR positive body image.
This process of projection is carried out for ALL expressions of Creation !!!
In short, don't confuse the Light of Mind with the imitation we call light, which is just motion !

A large part of the problem for students, is that they read WR's material and subconsciously expect to read a scientific
book written in scientific language covering the known scientific principles.
What perhaps comes as a shock is that WR's material can on first exposure seem fanciful and bereft of any
scientific understanding at all.
WR writes to awaken your Soul, so that you can first understand the true Source and Cause of the simulated
matrix rather than just collecting lots of information about effects observed within the simulation,
as mainstream science is in the habit of doing !
It also is very easy to read the words of WR, but quite another to actually understand the true meaning behind those words.
Even with a very strong DESIRE to understand Cause, it may still require many years of study before you will truly 'see'.
Generally, one's hard wired belief systems cannot handle the increased current of an expanded consciousness.
Nature is kind, and allows time for the re-wiring to occur so as not to overwhelm the student.
Knowledge is therefore revealed to each student at a pace they can process.

Electricity is the force which pushes the rim away from the hub, essentially creating a 3D expression of a 2D Idea.
The stronger that electrical force the greater the expression of polarisation, and the greater the induced motion.

Axiom #8

MIND is all that exists. The only true reality lies in STILLNESS.
Thinking Mind gives Thought Bodies to motionless Idea.
Thought Bodies are given physical bodies through the process of Mind Thinking.
All other expressions of reality are the electric product of the thinking of MIND.

"Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall;
the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the
right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.The Kybalion

Mind is omnipresent, everywhere at once. Think of Mind as you would silence.
Silence is everywhere at once. There is not two forms of silence.
When a piece of music is played in Boston, and then the same piece is played in London,
the musician's didn't have to bring 'silence' with them in a suitcase to
place between the notes they were playing in the two locations !!
There is no instrument necessary to play silence.
The secret to understanding silence as Cause is to look INWARDS.
This requires great self discipline to avoid the ego taking charge !
Knowledge is available to those who search it within, 'information' is all that can be
gleaned from a study of the 'with-out'.
Science is steeped in information but has little knowledge.
Tesla for example, had a direct connection to Knowledge, which is why he never needed to build prototypes.
He KNEW they would work!

Axiom #9

The simulated 'unreal' universe is electric in nature. We do not live in a gravitational universe.
The experience of gravity is an EFFECT, the CAUSE of which lies in electric thinking.

This is an ELECTRIC universe of motion, not a GRAVITATIONAL universe.
Gravitation is an EFFECT which is believed to be cause.
WR continues to used the term gravity, but he means it to be uses as an indicator of direction,
that direction is the focal point of centripetal motion, which appears as if attracted from within.
This is an illusion which has fooled science.

Science is reductionist and materialistic, telling us through a complicated mathematical language how the universe should be rather than the way it really is !
So much credence is place on those mathematical models that they appear so convincing.
When developing the basic mathematical model for quantum theory a
maths was devised that could explain the lines appearing in the hydrogen spectra.
The maths thus developed might imitate what is observed but that does not mean it explains it accurately.
Remember, the hydrogen lines came first and the maths was shoe horned in to fit.

DB Larson describes the activities of main stream scientific endeavor as follows.
One might develop a hypothesis based on sensed observations.
This hypothesis may then be tested. If the hypothesis does not fit the observations then the hypothesis
is discarded and a new hypothesis is developed.
Science on the other hand will try to make the original hypothesis work regardless of the results.
New hypotheses are simply ADDED to the original idea.
If the observation don't fit the mathematics then change/modify the observations until they do !

If a MSS scientist was an architect !

Gravity is the focal point of centripetal electric potential. The effect is experienced most at anodes.
A differential potential gradient between the anodes of perceived matter and the cathodes of perceived space
is the driving force for the entire universe of motion.
There is no part of the simulation that is without potential. There can't be.
Potential/polarity is necessary for perceived effect to manifest.
Another way to say this is, there is no part of the simulation without curvature and
curvature implies polarity. Once a polarised condition comes into existence, motion is inevitable.
When a body experiences imbalance with its environment then it will move N/S.
When balance with the environment is found then that body will move E/W.
Every part of the simulation from the cathode rims to the anode hubs is curved and is filled with potential.
Charged bodies move in order to find an unattainable rest with their surroundings.
The reason it is unattainable is because as mass moves it also changes its potential !
Every expression is thus in a state of dynamic potential flux.
Potential gathers near anodes due to the compression of spiral paths, this appears like an attraction of gravity.
The Laws of Gravity suggest that one body is attracted to another body
based on their relative distances and the product of their masses.
Chemical elements do not follow this rule.
Why are rising gases unaffected by the 'strong' gravitational force of the Earth ?
Changing the goal posts, weight to mass for example, is not good science.
The combination or not, of chemical elements does not follow a gravitational law, they do
however, follow an electrically conditioned motion.

Our perceived universe of material matter emerges from Stillness, as a result of a Desire to express a dimensionless Idea.
This is the process of concentrative Thinking. A 3D moving image emerges from the Still Negative Metaphysical Pattern.
Once this occurs heat enters the physical universe. Heat IS motion.
There is no place within the simulation/perceived universe that is without heat/motion.
White incandescent heat implies the presence of fast motion, while cold dark space implies the presence of very slow motion.
Your physical self is a series of very complex electric circuits.
You physical self is immersed in a sea of electric potential.
Every circuit of your physical self interacts constantly with the surrounding potential.
This can be a positive but also a negative experience.
You can choose to tune/align your personal circuitry with positive external influences.

Every single aspect of our created reality manifests as a result of a vibratory oscillation. Your eye as as sensing organ is an object which is in constant motion. This implies your eye is not the same eye 5 seconds later. Its geometry will be slightly different, due to the multitude of vibrational sequences. If this is occurring to one of your most important sense organs, then how can you attribute so much definite character to any observed object ? The universe is in constant vibrational motion being sensed by organs which are also in vibrational motion, so how can anything be assigned a property of solidity and form ?

Axiom #10

This is a two-way universe. EFFECT is two-way. Rain falls to the Earth, but it also falls to the Heavens so it can fall again.
Two-way effect implies 'energy' can flow up-hill.
"As above, so below; as below so above." — The Kybalion.
The universe is expanding but only because it is simultaneously contracting, just like squeezing a balloon.
Compression with simultaneous Expansion. Think piston.
The SUNS are the compressed expressions while SPACE is the expanded aspect.

Don't think of direction as up/down or left/right. There are only TWO directions in/out.
Centripetal (In) and Centrifugal (Out). That's it.
When you view the 'out-there' illusionary reality you are looking towards your own cathode.
Your anode (shaft) is located at your very core.

A good example of how expansion can create compression is... imagine sitting comfortably in your living room, nice and relaxed with lost of room to move around if you so desire. Now, imagine a full sized hot-air balloon is inflated inside your living room. As the balloon expands, your sense of relaxed comfort is severely reduced until you are finally compressed into one corner unable to move.Now just to expand (pardon the pun) this idea a little.

Imagine you now fight back against the compressive pressure of the balloon. It begins to collapse and lose vitality as your physical self grows and swells !! You are now radiating and expanding causing the balloon to compress. There comes a point on the journey when your expanding potential and the compressed potential of the balloon are equal. This is the zero inert (MIND) condition. Now, each becomes the other. For the purposes of visual imagery imagine your physical self continues to expand until the balloon is compressed in the corner. On and on go these expansion/compression cycles...

Now, the important thing to understand here is...each becomes the other, because it is your physical self which is compressed in each of the two corners !!!

A very advanced concept here is... reproduction of Idea does NOT occur through the union of opposite s.e.x.e.s, rather it occurs when motion passes through the horizontal zero (MIND) condition to reverse its expression !! Peak becomes trough by passing through a zero voided condition. Do not confuse s.e.x with male/female s.e.x. S.e.x. is the polarised condition necessary to manifest within the matrix.

Melting and freezing occur at the same point on the temperature scale. What you experience depends on the direction from which you approach that point.

There is no form to matter. Matter is motion.
Matter and space are the SAME thing, the SAME substance. They only differ in volume.
That SAME thing is the Light of Mind.
Space centripetally contracts to solidity, while solid form centrifugally expands to form nebulosity/space.
The universe is SIMULTANEOUSLY expanding and contracting. Forget the big-bang !
Part of this two-way cycle is outside our sensing range.
If you examine Fig : Radial Mind above you will notice that part of the cone of polarity extends
into the negative unsensed part of the Creation Idea.
Your senses allow awareness of your physical body, but your senses fail to detect the
presence of your negative body.
For the moment think of matter as compressed motion and space as expanded motion.
Space is NOT nothingness.
The anode is thus the location where centripetal motion ends and centrifugal motion begins,
while the cathode is the location where centrifugal motion ends and centripetal motion begins.

Would you intuitively conclude that the universe is expanding because of the repulsion between galaxies and nebula ?
Can we infer that the expansion force is something different from a force of repulsion ?
Could we say that the galaxies are moving away from one another because
they themselves are within a expanding potential stream ?
If we could temporarily reverse this expanding stream, would we then infer that the visible galaxies
were now attracting one another ?
Well, if there is no force of repulsion forcing the galaxies apart, why should we consider a force of gravity
pulling from within as the primary motivator of our universe ?
All matter moves in a N/S direction to find balance. When matter accumulates near the anode north,
it does so NOT because it was
attracted there by its neighbour but because that matter is electrically matched to the anode condition itself.
If that matter reverses its electrical condition, it will have no choice but to move away
from the anode towards the expanded cathode condition.
Solids result from compression and accumulate towards anodes, while gases result from
expansion and accumulate towards cathodes.

Axiom #11

There is no difference in SUBSTANCE between a raging SUN and cold dark SPACE other than volume.
A SUN IS compressed SPACE, or compressed motion.
SPACE IS an expanded SUN, or expanded motion.

STILLNESS is not space.
Space is not empty.
Space cannot be devoid of matter, there is always the presence of heat no matter how infinitesimal.
Space is motion, a motion which covers a very large area/volume. Long wavelengths.
Some of that motion falls into our field of view and we term that motion - light !
WR uses the word 'substance' to refer to a metaphysical/spiritual property rather than a physical body of matter.

Space is space because it is not a sun !!! In other words, each condition gains its identity through it
opposition to its own opposite.

A manifested condition of 100% sun or 100% space is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve.

It may be hard to fathom that there is no difference in substance between your body, an apple, a planet, or a sun. The building block that unites them is motion. Patterned motion, which can appear as light. The light unit of a raging sun is identical to a light unit of a sub-atomic particle. With the 88 notes on a piano, how many pieces of music are potentially possible? What makes jazz sound/feel different from classical? Same notes...different pattern/density !! Those positive patterns are first conceived in the negative (desire/metaphysical) before being given positive (physical) bodies through expression by the creator... you, the pianist!!!

Escher meets WR

A easy model to always keep in mind is... if you imagine colour divided into two extremes Black and White, then ALL EXPRESSIONS of colour manifest between those two extremes. The colour spectrum. If the universal extremes are therefore a sun and space, then ALL EXPRESSIONS of CREATION which can manifest within the simulation lies between those two extremes. There can be no other motion, there is not another form. The problem to get your head around is that motion runs like... The process by which space compressed to a sun, and a sun expands to space is electro-thermodynamic in nature. Remember, heat/cold are effects of an electric Cause. Space is not an empty void. Space is filled with potential, motion, even to the outermost extremities. It may take some time to really appreciate how un-empty space actually is. If you take a light unit and flatten it out over a large area, you will have succeeded in creating space. Compress that SAME expanded space into a very tiny volume and you will have succeeded in creating an incandescence sun.

Matter is not Substance !
Remember, Substance implies a quality of Mind and Idea.
Matter is a simulation of substance.

When you have a hard wired belief system the current flow in your electrical wiring runs more of less in one direction. What WRC is teaching may cause you to force the current to run counter to its 'normal' path. This can cause a great deal of discomfort however, keep in mind, only dead fish swim with the current ! The reason any 100% condition is impossible to achieve is because that would then create a homogeneous condition. Our 'reality' is built as an oscillation between opposite conditions. There must be some evidence of two. The maximum compression in our reality is carbon, and therefore it will have its own expanded opposite condition close to absolute zero.

Don't think of cold, dark space as a void which separates units of matter. Space is not a void, it is not a vacuum, and it is not empty. All matter, space included must possess a degree of curvature in order to exist within the physical universe or physical reality. Space is not a 'nothingness'. This a universe of motion only. There are only two types of motion, centripetal, compressing motion and centrifugal, expanding motion. Matter comes into our sensed reality from its expanded aspect. Compression which induces centripetal motion, causes that expanded aspect to increase its density by expressing its light unit or electrical potential in a small volume. Matter thus 'appears' from the 'void of nothingness' as mss would say. In reverse then, space 'appears' when matter turns inside out and expands its inner compressed potential out beyond our sensing. Space is therefore, the expanded aspect of potential. Space does not mean the distribution of matter across a large area/volume. The matter itself expands to become that volume.

Axiom #12

Centripetal motion multiplies low potential (space) into high potential (matter).
Cold is wound up into heat. This is the uphill flow of energy.
A Thinking Mind put concentrative effort into the Creation Idea, giving it Purpose.
Compression seeks rest at wave amplitudes, the greatest distance away from zero beginnings.
Compression implies increasing a bodies ability to expand !
Centrifugal motion divides high potential (matter) into low potential (space).
Heat is unwound back to cold.
Expansion seeks rest at wave field boundaries where the next cycle begins.
Expansive motion cannot exceed its own wave field boundary.

Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates. The Kybalion

This is all the motion there is in and of the ENTIRE universe.
Matter < - >Space
Concentrated light < - > Diffused light
Fast motion < - > Slow motion
S.e.x.e.d union unites two opposed centripetal pairs.
Death unites two opposed centrifugal pairs.

Whenever there is a division between potential, or a divide between matter and space,
remember, when that dividing equator moves. There is compression ahead of that movement AND
simultaneous expansion in the wake of the motion !!!
That dividing equator never really moves, the relocated motion exposes itself as a new fulcrum !!
Think of the bow and stern of a moving boat.
Between the two extremes of Matter <---> Space, there is a infinite potential gradient differential.
Matter located at any particular point will move to find rest (float) in that location.
As matter manifests close to the apex it will appear as a sun.
Potential which manifests closer to the cathode cone base will appear as cold dark space, but it is the SAME STUFF !!
Gold manifests as gold simply because it finds balanced motion at a certain point between matter <---> space.
If that gold was moved out of that balanced position closer to either the anode of the cathode then that
expression of gold would realign itself to an expression of Tungsten or Nitrogen.
Transmutation is easy when you know what you are trying to do !!!

The manifestation of matter is really a crystallisation effect.
When centrifugal motion overcomes centripetal motion then expansion become dominant.
In other words, matter melts.
Solids therefore appear at temperatures below their individual crystallisation points.

ALL matter is generated from the radiative emanations of its opposite.
Likewise, all matter is degenerated or destroyed by the generation of its opposite.

Don't think of one type of motion in isolation from its own opposite.
Generation for example, is the condition whereby charging takes place in EXCESS of its discharging.
There is therefore, a net accumulation of potential. Likewise, radiation is the condition whereby
discharging takes place in excess of its charging.
There is therefore, an overall loss of vitality, until such time that all the accumulated charge is fully discharged.
Both effects are always present.

Axiom #13

You do not have 5 senses, you have one sense only, and that is, the sense of vibration.
Your senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing) are simply detectors which operate in different vibratory ranges.

This ability to detect, decode and interpret vibrational frequencies is the entire basis of man's
understanding of his perceived reality. Acquiring information is not Knowledge.

You LEARN and are TAUGHT how to interpret your environment, but seeing a
green (tree-ish) dot on the horizon nudges you into 'seeing' a tree, even though
the green dot was a house!

Axiom #14

Your method of thinking and that of Cosmic Mind are one and the same.
Man cannot conceive, invent, create, or manufacture anything that has not already been first conceived by Cosmic Mind.
Initial thoughts are vague and nebulous.
More concentrative thinking crystallises those nebulous ideas into more precise patterns, a seed.
Man's body is his tool to germinate his thought-body patterns.
Man cannot create any motion which lies outside Natural Law !

Knowledge is power and Thinking is the technique to express that power.
Dimension only becomes evident within the simulation.
The Time dimension only becomes necessary because electricity has caused motion.
When motion ceases ALL dimension disappears, including time !
There is no requirement for dimension in the dimensionless metaphysical universe.
This is why all Idea can fit into a simple seed. Idea is without dimension.
The entire oak fits inside the acorn !
The metaphysical universe is a homogeneous universe of stillness.
Dimension is a measure of imbalance form that stillness. Dimension thus measures the degree
of imbalance in any expression of matter within the simulated universe.
Think of WRC 18 dimensions not as some abstract hyper-physics, rather
these dimensions describe the vibrational pattern and character of motion.

Don't limit your thinking of positive/negative to purely electrical terms.
A positive condition is any condition of more, while a negative condition is a state of less.
So, fast motion can be considered positive, while slow motion can be considered as a negative state.

Our simulated illusion in a nutshell... Imagine a pond with a calm surface. There is not a ripple on the waters surface, or down to the depths. This calm water can represent MIND. It is completely still. It is the only true reality. There is no desire to express any ideas, yet there is infinite potential which can be expressed.

If a stone is dropped into that calm waters then many ripples are created, peaks and troughs propagating from the
point of impact on the surface and down to the depths.
These peaks and troughs have divided that still calmness into expressions our senses are tuned to detect.
We can now 'see' the disturbance in the water. Our perceived reality results from our senses detecting motion, a
pattern of peaks and troughs within the simulation.
Now imagine a million stones hitting the calm surface … make that 100 million… ok, make that an infinite number of stone impacts.
All those peaks and troughs we believe to be the real expression of form and solidity, when all that exists is wave motion.
Now, imagine this same example but this time imagine that the pond is the only thing that exists (100%) pond, no surface,
in the same way a sponge might experience its environment 1000ft down in the ocean.
The pond is calm no motion. Now, when the disturbance is introduced the pattern produced is extremely complex and far reaching !

This wave motion is the UNNATURAL state of reality, although we are deceived by our senses into believing is the ONLY true reality.
The waters want to return to a state of calmness. The simulation wants to be calm.
A state of CALMNESS is the only true reality.
All the motion within the simulation moves to find calmness. This concept alone will challenge all our current principles in physics.
With inner Knowledge of the true source of this simulation we can better understand how much faith to place
on sensed information.

WRC is trying to show us the true NATURE of CAUSE, and applying that Knowledge to explaining all the observed effects within the simulation.

Sometimes letting go of a strongly held belief system is a very hard thing to do.

The Semmelweis Relex.

When studying the cosmos ask yourself why are things still the way they are ? What is holding them in place ?

WRC is attempting to teach us that, our bodies live within a simulation. Our bodies are simply a tool to enable us to create physical bodies from our thought bodies. Through his wave model, he shows us how that simulation is created, and how our senses are tricked into believing that the simulation of physical bodies is real and solid, and that there is no place within the 3D for the 'unseen'  thought bodies of metaphysical cause. Everything within the simulation is light. How that light cycles and interacts to create patterns is what our senses decode to us as our reality. There is no solidity to any part of the simulation. There are no electrons/protons, black holes, strings, etc etc. There is only motion. That motion moves to find rest by either compressing or expanding...that's it.

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