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The radioactive elements have a real, important beneficial function to carry out here on Earth, provided they remain diffused in very small quantities throughout the Earth’s crust distributed right across the planet. The potential and electric current they release, breaks down the deep hard crystalline rock into smaller aggregates which are needed to enhance the top few feet of top soil, the area of the planet most plants and animals depend on for their survival.

In this electric universe, we can think of each polarised unit in a similar way to a car battery. Once charged, the battery desires to rid itself of that stored potential. Man makes use of this fact, by designing his circuits to utilise this stored potential in a controlled fashion so that the battery will perform work smoothly and discharge relatively slowly.
You can well understand that if you decide to place a spanner across the terminals of a fully charged battery you will discharge the battery in a flash of heat so powerful that it is likely to cause the battery to explode, because the current flow is far too high for the battery itself.
This is how the radioactive elements do their work underground. They act by shorting out the polarised elements of hard rock causing them to breakup into smaller aggregates, which works well when controlled by nature herself. The radioactive elements effectively act as a ‘spanner’ across any polarised condition it comes across. This effect though, is spread out across the entire planet so that the unwinding of hard rock is controlled.

Life is expressed when heat is accumulated. Death is expressed when that heat can no longer be held in place and it radiates away. Radiation is the unwinding process. Life is thus expressed on the generative half of the cycle while death is expressed on the radiative half of the cycle. We know that a tiny speck of radium will expel its energy, it has a half life of 1600 years. When we accumulate millions of tonnes of such radiative killers above ground they will continue to obey Natural Law and do their designed duty. These radioactive elements will accelerate the unwinding of all ground level expression of matter.

All matter is dimensioned to handle it own level of electric current. Fine wiring is designed to handle low voltages and low current. Radioactivity is no respecter of fine wiring, it will over load and burn out such low current circuits with ease. Accumulating large amount of radioactive elements above ground exposes those radioactive elements to conditions they were not designed for, or to put it the other way around, the lower pressure, lower current carrying ability of matter on the Earth’s surface cannot handle the ultra-high heat/current of those radioactive elements impart to their surroundings. Not only is a short circuiting of the life half of the cycle likely, it is inevitable.

When man is exposed to the radioactive elements, those elements bridge all the exposed polarised cells causing those cells and internal bodily circuitry to short and burn out. The current flow from these radioactive elements is far too high for all polarised life forms at ground level to survive this high current/potential condition.

Compare the level of Chi current flowing naturally in one’s body, to a shock of 1 million volts of 1 million amps.

Radioactivity puts a spanner across every polarised cell/unit expression and facilitates a super-fast unwinding and radiative heat loss, fast tracking those life expressions to their own death at the inertial plane. Nature’s controlled unwinding of accumulated potential from north wave amplitudes to the south planes of inertia (the father-principle) is so rapidly accelerated, that the decay half of the life cycle, rather than taking 20 years may unwind uncontrollably within months !!!

Just because man buries his radioactive waste in deep ocean reservoirs does not make its effects go away !! The catastrophes at Chernobyl, and Fukushima not to mention all the depleted uranium dropped over the middle-east, and Afghanistan, may already be too late for life to be sustained on Earth !! Man may have already committed atomic suicide.

Climate Change

Man may well be responsible for the phenomenon of Global Warming, with extreme weather patterns and climate changes, but not in the way purported by Al Gore and the IPCC. Rather than carbon and greenhouse gases being the culprit, the uncontrolled release of radioactive elements from leaking, inefficient atomic power stations, waste dumping, and damage as a result of natural disasters as well as all the unnecessary wars (depleted uranium) will cause the climate to heat and the ice caps to melt, because of the ability of the radioactive elements to cleave open all elements occupying lower octaves releasing their accumulated potential – heat.

Once the true nature of the elements as being frozen flame is understood, then the breakdown of all life by the ability of radioactivity to short circuit every life expression by expansion thus causing an accelerated death becomes obvious.
We stay alive because of our bodies ability to accumulate heat and electric potential with respect to its need to radiate. Man’s body generates and grows from 0 – 40 years, then the radiaitive cyle grows and man’s body loses that accumulated heat/potential from 40 – 80 years. We do accumulate heat from outside sources, but, when we lose heat from the inside-out then the decaying process for our body has begun.

Tip 1

The energy we accumulate from the sun must be clarified. The radiation from the sun is an indicator of the sun’s death. The sun is exhaling as all dying bodies do. When these radiative emanations hit a plane of equal potential which exists between any two bodies then those radiative streams reverse to generative rays. This is why space is cold, yet we feel warmth from the sun. That heat never left the sun. This heat (and hence the sun’s condition) was reproduced here on earth once it crossed the dividing plane between the sun/earth. Due to the vast difference in electric potential pressure between the sun/earth that dividing plane is very close to the earth.

Life is expressed in matter by its ability to hold onto heat. Likewise, death is expressed in matter by its inability to hold onto heat.
Heat grows from the zero beginnings in the lowest octave to reach a maximum with carbon in the 5th octave. This is evident with the high melting point of carbon. After this point, the subsequent octaves are losing the ability to accumulate and store heat. The elemental expressions will try to match carbon, but their melting points indicate they never reach that pinnacle of compression again.
During the expression of the life principle (zero to carbon) centripetal motion is dominant and the speed of accumulation reaches 186,624 miles/sec. From this point though, centrifugal motion starts its journey to dominance, and it will reach its dominant position in the 9th radioactive octave. So, from a slow start in the 5th octave, the centrifugal emanation of the higher octaves will also reach light speed !

This implies that every state of motion has its own preferred state of hotness and associated frequency. Any serious deviation above or below this preferred point will spell disaster for the body in question. When a body is radiating and thereby expanding, think of this situation as the bodies inability to hold onto its heat. It is therefore by definition dying !

The only reason we sense matter and form within this physical universe is because the radiative side of the cycle is a controlled unwinding heat releasing process. Matter radiates slowly in order to die. Coal for example, will radiate naturally over billions of years, but when place on a fire will die within the hour !

Fission – Fusion Neither !!!!

From the discussion above, the disadvantages of the current nuclear fission energy program are clear. New sources of energy are necessary, and while current green sources (wind, solar) are less problematic they are also less dependable for most.
In conjunction with this requirement it is believed that the sun operates as a nuclear reactor, it is suggested it operates as a  nuclear fusion reactor, forcing hydrogen into helium.

Fusion is believed to be ‘the way forward’ being so much cleaner than the nuclear fission option. There is though, one major problem. The premise depends on the sun being a nuclear fusion reactor. Nowhere in the teachings of WR is there an account of Nature’s creating principle being described as a forced integration of two like bodies to create a third body, two hydrogen atoms forced to create helium. This in itself is another assumption, that helium is generated by such fusion reactions, not to mention the temperature and pressures necessary to force this apparent motion and overcome the ‘Coulomb Barrier’ !
The elements are not different substances or different ‘things’. They are the same one ‘thing’, just as the note Bb is also D note when the tension is turned/tuned up. This is what electricity does. It takes the inert gas, and increases the potential tension so that helium becomes lithium. Increase lithium further and it becomes Be, B and then carbon. Carbon and helium are them same thing just as fog, steam, water and ice are the same thing.

WR teaches that energy is NOT IN matter, rather that matter is an expression of energy. Tesla too proposed that every point in the universe was capable of producing infinite potential/energy. He knew that the source of energy lies beyond the physical. The technique therefore to extracting energy from the metaphysical is to design a device that works in harmony with Nature which allows from the extraction of electrical energy in a clam, cold fashion. Nature’s techniques are majestic, she does not resort to unnecessary violence in her creation processes.

The sun is entirely electrical. It is produced at the focal point of two anodes.

Radioactivity Clean Up ?

It may already be too late, the genie cannot be put back in the bottle. WR’s description of the functionality of the radioactive elements suggests that reversing those emanation would be akin to catching the explosion and putting in back into the dynamite.

Perhaps there might be one avenue to explore which could offer a potential solution. We have already learned from WRC that all matter comes into being via a dominant centripetal motion, and disappears from physical reality by centrifugally unwinding all its potential back to a Still Source. Accumulation of heat expresses life. Death comes to all matter who cannot retain its core heat.
All matter is tonal. The note Bb can become the note C through centripetal compression or increasing the electrical tension. Allowing the radioactive elements to unwind themselves naturally is not really an option although man has attempted to bury his problems in the deep ocean. Those elements will still be around in 20, 000 years.

WRC teaches that the function of these radioactive elements is to aide the breakdown of granite/rocks deep in the earth to facilitate the generation of humus and soil for the top  3 feet of the earth’s crust. This might be true, but why is it necessary. This task is like trying to catch the bullets 1 inch from the muzzle at a rate of 5,000,000 bullets/sec in a 360° path. Not an easy task, as even getting close to the device is fraught with danger, never mind trying to preventing the powerful bullets themselves.
This radioactive assisted decay is not part of the thermodynamic cycle. Our bodies for instance, decay all by themselves from 40 – 80 years, from the inside out as our ability to accumulate core heat diminishes until our final cold death. Radioactive assisted decay was not necessary. Could the earth’s soil not have been designed to form via a more gentle path?

In short, Nature seems to utilise the radioactive elements to aide unwinding and as such those radioactive elements may not have a natural ‘safe’ state.

The only way I can see how WRC might be applied to such a disastrous situation is to somehow create an electrical short circuit in the elements which could reduce their half-life times from millennia to perhaps days and transmute the radioactive waste to helium… in a flash !

If electrical potential can be accumulated in such vast quantities and in such small volumes (Radium), then there must somehow exist the opposite condition which will facilitate the voidance of that radioactive potential through interaction with a very low/cold expanded opposite potential distribution. While this condition may indeed exist, it’s volume will be by necessity so vast that realistically so a condition could only exist in deep space.