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A ‘palindrome’ is a sequence that can be read forwards and backwards !

This topic has proved the most elusive during my research into WRC. As the title itself suggests, it being a  ‘palindrome’ one finds it increasingly difficult to tie down a definitive list of characteristics that can be applied to male and femaleness. This conundrum is compounded by WR himself when he assigned maleness to the generative half of the cycle and femaleness to the radiative half of the cycle. This cannot be correct, as WR himself later describes the division process as separation into two anode conditions. Both conditions can’t be true !


We are too influenced by our senses. When we assess how to get from A to B we tend to only consider what makes sense in our reality. We tend to only ‘see’ the stairwell as a route for upright bodies only. It is my understanding that the micro/macrocosm cares not how you perceive your reality. When a homogeneous condition is divided, TWO simultaneous half conditions result. If we imagine the stairwell divides a condition into two, then we must be aware that the dividing plane (stairwell) is valid from A to B, but is equally valid from B to A upside down.
I will show why this is important as the concept develops.
This topic was discussed on the ‘Music’ page.


The physical sexes
In terms of a male/female body, there does seems to be room for some outside-in and inside-out geometry. There is also another interesting geometrical consideration. If maleness is associated with rigidity and straight lines, then femaleness may be assigned to soft, curvature. This can now be applied to the motion of a simple pendulum.
If we construct two pendula, one with a solid rod and the other with a string, then for these to beat in time the rod must be 3/2 longer than the string. We know elemental expressions are tonal. So, this implies there is a ‘perfect 5th’ interval between the two pendula.
So, rather than rambling through all the various permutations of characteristics and properties I will cut straight to the chase.
Keep in mind that the purpose of this description is to lay a foundation to apply to device design. If devices are constructed with sexed paired geometry then an understanding of M/F geometry is vital.

Making a pair of identical coils to interact in some way seems at present to be more of a homo-sexual union rather than a reproductive union.

Sex Union
I have mentioned that I interpret ‘sex union’ in two distinct ways. WR (for me) mixes the two which makes it difficult to get a clear grasp of M/F opposite conditions.

  • union at the vertical (+4) axis creates physical bodies of sodium, silver, gold etc. This is a generative reproductive union.
  • union on the horizontal (zero) axis creates salts, NaCl, LiF etc. This is a voiding union.

I argue that a physical Na unit is made up of positive male and positive female halves. Reading through WR material one would be forgiven for thinking Cl was involved somehow !

Polarity arises as a result of the disturbance to Stillness. Nature utilises this polarised condition as the potential gradient which motivates all expressions of matter into motion. Our sensing is designed to detects certain aspects of this motion. We then build our reality as an interpretation of those electrical impulses. Polarity implies division into a positive/negative condition, yet WR describes the division process as a positive/negative/positive distribution. How is this possible, and how does this new perspective effect our strategy for coil/device design ?

Stairwell Challenge
We know that the process of Mind Thinking is the electrical stimuli the inert gas requires to ‘germinate’ and unfold its contents out into the physical universe. The harder Mind Concentrates the further the expressions extends away from the zero equator. When Mind stops thinking, those electric tensions collapse and the expression unwinds back to Source.
If we now represent that four fold extension as indicated in this image, do you only ‘see’ the positive projection ?
One may interpret this image as projection of a physical and a metaphysical body. The metaphysical body of this wave field has the exact geometry as the opposite physical body !

In its absolute simplest form, maleness is a condition who dominant characteristics are to the outside.
If one can imagine an underground water carrying pipe. The exterior surface of the pipe would express maleness, holding back the soil/earth from entering into the pipes center. The inside surface of the pipe would then express femaleness by directing the water to the desired location and shielding it from leaking out. One can also say that maleness is defined by centripetal motion, whereby density increases towards the center, and space is shifted to the outside.
This makes males more rod (pendulum – solid) like !
Femaleness on the other hand, is dominated by centrifugal motion. Density is thrown towards the outside, and space fills the inside. This implies femaleness is more nebulous and ethereal (soft curvature).

Spoiler Alert !
When one thinks of centrifugal motion one generally thinks of the hub to rim direction, potential being flung from a high potential condition at the center out towards the rim. This effect is indeed true, but this is the RADIATIVE half of the cycle, and NOT physical female !
If we now revisit the positive projection which unfolded from the inert gas seed condition one will now I hope ‘see’ that when any condition is divided TWO simultaneous opposite conditions will result. Both are equally valid. This negative condition surrounds the initial positive projection as rings within the SAME wave field container. The rings become evident when the condition rotates about the central axis as indicated.
Notice, the +1 ring circulate about a central cavity, and the wall thickness is thin. As Thinking intensifies the positive projection extends away from the zero axis but so too does the negative projection. In fact, the positive projection NEEDS the negative projection in order to compress. See how the wall thickness of the negative projection CAUSES the internal positive compression. Cold creates heat. The negative +4 condition is very cold because the available potential must circulate in the larger ring.
This image is entitled ‘Negative Projection’, but it should really be entitled Positive blue/female Projection, to keep more in line with WR assertion the division creates two anode conditions. One can think of the +4 female condition as the stage when the womb is fully developed.
This geometry though belongs to the neighbouring wave field. Notice, how the geometry for the physical female body is an exact match for the ‘negative male projection’.

This is how I interpret the true nature of balanced attraction. One ‘sees’ in the opposite PHYSICAL body a perfect geometrical match for one’s own METAPHYSICAL geometry.

Male and female physical bodies are each made up of male positive anodes and female positive anodes. They differ only in the distribution (internal/external) and hence their functionality. Every biological function employs the presence of both male/female character in a dominant or passive role. They need each other in order to express their own individual character.
Take for example the common hip (ball and socket) joint. The ball is a positive external male anode, while the socket is the positive internal female anode.
You can not describe the socket as a decaying ball joint !
Anode interacting with anode but NOT external apex to external apex.
Notice, there is indeed apex/apex interaction, but the male contributes an external apex, while the female provides an
internal apex !!!

It is obvious that WR implies these opposed conical loops are actually wires as is indicated by the terminal leads at each anode. This is in my opinion an error and it misleading. The only motion in this universe is in those loops of electric force. Those forces are tornado’s. Don’t forget, loops of force run PERPENDICULAR to the current carrying wire!

Degree of Polarity
This electric universe comes into manifest as a result of division which generates a divided hence polarised condition. Polarisation implies two. Electricity is the force which keeps these two opposite poles apart. The stronger that electric force the further the expression will manifest away from the ground inert gas condition.

One can ‘see’ that if during the growth of the physical body a large current/electric potential develops, then one can expect a clear polarised condition will be achieved. In term of the human body, it becomes clear that obvious differences between the sexes exist, as a result of the inert condition being electrically polarised in opposite directions.
With the example of the alpha male above, if his physical body is expressed at the anode, then the cathode is NOT the female expression but the inert gas condition at their mid-point. The Cathode is therefore the inert ground condition. Remember, the alpha female is generated at the opposite anode !
This is why the division process produces two anode conditions.
Now, the question is can we say that an oscillating pendulum expresses maleness in one half of it amplitude, returns to zero and then expresses femaleness in the second half of the amplitude ?

Fig : 2

Fig : 2a

WR teaches that although man’s pendula creates a homogeneous, symmetrical oscillation, Nature’s motion introduces a dynamic aspect into her oscillations.
The division process means that compression is always accompanied by expansion. As potential is accumulated on one side of the fulcrum its lever shortens, which immediately lengthens the lever on the opposite side of the fulcrum so that a dynamic balance is maintained.

In short we can say that Nature’s pendulum shifts the fulcrum into an oscillatory motion !
Shifting the fulcrum in this way creates two simultaneous conditions. A hot compressed condition and a cold expanded condition. This is what polarisation means, to divided a homogeneous balanced condition into a positive/negative balanced condition.

Moving Fulcrum
You can think of motion as follows. Within the 2D Thinking Mind metaphysical universe, the fulcrum remains perfectly central , but in the physical universe of motion, that motion is induced because the fulcrum is in constant oscillation. The conundrum for your sensing is that the fulcrum is still, it does not move within itself. It is stiff and does not flex. We Know also that Stillness is omnipresent. Stillness doesn’t have to move, it is already there !
Stillness appears to move because motion about a still shaft seems to expose a new ‘section’ of Stillness.

When that degree of polarisation is not so strong then the M/F divide is not so obvious. By degree of polarisation I mean the electrical force applies to force the two opposite apart is less than maximum.

In order to understand the specific geometry of the anode/cathode, let’s take a leap of faith and define the Earth and indeed any other physical spherical body as follows. The spherical core IS the male seed expression. This is surrounded by the female womb mantle expression which holds and protects the inner male seed.
Therefore maleness can be thought of as solid spheres, while femaleness may be defined as the geometry (almost a hollow sphere) which surrounds this solid physical seed condition.
In the case of the Earth, the female mantle surrounds the male core, while in the case of the sun with its apparent exposed male core, is held within the womb of the surrounding space. The female aspect is indicated by the blue rings which circulate about a central cavity. This female aspect was highlighted under the ‘Spoiler Alert Tab’ as a series of annular rings.

Annular Rings
When Thinking Mind desires to give life to its Concepts it does so by creating a disturbance. That disturbance is caused by electric force. This force is Mind in action. when the inert gas seed conditions are electrically stimulated, they appear to divide and two new forms unfold from that seed condition.
It is my understanding that the desire to express while being equal, is also opposite. The red side of the divide desires to generate maximum heat, while the blue side of the cycle desires to generate maximum cold. It makes no sense to say that female bodies are characteristically cold. It is true to say that negative bodies are cold. The division shown here must therefore represent the same wave field, the blue being the physical form, while the red represents the negative form.
In the zero inert gas condition, the potential is equally divided and so their respective levers are of equal length. The volume of the outer orange ring is equal to the volume of the inner blue ring. As Concentrative Thinking develops heat is concentrated at the center because the annular ring on the outside is expanding, growing more cold. This makes sense because more cooling is required to trap the hot core in the center preventing it from escaping for the wave field container. When the red expression is fully extended and developed its potential is compressed into a sphere because the surrounding annular ring has expanded to lock the hub potential in place.

Now, our task is to show how this geometry is possible from the WRC perspective ? How penetration is achieved during union and then apply this Knowledge to device design. As WR teaches nothing is what it seems because spheres seem to be constructed as follows.

Fig : 1

Fig : 1a

The way to read Fig : 1 is as follows.

B+/B- are not two separate hemispheres. They are one spherical body but are unusual in that they have unequal north/south hemispheres. North of the equator is very compressed while south of the same equator is quite expanded.
These two apparently different dimension are one physical spherical body but have been divided into two unequal halves. A compressed top ‘hemisphere’ and an expanded lower ‘hemisphere’.
This is the type of motion is indicated above in Fig : 2, whereby motion within the physical universe is only possible because the central dividing fulcrum is shifted to maintain balance between two unequal distributions of potential.
We must think of every sphere as a positive core AND the surrounding negative mantle. The division process creates the top hemisphere of the core AND the bottom hemisphere of the mantle in one direction. With the complimentary core/mantle halves manifesting from the opposite direction. Union between opposed forces are required to complete the entire sphere.

Fig : 1a is a union of opposed spheres. A+/A- are one unequal (balanced) distorted sphere, while B+/B- is the opposed unequal (balanced) distorted sphere.
Now, if we apply this ‘unequal hemisphere’ to the ball/socket hip joint we can assign the geometry is a new way.

Ball & Socket joint

We can assign the ball as the positive spherical core and the pelvic socket + femur as the negative surrounding mantle. A negative potential does always have to mean nebulous and diffuse, but can be applied to an expression with less defined spherical character.

WR describes the anode/cathodes conditions as follows.
Anodes are conditions where bodies experience low axial rotation but high orbital speed, a tight orbital path. These are the optimal conditions for a body to accumulate positive charge. A high orbital speed implies high power. This is where matter accumulates.
Cathodes on the other hand are not just the reverse of the above they are the reversed inside-out aspect of the above. A location of high axial rotational speed in very open wide orbits. These are the optimal conditions for maximum discharge. A cathode is the location where matter and motion are completely dissipated beyond our sensing. Here, the orbital are long slow and ponderous but axial rotation is maximum.
It is my understanding that in order for the inert gas seed to germinate it must first receive the electric stimulus from a Thinking Mind AND in order for that seed to grow it must unfold within the correct electric environment. Both these condition unfold from the inert gas. When you look down the barrel of the cone you can see that as the outer negative condition expands the colder it becomes and it causes the inner positive condition to compress and heat circulating about a central shaft of Stillness.
In fact, we can say the outer ring is expanding due to centrifugal motion, but the inner core is compressing due to centripetal motion. Notice, this centrifugal motion does not emanate from the hub in the direction of the rim as might be expected with ‘typical’ centrifugal motion.

Out on a limb
Using the material offered by WR to explain this electric universe there have always remained some issues which I found difficult to resolve. We tend to associate the blue side of the spectrum with cold, dark, nebulous space. This implies qualities attributed to low frequency oscillations. Yet, in the light spectrum the blue side has the lowest perceivable wave lengths (400 – 560 nm) which implies high frequency. A rainbow will manifest with violet on the inner arc and red on the outer arc. WR describes how the electric Thinking force divides, and the opposite poles get as far away from one another in opposite directions to create maximum polarised differential. When a solenoid is enerigsed in such a manner the N/S poles are evident at the extremities (2) of that core. Yet, when that core is cut anywhere along its length new N/S poles become evident on each of the now 4 extremities.

WR describes how compression is manifests on the red side of the spectrum, red to orange, to yellow to incandescence yet, the wave length of the violet and ultra-violet end of the visible spectrum indicate this is where the maximum compression can be found.

All of the above apparent contradiction can be accounted for if one assumes the following principle namely, heat and growth develop in one direction but the curvature and characteristic which produce those effects must be reversed and turned inside out to express heat and growth in the opposite direction. In short, violet represents compression (< 400 nm) in one direction but expansion (>700 nm) in the opposite direction.
Consider the following images.
I believe WR followed a little in the footsteps of Isaac Newton by not documenting fully the complete cycle. In addition to that I believe WR also confused too often the conditions of female and negative metaphysical self. It is for these reasons that his writing are confusing and at times impossible to follow.

We know from the combined work of Newton/Goethe that colour inversion is a common physical phenomenon. This could now explain why maximum compression is achieved with violet on one side (Newton) but yellow/incandescence on the opposite (Goethe) side.
In order to create a single physical element (say cobalt) requires the union on the vertical axis of the red, positive aspect of cobalt with the blue, positive aspect of cobalt as indicated in the ‘musical stairs’ image. These stair operate a two-way continuous system as advocated by WR. He often states that Nature never reverses her cycles. She is continuous, though it seems to our sensing that a reversal has taken place. This resolves the problem hinted at in the ‘Stairwell’ caption above. Male and female generative steps approach each other on the outside of the step, then dive inside one another to express the radiative half of the cycle. This makes a clear distinction between negative/radiation and the positive growing female aspect.

Union which occurs on the zero horizontal axis to simulate Stillness can now be indicated as follows. Notice, how a mature female has a fully developed cavity/womb. The geometry of her physical body is an exact match for her ideal male (metaphysical) aspect. this is the condition of mating achieved by sodium and chlorine. This cubic lattice represents Stillness and is not designed to produce offspring.